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Science Comics: Bridges

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I received an arc from NetGalley for an honest review. These science comics are a huge hit, and this one on bridges is no different. Readers get a chance to learn something and read in their favorite form, a graphic novel.
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Another solid offering from Science Comics about the science of bridges. The narrative guides this time are the BATS, standing for common bridge methods: Beam, Arch, Truss, and Suspension, and also the reference that they, like bats, hang around bridges. Each person gets to point out the effective measures of their chosen bridge type, and a wide range of examples are given: from the hand woven suspension bridge of the Inca, to the photographed Golden Gate, and the fairy bridge Xianteng in China.

The science portion focuses a lot on how compression and tension work to keep the bridge standing, suggesting kids try their own model bridge building, but doesn't delve too much into it. Another section that might have done with expansion was the section on very famous bridge failures, like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which became the catastrophe that taught engineers to calculate for wind resistance in any bridge, a term they reference but don't elaborate on.

In terms of the Science Comics collection I would put this more as a browsing graphic novel than a pure engineering one. The narrators are entertaining in their capacity as methods for conveying information, there are the usual groaner puns I always look forward to, and the art style works for the subject matter although it isn't as accessibly cartoony as "Trees" or "Dogs" for the artistically picky kids.
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