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I went into this book expecting a romance. I ended up with two beautifully crafted stories about growing up, finding yourself and finally being ready for love. There were times this book frustrated me by switching POVs during tense moments but I found myself getting lost in the other storyline quickly enough. Emilie's character arc in specific felt extremely genuine to me and I got very invested by the end. The two coming-of-age storylines were well executed and satisfying, but the romance lacked. I believe the characters are suited to one another and the romance we did get furthered this belief, but I needed more. The ending felt abrupt and the last page left me certain that another chapter would be beneficial. All this said, I adore the book and would highly recommend it.

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Yerba buena is a common name for many herbs, but the one this book references is a small, delicate, ground cover that thrives in even the harshest conditions. Its an apt symbol for the two women at the heart of this novel. And like this novel, the herb has a tenderness and sweetness contained within.

The book's description lead me to believe this was going to be more of a romance, but it's really a coming-of-age story of two women and their subsequent relationship at the end. Both Emilie and Sara face tough questions dealing with their pasts and where to go from there. The beauty of the story takes hold when they start building a home and a future.

Audiobook was well narrated. Although I think it would be better read as a print book so one could linger over the poetic passages. Just not an easy task with an audiobook.

Recommended for all but might be more in line with New Adult readers.

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I dont even know where to start with this review. But i guess honesty is best. I disliked this book so muchi didn't finished it. This book felt like it was all over the place with so many characters that i couldnt keep track. Ive listened to so many audio books but maybe this would be better if i read it but i still doubt ill like it

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4 stars

I love Nina LaCour as a YA author, and I expect that many will come to this - her first adult novel - for the same reason. Pre-existing fans as well as those entirely new to LaCour will not be disappointed.

LaCour's style is very much like the cover of this book: spare but beautiful. The two main characters here come from backgrounds and experiences that are challenging in entirely different ways. One of my favorite aspects of LaCour's writing is how she reveals grief, and that happens in a stunning manner throughout this piece. There is no shying away from grittiness: sexual exploitation, drug use/overdose, and child abuse, among other areas. However, the depictions feel raw rather than gratuitous, believable rather than sensationalized. What LaCour does best is establish meaningful relationships between WHOLE characters. This book is not about forgetting but about facing the past and the self with aggressive honesty. The more successful the characters are at doing this, the closer they get to each other.

I flew through this novel and expect that most readers will. The characters are engaging, the themes meaningful, and the writing characteristically pure. Of course, I recommend this (with a special nod to the audiobook where the narrator is particularly effective).

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Omg. This book is absolutely perfect to me and I am in love with it. I am going to go ahead and guess now that this will be my favorite book of the year. I can't wait to buy my copy in May and read it 100 more times.

This is the story of Emilie and Sara. About how they find each other but also what keeps them away. I honestly don't even know what else to say because it will never be enough to cover just how gorgeous and expansive this book is. So i'll tell you this instead: it is about all of my favorite things. Flowers, self discovery, fresh herbs, a perfect ragù, falling in love, and understanding where you come from.

Julia Whelan is a force in audiobook narration for a reason - any book that she is narrating I will listen to. 10/10 on this one.

I have listened to the last ~2 mins of this book 5x already. It is all so perfectly summarized and it makes me feel something new every time.

Yerba Buena will be out 5/31/22. Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for the ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts. I plan to scream about this book from every rooftoop and will feature on my socials, newsletter, and podcast from now until May.

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