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Reading the book The Invite, felt like riding a roller coaster. I would read, get to a shocking part and feel my stomach drop. This continued multiple times! If you enjoy twisted plots, complex characters, & shocking endings, you will love this book!
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Wow, this is a total rollercoaster ride of a book! Right from the start I was drawn into the story.

I liked Kaitlyn, even though I felt that she was a bit too trusting. Greg, I had a bad feeling about, and he was one of several suspects in my mind.

The story is told from several points of view, and the short chapters just beg for one more. In fact, I flew through this book as the tension rose.

With a complex and multi layered plot, this book is very hard to put down, as it captures you in its web of lies and deceit.

With a build up to a climactic ending, it’s impossible not to race through the pages, whilst the twists just keep on coming.

Another triumph of a thriller from one of my top authors, I’d really recommend this book.
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A book ful of twists and turns. Slightly slow start but overall enjoyable and w0uld read further books written by this author.
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The Invite by Sheryl Browne is another winner from this not to be missed author.  This one was a bit of a slow burn for me, but it certainly kept me turning the pages.

Kaitlin has met the perfect partner in her fiance Greg.  He is attentive and, most importantly, seems anxious to assume the role of father to her young daughter, Ruby.  When Greg organizes a lavish party, Kaitlin's best friend Zoe arrives from Portugal to help celebrate the happy couple.  But things seem off with her friend, who ends up in a heated conversation with Greg, even though the two have allegedly only just met.  When Zoe later goes missing, Kaitlin cannot shake the memory of their angry exchange.  Could her wonderful fiance possibly be connected to the disappearance of her best friend?

This is a compelling read that reminds us once again that we do not always know the true character of those we keep closest.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC.
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The Invite looks at the question of how well we know those we surround ourselves with. For Kaitlin, her fiance Greg swept her off her feet in a whirlwind courtship, and she couldn't be happier, could she? And can she trust him? And why did her friend Zoe disappear. Zoe and Greg seemed to have a familiarity with each other. What is that about? Kaitlin is left questioning her trust in those she loves.

This was a twisty, fast paced book that keeps the reader turning the pages. Thanks to NetGalley, Author Sheryl Browne, and Bookouture for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Sheryl Browne is a must read author!! Definitely one of my favourite Bookouture authors and one that absolutely needs to be on the TBR.

This is gripping and filled with tension from very early on. I have found myself completely pulled in and unable to work out where this was going to go.

The mix of characters in the book are interesting, each compliment personalities of others. They are a great mix and even the dislikeable characters play a great part of this book.

This is well written and moves at the perfect pace. I have devoured page after page in just one sitting. I have loved this one.

There is nothing negative I can say about this book. This is an absolute gem and definitely one for the TBR.
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Within the first chapter I knew I was in for one hell of a ride. With twists and an emotional journey you follow the story to a satisfying conclusion
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This is a fast paced book that kept me on my toes at all times. Kaitlin got out an abusive marriage only to get quickly entangled into another serious relationship in a relatively short time. I can't say that I blame her. Being in an abusive relationship can shake your self confidence, making you believe that you are less worthy of love. It takes Zoe's blatant admission of her reservations about Greg for Kaitlin to start doubting Greg and her relationship. But by the time the doubts have crept in, it's already too late. Zoe has gone missing and Greg is one of the suspects. 

I started reading this book a few days back, but I got sidetracked by another book. So I picked up after a bit of a gap and it took me a while to catch up. Because the story consists of many interconnected subplots. The subplots might get a bit much, but they are key to sustain the mystery around Zoe's disappearance, because they constantly cause doubt to shift from one person to another. But the last subplot leading to the climax was just one subplot too many, because until then I was willing to give the book 4 stars.

I think the author attempted to piece together an unexpected twist in the last chapter. But the background to it had just not been as well developed as you'd want. It made the climax seem a bit unconvincing to the extent, that it took the epilogue to make sense of the whole thing. 

Overall this is not a great book, but if you are looking for a good fast paced mystery, you can go for it. It's not bad for a one-time read.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC.

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Kaitlin's fiance Greg arranges a lavish party for her birthday. But tensions are high when Kaitlin's best friend Zoe arrives from Portugal. Zoe doesn't trust Greg at all but is this due to her own disasterous love life or her fear that Kaitlin is rushing into a relationship to escape her abusive ex? Then Zoe goes missing...
The Invite is a psychological thriller based around friendship, love and trust as well as having a crime element with the mystery of Zoe's disappearance.
Kaitlin has finally found happiness for herself and her daughter. Greg seems like the perfect man. But Zoe thought she'd found the perfect man too until she discovered he had a wife and kids. Now she is back in the UK and wants to prevent her best friend making another mistake.
I could understand both Kaitlin and Zoe's perspectives as they both care about and feel protective towards each other. Both women are governed by their pasts and it affects their decisions and choices. Being a psychological thriller, it was clear that things would not be what they seemed and I distrusted everyone!
The book is written from various third person perspectives and there are some chapters set in the past to show the build up of events. There is a great deal of tension as Kaitlin doesn't know who to trust and is deeply concerned about her missing best friend.
The police procedural elements added an extra layer to the plot as the police try to find Zoe alive or dead. I enjoyed reading as the twists started unravelling in unexpected directions, and the ending was a surprise.
The Invite is an entertaining psychological thriller.
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This book had so many dramas and twists, it definitely kept me on my toes trying to work everything out. Although was a very slow burn the further into the story you went the more exciting the story becomes and it’s then you realise how the beginnings laid the foundation for the story. A page turner which I really enjoyed
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Sheryl Brown is one of my favorite authors and luckily for her devoted readers, a very prolific one! Her newest novel focuses on a young woman who seems to have found the perfect partner and father for her child, only to discover a suspicious link between him and her best friend. A great tale of suspense!
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The Invite is another psychological thriller that had me turning pages quicker than ever at the end. Sheryl Browne has written another great read again and is fast becoming an author I know I will enjoy every time.
The book is centred around Kaitlin, she is at her engagement party when we meet up with her for the first time she is excited for Greg and her best friend Zoe to meet, she wants them to get on as they both mean so much to her. Things don’t go exactly to plan and Kaitlin and Zoe end up arguing with Zoe storming out. Days later the police call, Zoe is missing. Who was the last to see her and why is Greg acting so strange?
This book comes in fast from the start and doesn’t really let up pace all the way through. The book has friendship, love and jealousy at its core and works well keeping you interested all the way through. There are a few twists and turns as well helping this along. I enjoyed this and can’t wait for the next.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book it was gripping and unpredictable and kept me guessing right until the end, just what I expect from a new Sheryl Browne.
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to get an advance copy of the book
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This another read by author Sheryl Browne, I have to say this is a really good read. 

We meet main character Kaitlin, who is engaged to the intriguing Greg. They are having an engagement party to celebrate and Kaitlin's friend is coming back from Portugal. We then meet Zoe, who upon meeting Greg, Kaitlin picks up on something that does not sit right with her. Zoe goes on to question whey they are engaged so quickly and things become tense between the two friends.

Some while later, Zoe is flagged as missing and Kaitlin is trying to figure out where she has disappeared to.  The premise of this novel is full of mystery and an undercurrent of 'who was it'. Its a good, gripping thriller.

The novel is quick moving and, slightly complicated, you do have to be on the ball with this novel.  I find Sheryl Browne's writing riveting and I was hooked.

Thanks to NetGalley, Sheryl Browne and the publishers for allowing me a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a somewhat interesting read but a little hard for me to follow at times. I did like how the story played out from different people's perspectives though, it made the plot more interesting that way. The story feels like it jumps around a lot though.
Thank you NetGalley for the advanced reading copy of this book.
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A gripping read that kept me guessing, it was also a complete page turner and one I read very quickly. Couldn't put it down! Highly recommended . Five Stars.
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I couldn’t I wait to start reading The Invite, and was hooked just from reading the synopsis, but even more so by the time I was on the second chapter. As you would now expect from Sheryl Browne, this book has enough twists and turns to put me in a neck brace for a week. I simply could not get enough of the story, and as with quality books like this, I wanted to race through for the answers, but didn’t want it to end too quickly. I’m such a cynic that Kaitlin’s perfect engagement to an apparently perfect man to build their perfect family was, for me, doomed from the outset. But then again, I didn’t come for the romance. I came for the nail biting tension of a thriller. This book delivers tension in spades.

The characters were well written with a good amount of development throughout. I did really like and felt empathy for Kaitlin. She became so uncertain of the truth and how to protect Ruby, while worrying about her friend Zoe. But, she became more and held things together and evolved into a stronger woman. It was good that her family were so supportive, particularly her father.

There are certain words used to describe books. Unputdownable is one of the words that I’m not keen on. But, it describes this book perfectly! What you get is a compelling story that piles on heaps of tension with a not overly fast pace, making it a pleasure to read. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a great thriller that will end up in your top twenty reads of 2022. I gave The Invite, by Sheryl Browne, five stars.
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The Invite by Sheryl Browne is one of those psych thrillers where the reader thinks the plot is going in one direction but then it goes in seven others. 
So, paying attention from the beginning is an absolute must. Blink, and you may totally miss an important event or twist. 
Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I had to concentrate this much on a psych thriller. Not that I am complaining – I love that it was NOT cookie cutter or the same ol’ thing. 
The Invite is definitely a unique entry in the genre. 
Kaitlin is part of a whirlwind romance with Greg. When her BFF Zoe shows up at Kait’s birthday party, she warns Kait to not get carried away. 
And then, as the blurb says, Zoe disappears. 
What follows is a convoluted but very well-plotted story of revenge, payback, jealousy…and just a touch of psychosis from more than one character. 
The beginning of the book, when the foundation is laid, is a little slow and feels uneven. But as the story progresses, it becomes obvious that those basics are very important.
Honestly, this is another one of those that if I mention one little thing, I run the risk of giving away a plot point. 
And if ever there was a time that you want to experience the story on your own…this is it. 
Kaitlin is a sympathetic main character. She is realistic and it is easy to go along with her emotions. Especially as she starts to question who is telling the truth and who she can trust. 
The two are not mutually exclusive either. 
The Invite could also be described as a roller coaster type of psych thriller…slow build-up into a second half full of twists and loops speeding to the end. Which you will not expect. 
I hope I did this book justice without giving any plot points away. Sheryl Browne has done it again – The Invite is a must-read psych thriller.
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I found this book a little hard to get into and also a few times I got a bit lost with the story line, at one point I was a little confused as to who was who and I lost track of what was going on. I did like the story and the twist and turns of it though. It was very fast pacing and the bits I like kept me gripped.
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I devoured this book in one sitting and the drama and twists made me enjoy it a lot. I wanted to know if Kaitlin’s fiancé, Greg was the one who made Zoe disappear and what actually happened. 
With each chapter , more scenes and pieces of this puzzle are unveiled and while I personally couldn’t keep any side on these characters, I found them intriguing and their actions on point many times.
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