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Race For What?

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A fascinating perspective of a white guy growing up in a black neighborhood, with black friends. He describes situations unique to his situation and it truly is a perspective not many people discuss. A very timely read for our society,
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JD Mass has an interesting perspective on race relations in this country based on his background & upbringing. JD Mass gets it & understands what it will take to heal racism in this country.  I fear the ones who will benefit the most from this book will never take the time to pick it up, let alone read it.  America continues to hide from the most critical conversation of our lifetimes:  RACE RELATIONS in this country!!  JD Mass gets it, he understands that to begin the healing process, we must first  begin by listening & extending empathy to one another!!  Racial issues are painful to all parties; BIPOC persons & White Americans, more specifically low-melanated persons.  The biggest issue impacting race relations in this country is White Americans feeling a level of guilt associated with the actions of their ancestors.  To move the conversation, we must all come to the table with a level of empathy & a willingness to listen. JD Mass' 7-step plan is an excellent start.  

I look forward to being a part of the solution to this problem!!!
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