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Not your normal romcom. This story follows a married couple as they try to refind themselves and why they fell in love. 
This story was well written and ‘not just another romance’ but I just couldn’t fall in love with the main characters, making it hard for me to really love this story.
It’s an easy and fun read, although I don’t find the title all together accurate as I never feel anyone ‘hates’ the other.
Definitely worth a read and would read more from this author.
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This book is the perfect mix of first love, friendship, acceptance and appreciating what you have in life. 

I really loved the authors writing style, it was super easy to get into and I found once I got to know the characters I was pretty hooked! 

Abbie and Matt were both great MC and both were super likeable! I think it would of been fun to have had some chapters from Matt’s POV, I think it would of given us a better insight into their relationship! 

I loved the big friendship group in the book, it gave Abbie a great support network and they were all great supporting characters! 

The only thing I found a little hard was the flash backs, at times it was hard to and I had to think about what was going on rather than just enjoying the book. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be looking at other books by this author!
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This was an interesting story. We had a couple who had been married for quite a while! I was concerned about how the flow of the story was continue.

I wasn't ready to see a marriage fall to pieces. I was pleasantly surprised with the weaving of the details and the outcome of the issues in the book.

Thank you to Bookoutoure for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. I liked this one
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P.S. I hate you wasn’t quite what I expected it to be but I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was no thrilling story with surprising plot twists - as the blurb kind of indicated - but an honest one with a sense of humor that was mostly right up my alley.
The story was about Matt and Abbie, a pretty normal couple -  how they met, how they fell in love, how they thought their life would turn out to be and how life got in the way of their plans… It‘s not that I‘m in a similar situation as them but there were some parts in their life I could really relate to. As weird as that sounds, it was kind of refreshing to read about their real life struggles. As I sometimes enjoy a story that is all rainbows and unicorns, it‘s good to read some realistic ones too. 
The book was well written but sometimes I had the feeling that the flashbacks were too much and the story dragged on a bit. 
Entertaining and short-lived book about the ups and downs and daily struggles of a relationship with a good sense of humor. 

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This book was so fun and kept me interested right until the end. The characters were well developed and the story was great. I loved the premise. I would definitely suggest this for book group!
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I would like to start by thanking NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book. In exchange, here is my honest review: This was a fun read and really enjoyed it
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Thank you to NetGalley for arranging this arc! What a brilliant, *brilliant* romcom. So rarely are romcoms about long-term relationships, and as someone in a long-term relationship, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Without discrediting the author, it gave me Dolly Alderton / Laura Jane Williams / Bryony Gordon vibes. 

The scenes set in the 2000s were so nostalgic for me, and I couldn't help but smile and laugh all the way through. I loved the concept and thought it was very well executed overall. Jam-packed with relatable moments from London living, to school sweethearts, to a 9-5 in marketing. 

I read it in just two days, I didn't want to put it down. Snap this up if you're looking for a different style of romcom, and if you're looking to laugh out loud on the tube. It really is that good.
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This book was raw you guys!! I don’t like reading flashbacks sometimes because it can get all over the place but this book made the emotions so raw in past and present. Its so realistic and make the whole plot of trying to build back up the once fairytale marriage. Its not at all gonna be like the perfect smooth sailing ride and just like marriage it requires hard work. This story didn't have the spice factor (or too much drama) which was a bit disappointing for me but I FELT THE LOVE GUYS. And if it can make me swoon, I'm not complaining too much.
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This was an easy to read book with highly relatable set of characters and plot. I really enjoyed it and flew through it in a couple of days.  It's not your standard romance, it has a bit more to it than that showcasing some relationship issues that most people have come across in real life so you can connect with it a bit more. Would recommend
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So this book take me a while probably because I don’t have enough time but the story is really cute.

This is the story about Abbie and Matt and how their marriage seems the be over. They have lost the pasión and even the smallest things make them get upset. So Abbie decide that this can keep going so she is committed to fall in love again with his husband by remembering all the things that make them be happy in the past.

At some point Abbie just make me feel really angry as she was playing like a victim and blaming everyone for all the bad things that happen in her life, she was not paying attention to what her husband felt or want; so this was si frustrating, don’t get me wrong this speaks great about the author that can make you feel this kind of emotions.

I love how the main character have this growing process and the end of this was really good, how some times you just have yo accept that life it isn’t fair or not quite what you plan or expected but anyway you can be happy
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This is not your typical romance - it doesn't always give you the warm and fuzzy's, it gives you some real life relationship issues. 

Abbie and Matt have been together forever, literally - 20 years or so as they were childhood sweethearts.

No one knows them better than the other, which is a good thing and a bad thing.. 

Abbie struggles with being with Matt for the rest of her life or walking away from her marriage. 

She decides she is going to take a walk down memory lane, hoping it will save the day! 

I liked this book, gave it 4 stars.. 

I just reviewed P. S. I Hate You by Sophie Ranald. #PSIHateYou #NetGalley
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Really enjoyed this book. It put me in mind of Sophie Kinsella with a highly relatable set of characters and plot.
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Abbie and Matt are in a rough spot in their marriage. Trying to conceive has taken all the fun and all the love away from the marriage, and Abbie is unsure she will be able to get it back, but at least she’s willing to try. She begins taking trips down memory lane to try to bring her and Matt back together again   

A nice story of making relationships work during the hard times too, and not giving up. It didn’t hold a lot of emotions, I didn’t feel for the couple, as well as I could have, so that’s why it’s only 3*.
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I thought this book would be a bit different to how it turned out to be. The name itself P.S. I Hate You wasn't completely accurate because at no point did I feel she really hated him, think she was just a little lost and didn't know where to go.

Regardless of slightly misleading title, I did enjoy this book. I don't know if that's because 10 years down the line, I could find myself in a very similar position to Abbie and Matt, having been with my boyfriend since we were 17. Reading about the rekindling of romance just sorta gives you hope, even if you're not at the point yet where it needs rekindling.

I thought the storyline was very relatable and real, lots of people would find themselves in similar positions, particularly when struggling to conceive. Though why adoption wasn't an option I'm not sure.

I would recommend this book though, was very easy to read despite the slightly tense topics at times.
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'P.S. I Hate You' by Sophie Ranald is a poignant and, at times, heartfelt look at a marriage in trouble and how life challenges can dent even the strongest of bonds.

High school sweethearts Abbie and Matt have been together for twenty years. But now the spark has gone and Abbie wonders whether she still loves Matt every time she sees his dirty teaspoon sitting near the sink. None of this is helped by the fact they are both working from home in their kitchen.

Her close-knit group of friends - Rowan, Kate and who envy their long-time marriage advise her to undertake 'Operation Memory Lane' where Abbie and Matt to revisit their happiest moments. In doing both learn you can't revisit the past, but maybe just maybe by learning where and how things have gone astray they can create a happy future for them.

Through flashbacks and present day scenes, we learn their secrets and how one of their biggest challenges lead to present-day circumstances. 

Both characters are relatable and you find yourself rooting for them to make it. It's clear both Abbie and Matt lost their ability to properly communicate and have each other's backs while battling their own feelings of grief, relief and sadness.

I particularly loved Ranald using animals cleverly as part of the plot - Abbie and Matt first meet at the bus stop thanks to a peanut-butter sandwich loving pigeon, Matt's birthday gift for her are a pair of rats, and in the present day Abbie and Matt find themselves feeding a neighbourhood street cat each day.

If you like to read how couples have to keep the love alive after the 'happy ever after', 'P.S. I Hate You' is one to read. It's moving, touching and a good reminder that love does take work at times to navigate through those hard bits.

Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC.
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Thanks NetGalley for this arc ! This is a second chance romance/ highschool sweethearts.
Abbie is a little stuck she’s been with Matt for 20 years. I honestly didn’t really like this book. I didn’t like the writing either. It took me a long time to read this book because it wasn’t as interesting to me
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I always enjoy Sophie's books and this was no different. A meaningful story at its heart, but with the perfect balance of an entertaining rom com. A great read and I'd definitely recommend it to fellow lovers of uplifting rom coms with heart!
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It was surprisingly super entertaining, It passed my expectations! So if you are looking for an easy, fun, but meaningful  story, pick this book up! 
I am living for second chance relationship and this story felt like one of the best ones! It was realistic, picturing all the struggles couples come across the years and then the revisiting the past theme  hit hard!
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Ohhhh how I loved this.
Everything you want from a romance book.
Enjoyed the twists, plots and the happy endings.
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This seems like a sweet love story but it’s actually a tough one. It talks about infertility and the possible loss of a marriage because of it. This is something I cannot imagine. It’s a great book but could be hard to read for some
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