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This book was a dnf for me about 30% through.  It did not grab me or feel even the least bit realistic.
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I've never seen something so adorable! This novel made me realize how underrated it is to be a lover's friend. It was funny to see their mutual love, jealousy, fear, and hidden sentiments. In an instant, I fell in love with Bree and Nathan. Bree and Nathan met in high school and became best friends right away, but lost in touch, and when they met again, their friendship quickly returned. She has been best friends with him for six years and has always kept her thoughts to herself until one drunken night when she confides in a journalist about her affections for her best friend, and the whole world learns about it. They begin faking dating, and this is when everything changes and the thought what if? arises. 

The author has done the impossible by having me like and adore a slow-burning tale about best friends becoming lovers. It’s my favorite book written by her. It is a slow-burn romance. Since page one, the build-up has been going on, and I swear, it never ends. I enjoyed everything that led up to the romance, even if I was starving for them to talk about their feelings. Their relationship is wonderful, and it feels so real. The ending was the loveliest thing that could have happened, and my cheeks started aching because I was smiling so hard. 

If you're like fake dating, best buddies to lovers, and sports romance, this is a must-read!
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This was a perfect summer romance beach read.
Forced proximity.
It's all in there.
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This is definitely a Young Adult Romance book.  Even though the main characters were adults they often acted like teenagers. I consider this story wholesome, yet it does have more swearing and fade-to-black scenes. Some parts are good and had me laughing and connecting with the story but it just dragged too long. This book would appeal to those who enjoy friends to lovers trope and funny banter between friends.  I might just be too old for this one!
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Super cute cover that actually fits the book grabs your attention.  Bree Camden and Nathan Donelson are firmly in the friend zone.  They’ve been best friends for the last six years.  (And known each other since high school.)  He is a super hot NFL quarterback making more lots of money.  She teaches dance at her own studio for under priveleged kids.  For the first time they are both single at the same time so maybe it is time for more.

This is a wholesome book for language and the steam factor is minimal.  There is much ogling of Nathan's perfect body and a few kisses is as far as it goes.  Both Bree and Nathan have admitted their feelings to he sister and his friends.   The guys even come up with suggestions, The Cheat Sheet,) on how to move from friends to more.  You know they love each other from the first of the book so that tension is lost.  It was frustrating because every time they took a step towards closeness and Bree would run away.  It felt very immature.  I also didn’t love the power dynamic because of money.  It’s sweet that he has helped her with the studio but that seems minimal when he could have helped apply for grant funding or do a fund raiser to assist her students.  At one point it says he knew her business model wouldn’t work why wouldn’t he help her figure out one that would. 

This is fantasy fluff.  The grand gesture is over the top.  Who would plan all that on a day that is professional so important to not only him but his teammates?  I like friends to more romances but this fell short for me.  Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Ballentine Publishing Group - Ballentine for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.  (2.5 stars)
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This book was too slow a burn.  It's 75% of the way through the book before anything starts to happen.  The previous 3/4 of the book are rather repetitive.  Then, the last couple of chapters zoom ahead with all kinds of things that seem really improbable.  There is a market for this story.  It's a clean-ish romance that will appeal to some, but it was just too boring for me.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I read this book straight through in one evening. It was a good story, but it was too angsty and predictable.
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Loved this so much! Hilarious and sweet, with some tear-jerking moments as well. But seriously, incredibly funny and lovable. I do not have one negative thing to say about this book or, "I wish this would have happened" comment. Huge thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read a copy
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Even though this book was entertaining and a quick read, it employed too many stereotypes used in romance writing.  It was easy to figure out the plot of two friends "only" that become girlfriend/boyfriend..  Bree and Nathan had been friends since school.  They each have their own issues, but are not being honest and open with each other.  Not much of a plot or character development.  With that said, it  was a good diversion.
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If anyone is looking for the sweetest, tension filled, friends to lovers/fake dating romance...omg this is it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole book, blushing in embarrassment and then crying at the end. So good! The football part was minimal but just enough, light on the spice but a definite heartstrings pull.
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Facts: When we were dating I knew I could marry then man who would become my husband on a Sunday in September - all because he spent the afternoon screaming at the television. We are football people, so The Cheat Sheet was the perfect book to pick up post Super Bowl when I start counting the days until the NFL season begins. Bree, a dance instructor, and Nathan, an NFL QB, have been friends since high school. And now, six years post college, they've remained friends, but they each have a secret - they have been in love for years. And this book is the story of how they FINALLY get together via a playbook of romantic moves crafted by the guys on the team who are supporting their quarterback's quest to win over the woman he loves. It is smooth, sexy, and fun - it is obvious these people are born to be together. 

For everyone woman who watches games with her guy. For the one of the guys girls who is crushing on a player. For the librarians looking to create enticing displays for football season - this is the book! LOVED.
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3.5 stars...a sweet friends to lovers, fake dating romance. Bree and Nathan have been in love with each other since high school. Afraid, to ruin a perfect relationship, they stay firmly in the friend zone. Roped into fake dating after an incident, Nathan enlists his football teammates to come up with a cheat sheet to get him out of the friend zone. Both characters and sweet and likeable but I wish that Bree had more guts and could see the signs of Nathan's devotion to her. Overall, a low angst tale of love and friendship. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for a copy of this book.
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A thoroughly satisfying best-friends to lovers tale, the Cheat Sheet takes old tropes and puts them to fun use. It walks the fine line of allowing us to feel the angst of Nathan and Bree without it going on so long we just want to pitch the book in the dumpster. Being able to see both points of view helped both move the plot along and kept us out of endless thought spirals. Sometimes long-term best friends to lovers can feel manipulative, but this entry didn't have that feel. Consent and boundaries were clearly respected, particularly on Nathan's part. I appreciated the upending of the toxic group of male friends, especially with how they all treated Bree as a friend. 
The Cheat Sheet is a closed door romance; though the characters talk about sex and there is tons of steam/tension, there are no on-page scenes. Both characters have work, dreams, and interests separate from and supported by their romantic interest. Some deeper issues (eg Nathan's family or Bree's accident) are touched upon as just another normal thing people go through and have to deal with instead of world ending catastrophes.
All-in-all, The Cheat Sheet is well-done comfort food, recommended.
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I loved this book! It was so angsty, but so rewarding. Friends to lover plus faking dating equals a happy heart. I loved Bree and Nathan together. They were so sweet and romantic, that it was almost too much. I squealed multiple times throughout the book. Did it drive me a little crazy how they were pining for each other so hard, but just wouldn't TELL THE OTHER ONE??? YES!! But it was worth the trip. Highly recommend! I will be thinking about this book for a long while. I want to read the rest of her books.
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Awwwwww. I really really loved this story. It was sweet and achingly yummy and I just have to say that this concept of closed door sex is righteous!!! Who knew!? I also already told the author that the scene with Nathan and Bree in the hall when he tells her to “pretend” is the single most perfectly erotic thing I have ever read. Seriously. This book was yum. On a stick. 💜💜💜📚
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DNF at 41%. I received an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

The concept was cute and I wanted it to be executed well, but it just wasn't. It took everything in me to read as far as I did. First and foremost-the language. Why does Bree talk like a whiny child? No one talks like that. No one. It was so cheesy, like a sharp cheddar cheese. Bree isn't likable in the least, she gives pick-me energy and child energy. 

Also, the fact that Nathan's eyes are described as literally black. I don't think that's genetically possible (I could be wrong), and also I just find that terrifying, NOT attractive or endearing. Imagine someone's eyes just being a giant pupil because that's what I was imagining every time his "black eyes" were mentioned. 

AND the word "orbs" was used to refer to someone's eyes. Is this 2012 Wattpad? This is where I started to be like "I genuinely can't do this anymore," but I kept going for a little while longer. The book completely lost me at the brownie making scene because I simply could not get past how cringe Bree is. 

In terms of basic plot, it wasn't giving what it was supposed to give. It just felt drawn out and pointless. The dual POV trope of knowing they both feel the same way has worked before in other novels and provided sweet, sweet dramatic irony; but, here... there was not a good enough reason for neither of them saying anything. Especially Nathan. It was so flat. No dimension. No umph. It's definitely not making it onto my list of worthwhile romance novels.
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From the beginning, I wanted so badly to love this book. I'm a sucker for the "friends to lovers" trope, after all. That said, I need to borrow some famous words to describe the feeling I was left with upon concluding this title, ""It's so bad I want to give you a zero. But that's not possible so I give you a one." From the cringeworthy dialogue to the juvenile actions of both main characters, this book had the allure of a burning pile of garbage. I knew it was terrible, but I couldn't bring myself to look away so I finished. Last but not least, she kept referring to the male lead's black eyes. To start, that's not humanly possible and second it was just plain weird.
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While I'm usually more invested in enemies-to-lovers books, this BFFs-to-lovers book read like a warm fuzzy blanket and was exactly the blissful kind of romance I needed right now. I loved this book.
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"The Cheat Sheet" by Sarah Adams


Bree Camden has been in love with her best friend, Nathan Donelson since high school.  Nathan loves Bree.  Both only think the other sees them as a buddy, a best friend.

Bree owns and teaches ballet classes for girls who cannot afford classes.  Nathan is an NFL player.  When the rent increased on Bree's building, Nathan paid the difference without Bree's knowledge.  When the rent increased again, Nathan bought the building.

One night, while celebrating a teammate's birthday, Bree drinks more than she should and blabs about her feelings about Nathan to a reporter.

The story hits the news, and Nathan's publicist gets them a deal that pays big -- it will help Bree pay Nathan back.  They will pretend to date until the Super Bowl -- three weeks.

Nathan has three weeks to show Bree how he really feels about her, while Bree will need to spend the next three weeks trying to ignore her feelings.  They supported one another and accepted each other, showing the other that they were important.

I loved Nathan and Bree.  This was a friends to lovers trope with a slow, slow burn!  His teammates were funny as Nathan's romance advisors.  The dual perspectives worked well for this book.  They were great friends and became an even stronger couple.
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BEST ROMANCE I’VE READ THIS YEAR! This friends to lovers book was such a good blend of longing and fun witty banter I adored it! The HEA was also perfection! Thank you to the publisher for an audiobook arc it was such a fun listen and I had to read it faster so I read the second half!

Posted on Goodreads and @bookish_princess on Instagram 2/5/2022
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