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While I'm usually more invested in enemies-to-lovers books, this BFFs-to-lovers book read like a warm fuzzy blanket and was exactly the blissful kind of romance I needed right now. I loved this book.
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"The Cheat Sheet" by Sarah Adams


Bree Camden has been in love with her best friend, Nathan Donelson since high school.  Nathan loves Bree.  Both only think the other sees them as a buddy, a best friend.

Bree owns and teaches ballet classes for girls who cannot afford classes.  Nathan is an NFL player.  When the rent increased on Bree's building, Nathan paid the difference without Bree's knowledge.  When the rent increased again, Nathan bought the building.

One night, while celebrating a teammate's birthday, Bree drinks more than she should and blabs about her feelings about Nathan to a reporter.

The story hits the news, and Nathan's publicist gets them a deal that pays big -- it will help Bree pay Nathan back.  They will pretend to date until the Super Bowl -- three weeks.

Nathan has three weeks to show Bree how he really feels about her, while Bree will need to spend the next three weeks trying to ignore her feelings.  They supported one another and accepted each other, showing the other that they were important.

I loved Nathan and Bree.  This was a friends to lovers trope with a slow, slow burn!  His teammates were funny as Nathan's romance advisors.  The dual perspectives worked well for this book.  They were great friends and became an even stronger couple.
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BEST ROMANCE I’VE READ THIS YEAR! This friends to lovers book was such a good blend of longing and fun witty banter I adored it! The HEA was also perfection! Thank you to the publisher for an audiobook arc it was such a fun listen and I had to read it faster so I read the second half!

Posted on Goodreads and @bookish_princess on Instagram 2/5/2022
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I am excited for Sarah Adams' to have been picked up for this rom-com novel.  I think it is her strongest book to date and this book deserves all of the attention it is getting.  
It is a sweet friends-to-couple story about long time pining and that awful stumbling block known as 'I don't want to lose our friendship is this dating thing doesn't work out.'  Thanks to dual POVs there isn't anything to worry about for the reader.  We know they both want it, and they want it BAAAAAD.  We are just lucky enough to be taken on that slow burn ride while they figure it out.
Adams always brings fun and playfulness to her characters and she definitely high kicks a field goal with the banter and situational humor in "The Cheat Sheet."
I admit to already owning the Kindle version since day 1 of it's release, but I had to ask for the ARC so I could see that super-silly bonus epilogue that Adams includes for her new and repeat readers.  
Thanks so much for the ARC!
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This book was adorable,.  I love when an author has the ability to make men seem just as vulnerable and confused as a women can be during a relationship!   The fake dating, professional athlete/ballerina dynamic, the friend zone to end zone build up made this a gotta finish it before I fall asleep book for me.  The characters including the supporting ones were fun and funny.  A great beach or fireside read.  Only minor criticisms would be that I wanted to hear what the reaction to their commercial was, and I would have liked to have gotten the full story about the argument between Lily and Nathan's mom.  Definately would recommend and I'm hoping to see Jamal, Derek and the other guys stories too.
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Nathan and Bree have been friends for years.  They suddenly are finding themselves having to fake date, but they both have feelings for each other but also don't want to ruin their friendship by pursuing anything further than friends.  I loved the epilogue and bonus chapter that was added!
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I absolutely adore this book and Bree and Nathan! I loved the epilogue and the bonus chapter we got which happened One Year Later! I’ll admit the start of that bonus chapter almost made me throw my phone across the room but it was good. I also loved the addition of the authors Q and A to this edition. I originally read the Cheat Sheet in her independently published work and would absolutely recommend getting this work from her new publisher! It’s so good!!
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The story was sweet, in line with the Bromance Book Club series. I was definitely here for it, although I would have liked certain portions to have been a bit more down to earth. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for the ARC.
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