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"You're a bad liar, Tripp Talbot. Always have been."

Karen McManus has built an empire off of the modern day YA thriller, and Nothing More to Tell fits nicely into her repertoire. Perhaps I've missed this before, but it was fun seeing how she tied multiple other books she has written into this books "universe", referencing One of Us Is Lying and You'll Be the Death of Me in conjunction with podcasts solving other mysteries. Don't worry, if you haven't read these yet, you won't be spoiled. No direct details to the solving of the mysteries are included.Maybe that's why I enjoyed this one more than the past couple of books the author has written, or maybe this one was just a more enjoyable read overall.

This book has everything you would come to expect from a KM novel: a murder mystery and a bunch of teenagers trying to solve it without spilling their own secrets along the way. Mr. Larkin was a beloved teacher at Saint Ambrose private school, and while we don't get to know much of who he was while he was a teacher, we do get to know more about his backstory toward the end of the novel. Brynn has just moved back to her old hometown after her dad was transferred back for work, and she is loathe to see Tripp Talbot, her ex-best friend who embarrassed her in front of the entire school way back when. Tripp was one of three students who found Mr. Larkin's dead body in the woods behind the school, and they are all keeping secrets, but is one of them a murderer?

There's nothing incredibly deep here, and everything is very plot driven, which makes this a fun read when you need some easy going entertainment. I clearly need to go back to taking better notes while I'm reading (that's what I get for reading a mystery while in a fever induced flu fugue), but some of the continuity did not add up for me. Again, I'm assuming I must be misremembering the order of some things (for example, the timing of when Tripp does what he does to embarrass Brynn in relation to the timeline of the murder), and I did not find myself invested enough to hunt back through the book and check. I was incorrect with who I thought the murderer was, which is always a pleasant surprise, and I'll be interested to see if McManus decides to create a series with these characters based on the epilogue.
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Another great  YA thriller from Karen McManus!  I really liked One of Us is Lying and have read each of her YA thrillers since then.  So I was excited to have the opportunity to read this one.  This story follows Brynn who recently moves back to her hometown.  She takes an internship with a true crime show where she pitches to cover an investigative article for the death of a teacher at her school.  The more Brynn digs into the case the more she discovers lots of inconsistencies that don’t make any sense.  Recommend for anyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers set in academia.

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Children's- Delacorte Press for providing me with an ARC of Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus in exchange for an honest review.
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Another great YA mystery from McManus.  I enjoyed the references to her other books and I was kept guessing right up until.the end.  This was a quick read and more plot than character focused which I appreciated.
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Thanks for the ARC International Publicity Penguin Random House.

If you are looking for a light reading, that reads quickly, with short chapters and the perspective of two characters, a story that seems to have many mysteries but that some answers come out of the galley... Nothing More to Tell is the ideal book .

I read only one book by the author, this is the second, and although the first did not convince me much, this one was a little shorter. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider it bad. I just think that when reading a thriller I look for other things. More development, more mystery and not something so juvenile. But if you are looking for some romance, mystery and light, this book really is very good.

I have a lot of experience reading thrillers and mystery books and I think I have already forged an idea of ​​what I want to read when I pick up a book like this, perhaps I should have "contextualized" myself a little more about the type of audience this book is aimed at or to what the author points out when writing it.

I did not get to connect with any character, I could not follow the line of thought of the protagonist on many occasions, as it felt that she was making relationships of things that had nothing to do with it. I liked seeing how he was wrong about certain things, I admit it. I would have liked more depth in certain topics, themes and situations. And that the end had not been so... lukewarm? I don't know.

On the other hand, I am glad that the author was able to write it during the pandemic, it was a very hard time for everyone around the world, and knowing that even in those circumstances she found inspiration and the will to write is wonderful.
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Karen M. McManus did it again folks! Okay, she did not change my stance on annoying goody two shoes students with a love for journalism and interning. I still really dislike that type of protagonists. HOWEVER, the investigation Brynn was doing was interesting enough for me to be able to look past the annoying protagonist. 

Once again, the twists were very well executed. Karen just has a knack for it. It was another fast-paced story that is both plot driven and character driven and keeps you wanting to know more. 

I really loved the story but the ending felt a bit... anticlimactic? It made me think 'is that it?'. That feeling stayed with me for a while, I guess I was expecting more of the ending. 

Nothing More to Tell is another good Karen M. McManus book, just not one of her best. I still really enjoyed it and think many others will as well!
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Another great McManus read! A great discussion of family dynamics and friends that stick with you for different reasons. I loved the reconnection of the friend group as well as the dissolving of the more fake friend group of the different characters. A great expiration of friendship while solving a murder.
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Although I was excited for this book, Karen McManus books are always a solid 3 star read for me. They are just fun and easy to get through. But I do have to say that I see a lot of progression in her writing and this book almost made it to 4 stars, had it not been for the lack-luster ending. The ending was so rushed and not really exciting. I found myself sitting and thinking “is this it”. We sort of got everything confirmed but not really? I really enjoyed the characters, the relationship and dynamic between them. Despite the rating this is the best book of by McManus I’ve read so far!
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Many thanks to @getunderlined and @prhaudio for my copies this one just released last week!

@writerkmc is one of my favorite YA authors I’ve read all her books and look forward to them each year. My favorite being One of Us is Lying, but after that one I think this is my second favorite!

The story alternates between our two main characters who were once friends but have had a falling out. And centers on a tragedy that happened at a New England prep school that had happened a few years back where one of the teachers was found dead.

I started reading this one and then switched to audio about half way through. The chapters alternate between our two main characters and the voice narrators did an awesome job and complimented each other well. I was able to guess the outcome of this one, but I’ve read a lot of thrillers so every once in a while I’ll guess correctly. I thought the mystery was great and if you like YA thrillers or @writerkmc books I think you will love this one!
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As always McManus delivers another edge of your seat who-done-it with twists and turns to keep us guessing. Murder, friendship drama, and betrayal makes for a sure winner with our students.
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Karen M. McNamus rapidamente se tornou uma das minhas autoras de soft thriller favoritas e Nothing More To Tell, apesar de não ser minha obra favorita da autora, mantem a qualidade de suas narrativas.

Brynn está de volta a escola Saint Ambrose depois de quatro anos. Em sua última escola a garota sofreu um trote que viralizou e comprometeu sua admissão na universidade, então ela inicia um estágio em um programa de investigação famoso, o Motivação. Para conseguir esse estágio, Brynn levou uma proposta de caso para o programa: o assassinato e seu professor favorito, o Sr. Larkin. Acontece que pouco antes de Brynn deixar a Saint Ambrose, o Sr. Larkin foi encontrado morto por três estudantes: Charlotte, Shane e Tripp. Os dois primeiros eram alunos ricos com famílias influentes, já Tripp era aluno bolsista. Agora a garota quer descobrir o que realmente aconteceu e se um dos três foi o responsável pela morte do professor.

O estilo de escrita da autora nos deixa grudados no livro de uma maneira que não conseguimos largar. Confesso que consegui adivinhar o assassino logo na metade da leitura, apesar dos engodos que a autora colocou no meio da narrativa.

Brynn é uma protagonista que não vai levantar muita simpatia, pois ela é egoísta e muitas vezes mente para todos ao seu redor. Apesar de ter boa intenção a maneira que ela conduz a investigação acaba colocando ela e os amigos em perigo.

Tripp, por sua vez, tem uma vida bastante complicada. Uma mãe narcisista e um pai que desistiu dele há bastante tempo, fizeram com que ele virasse um rapaz desconfiado e principalmente solitário.

A relaçào de Brynn e Tripp vai se construindo depois de anos, eles eram amigos na infância, depois Tripp a afastou e agora eles se aproximam de novo por conta de um projeto da escola. Ambos tem segredos, mas essa amizade acaba evoluindo para algo mais.

Alguns personagens secundários acabaram não sendo muito bem aproveitados, mas creio que para manter os segredos que a autora acabou construindo. Confesso que terminei esse livro com uma sensação de incompletude.
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The YA thriller queen Karen McManus has returned with one of her best!

After her favorite teacher was murdered, Brynn was more than happy when her father’s job moved her family away from Sturgis, Massachusetts and Saint Ambrose School. But four years later, Brynn is back for her senior year of high school, licking her wounds after being involved in a scandal with her school newspaper.

When she lands an internship at Motive, a true-crime show, she pitches them on the idea of investigating Mr. Larkin’s murder. Her three classmates—including her ex-best friend Tripp—who found his body always seemed to know more than they said, and they were able to skate away without any scrutiny. What were they hiding?

For four years, Tripp has wanted nothing more than to fade into the woodwork. But somehow, finding Mr. Larkin’s body with two popular classmates catapulted him into the social elite, especially since he didn’t tell the police the truth that day. His friends have never forgotten what he did—and neither has he.

The more Brynn digs into the case the more she discovers lots of inconsistencies that don’t make any sense. And as much as Mr. Larkin was her favorite teacher, it turned out a lot of people weren’t fans of his. Why? What is everyone hiding?

This definitely has Good Girl, Bad Blood vibes but McManus’ signature style sets it apart. There’s more character development in this book than in many of hers, and I’m a big fan of complex characters. If you like mystery/thrillers set in academia, here’s one for you!

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Delacorte Press for the advance copy.
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Super YA mystery/thriller that asks the question - was their 8th grade teacher really killed by a drifter four years ago, or is someone hiding a secret?
Follows Brynn, a budding HS journalist with something to prove, and Tripp, her former best friend who was one of the students to find their Mr. Larkin’s body. 
I really enjoyed this one and that some of the twists were unpredictable, too. The last 20% was a wild ride!
Note: I received a digital review copy, receipt of which did not impact my review.
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Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus is yet another riveting YA mystery by the author. I fell in love with her writing with the first One of Us is Lying book and this book might be her best YA mystery yet. The unexpected twists and the thrilling mystery kept me hooked throughout the book. I will be recommending this book to all YA mystery fans.

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Children's- Delacorte Press for providing me with an ARC of Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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I have read (and enjoyed) every novel that Karen M. McManus has written in her storied career. I have to say, however, that "Nothing More to Tell" may just be her best yet. I loved that this novel took a somewhat different formula than her last few, it focused on an unsolved murder from the past rather than focusing on a murder or a crime that happens as the book plays out. I think it really let her stretch her murder mystery chops as she tackled the crime from a different angle. It was so enjoyable to watch her piece together the different threads of the story to lead to an interesting and satisfying conclusion, one that has me hoping we will see more of Brynn in the future!! 

Brynn Gallagher thinks being shipped back to sleepy St. Ambrose school to finish out her senior year will be the ultimate punishment after four years of a bustling social and academic life in Chicago. What she didn't factor into her plans, however, was landing the internship of a lifetime with the true-crime podcast, Motive. When Brynn pitches an unsolved murder from her hometown, that of her favorite 8th-grade teacher, Mr. Larkin, she doesn't expect that only will she land her internship, she'll also be on the front lines of investigating the cold case. 

As Brynn begins to take a more detailed look at the case, she discovers just how many secrets a small town can hold. Four years ago someone got away with murder, but Brynn's determined to find justice for Mr. Larkin, no matter how dangerous the path to reach it. 

A must-read for fans of Maureen Johnson, Holly Jackson, and April Henry, Karen McManus strikes gold yet again with the hottest teen thriller of the season!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children's, Delacorte Press, for providing an Advanced Reader's Copy of "Nothing More to Tell" in exchange for an unbiased review!
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3 for neutral, was unable to access my netgalley account until today.  I apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully will not have any more issues in future.
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One of McManus’ best books yet! I liked the cast of characters a lot. And there were many twists alone the way that were unexpected. She knows how to keep a read on the edge of their seat and guessing the entire way.
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I feel like Karen McManus knows the formula by now. I’ve read every single one of her books, and I definitely liked this one. Her books have become a little predictable for me, but she writes good teen mysteries!
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This was a fun young adult thriller. I enjoyed the story and there were lots of twists and turns.  I will definitely recommend this book.
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I loved "one of us is lying" so I was excited to see McManus had a new book coming out.  The first half of the book was better then the second half. The pace is very slow moving and when you find out who the killer is it's underwhelming. It took me two months to finish this book because I was so bored.
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