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Thank you for the chance to read this early. I love a friends to lovers romance so I was really excited to read this one. Plus. fake marriage trope!  Couples in a fake marriage having to convince others they love each other when they really do but are in denial is such a fun thing to read! This was a good read and I liked that the stakes were higher with Mia needing health insurance for her kidney transplant. Noah was really likeable for me and I enjoyed reading these two navigate their feelings. I really liked this one!
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This is a friends first contemporary romance
Where they're best friends who never gave love a chance.
Now she has an opportunity to make a change for the better
But her worries about money and medical needs won't let her.

Noah proposes a marriage of convenience together
So she can study and keep protected whatever
But what happens if being married they discover
They both had been dreaming of romance with the other?

With laughter and love all along the way
And "Would you rather..?" questions posed every day!
There's also drama with someone out to cause trouble
They need to beware -   and act at the double.

A heartwarming read with great characters and fun
But with an emotive end - have tissues ready when you've done!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.
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The ANGST, goodness gracious. Two besties in a marriage of convenience that we all know good and well should be real because they both truly love each other... Read it!
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Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes.. Especially when they have been pining for years.  This book really captured that for me. I loved both MC and how the relationship grew. Definitely a book I would purchase, recommend and reread.
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Noah would do anything for his best friend Mia, who is on a list for a kidney transplant. They have an prankfest at work, as well as an ongoing game of “Would you rather…?” and are equally comfortable with silence together. He’s a commercial design commercial design, and she’s the administrative assistant at his firm, but longs for a career as a pediatric dietician. Her illness and schedule of infusions, doctor’s appointments and hospitalizations (and ensuing medical bills) have kept her from pursuing her degree–and, from pursing Noah. They had a moment in college, but decided not to risk their friendship. Other issues: she’s on a two -year communication hiatus from her family, who betrayed her; he’s still coming to terms with the death of the older brother he adored.

When Mia wins a scholarship for non-traditional returning college students, she can’t accept for risk of losing her excellent health insurance if she has to drop hours at work to go back to school. Noah nearly immediately proposes, willing to give up two years of his life until Mia either completes her program or gets a transplant and goes on Medicaid. They intend to keep their insurance fraud a secret, but someone else who wants to be partner in the firm overhears and begins blackmailing Noah. They move in together, maintaining separate beds until things slowly amp up: they have to kiss when they marry, then they have to kiss at a family get-together, then a friend needs to crash after drinking too much at game night, and there’s only one bed; they go camping with friends and there’s only one bed. And then she accidentally sees him naked when he accidentally leaves the bathroom door open while he showers…

The details of Mia’s chronic illness felt real and complete. Things I didn’t love: Claire tries to manipulate them into confessing their feelings, in college and again at her birthday dinner. Noah tells Mia to unsubscribe to some fact and inspiration sites after sharing facts and quotes with him–and she agrees. There are a LOT of lies and deception in this book. And, all that buildup, and the door closes before we get the witness the consummation of decades of love and longing. No discussion of consent, protection, or STI screening, either.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #WouldYouRather from #NetGalley
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Friends to lovers trope is so underrated in the romance community. They are top tier in my books. You genuine know a person more when you are close friend in the beginning. You get to see all of their sides so you already know how they. And that's something Noah and Mia have going for them. They may be fake dating for the insurances purposes, but you know there is a spark between them. They will deny of course since they don't want to wreck their friendship and their arrangements. But you can't deny what the heart wants. It's something they will explode with each other as they spend more time with each other.
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A very cute book. Also using this as a place to show my support for the Harper Collins union. Thank you to Harper for the gifted ARC my honest review.
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Would You Rather is one of those reads that I devoured in a twenty four hour time frame. 

Noah and Mia: best friends since youth. They both work at the same architectural firm and take advantage by playing pranks to each other. Yet, when Mia hears back that she got accepted to college to pursue her dream, life pulls a one eighty, She cannot quit her job as she’s waiting on a kidney transplant and needs the health insurance. 

Noah has the need to see his best friend succeed. His idea? Get married for the health insurance and live together. But will these two friends stay friends and be able to pull off the act for the ages? Or will sparks fizzle out when their marriage is inked and they are living together? 

Would You Rather was the fun, character driven novel that gave me  all the feels. I enjoyed the depth that Allison Ashley provided for both Noah and MIa. The sexual scenes were written without being a main focus for both characters but rather showed the progression of the couple. I was rooting for both to keep up their marriage act for the whole novel. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys romantic reads and lovers to even better lovers.
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WOULD YOU RATHER by Allison Ashley is a sweet, friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience jackpot! 

Not only does this book have so much heart, it has absolutely squeal inducing and swoony moments. 

This book touches on the subjects of illness, death, and grief. If these are some of your tiggers, it may not be the book for you! However, Ashley handled all with Grace. 

I binged this book in less than 24 hours. I could NOT put it down! Mia and Noah were EVERYTHING. 

My heart fell in love with these two’s struggles and their journey of acceptance and healing.
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This friends to lovers romance had me swooning. Add in a marriage of convenience, and I am so here for it. I love Mia and Noah and this story had my heart. I was so invested not only in their relationship, but in their own respective lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this and definitely recommend.
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NetGalley provided me with a free ebook, review is my own.

A cute fast read. Friends to Lovers. Childhood neighbors that spend years and years pining for each other. Tragedy befalls and they keep each other at arms length but stay close. Fake marriage, but is it? They both have loved each other forever. Angst, baggage and finding the cure to their dilemmas this was a cute read that I would recommend to romance readers!
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This is a spectacular concept (if a depressing one, since it relies on the absolute bullshit that is the American healthcare system) but it didn't quite work for me. A cute, quick read but there was too much going on.
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What a fun time! A perfect, quick romance that scratched a lot of trope itches. Highly recommend for cozy weekend nights or beach reads.
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Noah and Mia are best friends who have always been there for eachother. Noah is on the verge of a promotion and Mia has been keeping her life on standstill since her kidney issues and now hoping to get out there again and go back to school but hard to do so with her job that includes health insurance. Thats when Noah proposes a plan to get her on his insurance as his wife temporarily that way she can do what she's got to do and it'll only be temporary. 

I really enjoyed this book I love a good friends to lovers kinda stories. I mean they've known eachother a long time so it was a nice seeing them go from friends to something more. Especially since it seems Noah has always kinda had feelings for her, which would've made this all the more complicated if Mia didn't entirely seem to have platonic feelings as well. I loved seeing that care they had for eachother. The issue was Mia hates the idea of dragging anyone behind where they worry about her health and hold back on things and feels that Noah just might be doing that in more ways then one. Overall I really enjoyed this book and highly reocmmend.
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4.5/5 stars (rounded up to 5 on here)

Thank you NetGalley and Harleguin Trade Publishing for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Would you rather play it safe in the friend zone, or risk it all with a modern marriage of convenience?

I absolutely loved this book, it was such a cute story and I always love a good Friends to Lovers trope. I thought that the author did such a great job with the yearning and sexual tension between the two MC throughout the book and the reader is just rooting them on the entire time! I loved to see how they both developed throughout the book and were both able to work through their own traumatic experiences individually and together.  The author did such a great job and delving into the trauma history and exploring how that can affect relationships! Overall, I highly recommend this book and devoured it! 

This review will be posted to my Instagram blog (read_betweenthecovers) in the near future!
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A romance based on someone needing to keep their health insurance? Name something more American. Normally I love fake dating, but this one didn't quite do it for me. It might be because I'm not a big fan of friends to lovers, but this was a miss for me.
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Friends to lovers is my favorite trope, and this book had just the right amount of yearning, connection and shared history, plus another gem: marriage of convenience that turns into forced proximity. I wish there had been more flashbacks to their high school/college days and more spice, but I was still totally engaged by these cluelessly devoted best friends,
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Friends to lovers with a fake marriage? Two of my favourite tropes, all rolled into a cute book with multiple points of view? I love it, especially the family dynamics the two characters navigate together, and separately. I love when relationships really help bring out the best of each other. This delivered everything I needed and would definitely recommend.

I also like the return to school as an older student and the support for one another in professional capacities.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC!
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Wow, I loved this book. Would You Rather by Allison Ashley needs to be in your hands ASAP. This is the first book I have read by this author, and it will not be my last. I fell in love with Noah and Mia, who have been best friends since they were seven. They work together now but become a modern marriage of convenience so Mia can get medical coverage for her chronic illness so she can return to school. The chemistry between Mia and Noah is palpable. Check this book out!
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In Would You Rather, Noah and Mia are long time friends who have never explored being more than friends. But Mia has a long term health condition and she’s currently waiting for a kidney transplant. She also is hanging on to a dead end job just for the insurance. She has the opportunity to go back to school to do what she dreams, but she desperately needs medical coverage. Noah offers to marry her to share his insurance, but they will have to make it look real for everyone to believe. Is it such a stretch?

This book so was so wonderful! Mia and Noah have excellent chemistry and they should have gotten together years ago. It says a lot about healthcare in this country when someone who desperately needs medical help has no options because she cannot afford the bills without it. 

I also really enjoyed Allison’s last book, Home Sweet Mess which I also encourage you to check out! Thank you so much to @_mira_books and @authorallisonashley for my gifted copy.
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