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An okay read. Stock characters, situations seen before. Written better by other others. Many times I wanted to DNF the book, but felt compelled to complete because I was given an ARC. After completion, I couldn't tell you specific details. Even though we've seen this story before, I was hoping for a new spin. It just wasn't the book for me.

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The book is about two brothers,Robert and Emil, who work as hit men. They get a target who is in fact a benefactor but they are in competition with others to make the hit. The thing is one of the brothers thinks this is a retirement contract while the other is not quite sure.

The dialogue between the two main characters is a huge bonus and while it meanders a bit the second half more than makes it worth the read.

This is defiantly worth your time and purchase.

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The Target,” by Nolon King and Johnny B. Truant, is one hell of a rollicking ride! It centers on a mission to kill former elite hacker Senator Simon Bisset, known in the dark web as “Zero.” The broker in charge, Heinzie, has enlisted eight different assassins to ensure the job gets done. First one to kill Bisset receives 2.6 million PENTZ. The main characters are Emil and Robert, brothers and assassins, one of whom (Emil) wants Bisset dead more than anything, making him sloppy and careless. The book opens in the middle of the story, and then returns to the beginning.

I knew immediately that I was going to LOVE this book, based on the title of Chapter One, “Fucked From the Start.” It is a phenomenal dark comedy/murder mystery that immediately captures you, draws you all the way in, and takes you along for the ride, twisting, turning, surprising, and shocking you along the way. The prose is stunning, intelligent, and incredibly well-written. The characters are well-developed, while the plot and storyline are spicy and superb. I can’t wait to read whatever else King & Nolan have written or will write.

I am very grateful to NetGallery, the very talented authors, and Sterling & Stone Books for allowing me to read and review this ARC.

Warning for pervasive language, innuendo, and sexual situations.

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Rarely does a novel turn me off like The Target. The authors take their good old time getting to the heart of it. In the meantime, the language is exceptionally vulgar and far from uplifting. I made it about a quarter way through, where a character is quoted saying "Empty, vacuous crap." That seemed like a good point to give up as the dialogue that follows that is indeed empty.. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.

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