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365 Ways to Have a Good Day

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While I can appreciate what the author was trying to do with this 365 daily guide, I feel that the flow in the chapters was scattered. These chapters didn't really hold, and the ideas and thoughts felt thrown together. 

It could be that I'm used to reading 365 guides which have very specific actionable steps whereas this one was more of a general idea series to make you contemplate how you can incorporate the author's individual experiences into your own experiences. 

I suppose because I'm used to a different style, that it pulled me away from this book. For this reason, I am rating it a 3.
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I think books like this are definitely going to have parts that will not be applicable to everyone and obviously with almost 400 different ideas in this book- a lot I cannot apply to my life- BUT, it's a given and I can't dock points on my review of it because of that- duh!

I thought some of these ideas were so creative and so interesting- and it wasn't just a list of 365 ways and then boom, you're done. Each 'Way' had a description of what it meant (some of the names could mean multiple things) and pretty cool facts as well. 

I enjoyed that a lot of the advice given is focusing on YOU and your individual self and doing what makes YOU happy. It's hard to stop trying to please your family, your friends, your boss/work, but it's beneficial to be selfish sometimes and focus on your goals and your happiness. 

I will definitely be instilling a lot of these words of wisdom as I go about my life, because like..who DOESN'T want to have a good day? I WANT TO HAVE ALL THE GOOD DAYS!
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it’s a great book with some good ideas and inspirations. 
and one that you can keep coming back to when you feel like you need a little something even after going through it once entirely. 
i would defiantly recommend it to people that enjoy simple daily reminders and ideas on what and how to see the good in every day and those that need to be reminded of it.
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I think this book is best read one tip each day but I skipped ahead in order to provide a review. I found some of the tips interesting and spent time pondering them but others were a bit wishy washy and not the sort of things you can implement for immediate change. I would prefer things to be more actionable.
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I loved this - I learned a huge amount and felt better with every page I read. So much kindness and good-humour in these pages.
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365 Ways to Have a Good Day by Ian Sanders is a terrific way to spark your imagination. Everyone should be able to live their best life and define what success means to them – and Ian Sanders shows you how.
My particular favourites include:
#2. Define your own operating system. Living your life true to what matters to YOU!
#3. Track your good, positive life experiences and moments on paper. Then decide what you want to do more of. This is linked to #40. When given a choice of tasks/projects, ask is it a “Hell Yes?”
#10. Create your own definition of success - and it is not always about money.
#50. Find your superpower. Linked to #181. Play where you play best. Master your strengths.
#356. When do you feel most you?
But this list covers all aspects of life and careers.
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Insightful and very helpful. Makes you look at a day or any situation positively and that you start anytime and pick it up anytime you need a happy boost.  I think best read on a daily basis.

Thank you, Net Galley for this copy.
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A very interesting book. Different from what I would normally read but really did enjoy it. 
Would definitely recommend
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This is a refreshingly humored how-to on being better and living more carefree. It's a sort of "Stop stressing and just LIVE. Life is too short to stress whether you wore the wrong color tie."

It gives you a sort of "tip per day" for a year of "Good" days. And truthfully, the tips are good, if not all entirely new.
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I love this book! I recently started reading and want so bad to just jump ahead and read it all! I read these in the morning as part of my get ready for the day  ritual. I find it refreshing and inspirational. I’m really loving this so far! Highly recommend!
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If you only read one book this year, make it this book. This is an absolute must read, everyone could learn a thing or two from the messages in this book. It made me smile at a time when the world seems quite dark. It’s up to us to try and have a good day, yes there are things out of our control, but we can choose how to react to them. We don’t have to let life get us down.
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365 Ways to Have a Good Day is a day-by-day guide filled with inspirational ideas, habits, and tools on how you can make the most out of each day. Sanders encourages readers to try something new, step out of their comfort zones, and see the world through new perspectives. 

The wonderful thing about this guide is that it contains small things that are achievable. Sanders provides simple and easy tips that you can practice at your leisure. Some great examples include practicing mindfulness through observing what’s around you, smiling at a stranger, and dancing in your kitchen. One specific tip that stood out to me was an exercise called “What gets your lightbulb shining bright?” It’s where you create a list of things/people that either light you up or dim your shine. This exercise allows you to visually recognize who/what is worth your time and energy.   

365 Ways to Have a Good Day is a great book to keep by your bedside table and flip through for daily inspiration. There are so many practical tips in here that can be applied at any time, which can easily and effectively turn a bad day around. I would recommend this book to anyone. Thank you to NetGalley and Nicholas Brealey US for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I actually surprised myself by quite liking this despite a lot of entitlement and privilege on show. I will even implement a few of the suggestions.
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I love a good motionless book! Sometimes it's nice to just have a moment to yourself to sit and read something that makes you smile!
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I liked the concept of this book with the 365 day layout and I appreciate the overall positive message. The style is a little too simplistic and monotone for me personally though, so I did find it a little bit difficult to stay engaged - but I think others will enjoy it.
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I enjoyed the tips throughout the book on how to at least have a good day! Such a perfect book   to read again and again!!!
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365 Ways to Have a Good Day is a nice way to start or end your day and reset to look at the small things or focus on new. I liked the authors approach to life and his way of meeting people and having interactions that are rich and full. I wanted to spend a day with him just traveling around, drinking coffee, and listening to live music. It was a nice book and would make a great gift.
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Just a collection of diary thoughts. It’s too bitty for me and looks like someone’s planner for their Twitter thread.
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This book is fab! I love that it doesn’t over complicate what it’s trying to achieve. There are no great big, long chapters to wade through in order to find the nuggets of info or ideas that might inspire you do something that will have a positive impact on you and your mental health and well-being. No, this book is literally a book made up of nuggets, anecdotes, examples that are all taken from life experience.
Not everything in this book will make sense to everyone, but with 365 offerings there are bound to be some for most of us.
A great book that I would definitely recommend.
My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review.
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The best book so far in the non fiction I have read.
This is a must have on every bedside, in every bookshelf.
Keep coming back to random pages for inspiration.

Thank you Netgalley and Nicholas Brealey, John Murray learning for the ARC
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