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365 Ways to Have a Good Day

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I’m never sure how to rate these type of books, but I think it’s best to tell you who this book is geared towards:

1) This book is clearly meant geared towards people in corporate careers, but some of the advice is applicable to everyone.
2) Some of the stories might make this book difficult for people who struggle financially to relate.

Basically, this is a collection of 365 little incidents in the authors life that lead to advice. I suggest slowing the pace when reading to give time for things to sink in.

I read this book thanks to NetGalley!
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This book gives a handful of new life enhancing perspectives. It is a quick an easy read thanks to the numbered life lessons learned through story examples.
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This book was full of positivity. I read it over about a week but it would be a great one to read an excerpt from every day. It’s not just inspirational quotes, but full of anecdotes and advice from the author’s life. I enjoyed this and it made me reflect a lot on what brings me joy. Thank you to NetGalley for letting me read this.
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Short tidbits for each day that help readers reflect and consider what a good day is to them. There are a wide range of ideas and suggestions. This would be a great book for someone who doesn't have a lot of time in a day to read or who is looking for some quick inspiration. I found many of the days to be intriguing and helpful in reflecting about myself. I didn't connect with topics on some of the days, but I think that's going to be different for each individual.
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Great way to start your morning.  What a positive book for the crazy,dark times we are living in.  Sanders brings joy to his readers by helping them start each day with a happy thought that will allow them to have a positive day.  The kind of book our world needs now.  Highly recommend!
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Very upbeat, positive reminders that there’s a lot to be happy about!  365 topics, each accompanied by a quick anecdote or explanation that gives you a bit to think about. A few of my favorites that I can easily put in to practice: the weekly “Good Times” list, Go behind the scenes, Turn the dusk from the usual.   Many seemed geared toward entrepreneurial endeavors which did t really apply to me but make sense for others. I enjoyed all the author’s personal stories sprinkled throughout the book.
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What a great inspirational book to read at the start of 2021. I will definitely be following some of the great tips in this book and striving for a better work/life balance.
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As I write this, January is almost over. Remember how on the first of the month you might have made some resolutions? How did that go if you did? Whether it went well or you don’t make resolutions or it didn’t go so well, you might benefit from this title. It encourages the reader to live their best life each day. Just a few of the chapter headings include Make it a a habit, Count the things that count, Turn left, and Just have a day. There are 365 thoughts given over the course of the thirteen chapters.

Included in this title are what the author describes as stories to inspire, prompts to put ideas into action and things to try. He hopes that readers will use this book to inspire a journey of discovery. If this sounds appealing to you, give this title a look.

This book is a personal one, filled with what has worked for the author. He hopes that some of his reflections will be helpful to the reader. I am going to give it a whirl.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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3.5 stars

This is written in such a way that someone without much time can read it for a quick dose of inspiration. Many things in this weren't new ideas to me, but they were still good reminders. Overall, this is practical and concise, and I look forward to reading it on a daily basis.
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Thank you, Nicholas Brealey US, for the advance reading copy.

I need this book today! And like everyday for the rest of the year. Every year!

I absolutely adore the way it's been written. 365 most practical tips for 365 different days. It's awesome. And I feel like it's been written just for me. No kidding.

Most days I keep procastinating things (even feelings I need to figure out. Relatable much?!). Yes, we tend to do these things a lot. For the entire year. Year after year. And yes, we know we cannot blame anyone else when we do not feel or achieve what we want to.

The presentation is simple. The writing is concise. I feel like I have already achieved some very important things just reading this book. Yes, that's how such books work. It all starts from thinking I can make it happen and these tips do seem practical.

Yes, we all need a band of cheerleaders in our head most days and this book just gives you that.
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This book would be great for someone who doesn’t have the time to read a full book. A paragraph a day to help motivate you. There is a lot of unoriginal content in this book but I can see the author is pulling from all the knowledge they have taken onboard themselves. It is an easy read.
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Really helped with my mental health 
As q mental health first aider I understand how vital a healthy mind is 
We all need take time for ourselves to nurture our minds and this book helps do that
If buy one self help book this year make it this one
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