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How to Be a Patriotic Christian

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This one just didn't do it for me at all. I feel like it was written by someone who doesn't understand how to write a book. Harsh but true.
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How to Be a Patriotic Christian
Love of Country as Love of Neighbor
by Richard J. Mouw
Pub Date 19 Jul 2022
 InterVarsity Press,  IVP
 Christian  |  Politics  |  Religion & Spirituality 

I am reviewing a copy of How to Be a Patriotic Christian through InterVarsity Press and Netgalley:

What Does it Mean to love our Country?

There are Christians see loyalty to America as central to our faith and identity. Whereas  other Christians are skeptical that our nation warrants such devotion or attachment. But Richard Mouw encourages Christians to have a healthy sense of national peoplehood that promotes civic kinship and responsible citizenship. He navigates between Christian nationalism on one hand and cynicism about country on the other to avoid the perils of both idolatry and disengagement. 

In this book Mouw asks the sticky questions such as how to honor national holidays in church and the place of protests in forging a more perfect union. Placing love of country in the context of Christian love of neighbor, he sees patriotism as an expression of our heavenly citizenship and a call to help our country be a place where all people can thrive in peace. Mouw's winsome and wise reflections direct our patriotic affections toward the civic good of others within our churches and in our communities.

I give How to Be a Patriotic Christian Five Out of five Stars!

Happy Reading!
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I thought this was something else when I requested it but I skimmed through it nonetheless and it was ok. Nothing really stuck out to me and it was a bit dull.
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Mouw doesn't aim for a comprehensive treatment, just several core ideas that people need to know... and he does that very well. An intelligent but humble, clearly-written look at how patriotism, civil religion and religious devotion inform each other and applying each in a healthy way.
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