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Ms Sherry Williams speaks of grief, her own personal grief, and her story is one of the best micro descriptions of grief I have come across in my readings. As she describes her experience, she manages to weave the tiny threads and tendrils attached to this emotion into the very essence of her being. How it hits, how it quiets down, how it meanders its way into relationships and action and how it slowly changes us as a result. This is how one relationship to grief can manifest. Along the way, I was struck with the beauty of her words. I felt like I was really reading poetry, but I wasn’t. Like poetry, however, the stark contrast between the pain that grief can bring and the words that describe it are cocooned in a soft blanket of acceptance that take the edge off and allow us to see how we are healing. 

This work is authentic and slightly unfiltered, but not so raw that we can’t see beyond grief’s initial assault. It is also peppered with humor. This is a great kind of humor, the kind that comes from frustration about ourselves and how we are handling our load. Every swear word, every little expressed outburst is absolutely relatable.  Many of us to respond with humor in this way when we feel pushed up against a wall.
I dealt with the death of my son differently. I became detached and for years was so thankful I didn’t have to experience grief in this way. I almost didn’t review the book because of this. But by making the decision to forge ahead, I was truly able to experience the positive aspects that grief delivered to the author and vicariously to me through her words and experience. And yes, I cried. But it was a good cry. And I laughed and it was a good laugh. Thank you for this beautiful personal story!
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After losing her father to cancer and brother to suicide, a trauma psychologist shares new healing strategies for coping with extreme loss. This book is so helpful when it comes to navigating and processing grief.
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Thank you, Sounds True, for the advance reading copy.

Divided into four distinct sections, the book deals heavily with grief and the emotions on losing someone close to you.

A very personal and insightful read, the book gives a glimpse of the author's experiences and how they felt, what they went through and how they coped during these difficult times.

I find the writing really comforting and I believe it will help someone else going through such experiences. 

I appreciate the lyrical/poetic writing at some parts. It does made the read a better experience for me. 

I hope you would be aware that the book deals with losing someone to suicide and cancer. 

I really appreciate the book and the author for sharing their personal experiences; on sharing some of the most helpful tips and suggestions on the topic.

Looking forward to more of the author's work in the future.

I found so much comfort while reading the book.
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