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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

I'm loving the series more and more by each book that I read.
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Why,  why can't Carrie and the library enjoy some peace after solving a few murders lately?  She should be enjoying time with her fiancé, instead a body turns up in the renovation project of the library expansion... and the body is related to her fiancé!  Evelyn, the resident ghost helps a she can,  but this time Carrie has voted to leave the solving to the police.   She is busy with the library programs and the city board.  But she just can't stay away...
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Dewey Decimated is book 6 of The Haunted Library Mysteries. I received an ARC copy, courtesy of NetGalley, and thus jumped fully in the middle of this series without having read anything by the author before. This did not affect my reading experience; I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all the mysteries involved. The series follows Carrie Singleton, a librarian, who can see the friendly ghost (Evelyn) that haunts the library. Fresh from solving a hot string of murder cases, Carrie faces another mystery: The body of Alec, Dylan's uncle and Carrie's fiancé. What what him doing in town?
Carrie is also a member of the town council, in charge of deciding the fate of Seabrook Preserve, a high price piece of property in Long Island Sound. While members of the town council dispute it's fate, a fellow town council member is found dead. Can the two muders be connected and will Carrie help solve this mystery yet again?
It took a while for "Dewey Decimated" to captivate me but after getting after the hump I really ennjoyed it. It is a cozy mystery in a small town background, with a sweet sub-plot thanks to Carrie and Dylan. I'm definitely going to go back on the series and read it from the top!
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Comfortable, if a little boring. The story was good, the mystery was just complex enough to keep me curious. I haven't read the other books in this series, so I found the characters took me a while to warm up to.

Unfortunately, even once I was warmed up to them, the characters never became very vibrant. Sadly the ghost haunting the library didn't really have much of a part in the story either. We spent more time with the new ghost than we ever did with the one who is a regular character in the story.

For me, a cozy mystery should put the characters and relationships first and the mystery second. The "cozy" part comes when I feel comfortable with the characters and want to hang out with them. I didn't dislike anybody, but I didn't really like any of them either. The book as a whole was fine, but I won't be searching out the rest of them 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC
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When I think of cozy mysteries, I think of books just like this one, that gives all the feels, thrills and can satisfies just about every reader's heart. This is a perfect books to snuggle up with on any day.
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Release Date: September 6, 2022


The library expansion has begun and Carrie is already wondering how they will survive when the construction crew stumbles upon a body that had been left in the basement of the property. Carrie is determined to stay out of this cold case but then the body turns out to practically family, the body’s former resident “Charlie” shows up with Evelyn and The local news woman Julie is determined to drag Carrie into helping her solve the case and break the story. On top of all that, the council that Carrie is now apart of has a very contentious decision to make. When your life is in chaos, what’s a girl to do? 

I love this series! I have been a huge fan from the beginning and each book only serves to get better and enrich the world of Clover Ridge (or as the mayor referred to it as “cabot cove of Connecticut” which made me laugh). This book brings more insight into Dylan, shows Steve and Angela settling into married life and even gives us more about Evelyn. I am having withdrawals so I think a re read of the series is in order! 

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Thanks very much #NetGalley for the opportunity to enjoy an ARC of the latest book in Allison Brook's Haunted Library Mystery Series-- Dewey Decimated.  This book is the sixth installment of this very enjoyable cozy series featuring a library and a ghost and Smokey Joe the library kitty. This book will be out on September 6th, so if you have not read the series you can start ready it and be ready for this when it is released!

I am finding lately that many of the cozies I am reading feature a cold case,  I don't mind this at all as it is nice to see our sleuths find answers and it reduces the rapid-fire murders happening in their towns. 

As usual, I enjoyed spending time with Carrie and the crew in Clover Ridge.  I could have used more time with Carrie and her best friend Angela hanging out. We have in this book a new character who annoys Carrie--and the reader--the investigative reporter that won't quit.  Then we also have a new ghost AND a major construction project at the library, so Carrie is really pulling her hair out. In the area of overarching mysteries, we learn a little more about Evelyn's situation and Dylan is more forthcoming with Carrie about how he grew up. 

I found the town council aspects of the story to ring true to how politics works in a small town. The mystery and the who and the why of the killer worked for me.  I am looking forward to the next book and have my fingers crossed maybe we will get to see Dylan and Carrie get married!
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This is the first book I have read by Allison Brook.  The book was very delightful.  Who would think of a ghost that has amnesia?  It was interesting as the Library Ghost, Evelyn, work with the new ghost.  The identity of the ghost really causes a lot of confusion for everyone.  Carrie is kept very busy with all of her responsibilities and trying to figure who this ghost is.  Who murdered him?  It is interesting to find out what the people of the community are like.  Not everyone is who they appear to be.  The dark secrets find a way of being found out.  Every secret changes what you think is happening.  Carrie and Dylan find a lot of challenges facing them.  Will the truth when it comes out destroy their relationship?  You find yourself rooting for Carrie and Dylan to figure everything out and hope that their relationship will survive.  Carrie and Dylan has so much in their past that they have to work through and this ghost really caused a lot of problems for them.  

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading others in this series.  Allison is an excellent writer and her imagination is outstanding.
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This 6th volume of the Haunted Library Mysteries series has librarian Carrie facing not one, but two, library ghosts. Evelyn is as helpful as ever, especially when Alex appears, the dead uncle of Carrie's fiancé Dylan. Alex's body was just discovered during renovations of an old building for a library addition. At the same time, Carrie faces her first meeting as a new member of the town council, where everyone must decide the fate of a controversial piece of town property. Another dead body (but no ghost) increases the drama overall. I was happy to have another ghost added to the story, but just as happy to learn that his visit was temporary. Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing an ARC.
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⭐⭐⭐.4 stars!
This is #6 in the Haunted Library Mystery Series
Awww a haunted library, a library cat named Smokey Joe, and Evelyn the Library ghost!
In addition, our Librarian Carrie Singleton is a psychic and she is back at it.
 Books and ghosts do sound like fun to me!

Although this is #6 in the series and I have not read all, I have read and enjoyed "Check out for Murder" which was #4 in this series.

Story starts with Carrie and Dylan engaged but Carrie is quite ready. She has gotten super involved with town council and the decisions with what is happening in Cover Ridge. 
Additional there is an interesting ghost related to Dylan and Carrie wants to find out who killed him.

Yes! Sometimes I am in the mood for a fun cozy story including a ghost ~ Fun cute story  

Want to thank NetGalley and Crooked Land Books for this eGalley. This file has been made available to me before publication in an early form for an honest professional review.  
Publishing Release Date scheduled for September 6, 2022.
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Dewey Decimated by Allison Brook was another home run in the Haunted Library series. I enjoyed Carrie's latest shenanigans, and Evelyn was as pleasant as usual.
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I’ve been wanting to check out cozy mysteries, and this was my first one! It was such a great introduction and a fun time! I initially picked this because I like the clever title and the cover. It did not let me down. I really enjoy books that don’t cause to much stress and strife. There is certainly a place for those kind of books, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. Dewey Decimated was what I was looking for and delivered.
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4.5 ⭐️ This quickly became one of my favorite stories to follow. I have not read a book by this author before, but I will definitely go back to book 1 and start this series. The characters were all easily likeable and also easy to dislike. I enjoyed the many turns and the mystique of whodunit. I was impressed that the author used the term girl Friday. In my opinion, the last two chapters could've been better written in the sense of catching the murderer. It felt out of place.
During the story development, the ghosts didn't help as much as I'd hoped they would and quite frankly, that left me disappointed.
Near the end, when Kevin is talking to the murderer, I felt that conversation could've been better dialogued. It was rushed, or at least it felt like that to me, and the truth wasn't really revealed. We didn't get to "hear" the truth from the murderer at all. I suppose that makes this author stand out. Other authors/books usually have the murderer experience a meltdown or panic attack or simply get caught in a lie.

Overall, it was a good read and I'm looking forward to diving in to more from this series 😀

On to the next book!
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Intelligent but the style bored me. Not my mind of cozy
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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This book has a few of my favorite things. 
Library ✔️
Cat ✔️
Murder ✔️
Cozy mysteries are one of my favorite types of books and this one does not disappoint.
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Carrie is at it again in this sixth book in the Haunted Library Mystery series. Just whose body was found in the basement of the building for the library remodel?   

Not only is Carrie newly engaged, but she is now a member of the town council, which keeps her busy. The town council has to decide the fate of a preserve—keep it the same, make it a park, or develop it. Carrie becomes involved in identifying the body in the basement when his ghost shows up in the library. Evelyn, the library ghost, helps out by keeping him occupied. Carrie tries to keep a low profile on her sleuthing due to an intrusive reporter, Julie Theron, who is determined to make John, the detective and Carrie's friend, look bad. The body turns out to be Carrie's fiancé's estranged uncle, Alec, whom he has not seen in years. We are left to wonder just why he came to town and ended up dead. When a more recent murder occurs, that of a town council member, Carrie  is up to her neck in it. Are the murders connected?  

I enjoy this series and feel that Carrie has a case of cold feet about marrying Dylan. What is with Evelyn not being helpful? On one hand, she acts like she wants to help and on the other hand she keeps secrets. Maybe she cannot help too much because of changing destiny and all that. 

The author did a great job in giving us many suspects for both murders and there are twists and turns aplenty. Cannot wait for the next book in this series and the eventual much-anticipated wedding of Carrie and Dylan. 

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I had a really difficult time getting into Dewey Decimated by Allison Brook. Perhaps it is because I haven't read Brook's previous novels, but I had a difficult time connecting with the characters or caring about the murder mystery. 
There were several other plot strands going on which caused the mystery to become buried beneath the main characters everyday life. When I read.a.cozy mystery I want to be drawn in by the mystery and have that be the focus and it wasnt in Decimated. Overal it was a very slow read that just wasn't for me.
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I loved this book. I had read the first book when it came out, but I guess the rest got lost in the shuffle of my Kindle. I will definitely be going back and reading the others in this series.  I love the relationship that Carrie and Evelyn, aka the library ghost, have developed, and helping other ghost to move on. When I read the book first book in the series I told my granddaughter about the library cat, Smokey Joe. She loved it, one because she loves cats, and two because I have called her Smokey Joe since she was tiny.  I can't wait to read about other adventures Carrie gets involved in and hopefully about an upcoming wedding for her and Dylan.
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Carrie Singleton has a rather dull new job as head of programs and events at the local library in Clover Ridge where she routinely and repeatedly "checks on ongoing programs" and frets about the 300-seat stadium auditorium in the new library addition. This frees her time to chat with Evelyn, the library ghost, who assists Carrie with comments and observations to fortify Carrie's amateur sleuthing to solve murders in the small town. Carrie also serves on the town council that allows her an additional source of inside information and influence among the four other council members who freely chat about upcoming votes outside of the meetings. When a new ghost, Charlie, AKA Alec, appears, Carrie is quick on the trail uncover why his body was found during the renovation for the addition. Author Allison Brook writes great library ghost stories, but in this novel, as young, contemporary Carrie is working to improve her professional image, she still comments on her "library pals and their menfolk" and a gal-Friday. This is the sixth Haunted Library cozy mystery.
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What a great cozy mystery!

Dewey Decimated finds Librarian Carrie Singleton sleuthing alongside Evelyn, the library ghost. First, a dead body is found in the basement of the building attached to the library, and it turns out to be Carrie’s fiancé’s Uncle Alec, who Dylan hasn’t seen in years. 
Meanwhile, the town council, of which Carrie is also a member, is embroiled in a hot-headed debate over the fate of the Seabrook Preserve, a lovely and valuable piece of property that runs along Long Island Sound. 
To make matters worse another murder happens. Who killed these two people and are they related? 

This is part of a series. I highly recommend you read all of the books!
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