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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. A good murder mystery novel. Highly recommend

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The Haunted Library series is always entertaining and this book doesn't disappoint. With the addition of another ghost, things get even crazier. This is a fun, enjoyable read!

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Dewey Decimated by Allison Brook takes us back to Clover Ridge, Connecticut. Carrie Singleton is happily engaged to Dylan, but she wants to know more about his family. Dylan circumvents the subject when Carrie brings it up. Renovations are beginning on the library expansion. Work comes to a halt when a skeleton is found hidden in a dark corner of the basement. The ghost of the deceased ends up in the library. He is confused and his memory is fuzzy. Carrie wanted to stay out of the investigation, but the ghost cannot move on until his killer is caught. Dewey Decimated is the sixth A Haunted Library Mystery. It can easily be read as a standalone if you are new to the series or if you have missed a book or two along the way. I found Dewey Decimated easy to read. The pacing, though, was on the slow side. It picks up in the latter half of the book. We follow Carrie as she goes about her day-to-day routine (big yawn). She goes to work with Smokey Joe, does her work, goes to lunch at the diner with best friend, dinner with her aunt and uncle, etc. It does get monotonous. Evelyn is back and she has a friend who needs help. I just love Evelyn. I am glad that we got to see more of her in this book. Her spirited friend causes some upheaval in the library as well as in the life of someone close to Carrie. The mystery involves a skeleton found wrapped in a blanket in the new library expansion as well as a current murder. The mysteries were straightforward. There are a couple of suspects in both cases along with some misdirection. I wish the solutions to both crimes had not been so obvious. Case details are repeated frequently throughout the story (I got it the first time; I do not need it repeated twelve times). Carrie does not begin investigating right away. She eventually begins sleuthing (what happened to the Carrie we met back in Death Overdue). A pushy reporter keeps nagging Carrie to team up with her to solve the case. I did not like how the reporter (Julie Theron) put down Lt. John Mathers. Both cases have a good wrap up at the end. Carrie is on the town council, and they are debating what to do with Seabrook Preserve. The preserve loses its sanctuary status in three months. There are three different proposals for the property. The debating is hot and heavy plus there is behind the scenes wheeling and dealing. The situation is discussed quite a bit throughout the story (which means a lot of repetition). The ending is sweet and hopeful. Dewey Decimated is a nice story (humdrum), but I felt it lacked some pizzazz. There needed to be more action and less about Carrie’s daily activities. Dewey Decimated is a chilly tale with a fall festival, a discovered skeleton, a cuddly cat, a spirit surprise, a preserve dispute, a shocking murder, and a nervy reporter.

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Librarian Carrie Singleton is back in the sixth book in the Haunted Library series and with the help of her favorite ghost Evelyn they are off to solve another murder. A body has been found in the basement of the building adjacent to the Clover Ridge library. The townspeople are taken aback that something like this could happen in their town. The body is believed to have been there for years so no one can find out the name of the victim. Things change quickly when her fiancé thinks that the body is that of his Uncle Alec. With the help of her ghost friend Carrie sets out to solve the murder and hopefully save her fiance.

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I really enjoyed this book, the storyline was interesting and the characters were entertaining! A well done cozy mystery, I will definitely be reading more in this series!!

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I found this to be quite an easy read, getting to know the characters fairly quickly despite not reading the others in the series. I do feel as though the interactions between characters weren’t genuine and this jarred me from enjoying the story as much as I could have.

If you are after a cosy mystery, it’s a decent read.

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This is book six in The Haunted Library Mysteries series and it was my favorite so far. I liked that library was more haunted this time around and that we finally learned more about Evelyn's purpose at the library. The mystery was complex enough to keep me guessing and definitely cozy. The only complaint I have is that Carrie still comes across as a bit annoying and little whiney. Overall it was a quick and easy read and an enjoyable way to spend a lazy fall day.

Thank you, Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Library employee and new town council member is trying to avoid getting involved in any more investigations, but then a body is found in the basement of the building the library is renovating. And the victim turns out to be the uncle of her fiance, Dylan. Who has a connection to the controversial project the town council is considering.

Libraries, cozy mysteries, small towns--this mystery has a lot of good elements. Extraneous details bog it down a little bit (I don't need to know what everyone eats, for example), but it still does the job. Cozy mysteries are meant to be cozy. #DeweyDecimated #NetGalley

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Princess Fuzzypants here: The basic premise of this series is fun. Librarian Carrie sees ghosts. Former librarian, and now ghost, Evelyn works with Carrie to solve murders with the aid of Library Cat, Smokey Joe. The only other live creature who knows Carrie’s secret is her fiance, investigator Dylan. But Dylan cannot see Evelyn. He can, however, see the newly arrived ghost who cannot recall who he is or how he died and was hidden in the basement of a derelict building. His body is found and it is a shock to all when his identity is discovered. He is Dylan’s long estranged uncle, Alec.

Evelyn informs Alec that he cannot move on until he finds out who killed him and who killed the builder who might have been involved in his demise. As bits and pieces fall into place, Carrie runs the risk of alienating her friend John, who is investigating both cases. A pushy reporter might drive a wedge between them. Carrie would ignore the reporter but she is good at digging up information.

Eventually the entire sordid story is revealed and the murders solved. Alec is able to make a reconnection with Dylan before he moves on. Peace is restored but you know with Evelyn orchestrating Carrie’s ghostly encounters, it won’t stay that way. It is an enjoyable series with just the right touch of whimsy and paranormal and a solid mysteries. Five purrs and two paws up.

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Carrie manages the special programs at the public library. In addition, only she and her young niece can see Evelyn, the resident ghost, a former librarian. She’s been caught up in a few murder investigations, but she’s done with that and focusing on newer, better programs for library patrons and her recent engagement to Dylan.

The library bought the building next door. It’d been empty for many years as three adult children owned it. Just when Carrie was finally getting used to all the construction noise, work shutdown. A body wrapped in a blanket was discovered in the basement. There’s no identification to be found, but authorities think the man died over five years ago.

The workmen broke a hole through the common wall between the abandoned building and the library, causing quite a mess. They didn’t know just how much of a mess because none of them could see the dead man’s ghost wander into the library. Unable to remember his name, why he was in town or in that building, or recognize anyone, he’s no help in finding out what happened. It turns out the dead man was Dylan’s uncle.
The body is not Carrie’s only concern. She was recently appointed to the city council. At her first meeting, she finds she could be the tie breaker vote about the future of the nature preserve.

A second murder victim is someone Carrie knows and she begins to think the death is tied to the body in the basement. Can she help find out what happened then and now before another life is lost, and would it be hers?

This is book six in the series. Carrie and Dylan have a good relationship. Her aunt and uncle are her support when needed, plus she has her cat, Smokey Joe, to keep her company at work and at home. Evelyn the ghost makes the perfect sounding board when Carrie wants to discuss a case, find out library history, or try to pry afterlife secrets from Evelyn. Allison Brook is the pen name of Marilyn Levinson, a prolific writer. Be sure to look for all their books—you won’t be disappointed!

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Another fun installment in the Haunted Library series. This was an interesting case for Carrie as it has several surprises along the way. A new ghost brings a different element to the story and the fact that Alec is related to Carrie's fiancé also made for an added layer to the mystery. This case definitely has several fun elements. I enjoyed this story and look forward to more of the series. A quick and easy read/listen.

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*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

Welcome back to Clover Ridge with Carrie and het ghostly friend Evelyn. The library is gearing up to add the house next door ad an addition to the library. This will give them the room they need while abiding to historical standards. What no one expected was the body they found in the basement of the long empty property. It also comes with a ghost who is determined to bother the library patrons. Learning it was Dylan's long lost family just makes things more urgent creating an enjoyable read as Carrie looks into things. Makes for a fabulously fun read that is sure to delight cozy fans. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.

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This is the first book by this author that I have read. It was quite different from my usual cozy mysteries. I enjoyed the storyline and the mystery with the ghosts. It kept you reading to see how things work out. An enjoyable read. I received this as an ARC from Netgalley and freely give my review.

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Dewey Decimated is the 6th book in the Haunted Library Mystery series. This is the third book I have read in this series and I was happy to dive in. Allison Brook incorporates some backstory, making this an ok standalone read. I was sold from the beginning, with its solid characters, great writing and a marvellous mystery that provided a good sprinkling of clues to satisfy any diligent armchair detective.

The author has drawn a lot of great characters in this fabulous cozy mystery. I particularly like librarian Carrie Singleton who works in the local haunted library building. The library is expanding into the neighbouring building and a body is found, the victim being her fiancé, Dylan's estranged Uncle Alec.

Set in a small Connecticut town - Clover Ridge - Carrie has a lot going on in this book including selecting a wedding date and nuptials planning and there is another dead person found. I enjoyed how Carrie handled the investigations and there were a number of suspects. Readers are left with a good ending to a belter of a story. I am looking forward to returning to Clover Ridge with Carrie on a future occasion to read the earlier books in the series! So puzzling and engaging, Dewey Decimated is definitely well worth the time invested.

This review was written voluntarily and my rating was in no way influenced by the fact that I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley.

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Alison Brooks continues to bring us an exciting, fun and a bit unusual type of cozy mystery with her latest installment of the Haunted library Mystery series, Dewey Decimated.

The library has obtained some new property, and while doing renovations, a body is found. Carrie is just off of a string of murder cases around town, and could really use a break. Those of us who have gotten to know her know that is the last thing she is going to do. The identity of the body is soon discovered, and a new ghost takes up residence. This one hits close to home for Carrie is bound and determined to find out what happened to the mystery surrounding this man that happened years ago.

I have not read every book in the series, but I do love that I can jump in at any point and know what’s going on. Carrie is an amazing sleuth, even if she has no formal training. I love the paranormal aspect of this series and the fact that, not our normal characters got to first-hand experience a touch of the paranormal as well. Allison Brooks is an amazing author and I love that she keeps the series fresh, interesting and makes you want to read more adventures of Carrie and her ghostly friends.

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Librarian Carrie Singleton is excited about the library’s expansion into the neighboring building. But then a body is found in the building and after the workers accidentally put a hole in the connecting wall a ghost, with amnesia, comes crashing through the hole and into the library. Carrie and Evelyn, the library’s resident ghost, promise to help the ghost find out who he is and who killed him but things start to get complicated when it turns out the dead man is Carrie’s fiancee’s uncle and that he seems to have been the victim of a scam involving several important and prominent local citizens. Add in an over zealous TV reporter, a second murder, constructions delays and a contentious issue facing the city council, of which Carrie is the newest member, and Carrie has her hands full with time running out.
This is a typical “cozy mystery” with no gore, really likeable characters and a pleasant small town setting. Carrie is engaged but a bit hesitant to actually plan the wedding due to her parents dysfunctional marriage. She puts clues together to get to the truth but there are no particularly unrealistic actions on her part while getting to the solution. The characters actual show believable growth from book to book. This is a thoroughly delightful series and I can’t wait for the next one. Recommended

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This book is very easy to read. I am glad she shared her ghost seeing ability with other people. Waiting to see how that effects future stories.

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You've had a guest that wouldn't leave? How about a ghost who won't "crossover"? Librarian, Carrie Singleton, Evelyn (the library's resident ghost) and Smokey Joe (the library cat) have their work cut out for them in trying to figure out what's keeping the unwelcome guest stuck in the library. Problem is, if they find out what's going on, they may be stuck in the same situation - forever!

Carrie is one of my favorite cozy characters. Readers have grown with her over the years from a young rebel to a savvy and professional librarian and city council member and now a bride-to-be! I love the mystery surrounding Dylan's Uncle Alex and it was fun to see more of Evelyn. Just as much as the entertaining mystery, the author has woven a story of a character's personal growth which makes Carrie "come alive" on the pages and someone we can relate to - though I've never seen a ghost...yet!

If you're a long-time reader of the series, you'll love this book and if you're a first time reader, I'd encourage you to start at the first book and settle in for a mysterious reading adventure!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the opinions expressed in review are my own.

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I want to thank Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Dewey Decimated. All opinions presented here are solely mine.

Generally, if you read a cozy mystery out of order, you're not really missing anything. You may have missed a few details, but there are enough context clues to help you get caught up. But with this book, that isn't the case. I will admit, it is my fault that I decided to read this book without having read the previous five books.

Overall, the story was enjoyable, besides the backstory I didn't have. The characters are well written, and the setting is easy to picture while reading.

So why only 3-stars? Because it just didn't wow me. Your experience may be different.

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Dewey Decimated is the 6th book in The Haunted Library Series and further supports why this is one of the best cozy series out there!

Carrie Singleton tackles yet another murder, this time the victim being fiance Dylan's estranged Uncle Alec. Alec is found in the dilapidated old building currently being remodeled as an addition for the library. On top of all of this new town council member Carrie is caught in the midst of a debate over what should happen to the local wildlife preserve, if anything, and unfortunately, one of the council members is murdered just after the vote is taken on what to do with the highly desired property. Of course Carrie feels compelled to help solve Alec's murder and when the second murder happens, she begins to wonder if they are connected in some way. Carrie has a lot going on in this book - choosing a wedding date, the new addition to the library, and her new role on the town council. But even in the midst of her hectic life, she uncovers clues to the murder of Uncle Alec, allowing him to 'move on' from the dilapidated old building in which he was murdered, as well as the mystery surrounding her fellow council members.

It is always pleasurable spending time in Clover Ridge with Carrie, Dylan, Carrie's family, library ghost Evelyn, the library staff and of course library cat Smokey Joe.

When you pick up a book in this series you can count on learning more about Carrie, Dylan, Evelyn, and life in Clover Ridge, experiencing a complex and puzzling mystery to solve, and having aha moments as the story twists and bends in many ways finally revealing who committed the crime. Dewey Decimated is a particularly clever mystery as it at first appears that the two murders could in no way be connected. Ms. Brook carefully and masterfully reveals the unexpected connections, weaving the different story lines into a satisfactory ending.

One must make sure there is plenty of time to read when you sit down with this book, as you will want to read it in one setting, it pulls you in from the start! I highly recommend Dewey Decimated, and the entire series, and will impatiently await book 7! Thank you Ms. Brook for an entertaining, well written, puzzling mystery!

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