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Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Dewey Decimated is the newest entry in the Haunted Library series. This time, there is a new ghost in the library, and Carrie investigates, despite the fact that she did not initially intend to do so. She also has her hands full with the city council and a journalist who does not respect her intention not to investigate. The storyline was interesting, especially considering the fact that the new ghost was Dylan's uncle. There are many things going on with the city council as well, and both aspects of the mystery seem to be linked.

This series is getting better with each book. Even though it can be read as a standalone, it is best enjoyed if read in sequence. Highly recommended!

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Thank you to @netgalley and @crookedlanebooks for the ARC of Dewey Decimated, book 6 in the Haunted Library mystery series by Allison Brook (pen name for Marilyn Levinson).

It was great to return to Clover Ridge and spend time with Librarian Carrie, her cat Smoky Joe and the rest of her close knit community including librae ghost Evelyn.

A solid entry into a great library cozy mystery series and I thought I had the mystery solved only to be surprised! I’m always sorry when these books end.

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Dewey Decimated is #6 in the Haunted Library series, and a great addition it is too.

We have all the usual characters, plus an extra library Ghost who creates a bit of a mystery and a rather cold feel in the library.  And we learn a tad more about Evelyn the usual library ghost.

Carrie is busy with the library and her work on the local council. She finds herself up against a cold case and then one that just happens. Are the two linked in some way? As well at the library there are renovations going on that will see the library enlarged.

Like a thorn in Carrie's  side - Julie a local reporter seems to think that she and Carrie can form a team of sleuths. I wondered what eventually would become of Julie. I thought it was likely she could find herself murdered!

I really enjoyed the read, so easy to pick up, sink into and enjoy. Already looking forward to #7 and seeing does Carrie grow any closer to marrying Dylan.  By the way I didn't read the blurb and pleased I didn't because it gives away too much about the book.

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This is the sixth book of the Haunted Library Mysteries series by Allison Brook. I picked it up because it sounds like a fun series; and because the title said Dewey (which made me think of library) and Decimated (which made me think of murder). So - a murder mystery set in a library. Sounds like good reading to me. I haven't read any other books in this series.

Well, the body wasn't found in the library, but was in the basement of the building attached to the library. Carrie Singleton is the librarian for the spooky library set in Clover Ridge, Connecticut. Apparently, she has been involved in some other murder cases in previous books. This time the victiim is her fiance's Uncle Alec. Dylan hadn't seen his uncle in years. The library ghost, Evelyn, informs that Alec can't move on until his murder is solved. Now the library has a second ghost!

An enjoyable, ghostly cozy mystery. The library has a cool cat called Smoky Joe. Ghosts in a library is a fun theme. There are some interesting turns in the investigation. The characters were likeable, as was the town, and the plot was fun. Very cute cover too.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books through Netgalley for an advance copy. This book will be published on September 6, 2022.

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Another good addition to this series. Carrie is surprised to find another ghost in the library...and of course that means that a body is sure not to be far behind. So begins another interesting mystery filled with misdirects, growth in characters and relationships and a great cat, Smokey Joe.

It is interesting to see Carrie really settling into the town. In fact, in this book she becomes involved in local politics when she takes over someone's seat on the Town Council. Of course, that leads to complications galore. Particularly when it comes to figuring out what to do with a prime piece of real estate on Long Island Sound. Some want to keep it a nature preserve, others want it to become a park and some want to sell it to developers. It adds depth and realism to the story. The major thing that I think is missing in this is the environmental report. They would have to have one done. It just seems like to me that it is glaring that it is missing in the story.

Anyways, I enjoyed it as I have all the others in the series. There are some great characters and growth which you don't always see in cozies.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an ARC in return for an honest opinion.

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I really enjoyed that. All the clues kept me guessing and since I kept wanting to follow the trails of the shiny red herrings, most of the big reveal came as a genuine surprise to me when we got to that point. I love the growth we’ve seen in Carrie. She’s a stronger, more mature woman than who we were first introduced to. I particularly like seeing that even though she’s become more willing to stand up for what she believes in, she’s also more cautious with her personal safety. It’s been fun watching the evolution of her relationships, too. All of these things together mean that I’m very excited to see where the author is going to take Carrie next.
I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book through NetGalley.

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With Dewey Decimated, the 6th and newest novel in The Haunted Library Mysteries, Allison Brook brings us another book that I fell into and wandered through enjoying every minute visiting old friends and keeping up with their lives. I have come to care more and more for Carrie with each book I read. She is a strong, intelligent woman who has both strength and weaknesses that I can relate to. I love her friends, her relatives, her job, her cat and her friend's dog. Ok, maybe the dog comes first. Other than a ghost or two and the number of murders that occur in her small town, the day-to-day life feels real, that is several steps above realistic. Even Evelyn feels real except for her tendency to disappear just when we want answers to an important question. I enjoy everything about the book including the mystery, if not the murders. I am more than ready to dive into Carrie's next adventure and to see the progress she and Dylan have made and to see what trouble she can get into as her heart leads her to once again investigate a murder because she cares.
My thanks to NetGalley, Crooked Lane, and Allison Brook for the wonderful time I have reading an ARC of Dewey Decimated. I will enjoy sharing my adventure with friends and followers.
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I loved this little cozy mystery! I don’t read many so I’m not an expert but I thought the combo of librarian, library cat, and library ghost was a winner…the mystery was satisfying, the writing was terrific and I only wish I had started from the beginning of this series so I understood some of the back references but it’s a great reason to check them out. So happy to have been introduced to a new author, thank you!

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I thought it was pretty awesome that the library acquired another ghost when a body was found during renovation of the building next door the library bought for expansion. It was especially cool that the ghost turned out to be Dylan's Uncle Alec, an uncle he'd idolized as a kid but drew distant from as an adult. Anyone following this series knows that Dylan was told about Evelyn already, but was he ready to hear about his own uncle being a ghost? You might wanna read and find out! Evelyn's job was to herd this ghost and keep track of him, but he was pretty depressed. Was he a temporary visitor or what?

Poor Alec was stuck there until Carrie could solve this. As always she was torn in every direction especially with the pesky reporter who wanted to go full-out Sherlock Holmes with Carrie as her sidekick. Carrie handled everything the best she could and I was proud of her for not letting that reporter walk all over her at one point.

The showdown brought on by the reporter was a good one and I gotta say the woman had guts to do what she did. Carrie did help too but wanted no part of the recognition. I hadn't for sure suspected this person due to so many great red herrings.

The ending was so cute when Steve and Angie got their puppy which sort of helped nudge Carrie in the right direction to talk with Dylan about their own future (which I was happy to hear might include a couple dogs! Smokey Joe's a cool cat, he'll adjust great I'm sure!). I feel like she was much more peaceful in her mind and felt ready to move toward setting a wedding date soon.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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This is the sixth book in the Haunted Library series. It is set in a small village in Connecticut called Clover Ridge. Carrie Singleton is our amateur detective and is a local librarian. Besides being a good investigator because she is a librarian, Carrie also has lot of local knowledge due to the resident ghost of the library, Evelyn.

At the beginning of the book, Carrie’s library is at the beginning of expanding. A long dead body is found in the basement of the next door building. Carrie strongly believes in turning over all information to the local authorities when she discovers something of importance. Unfortunately, she is hounded by a local news reporter who does not have the same ethics! The suspects abound in this one. All of them seem to be plausible. I am giving this book a good solid 4 star rating.

Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane books for the free Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is my first book by this author, but I have actually had the first book in this series on my TBR for awhile!

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I’ve always loved the concept of the library ghost sticking around and communicating with Carrie but one of my favorite things about this series was Carrie’s wanderlust and how she didn’t want to put down roots, always wanting to see something else. Now, she’s deeply entrenched in this town and it’s like she never goes anywhere. It’s even in the writing – she goes to the same restaurant everyday for lunch at the same time with the same person, she goes into work and checks on her programs before sending emails – it’s gotten monotonous and so unlike the original Carrie that I found so fascinating. Other than that, the mystery was interesting and keep me invested. I just can’t help but wish for a little more excitement.

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I think this series is becoming very entertaining again and I liked this new instalment.
It's well plotted, entertaining and I was glad to catch up with the characters. The mystery is solid and kept me guessing.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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I’ve been reading the Haunted Library series since the beginning. I like Carrie and her library pals and Dylan, her fiancé. It took me a bit to get into Dewey Decimated. I was glad the library is getting an addition, but the contention surrounding the project wasn’t great.
Adding a second ghost to the mix was an interesting play by the author. It certainly brought more people into the picture regarding the ghosts - Dylan, Angela and it turns out Steve, Angela’s husband.
The investigative reporter, Julie Theron, was irritating but moved the story forward in interesting ways.
Overall, I liked this installment better than the last book with Angela’s wedding. I feel satisfied by how the author tied up the loose ends and pushed Carrie and Dylan’s relationship forward. I just wasn’t wowed by this story.
This is a series it is likely best to read in order because there are so many pieces of the story that are connected from book to book.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an electronic ARC.

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Carrie is hard at work at the library when a body in found in the addition to the library. When the body is finally identified as her fiancé’s uncle and said uncle is residing as a ghost in the library, Carrie has a tough job in front of her. This is a great addition to the Haunted Library Mystery series. It’s always fun to visit these characters again.

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This is the sixth in The Haunted Library Mysteries series and the fourth that I’ve read. Carrie Singleton is in charge of events at the town library and she is known for helping solve mysteries. As an added bonus there is a ghost of a librarian who was killed in the library that Carrie can see and talk too. Surprisingly the ghost often knows of old town connections or interactions but she doesn’t bring anything supernatural to helping solve the cases.

In this outing the library is expanding into a historic building next door. During the construction a dead body is found. It turns out to be an uncle of Carrie fiancé Dylan. Dylan hasn’t seen him since he was a child and the man had a falling out with the family years before. Carrie is also now on the town council and has to help decide what happens to a nature preserve that may be up for development. When the contractor for the expansion who is also a member of the town council ends up dead there is a possibility the murders are related.

These are gentle cozy mysteries with good characters. The mysteries can be read as stand alone books but if you’re following the relationship developments and friendships it is better to read them in order. This outing seemed to have Carrie out asking questions a bit more. Usually she is someone who many people confide in and she pieces parts together.

The book is clean for language, sex and very limited violence. Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. (3.5 books)

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The library expansion project has just begun when it comes to a halt. In the basement hidden under a shelf the worker finds a body. Librarian, Carrie Singleton, tries to stay out of the investigation this time. But when she is visited by the ghost of the dead man she has to help find out who he is and what happened to him.

I really like this series. This is book number six, however, each book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. The characters are interesting and likable. The mystery is well-plotted with plenty of twists and turns. Enjoyable cozy mystery with a touch of paranormal and romance.

All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I have not been by anyone.

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When a body was found in the basement of the building next door to Clover Ridge's library - the building being renovated as a new addition - the people of the town were shocked. It appeared the body had been there for a number of years, and the police were having trouble with identification. But it wasn't long before librarian Carrie Singleton's fiance, Dylan, discovered the body was that of his Uncle Alec, although Dylan had lost touch with him years prior.

But with Alec's ghost taking residence in the library, alongside long time resident, the ghostly Evelyn, and Carrie the only one who could see them (aside from Carrie's niece Tacey), Carrie knew the mystery of who'd murdered Alec would set him free. And when it turned out that Dylan could both see and hear his uncle (but not Evelyn), he was shocked but also grateful for the chance to find out about the past.

Carrie was a new member to the local council and when one of the long time members was murdered, Carrie decided enough was enough. She needed to have these crimes solved so firstly, Alec could leave, and secondly, so they could get on with their lives. But was she putting herself at risk in taking over from the police?

Dewey Decimated is #6 in the Haunted Library Mysteries by Allison Brook and it was lots of fun as usual. Smokey Joe, the library cat, owned by Carrie, is a real character in himself, and Evelyn is a snarky, but knowledgeable ghost! I'm really enjoying this series and look forward to the next, hopefully not too far away. Recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for my honest review.

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The “A Haunted Library Mystery” series improves with each additional book. In Dewey Decimated, Carrie may need to fear for her life after several murders keep leading back to the city council, of which she is a part. But when the body of her fiancé’s uncle Alec is discovered in the building next to the library during construction, the evidence suggests that the deaths have less to do with the city council and more to do with the past.

Family and history play a big part in this story. Finding the body of uncle Alec allows Carrie to get involved in the investigation into his death and the next victim's demise. The construction is giving everyone at the library a headache and might have something to do with underhanded business practices and the killings. Plenty of red herrings and twists help readers discover the murderer of the uncle and take them on a few hours of enthusiastic daydreaming. There is a good amount of action and no end to the suspect list. When the killer is unmasked, readers will be relieved and possibly surprised.

This story will have readers contemplating their distant relatives and how they may have played a part in shaping their families' past and future. Uncle Alec is an anxious ghost with memory problems that leaves Evelyn jumping through hoops. The construction on the building next door, once complete, will give the library even more room for everything, which will help this series continue to flourish. Dewey Decimated has a group of fun characters, romance, intrigue, and the always delightful Smoky Joe. It introduces us to uncle Alec who, by the end of the story, you have come to really like. And then there are the politics of life within a community where nothing is secret for long, and everyone knows your business to deal with. This story could be ripped from headlines in any small-town newspaper with the added element of the paranormal. And the best part for me is we finally find out why Evelyn, who has been dead for quite some time, is still hanging around! This book will captivate readers from start to finish.

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This series has everything I enjoy in a cozy. A library set in a small town, a great female amateur sleuth, a cat, a bit of romance and a ghost. Carrie is the Program Director for the local (haunted) library. She is now also a member of the town council. Add to that she is good at solving murders. This time the new ghost is that of her fiance, Dylan's uncle. His body is found in the building next door when construction begins in order to expand the library. His name is Alec and he hasn't a clue as to the reason he's ghostly and in the library. Solving his murder is one thing but when another murder occurs, Carrie really has a full plate.
Doing her job and dealing with a ghost is one thing but now she has to try and avoid a pest of a reporter who wants a big scoop and sees Carrie as her means to that end. It's a lot to juggle but, after five books, the reader has full confidence that Carrie, with the help of Evelyn (the library ghost) and various other recurring characters, will find all of the answers. The puzzle and the solution make for an enjoyable reading escape and there is a spot on my TBR list for more books in the series.
My thanks to the publisher Crooked Lane and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Carrie finds herself in conversation with another ghost at the library. This time it's a man who was murdered in the building next door to the library, which is being renovated to be an addition to the library. In order for him to leave his murder needs to be solved. Carrie begins to figure it out with help from a nosy reporter. A good read, an interesting plot and resolution that ends we!!. Love this series and this is another great read!

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