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This was a fun cozy mystery! I haven't read any of the previous books in the series and I didn't feel lost, but I think I might go back and do that, to get a little bit more of the backstory between Dylan and Carrie, and her colleagues, and the ghost of the library.

I quite enjoyed the flow of the story and how the mystery of the body in the building adjoining the library progressed, how he was connected to the characters, and how everything was resolved. Quick and really enjoyable! Mystery, intrigue, a little romance, and it kept me guessing the entire way. She really got me with this one - I didn't guess who-dunnit until just before the big reveal (and I'm usually a lot quicker on the draw with clues given by other authors)! Very, very well done.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great cozy mystery, especially one that keeps you guessing the whole way through!

I received an advance review copy from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books and this is my honest feedback - thank you!
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I received an advanced copy via NetGalley.

<i>Dewey Decimated</i> is the 6th book in the Haunted Library Mysteries, set in modern Clover Ridge, Connecticut. Carrie is a librarian and town council member, and she can also see ghosts--and has a reputation for solving murders as well. I hadn't read any previous books in the series, but I had no problems getting into the groove. The premise of the book seems straightforward at first: the library has acquired the long-abandoned building next door to expand their space. A man's body is found on the premises, dead for many years--and his bewildered ghost begins haunting the library. Things become more convoluted as the dead man is identified as the uncle of Carrie's fiancée. A local reporter puts heavy pressure on Carrie to get back to her amateur-sleuthing ways, and she can only resist the urge for so long...

The setting here is incredibly fun, and I loved how the mundane library work was paced into the plot. Carrie is a great character, realistic and compassionate, and her romance with Dylan is quite sweet. The pacing of the mystery, though, didn't work for me in major ways. The ghost that the action centers around has amnesia, and only remembers things in perfect timing with the rest of the plot. It annoyed me in how it felt so contrived. I'd been excited to see how ghosts would be used in the plot and it was a big disappointment to find them integrated in such a clunky way. So many other aspects, like the local political drama and the ambitious local reporter, worked well, too.
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<em>Dewey Decimated</em> is the sixth in the series of the Haunted Library series and it’s another trip to the small town library with the big town budget. Clover Ridge Library has acquisitioned the building next door and hired a contractor to refurbish the building for the library’s needs. Carrie Singleton has her heart set on a room with stadium seating for 320 people for her events. 

The builders are off to a bad start when they find a corpse in the basement. This does not stall the work much as the police come to collect the corpse soon enough. Next thing, the builders (I really should use air quotes with that) break through an ajoining wall, unscheduled and in the wrong place.

The builders put up some tarp and clear up the rubble and continue their work. What? No! The construction work should be shut down until a proper investigation into the incident is done: how did this happen? Is it likely to happen again? And was the structural integrity of the building damaged? (i.e. is it still safe for patrons to use the library?) Breaking through a wall unscheduled is not a “oopsy”  event and should not be misnomered a “mishap”.

This is not my only eye-rolling moment at how local government in Clover Ridge works. I’m not sure how Carrie got on the local counsel (it seems she was asked rather than elected, but I guess that’s properly explained in a previous book), but it seems the counsel holds meetings all over the place and never ever is there someone present to take minutes. Then how are the citizens of Clover Ridge to check that their local counsel is working in the best interest of the town? 

Such technicalities do detract from the main mystery. 

Because there is a main mystery. It turns out the corpse is the body of Carrie’s fiancé Dylan’s uncle. An uncle he hasn’t seen in at least eight or ten years. An uncle who’s ghost is now also hanging out at the library. While Carrie is determined to let the police handle it, another ghost at the library, a reporter that’s harassing her and finally the murder of fellow counsel member and contractor for the library, pull Carrie in to find out the truth.

I never really got into this story. The technicalities bothered me. I didn’t really care about either dead man and who had killed them. I didn’t care much about Carrie either. 

And can Carrie please put up a visitor’s chair in her office so people can have a seat without her assistent vacating the room?
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The Haunted Library mysteries are charming cozies with likeable characters that you enjoy spending time with.

Librarian Carrie Singleton moved back to Clover Ridge Connecticut where her great aunt and uncle live.  After an iffy start as a Goth girl going through a rough patch, she's settled in the town and loves her job as head of programs, family and the man in her life.  In the past year, she has a new job, a fiancée and a spot on the town council.  And of course, a number of murders to solve (this is the sixth book in the series) with the help of Evelyn, the library's resident ghost who is only seen and heard by Carrie and her young cousin.

The library is renovating a building next door to the library for a much-needed addition.  And on the first day of construction a body is found in the old building.  It appears the body had been there for five to eight years, and Carrie is intent on not getting involved in this mystery.

Unfortunately, the ghost of the murdered man wanders into the library when a common wall is broken down.  He doesn't remember his name or how we came to be in the building.  So, Carrie decides to help him by doing some sleuthing.  And then she discovers he has a connection to someone dear to her.

The ghost's memory comes back in dribs and drabs and Carrie discovers why the ghost was in town and wha happened to him.  But there is a second murder that also needs to be solved before the ghost can move on.

A well plotted mystery that I would recommend.   Not sure why the issue of the Seabrook Preserve was featured as it didn't add much to the mystery.

I received an ARC from the publisher but the opinion expressed is my own.
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Another haunted library installment, and the bodies are piling up. Some new, one that has been there for years, and with a close personal connection to Carrie. 

Pro- a lot of what makes the series great, we find out more about Evelyn. 

Con- drags a bit, still makes fun of Carrie being a “former goth girl”- this really bothers me I don’t know why she can’t just be herself. One scene even has her putting on all beige which screams boring old woman. Not enough smoky joe.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to Halloween in the book because planning for it was mentioned a lot. 

I am still interested in the series but I do wish Carrie would be more herself and less fitting in to what everyone else wants her to be.
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*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I read the previous book as an ARC and still have not found the time to read the first four books, but when I saw I might be able to read this one as an ARC, I jumped at it and was allowed to read the book! 

I am starting to like paranormal cozies more and more and what is great about this one is that you ease into it. There is a friendly resident ghost called Evelyn and Carrie is the only one (next to her niece) who can see Evelyn. Together they solve the cases, but Evelyn is not a huge part, but more one who hands tips and ideas. I really love it. In this installment the library finally gets an extension. The work is going quite well until a body is found hidden away in the basement of the extra space.

Even more surprising is that Carrie now sees a second ghost in the library, the ghost of the person whose body was found. There are many, many questions and even more when the identity of the ghost has been discovered. When a second murder happens, Carrie, with some help of local reporter Julie Theron, goes to find answers and solve the case.

Even though the book started a little slow, when the body was found it picked up and I had a hard time putting it down! I had no idea who did it and why until it was revealed. I really need to read the first 4 books as this series is really, really good!!
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Fun and catchy storyline. The main character Carrie is known as the woman who can solve murder. She has help from a special friend. 
In the most recent death they need to find the identity of this unknown body they found in the building next door to the library. Many questions surround this puzzle of who is he, who killed him, and why?
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I wish to thank NetGalley and Crooked Lane Publishing for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book.  I have voluntarily read and reviewed it.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is a really delightful murder mystery set in a small Connecticut town’s library.  Carrie, the librarian, has an adorable cat that has become the library cat and is one of the characters in the book.  Carrie is able to see and communicate with two ghosts who befriend her.  A body is discovered in the adjoining property that is being renovated as part of the library. The police are trying to discover who the victim was and the details about the case.  Carrie is a sleuth herself and she get involved in trying to solve the mystery.  I did not realize that this is the sixth book in the series until after I read it.  But the fact that I had not read the others did not impact my enjoyment.  I will go back and read some or all of the others.   

I think the author did a great job of making all the town citizens suspect until the case narrowed down.   There is action, fun and romance throughout the book.  The story is not a deep one but one that is very entertaining for all age groups.  I think anyone will enjoy this story
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I have read this Haunted Library cozy mystery series from the beginning and I usually enjoy them, but this one felt flat to me.  This is book 6 and most readers will probably not want to pick up this one if they have not read the others.  I struggled to finish it and hope it won’t mark the demise of the series.  It just felt simplistic with a plot revolving around Carrie joining the town council and voting on what to do with some land. There is also a not very likable ghost whose demise needs to be solved.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC.
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Obligatory I have not read any other of the books in this series, and this is the sixth one in the Haunted Library series. This book is very spooky! There’s ghosts! There’s a complicated web of interpersonal politics! There’s an appropriately slow start! There’s a resident ghost! There’s a cat named Smoky Joe! There’s A MURDER (which results in a ghost, obviously). There’s a cop and his name is John and the entire Clover Ridge Police Department is involved, and there’s an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER who wants to TAKE DOWN the police department because they’re INCOMPETENT. And she’s RIGHT. We stan Julie in this house. Honestly, the quote on the front of the book is “all my favorite cozy things’”, and this book does deliver (library? cat? murder? perfect), but I wish there was less Police Drama and also I wish there were more dessert-based descriptions. Or some recipes! Four stars. You’ll probably like it. Bookshop link here.
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Do you enjoy fun mysteries that are set in a haunted library? If so, you might check out the latest installment of the Haunted Library Mystery series by Allison Brook. In Dewey Decimated, the town’s public library is expanding.  Unfortunately, while tearing down a building next to the library, a body is discovered! The individual is Alec who happens to be Dylan’s uncle. Dylan is Carrie’s fiance. Carrie (who is a librarian and has solved several mysteries) along with resident library ghost, Evelyn try to figure out who murdered Alec.  In the meantime, Alec in the form of a ghost is disturbing the patrons in the library.  In addition, Carrie has just recently started serving on the town council.  Unfortunately, the council members are having heated debates over what to do about the Seabrook Preserve and then one of the council members is murdered.  Now there are two murders to solve!

Dewey Decimated is another fun installment in the Haunted Library Mystery series.  Readers will enjoy reading about Alec and his antics along with Carrie and how she is going to solve not one but two murder mysteries.
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I got this book without knowing that this is the sixth book. Some parts like the library ghost was hard to fully understand but most of the other parts totally contributed to the cozy mystery. Loved it and i am going to go to the first book
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A cozy, light, murder mystery.

The plot centers on the discovery of the body of an unknown man, which may or may not are related to a later murder. Carrie is, for her, rather uninvolved in the investigation, her days being full of library business and her slowly dawning realization that husband-to-be Dylan and she still have things to learn about each other. Such as who he is related to. There are also several side stories, ranging from Angela's search for the "perfect dog" to the dimensions of the proposed auditorium to be built in the added building. It was interesting to see how Carrie, a new member of /Clover Ridge, Connecticut, cautiously but effectively worked her way into the city board and all the decisions it is ultimately responsible for making. She even deals with a pesty, ambitious reporter in the process.

The sub-plots and other characters add to the beautiful canvas that Brook wants to portray of a cozy town with its many local dramas. Overall after a bit of a slow start I found this book very enjoyable
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Dewey Decimated by Allison Brook is the sixth mystery in the Haunted Library Mystery series. In this mystery, when a long dead body is discovered in the building next to the library when the library expansion is starting, Carrie Singleton finds herself on the case to find out who the missing person is and who murdered them.

I have been reading this series from the beginning and was very glad to see that a new mystery was coming out. I was not disappointed with this new mystery, which fit into the series perfectly. I really enjoy following Carrie as she uncovers the clues that lead to solving the mystery. The addition of Evelyn the library ghost is always a welcome one that makes me love this series even more. Overall this was a good read and I would recommend it to cozy mystery lovers.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this mystery!
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Carrie Singleton is just off a hot string of murder cases centered around the spooky local library in Clover Ridge, Connecticut. She could really use a break—but no such luck, as she; Smoky Joe, the resident cat; and Evelyn, the library’s ghost, is drawn into another tantalizing whodunit.

First, a dead body is found in the basement of the building attached to the library, and it turns out to be Carrie’s fiancé’s Uncle Alec, who Dylan hasn’t seen in years. But Alec has no intention of truly checking out, and his ghost makes itself at home in the library, greatly upsetting the patrons. Carrie and Evelyn work hard to keep Alec out of sight, but what was he doing in Clover Ridge, to begin with? And why was he killed?
With this installment of this series, we find Carrie doing the same old same old. She is wrapped up in solving this crime and it again hits close to home with it being her fiancée's Uncle it's funny but Dylan is able to see and communicate with his uncle and help set him at ease. The turns this book took were crazy I have to say I never knew who the killer was I thought it was not right and I was shocked when I found out.
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Carrie Singleton is excited that the work on the addition to the library is finally getting started but a snag arises on the first day - a body has been discovered in the basement of the old building being renovated and upon its discovery a new ghost appears in the library.  Problem - the ghost has no memory of who he is, how he died, and when.  The mystery ghost is identified by a pain in the ass reporter and it turns out to be Carrie's fiancé's uncle.  At the same time as the ghost is taking up residence at the library, Carrie begins her time on the town council and is caught in the middle of a decision regarding some land development.  When one of the council members turns up dead after the crucial vote, Carrie wonders if the two murders are somehow related.

I really enjoyed the mystery, the ghostly interactions, and the character development of Dylan, Carrie's fiancé.
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Dewey Decimated, the sixth book in the Haunted Library Mysteries, by Allison Brook sees a newly engaged Carrie Singleton grabbing her new role as a member of the local Town Council with both hands and delving into all the ins and outs of public representation while still performing her job as Program and Events Director for the library.  Her resolve to avoid investigating any more mysteries is challenged when a body is discovered in the building that has been recently purchased by the library to facilitate a long awaited expansion.  When the contractor accidently breaks through a common wall, the ghost of the deceased is able to enter the library where Evelyn steps in to help determine why he is still trapped in the earthly realm.  Soon it is discovered that the body is that of Dylan's estranged uncle thereby dragging Allison, Dylan and Evelyn into the investigation of both his death and the subsequent death of the owner of the construction company doing the work on the addition.

Throughout this series, the author has developed believable, sympathetic characters for both the victims and the perpetrators and does done a wonderful job of continuity from book to book.  These six books cover a one year time period in the life of Allison and her friends and neighbors.  She has gone from being a temporary employee living with family to permanent employee status living on her own to becoming involved in the town political scene and engaged to be married to her neighbor/former landlord/childhood friend of her brother.  Along the way, the author has taken great care to include all the typical growing pains as a young woman moves from a solitary life to one that includes many family members, friends and acquaintances that make up everyday life in a small community.

I look forward to more installments in this series as Allison and Dylan and their relationship continue to grow and move toward becoming a family with all the trials and tribulation that entails along with several more mysteries thrown in for good measure.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books and am leaving this review voluntarily.
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For light summertime reading this book has everything, ghosts, books, romance,murder, civic duty, animals and a very likable heroine. The solution to the murder involves the suspicion of almost every citizen of a small town.
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I absolutely love cozy mysteries and "Dewey Decimated" was a wonderful addition to the genre. Great read!
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OK.  I confess.  I didn't read the fine print.  I really loved the cover of this book.  So, I decided to review it.  I should have read the description of the book.  I missed that it was the sixth book in the Haunted Library series.  And, of course, I hadn't read any of the previous five books.

So, when I got to the part about the main character, Carrie Singleton, talking to the "library ghost", I thought, "What the heck?"  Most books that are written as part of a series give the reader a bit of an overview of the characters for the reader who jumps into the series.  Author, Allison Brook, just dove right in.  

But once I got my sea legs, I settled in for a really delightful book.  Carrie works at the local library.  They are renovating a nearby facility to enlarge the library when they encounter a body that has been there for awhile.  When the ghost of the dead man joins Carrie's regular library ghost, she finds out that the victim is the uncle of her fiancee.  

Utilizing her detective skills and the cast of odd and humorous "irregulars", Carrie solves the mystery.  Make sure you know what you are getting with this series.  But then, enjoy it.
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