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Usually I enjoy this mystery series, but this one was way off the mark. Carrie is appointed to the town council and finds herself voting on what to do with some land. One council member wants to develop high end condos so he can invest and live in them, another one wants to develop a park so her nephew can be the architect. This sounds rather like a conflict of interest and then one of the other members is murdered after the vote to leave the land as a nature preserve. Not the best in the series.
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I enjoyed continuing Carrie's story and enjoyed meeting more of the town's people as it went along. 

Adding a second ghost to Carrie's acquaintance made the story interesting, although I wish there'd been some explanation as to why another character could see the new ghost, but not Evelyn. In earlier books, we'd been led to believe that seeing them or not was a gift more than anything. So, this one flaw did draw me out of the story a bit trying to figure out an explanation for it, as did one other detail that I won't mention to avoid spoiling things for others.

Overall, though, I enjoyed (most) of the new characters and seeing how Carrie and Dylan's story continued to progress. 

Another great story in this series from Allison Brook and Crooked Lane Books. I thank them both and NetGalley for a review copy and look forward to reading subsequent books in the series.
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This has been a nice cozy read on a snowy day for me. (I'm sure it will be equally enjoyable for a beach read.) It is fine as a stand-alone book as bits of back story come in to aid in a reader's understanding of characters, setting and style.
I like the main characters, Carrie and Dylan. As an engaged couple, growth is seen in the relationship from the start of the book. I like that this is a clean read that goes smoothly. The addition of a second ghost helped the plot move smoothly. The mysteries surrounding two murders were solved with the aid of an irritating news reporter. She wss another believable character.
I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for my advanced reader's copy. I would definitely read more in the series based on this book.
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With each new book that’s released, I keep holding out hope that they’ll be as enjoyable as the first.

This is sadly not the case. This book almost started feeling like a chore to get through.

I’m not sure if I’ll be continuing this series, but I would be willing to try another series by this other one day.
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i really enjoyed this cozy! as a librarian who loves spooky stuff, i really enjoyed this concept and thought it was done in a very clever and cute way. i cant wait to read more of this series, and plan to read 1-5 as well!
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The sixth book, Dewey Decimated, is another great book in the series.  I can't write enough about the author's wonderful writing style, I just love it.  I find myself marveling at the sentence structure and eloquent (but not pompous) writing.  Of course, the stories are great too.  The leading character, Carrie, is very "real" and relatable.  She's smart and rational - it's enjoyable following her thoughts and feelings.  Her romantic relationship is growing nicely, I look forward to reading about their next phase.  The author doesn't rush through those aspects, which is nice and doesn't leave the reader feeling "left out" on important parts.  I like that the stories (in the series) are written pretty close to each other, regarding the time they take place (I don't mean regarding how often the author gets one published - I appreciate the time given to write/edit so there aren't mistakes).  Since the writing and character development is so great, the reader really gets to know the characters and one begins to feel a part of the group.

The mystery gives plenty, so there is lots to think about.  One thing going on is Carrie is trying to help the ghost of the body found (appears to be an old murder) in the building next door to her library (workplace).  The library is expanding, which is fun to read about as well.  The ghost aspect is just one piece of the story, not the entire story line.  It's just the right amount, not too much.   In addition, Carrie is now a member of the Town Council, so we are introduced to several new characters, which I hope will be reoccurring in future books.  I can't wait for the next book.  This is such a great series, I highly recommend it.  

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this wonderful ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.  I will post this review to my blog, Goodreads, Bookbub, & Amazon accounts on the publication date, 9/6/22.
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Small town secrets can be deadly.

Although I found the book quite slow going at first, once an unknown body is found, things picked up big time. I realized at some point that I was fully invested, so it did grab my attention, even if it took awhile to click with me. I've read other books of this series but feel it worked nicely as a stand-alone. Brook introduces us to the main characters and shows rather than tells, a big plus, weaving past events smoothly into the plot. As always, Carrie seemed fully invested in her job despite the noise and confusion of the next door building that is being renovated to become part of the library. We do get quite a few looks into how many libraries operate, by the way, another plus for us book lovers. Now, true, I don't think most libraries have a resident ghost but, well, how would I know. Evelyn the ghost is a delight, in any case, and a definite help to Carrie throughout this book.

The plot centers about the discovery of the body of an unknown man, which may or may not be related to a later murder. Carrie is, for her, rather uninvolved in the investigation, her days being full of library business and her slowly dawning realization that husband-to-be Dylan and she still have things to learn about each other. Such as who he is related to. There are also several side stories, ranging from Angela's search for the "perfect dog" to the dimensions of the proposed auditorium to be build in the added building. It was interesting to see how Carrie, a new member of /the Clover Ridge, Connecticut, cautiously but effectively working her way into the city board and all the decisions it is ultimately responsible in making. She even deals with a pesty, ambitious reporter in the process.

Bottom line, despite the slow to me start, I enjoyed "Dewey Decimated" and recommend it to anyone who likes cozy mysteries with a helping of books, libraries, small town politics and secrets, and how the past often intertwines with the present. And, oh, did I mention ghosts, as in ghosts plural. It all somehow seems to, well, normal, even as those closest to Carrie are slowly coming to gripes with her talent for communicating with ghosts. Settle in and enjoy the read.

Thank you #NetGalley and #CrookedLaneBooks for inviting me over to Clover Ridge for a spell. Looking forward to more adventures with Carrie, Dylan, Smokey Joe, the library cat, and all the rest in the future.
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Dewey Decimated is the 6th book in the wonderful Haunted Library Mysteries series.  The characters are what makes this cozy mystery book so enjoyable. Carrie Singleton is a librarian and is visited by the Library's ghost, Evelyn. The Library is adding more space by buying the dilapidated building next door. The problems with the construction increase significantly when a body is found in the basement of the old building. It turns out to be Carrie's fiance Dylan's Uncle Alec, who he hasn't seen in a long time.  Alec's ghost is hanging out in the Library but his memory is poor. I thought this case would have Carrie and Dylan working together to solve his Uncle's death but that didn't happen except for discussing it. Carrie has a new friend to help her with the investigation.  Carrie is on the Town Council and they have a big decision to make about a Preserve and what plans should be made for it. Many of the town council members have a reason to be a suspect for the 2nd murder.  I did not feel connected to or interested in any of the suspects. There is enough going on to keep the story interesting.  I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't one of my favorites in this series. #NetGalley #DeweyDecimated #CrookedLaneBooks
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This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series. Carrie Singleton has found her place in the Clover Ridge Library. However, not only does she stay on top of things at the library, but she also seems to frequently find herself embroiled in investigations of suspicious deaths. Evelyn, a friendly resident ghost adds a certain charm to the story as well as assisting Carrie in her sleuthing while Smokey Joe, the library cat, just makes you smile. This is a pleasant murder mystery and a quick read. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book. Definitely looking forward to the next in the series.
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Carrie Singleton is a librarian with a special skill set.....she can see ghosts.   Evelyn, the library ghost, helps Carrie solve murders and her go to for anything ghostly.   For example, a new ghost appears in the library which they learned was murdered many years ago and you'll never guess who he is related too.   Just when Carrie thinks it will never be solved, another murder happens and they realize it must be connected.   

This book gives you more insight to the lives of the residents of Clover Ridge and that some may not be who Carrie thought they were.
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Sixth in the Haunted Library Mystery series
Librarian Carrie Singleton is excited about the renovation of a building set to become an extension of the library. Unfortunately, a body is found in the basement and is later identified as the uncle (Alec) of her fiancé Dylan. Alec's ghost is unable to leave until his murderer is found - the problem is he doesn't remember what happened. In addition, as a new member of the town council, Carrie will be voting  on the fate of the Seabrook Preserve - upscale park ,  condo development or preserved land. As Alec's memory returns in bits and pieces, Carrie wonders if the failed building deal the reason for his death. When a council member involved with the current renovation is killed, Carrie wonders  if the two murders are connected. As she investigates, the histories of the council members with each other and secrets are revealed.
Thanks to NetGalley for a copy.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books in exchange for an honest review.

Librarian and resident Nancy Drew, Carrie Singleton, finds herself involved in more murders in the town of Clover Ridge. I really am starting to wonder how many people can get murdered in one year in what is described as a quaint, friendly town. Perhaps she'll travel for her honeymoon? But if she does, what will happen with Evelyn? 

I didn't like how spineless Carrie acted around Julie Theron; it seemed out of character and made her a bit less likable. I'm also confused by the title; it has no connection to the plot.

Anyway, I do enjoy this's well-written and the characters are round and dynamic. Every book I've read has been a quick, entertaining read...perfect for a weekend or beach trip. They don't require any deep thinking.

Things I liked: the character development, the setting, the many layers of the investigations, the fact that each book can be read as a standalone

Things I didn't like: Carrie acting like she had no choice but to agree with Julie Theron, the repeated mention of dog breeders and buying designer dogs with some shade thrown on shelter dogs, the total disconnect of the title and the plot
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Library, Books, Ghost, Cat and Murder!!

This pretty much sums up the book. A cute cozy mystery. Carrie Singleton can see and communicate with Ghosts. 

She’s a librarian and is quite the amateur sleuth as she has help from Evelyn the resident library ghost!! A fun read!! 

My first read by this author and I’m definitely going to be reading more. 

Received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

 #DeweyDecimated #NetGalley
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The Clover Ridge Library is finally getting the new addition they've been planning for months. Carrie is settling into life as an engaged woman in her still relatively new position at the library when a body is discovered in the basement of the building that will house the new auditorium. Turns out, Evelyn isn't the only ghost Carrie can see and when Charlie, a ghost with amnesia, makes an appearance Carrie has only one option: find out who killed the man in the basement so he can move on.

In the beginning I wasn't super crazy about this series. Carrie's faux goth persona felt out of character and disingenuous. I also didn't particularly care for the ghost angle. But Carrie dropped the goth thing and grew into a pretty great main character. I like her spunk and her willingness to take a swan dive right into the middle of Clover Ridge life.

There were several things going on in this book. Carrie's gotten engaged, but isn't ready to tie the knot yet. She's joined the town council and taken on the responsibility of attending bi-weekly meetings and making decisions regarding things that will happen around the town. This new responsibility has given Carrie an excuse to explore more of the town than just her cottage and the library and her aunt and uncle's house on the green. This book opened up the world of Clover Ridge a little.

While I wouldn't say this is one of my favorite series, it's become a reliably good one and one that I definitely want to keep up with as it continues.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC.
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This book certainly fits the cozy mystery genre. I enjoyed it,  especially the help of apparitions in solving the murder.
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Love everything in this book! Well written,  plenty of twists  and excellent characters! Highly recommend!!!! A favorite series of mine! Thanks #netgalley and #Crookedlanebooks for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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Dewey Decimated is yet another winner in one of my favorite cozy series! Allison Brook writes paranormal cozy mysteries like a pro (probably because she is one!) and I will read this series until the end. I absolutely recommend them to fans of the cozy genre!
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Librarian Carrie Singleton can not seem to stay away from murder investigations. When a body is found in the basement of the old building that adjoins the library where she works, Carrie finds herself back in the role of super sleuth.  Who else can find all the answers? Only Carrie can see and communicate with the dead man’s spirit. 
     Aided by Evelyn, the library’s resident ghost, Carrie dives into a situation that gets more complicated and dangerous as details unfold. Who is the dead man? His ghost can’t remember his name or any details of his murder. Could his death be connected to the old building, or perhaps it’s linked to the issue currently being hotly debated before City Council?
     I wondered if reading book 5 without knowledge of the previous books would present a problem for me as a reader. It didn’t. The author did a masterful  job of weaving enough of past information into this novel to make it work as a stand-alone.  I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery and I loved the supernatural element. I plan to read the other books in the series.
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I encounter so many readers who love cozy mysteries that revolve around libraries, books, and librarians. So this one is just perfect, particularly because it is in a series. Thank you for the opportunity to read it, and I look forward to recommending it.
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Dewey Decimated, the sixth installment in the Haunted Library series by Allison Brook, is a fun cozy mystery.  Librarian Carrie Singleton and Evelyn, the library ghost, team up to solve the mystery of a dead body found in the house next door to the library. 
As a cozy mystery lover, and as someone who reads them more for the ensemble cast of interesting characters than to try to solve the mystery, I enjoyed Dewey Decimated.  Carrie and her friends, ghostly and otherwise, are fun to return to in each installment. I can't wait for Evelyn to reveal where she keeps her wardrobe, and where she gets her hair done!
I do wish Carrie spent a little less time describing each meal she eats (unless the author starts providing recipes!), and would like to see her romance be just a bit less angsty. 
All in all, I would say Dewey Decimated is the best of the series, so far, and look forward to the next Haunted Library installment.
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