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We All Have Our Secrets

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An ok read
Have read others by this author which where better
But it hasn’t put me off reading more 
Just because I didn’t  think it was great doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy it
Thanks NetGalley
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As always with Jane Corey this was a beautifully written book. I read it far too quickly & really needed more. More development of both the characters and the story lines would have made this a great book. I really didn’t believe it and in this sort of book it needs to be relatable & believable. The ending was just too predictable too.
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The story took off fantastically well in true Jane Corry fashion: the characters of Emily and Francois were pitted against each other at the very start. This created tension and a great deal of anticipation as to who was telling the truth and who was lying. And why. And what their next move would be. I began to invest myself in their respective tales. Secrets were insinuated with only morsels revealed one at the time as the story progressed. Critical past events provided explanation and additional characters made well-judged entry onto the scene to generate more layers and more complexity. With his war experiences conveyed in the first person and a further character development in the present moment, Harold was a particularly unpredictable and intriguing protagonist. I couldn't wait to turn the next page, and the next, and the next as I headed towards what I expected to be a series of dark and twisty revelations.
They didn't come.
Perhaps I set the bar too high because  I found the ending most disappointing. A promising thriller turned into a soppy family saga. The final disclosure was overly sentimental and instead of twists I was served with a sugary happy ending. The pawns moved across the board to and fro, and to again without any sense of direction. There was no element of surprise and no nuance which I had come to expect from Jane Corry's books.
Overall, despite the brilliant start, I can't really give the book more than three stars. 
I am not discouraged from reading Jane Corry. I just think that We All Have Our Secrets isn't one of her trademark thrillers but an experiment with a different, softer genre which simply isn't my cup of tea. So, if you enjoy a tale of family secrets and the past messing with the present and manipulating the future, then this book may well be for you.
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Thank you to Ellie Hudson for the invitation to the blog tour for Jane’s latest book and to Penguin UK Books for my proof copy of the book.

Emily is a midwife and an incident at work sends her back to Willowmead House, which is in a quiet coastal village by the sea and where her elderly father Harold Gentle lives. When she arrives, she is in for another surprise as there is Frenchwoman, Francoise living there with her father. Francoise has answered an advertisement from the retired lawyer for a carer/companion. Harold has really taken to her and Emily is horrified by the closeness of the pair. She does not trust Francoise at all and sees her as a golddigger. Work calls Emily back to London and we learn more abour Francoise and her background.

I always enjoy Jane’s books as they are so engrossing and twisty, this one is written from three perspectives Emily, Francoise and a young Harry Gentle. All three are hiding things from the past and the present, which adds to the suspense of this book. There are secrets and lies aplenty in this story and every page has more turns. I love a book with a unreliable narrator and in this book I had no idea who to trust and who not to. I didn’t really like any of the characters, which made it even easier to be suspicious of them all. When Francoise reveals who she really is then things take an even more dramatic turn.

It’s a gripping thriller which I galloped through, I enjoyed the family aspect of the book and I was not sure where it would end and it had Jane’s trademark twist to conclude.

A great read !

4.5 stars ****.5
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Two women with secrets and a deep mistrust of each other. One is hiding and one is running. Both are lying. Emily makes a terrible mistake in her career, so heads to her father at the family homestead only to discover that a young French woman has moved in and changed all the routines. Her father thinks Francoise is an angel, but Emily doesn't trust her. After a death shrouded in doubts, both women find themselves pitted against the other. Is anyone telling the truth? A great storyline  starts strongly.  Ending is a little over explained in order to tie up all the ends.  #weallhaveoursecrets #janecorry #netgalley
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This was ok. The 'twist' was fairly obvious from very early on, although the age gaps made me feel slightly quesy and seemed really unfeasible. I worked out that Harold would have been 58 and 71 years at the age of each conception...

The writing was very basic, especially the chapters in Francoise perspective, possibly as English was her second language? 

It felt quite repetitive and like it was trying to build up some kind of tension, that we never actually achieved.

It was an easy palate cleanser after a couple of difficult heavy books prior to this and I read it in a couple of hours.
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This novel started with things being covered up from the get go and you quickly get pulled in as a reader.   There is an excellent flow to the story and its easy to understand even if the twists and turns are being thrown at you left, right and center.  
A great story with well thought our likable and more importantly relatable characters.
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This is a very complex and convoluted story woven over several timelines with several characters. Essentially it is a story of love, lies, family and secrets.

Emily is a midwife who loves her job. One fateful day an error occurs which changes her life. She flees London to stay with her elderly father, however when she gets there a young French lady is caring for him.

Told by all three characters the story is compulsive reading and builds to a good climax.

Well written and interesting characters.
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OK I admit that when I started reading this book I did question why I had downloaded it as I really didn’t like the characters and started to wonder whether I should persevere.  I am glad  to report that I did push through and started to enjoy the various characters and their stories.  I liked the way we learned about Emily, the daughter who was troubled to find her widowed father had employed an attractive young female carer, Francoise. Then we get Francoise’s pov and learn about her life.  This story grows on you to the point you end up really caring about each character.
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I'm sorry to say that this was really, really awkward. It was terribly written, in a very childish style. It veered between saccharine-sweet and over-the-top (unrealistically) nasty. The characters were quite unlikeable and I really didn't care what happened to any of them.
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A story told from different perspectives with 2 different voices. One woman who has come home from London to see her sick dad and one woman who has arrived from France and is caring for the sick man. All have secrets and manage to misunderstand or miscommunicate in some way, making it difficult to know what really happened in the present and in the past. A page turner with a satisfying ending.
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I’m sorry to say that, unlike some reviews I’ve read, I didn’t appreciate this book. I found the storyline to be disjointed and not really believable. I didn’t relate to any of the characters and I just couldn’t wait to be finished. I understand that the author has a very good reputation and I’ve enjoyed previous books written by her but this one wasn’t for me.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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A good read and a perhaps not quite typical family drama, but definitely one that's real.  A few twists, which you'll probably spot and written in a touching way using the main characters point of view which comes together to reveal the full plot.
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“… we all have our secrets. And the longer you pretend something, the more real it becomes.”

Emily made one bad decision, and now her career could be over. Her family home on the Cornish coast is the only place where she feels safe. But when she arrives, there’s a stranger living with her father, Harold. Emily doesn’t trust Françoise, the beautiful young woman, convinced that she’s telling one lie after another.
Soon, Emily becomes obsessed with finding out the truth… But should some secrets stay buried forever?

The book is divided into parts, narrated alternatively by Emily and Françoise. They are interspersed with Harold's memories of the war in 1945 when he lied about his age so he could enlist to fight.

Jane Corry hooks you to this suspense thriller by dropping little nuggets of information that pique your curiosity. Her narrators are unreliable and the plot is rife with mystery. The events connect the present and the past, going as far back as the war. As the women compete for Harold’s attention, he himself is struggling with his demons that haunt him.

The narrative ends leaving you with more questions than when you started. A gripping thriller with sensational twists and mounting tension that is unputdownable.

This ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK.
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I am a huge fan of Jane Corry and have read all of her books. Thank you NetGalley and Penguin for the opportunity to read and enjoy an advanced copy of We All Have Our Secrets. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good page turner. This story of Emily and her father will not disappoint. The tension will build and the twists just keep on coming. Find out for yourself what happens when Emily returns to her family home to find a cuckoo in the nest. I particularly enjoyed the fact the story is told from both perspectives, it definitely keeps things interesting and adds to the development of the main characters.
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Brilliant twisty little thriller had me hooked from page one and the ending was not to be missed, will look out for more from the author!
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I found Emily boring and stupid, I couldn’t identify with her at all. 
However, the book was written in an interesting way, through the eyes of each character, making you think that they don’t have secrets, that you know them. 
It did go on a bit, though…
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We all have secrets is a domestic suspense that is centred around three people Emily, her father Harold and his live in carer Francoise. The dynamic between all three is what makes this book a page turner. Emily travels to Devon after a mistake at her work leaves her job in jeopardy, to her surprise Francoise opens the door of her fathers house. Harold is wealthy and clearly lonely so it's no surprise that Emily is worried Francoise is up to no good, They are all hiding something the question is what?

I really enjoyed this book and cannot believe that I kept it on my tbr list for so long, I'm glad i finally got round to it. Each character brought something to the story, I couldn't stop wondering what it was each of them was hiding. Emily is our protagonist, I couldn't help but wonder why I felt we were missing something with her story. As we know from the beginning about her troubles with work but it felt like much more and let's say it was worth the page turning to get to the truth. 
Harold's story spends a lot of time in flashbacks when he was in the war, I kept wondering what the link was to the modern day. Actually that was the least interesting part of his story. I found myself close to tears, so i totally recommend a box of tissues. 
Francoise was my favourite character in this book. I couldn't help but question what her secrets where and I did manage to guess correctly but the fall out was amazing. The way Harold is with Francoise is exactly why I didn't like his character. clearly using her to get jealous. But the way she is with Emily also made me realise there was more to her story.

As all three characters interlink we get to read the story from their POV, with Emily and Francoise's being the most dominate. I found it hard trying to figure out their instant dislike for one another but as the storyline unfolds you begin to understand more. I enjoyed that we got to hear from both points of view which was great as we can see how things got misinterpreted on both sides. It was actually great!!! This was one of the main reasons i really enjoyed the story actually. 

Honestly I really like Jane Corry, she writes extremely well and she has the domestic suspense genre down to a tee. She writes so well and the way that the book jumps from characters POV, as well as time lines made the story more intense and I was constantly waiting for the next bomb to land on the page. Honestly my emotions were all over the place when I was reading this but I couldn't put it down. 

It's a hard book to review without giving out far too many spoilers, so I'll say this, trust no one, expect an emotional rollercoaster and get ready to be reading all night. I enjoyed this book so much the prologue is the advert for  the home help it is one of the funniest adverts I've ever read, i was actually laughing out loud!!! It just got better from then on out. If you have read any of Jane's previous works then you will enjoy this one! 3.5 stars 

Thanks to Netgalley, Jane Corry and the publishers for the ARC of we all have secrets in exchange for my far and honest opinions.
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I’ve read all of Jane Corry’s books and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Fantastic story line and great characters, I couldn’t  put it down. Can’t wait for the next book. Highly recommend this author
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This was an easy read for me. I enjoyed the cliff-hangers that occurred at the end of the chapters, drawing me in very quickly.

The main character was difficult to warm to, which might have been the point, but I felt her character, and the others in this book, were very well developed.

I like to be kept guessing when reading thrillers, and that is exactly what this book provides. I was kept on my toes, and truly could not have predicted the ending.

A great, easy read.
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