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We All Have Our Secrets

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Emily is a midwife and after a mistake on the ward she is suspended from work and goes back to her family home to see her father. She is surprised that her father has employed a carer to look after him as his health is failing.
A story of secrets, lies and misunderstandings.
I enjoyed the first half of this book but then I felt the story became muddled.
Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This was a slow burn thriller taking place on the Cornish coastline. The characters are not particularly likable but as I progressed further into the book, I felt that I understood better what made them tick. I very much enjoyed it.

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I was t at all sure I was going to like this book. It seemed very bitty in places and I didn’t know who it was that was telling that but of the dialogue. But I’m glad k persevered as I ended up really liking it. The story of two sisters coming together, one French the other English, and all the trials and tribulations that ensue. And all the lies and part truths that get in the way of life.

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I was asked to give a review from Netgalley. Here is the blurb:

"Two women are staying in Willowmead House.

One of them is running.
One of them is hiding.
Both of them are lying.

Emily made one bad decision, and now her career could be over. Her family home on the Cornish coast is the only place where she feels safe. But when she arrives, there's a stranger living with her father. Emily doesn't trust the beautiful young woman, convinced that she's telling one lie after another.

Soon, Emily becomes obsessed with finding out the truth . . . But should some secrets stay buried forever?"

This it the latest of many books I have read by this author and she never fails to disappoint. Her books always get me hooked and reading more than I intended too which makes for many late nights.. I have to say that the ending was fairly predictable in this book but this did not stop me from enjoying it. Her books are often predictable but what makes them good are the characters and what they do and feel along the way.

I don't think this is my favourite Jane Corry book but I think that shows how good I think her books are that I still give it 5 stars.

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TW: death, abortion, war.

We All Have Secrets is a fast paced, nail biter of a thriller. That is, up until the last 30% of the book. I felt so disappointed as it was completely brilliant, but the ending just felt rushed.

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An intriguing book. A midwife, her suffering father, and his new young home help. Great story, there was a bit of mystery about the characters, you didn't know who to trust. Thoroughly enjoyed this one and will recommend to others.

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A standalone thriller from author Jane Corry. This is an excellent read and had me guessing throughout.

Midwife Emily made an unforgivable mistake, a mistake and decides to visit her father in Devon, who is suffering from dementia in an effort to escape the stress of work. On her arrival at his house she is met by a beautiful woman named Francoise who is now caring for her father. Emily starts to feel guilt for not spending more time with her father whose heath is rapidly deteriorating as well as wondering about Francoise and her motivation.

There was so much going on this story and I was constantly changing what I thought was going to happen. Excellent characters and an addictive plot made this an exciting read.

I would like to thank both Netgalley and Penguin UK for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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What a heart wrenching story. Family secrets, difficult, authoritarian parenting and no way to find the truth. It was a great story and one that left me feeling sated, which can be a rarity these days with cliffhanger after cliffhanger.

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Another brilliant book by Jane Corry. This was a fantastic family drama filled with dark secrets and lies. Brilliant xx

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A book about family relationships and secrets, mostly set in Cornwall. Emily is a midwife who makes a mistake at work. Taking leave, she returns to her ageing father in a Cornish village. Much to her suprise, a young French woman has moved in as a carer.
The book is told from different perspectives and also includes Harold, the fathers recollections from ww2. Sadly, Harold dies and both Emily and the carer are investigated because the death was suspicious. Details of their pasts come to light and there are disagreements as the estate is sorted out .
In parts plenty of suspense, in other parts the story feels trite and in placed long winded. Some parts stretch the bounds of possibility (Francoises nurse training) and use of morphine (see controlled drug laws) Not a bad read though

Thanks to Net Galley for theARC in exchange for an honestreview

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I could not put this book down.

It was such a fast paced read. I didn’t want it to end but ultimately I had to carry on.

The twists, and turns having you thinking you know what happens next but then something else happens.

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Everyone in this book has secrets. Emily made a mistake at work, which might haunt her forever. Her father isn’t coming clean about his health issues, or about the fact he’s moved in a French home help in the form of Françoise. And Françoise definitely isn’t telling the truth about why she’s come to Cornwall.

I enjoyed this, though in places the story felt a touch on the slow side. The characters are deftly drawn, and the book uses flashbacks to fill in some of the gaps. An enjoyable psychological thriller.

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I found this a strange book in that it didn’t seem to be written very professionally and there were awkward scenarios around the main characters. Unfortunately I did end up skipping over Harold’s exploits during the war. I realised that they were relevant to a point with regard to the storyline, but they annoyingly cropped up just as a more interesting chapter appeared and they became a little tedious.. I don’t want to insult Harold’s bravery as a young 15 year old signing up to defend his country, I just felt that these episodes could have been written more fully and less simplistically. Emily changed beyond recognition from a happy, caring and dedicated midwife looking forward to a date, to someone unkind and wholly unprofessional. Why after so many years at the hospital did she ignore all their attempts at getting in touch her, and over a long period of time. If she wasn’t aware of any wrongdoing at this point what was the point of ignoring, texts, emails and letters, all becoming more urgent. Nick, her ex boyfriend was quite a weak character, I would have liked to see him with more of a personality and backbone. Are we to believe that the intelligent, cultured, statuesque and very beautiful Francoise only had one previous job, working in an old peoples home? Would someone leave their country to turn up on the doorstep of a complete stranger. The epilogue chapters were a little more interesting. I’m sorry to give such a blunt review but I read a lot of books and this just wasn’t quite right.

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My first book, that I have read by this author, absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended, and I will definitely read others written by this author!

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My thanks to Netgalley for my copy of We All Have Our Secrets. Jane Corry has done it again, another compulsive thriller with so many twists and turns that keep you guessing to the very end whilst touching on so many pertinent subjects. An excellent read that will not disappoint.

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At 12% into we all have secrets I was heavily invested. Although some of the secrets are predictable it doesn’t take away the need and want to read urgently.

It’s quite a face paced psychological book with an edge. I enjoyed it as I have Jane’s other books.

Keep them coming!

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We All Have Our Secrets - Jane Corry

A great tale which keeps you guessing all the way through, and thinking about the outcome even after you've finished reading it!

I really enjoyed themany personality differences between the three main characters in the novel, along with the two distinct timelines and what brought them all together.

The novel is cleverly written, making it easy for the reader to form vivid impressions in their mind, of the various places involved throughout, which embellished the storyline.

More than a 'holiday read!'

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A very average read, i was disappointed as i normally like a Jane Corry. The story was ok but the characters were rather annoying and it felt dragged out in places.

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A very atmospheric and suspenseful family drama that follows the stories of three main characters, Emily, Francoise and Harold. As the stories unfold the narrative switches between Emily and Francoise, uncovering family secrets and misunderstandings.

A fast paced mystery with plenty of twists and turns, while the characters are well developed, believable and relatable. Overall a very well written compelling read..

Many thanks to NetGalley UK and Penguin UK for the ARC.

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Not a traditional mystery story at all here, but a mystery nonetheless and one that kept this reviewer engaged from start to finish, although with the story told in the voices of the two main protagonists there was occasionally some confusion with who was narrating at any time.

Emily Gentle is a committed midwife whose work life is suddenly turned upside down when she is suspended from her job, pending investigation. She heads for her elderly father’s home only to find a young French woman there taking care of him. She draws the natural conclusions, but the situation is much, much more complicated than that, and the story untangles a web of history, love, grief, relationships and family that spreads from WWII to the present day.

The characters here are all realistically drawn, if occasionally a little exaggerated, and the descriptions of the Cornish coast are vivid. This is an immersive read, undemanding and written with style and good flow.

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