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I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal

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Ramit Sethi is my go-to financial expert. His understanding of psychology and the way the brain perceives money allows him to provide advice that works for everyone. His solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and this is proven by his newest book. The journal accompaniment to his best-selling novel, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, is a great resource. In it, Ramit challenges the reader to think about how they view money and what issues they have that need some attention. The format of this journal is really great because it not only offers a lot of tips on how to work with personal finance, but it allows the reader to think through how it applies to their own situation. Ramit's humorous tone makes it easy to digest, while remaining a valuable toolkit for anyone wanting to get better at managing their money.
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From the New York Times best-selling author of I Will Teach You to be Rich, comes the journal version of that same book. If you have followed Ramit’s advice you know that to truly change your financial picture and live your rich life, you have to do some deep thought and work on what alignment means for you. This journal will help you apply the principles outlined in his book so that you can find, create and live your rich life. 

I seriously give out the I Will Teach You to be Rich book to all my friends and family who are looking for a systematic way to handle their finances and take control of their financial lives. Now that there’s a journal version I’m going to pivot to giving out that! (Also, Ramit didn’t pay me to say this but his podcast is also worth a listen; real people and conversations about money, – perfection!)

Thank you to Workman Publishing Group for providing an e-Arc of I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal by Ramit Sethi for my review.
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This book is even better than the original! Thank you so much Netgalley for this book! It's journal style will really help you absorb the scripts.
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Surprisingly this was much less annoyingly bro-ey and spammy than I expected from the title, I really like the emphasis on working out your personal values. It's a framework and workbook that could definitely work well to get my fiance and I closer together on understanding each others' approach to personal finance.

Would recommend to people, even if you haven' read his book (like me), I found this was comprehensive as an intro.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy.
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I loved this workbook even more than the original book. The money rules and scripts were especially helpful, and I loved the examples and sample questions to consider how money factors into my own rich life.
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Incredible amount of valuable journalling prompts in this handbook to accompany what is already a life changing book. Excellent!
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This journal based on his famous book "I will make you rich" is better than the titular book its based on in my opinion. The journal does a really good job at self reflection and analysis. It s a really well designed self improvement journal.
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An interesting journal-style book about l designing what you decide is your Rich Life. From what time you want to wake up and what’s on your calendar on an ideal work day - and then reimagining that same scenario but if you’re 10x more successful than you hoped. It also gives scripts for uncomfortable but never money discussions your partner and family about money. It also touches on learning how to spend, a skill most of us are never taught (and one I know I struggle with regularly).
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A journal in the truest sense, this book requires you to look at yourself, how you approach money, and how your future will change as your money changes.  Questions I haven't considered showed me that I was saving for the wrong things while not preparing for my goals.
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An enjoyable and satisfying read/ exercise.

A companion to his excellent personal finance book, I will teach you to be rich, Ramit Sethi has produced a workbook to help get you really clear about what you consider to be a rich life and to take steps to achieve it. Sethi's personality is evident in this book which provides a step-by-step guide to expressing what you want from your time and money in a clear and relatable manner. The guided prompts are really helpful for those of us who have a vague idea of what they want but need help getting it all down on paper. 

Thank you to Netgalley for access to the eARC.
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I Will Teach You to be Rich: The Journal  is a companion workbook to the "I Will Teach you to be Rich' book (sold separately).  It is not for reading but rather to complete all the exercises in an attempt to get you thinking about your finances and improving your wealth.  There are numerous different topics to think about and to complete the exercises on.  It will definitely get you thinking and to some extent your financial knowledg,. perspective and level of wealth will improve.
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This is not a book for reading but rather a workbook to fill out while reflecting on certain things about rich life. You are mainly guided through different topics and need to think, reflect, imagine and do an exercise. Journals of this kind do impact way of thinking and change indirectly how we imagine the goals and set our objecyives to achieve them.
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Warning: You will undergo extensive thinking and writing down those thoughts, a physical copy of this journal is recommended. 

If you're seeking your reignite the power of dreaming, looking to unpack your money mindset (including identifying and resolving pitfalls) and seeking to create your own ‘Rich Life’ - this is the must have interactive journal you've been looking for. 

In a snapshot the journal covers eight modules where you understand how to:
- Design your rich life including creating your own rich life bucket list (lots of fun and dreaming) 
- Rewire your money beliefs
- Rewrite your money rules (this is a personal favourite, I mean who else doesn’t love creating their own unique rules?) 
- Ask $30,000 questions, not $3 questions (a chapter you'll proactively implement after reading) 
- Buy your happiness (because it usually involves an exchange of money to live out parts of your rich life) 
- Navigate money and relationships (this helped me understand who influenced some parts of my money mindset and who I can learn from)
- Build your money confidence (a chapter I regularly refer back to)
- Make your rich life richer 

For me the best takeaway of I Will Teach You to be Rich - Journal is:
- Seeing how I evolved from the beginning to end of the journal as I became clearer on what my rich life looks like
- Helpful in identifying money beliefs that needs to be rewritten 
- A good resource for couples to better understand each other's rich life and money mindset - it also makes it easier to have those awkward money conversations 

Big thank you to Ramit Sethi and shout out to Netgalley and Workman Publishing Company for access to this eARC, I cannot wait to get my hands on the physical copy!
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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed entirely my own.

 The book was categorized by chapters and made into the most relatable workbook that made personal finance fun. I enjoyed the sections ,the layout of the book and the prompts. If you want to change your financial situation it is the best book. Loved it!
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A workbook-style resource is the perfect format for this book about personal finance. I found the questions to be properly suited for those who have a few years of work history beyond college or those who are planning their income-earning years and want a roadmap for that process. It is simple to understand. A straightforward framework for thinking about money and wealth. Also could be a thoughtful gift to graduate school graduates, new parents, young married couples or young entrepreneurs interested in building and planning their financial futures.
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This was a useful self-examination of my own ‘money psychology,’ and some of the prompts were way more challenging than I anticipated. Sections of this journal would be interesting to go through as a couple, since everyone’s relationship with money varies drastically. I actually hadn’t read the author’s bestselling book, I Will Teach You How to Be Rich, but I immediately got on the holds list after finishing this up. This journal works by itself, but will likely be even more useful partnered up. I would also recommend if you are going to buy this, to get a paper copy rather than an ebook. Typing my responses on a word doc or writing them down in a separate notebook didn’t have the same impact. But overall I enjoyed this and am hoping to revisit some of the sections to see how my responses change over time!
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Excellent stuff. This will not spoon feed readers the answers, but will help point to them and uncover some beliefs about money. It does not include the very helpful idea that one has to commit to doing whatever it takes to succeed sometimes. But after some self exploration with this journal, readers may better understand what they need to do next. Recommended.
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This journal accompanies the author’s original bestselling book, I will teach you to be rich.   In it, Ramit Sethi wants you to envisage your own personal “beautiful vision of your Rich Life”.  Not having read the original book, (I fully intend to now), the journal nevertheless stands alone quite comfortably.

Not just about the mechanics of living a rich life by having enough money, this journal is more about the psychology of money and our attitude to it; how it affects our spending and other life decisions and whether we feel ‘rich’ or not.  This workbook enables you to analyse your relationship with money and has lots of room to write down your thoughts and then to challenge those ideas later on in the process.  I particularly liked that the author encourages us to challenge his ideas too.

This journal is very insightful and thought provoking.  Using techniques such as the ‘Five Whys Technique’ and the ‘Offense versus defense’ technique and other headings such as  ‘Know your numbers’, ‘Buying back time’, ‘Key decisions’ and my favourite – ‘Big Wins’, the author encourages us to create our own ‘Money Rules.

I found the chapter on Cultural expectations to be fascinating!  For example, in the UK it is almost a national expectation to buy a house rather than to rent and yet this is proving to be more and more difficult for most.  As a result there is much media discussion currently regarding this issue and Mr Sethi’s opinions are very timely in that regard.

I really wish I had read I will teach you how to be rich – The Journal thirty years ago.  This title is aimed at ‘younger’ readers I would suggest (I am 57) but nonetheless is very relevant.  For example, the author asks you to discuss finance with older relatives so I just looked back with hindsight and found that I was able to ask myself as it were. However, the author emphasizes that it’s never too late when it comes to learning about money.  

I thoroughly recommend this book to all.

My thanks to Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review I will teach you to be rich – The Journal.
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Amazing and very helpful. I am using this daily and can't recommend it enough to anyone who wants to be rich
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I received a digital copy via NetGalley for review~

I really liked this journal and the tidbits of financial information throughout it. Each main idea of this workbook was brought to life with interactive journaling prompts that could be filled in. This way, you're reinforcing the authors' ideas and relating them to your own life and situation. One of my favorite aspects of this was the "Worry-Free Number". 

It would have been awesome to have a paper copy for filling in all the prompts, as that would have been the full experience.

Overall: a solid journal/workbook with helpful info on changing your money mindset, 4 out of 5 stars
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