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To Get to the Other Side

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This was adorable, fun, and totally unique. A fun love story with an incredibly quirky plot and characters. I highly recommend this one! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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This was a slow burn, close proximity second chance romance. The miscommunication sometimes was a bit jarring, but did add to the storyline. This ended up being a feel good romance for me with two unique characters I found myself rooting for.

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Never would I have guessed a reason for a forced proximity romance would have started with getting a chicken for a pet. But here we are.

This book had a lot of funny moments, a little he fell first moments, and the sisters were just the sweetest family members!

I loved the family meetings, our chicken friend of course, and all the sweet moments in between!

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The narrative of this novel is so sweet and lovable and was a great easy read. The well rounded characters and well thought out glimpse in to their history made me root for them instantly. I was so desperate for them to see the chemistry between them that was so obvious to everyone around them. I also loved the family/friendship dynamics it gave all the characters a relatable depth.

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Adorable and quick little romcom. Bear is great and I love his family. The chicken is stupendous. I just listened to it and I cannot recall the girl's name... she was annoying and the people around her were very supportive of her... what was her name. Trixie! It's Trixie. She could've used a little more depth and I loved her love for animals. Overall, enjoyable

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ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

I’m making my way through my backlog of ARCs and finally got around to this book! I thought it was such a sweet romantic comedy that had me literally laughing out loud at times! The premise involves a super sweet meet cute involving a chicken crossing the road. The only thing I wish there was a little more of are glimpses into Bear and Trixie’s past memories of specific experiences. If you’re interested in romantic comedies with happily ever afters, check this book out!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Alcove Press for providing both an eARC and advanced access to the audiobook of To Get to the Other Side by Kelly Ohlert in exchange for an honest review.

Trixie finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she stops Chicago traffic to save a chicken. The main problem is, her landlord doesn't allow pets. Through a series of serendipitous circumstances, she finds herself moving in with Bear, who unknowingly agrees to house Trixie and said chicken. The forced proximity and shared pet-parenthood lead Trixie and Bear down the path of romance.

CHICK CHICK!!! Ugh, all the heart eyes for this goofy dynamic. 4.25 stars, and the extra .25 is simply because I love Chick-Chick so much. Trixie's heart for loving and caring for this chicken just builds onto this romance, as she daily shows Bear her best qualities. The hijinx that Trixie and Bear get themselves into in order to pay for Chick-Chick's vet bills are so hilarious. I laughed out loud several times while listening to this audiobook. If you're looking for a book with minimal spice and good humor, this is the book for you!

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This one was hard for me to judge. It was cute...sometimes funny. But it got a little weird near the end. The characters fell flat and the chicken thing got weird and strange.

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This is a quirky and memorable romcom starring main characters with believable flaws and wonderful personalities. Trixie and Bear first meet when they witness a chicken being injured in traffic. Tthey reconnect through the influence of Bear's sisters, who advertise for a roommate on his behalf just at the time Trixie is forced to relocate to a pet-friendly apartment where she can continue to nurse the wounded chicken. The plan is to live together as roommates, but their attraction to each other soon blurs the lines between friendship and more.

The voices of the main characters come through very strongly in this book, and the author's writing is a pleasure to read. The supporting characters, especially in Bear's family, add such warmth and humor to the story, and it was also nice to have a hero that wasn't necessarily a macho guy, but who had the unique interest to run the family flower shop. The chicken is also an interesting part of the story. What starts out as a silly meet-cute grows into a situation where these two characters really care for and help each other with the chicken. It was fun to read about a different animal than the typical pet.

This is a great rom-com for anyone who loves animals, grumpy/sunshine couples, and strong family ties, but though there are no explicit sex scenes, there are some descriptions of sexual thoughts that might be offputting to readers who prefer a low heat level.

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Oh my heart, To Get to the Other Side by Kelly Ohlert is the cutest of the cute, and I loved that there was a chicken in it!! This is Ohlert's debut, and I can't wait to see what her sophomore novel will be like after this unique take (the chicken) on a rom-com. Trixie is a super sweet and quirky character and I have to say that Bear is as well. He has the best family, and I was glad they got included one way or another in the story so much. Trixie brought out the animal lover in me to the max (she works in an animal shelter), and this book is filled with them which I loved!! It started out very humorous as well and I was a little sad that the humor kind of petered out about halfway in and then it moved into more serious territory without as many laughs. I love a good blend of both, so I would have loved it if it would have just been that way from start to finish.

I adored the audiobook and I thought Stefanie Kay & Paul Heitsch made for such wonderful narrators. They were both completely fitting for Trixie and Bear, and they made this a real treat to listen to. I would highly recommend the audio and I thought their reading styles brought the text to life in a way I wouldn't have gotten simply from reading the book. It is also a really quick listen at just under 9 hours, and I think the audio just made it more fun for me overall. To Get to the Other Side is a lighter read for the most part, and it basically blends a sunshine and grumpy trope with a miscommunication trope. Miscommunication can drive me crazy sometimes, but it didn’t really bug me here, and I just enjoyed seeing Trixie and Bear’s journey to being together. This is a happily-ever-after story without too much steam so if that is your thing, I would recommend it!

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Thank you to @netgalley and @alcovepress for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to @dreamscape_media for a free download of the audiobook.

What was a chicken doing crossing the road in downtown Chicago? To get to the other side, duh! It’s none other than Trixie, saver of all animals who is chasing the chicken across the street upsetting all the other drivers. Trixie is then asked to leave her apartment due to said chicken and ends up living with Bear…They guy who saw her chase said chicken.

This was a cute story. It was funny and sweet. It was a bit cliché and lacked the connection the characters to really set it apart from others in this genre. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, light read. It was still entertaining.

3.5 Stars – Rounding to 4 stars for Goodreads

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Trixie is an animal loving happy to lucky girl who finds herself in a pickle. Bear is a quite keep to himself guy who has 4 sister 2 of which mettle in his life all the time. When trixie answers an ad in the paper for a place to live it happens to be near whose sister made the ad to help him with his money issues by renting out part of his house.

This is cute story that revolves around a chicken and opening up.

Thank you good reads for the advance copy

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Thank you Net Galley for an ARC in return for my honest opinion. Overall: 3.50 rating. Dual point of view, forced proximity, enemies to lovers, not spicy. I loved that the book involved rescuing a chicken as most books involve a cat or dog. The book was entertaining and a light headed read however at times it was hard to understand where the book was going. It took awhile for the characters to admit their feelings to each other and I didn’t feel connected to the characters, they just needed more substance.

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I really enjoyed this one! Bear is the definition of written by a woman.

Trixie was trying to save a chicken from getting hit while crossing the road (haha...get it?) and Bear saves her!

Trixie is one of the kindest characters to ever exist, she works at an animal shelter, wears adorable polka dot dresses and is always smiling. She has to move out b/c her landlord won't let her live with the chicken, and oh look at that she can move in with Bear!

They go through many ups and downs, like any pair of roomies, but they made me smile the whole time.

This book was what it presents itself to be, imo nothing too special, but nothing that I really didn't like. It is cute and worth a read!


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I'd like to thank Netgalley and Alcove Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I am so mixed on this story that I'm not sure how to rate it. There were parts of the story that I loved and some that I just thought didn't need to be added.

I loved Trixie's heart but I had a hard time with her character. She's a lover of animals and rescues them including chickens but her anxiety and people pleasing just turned me off to her.

Bear starts off as kind of gruff but he's actually a sweetheart and I think he made this story.

It's a cute romcom, and I like the idea of rescuing an animal, but it has a lot of cliche moments that made me want to roll my eyes.

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This book was a realy mix for me. There were a lot of moments I really enjoyed but there were also some moments that felt boring or really cliché.

First of all, I really liked the idea of the book. When I read the synopsys I thought that it sounds like the perfect book for me. But in the end it was an average book for me.

I couldn't really conect with Trixie and that made it a bit difficult for me to continue the book on some pages. But I still finished and think that it's a good book, just not for me.

It perfect if you want a funny romcom!

Thank you to NetGalley and Alcove Press for this Arc!

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This was such a fun romance. It's humour was just right and the main characters plus a chicken well what could go wrong. I liked how Trixie and bear connected and she was scooped up into their family before the romance hit.

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Unfortunately this one was a DNF for me. I just didn't connect with the characters and. I believe the idea was there but unfortunately the execution just didn't hit it for me.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to review this book.

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I couldn't finish this book - there were too many cliché moments between the characters that became frustrating.

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So I wanted to like this. A quirky woman and a hot mystery guy find a stray chicken in the middle of the city she lives in and takes it home. Instead of finding literally any other home for it, she gets kicked out of her apartment and ends up living with the hot mystery guy. Love ensues.

She made so many silly decisions that I didn't love and it was hard to root for her. Spending $3,000 on a chicken's medical bills that forces her to take on multiple part time jobs probably makes her a better person than me but bless her heart, it was too much. I thought the chicken, named Chick-Chick unfortunately would be a cute side plot and it was a huge plot point through the whole thing.

The alternative curse words drove me nuts. It was supposed to be charming and I was not into it. They kept edging around Trixie's trauma and Bear's father as far as things that majorly shaped them into the adults they were and it started to bug me after a while that we didn't get to it quicker.

Thank you to Netgalley and Alcove Press for a copy in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

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