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What Was I Thinking?

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Decisions, decisions. That is what this book is all about. How does one know how to make the right decisions and avoid foolish ones? To answer this, the authors came with an acronym that, I have to admit, is pretty DOPE.

D = desire = What would you like?
O = opportunity = What is available?
P = power = Can you make it happen?
E = Expectations = What might result?

In reality, this book was similar to many other leadership books I've read with one real exception. This book was not afraid to (respectfully) confront head-on some of the failures significant leaders have experienced. Using their dope decision evaluation method, they point to how some of those failures might have been made and also how they could have been avoided.

I would strongly recommend this book for ministry leaders, especially young leaders, but anyone who is reading it from any walk of life will likely get a lot out of it.

A couple quotes:

"Those who have come to expect everything they touch will turn to gold are likely to start touching things they shouldn't."

"Those who ultimately build enduring success blend extreme personal humility with intense professional will."

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