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I received and read the advanced reader copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I this collection of stories, women share their stories and journeys of becoming a mom and the struggles they experienced during pregnancy, delivery, and/or in the fourth trimester. These women vary in every way imaginable and bring light to all the different kinds of experiences women go through in o e of their more vulnerable times in their life.

Do I like the concept of this collection? Yes. Did I like the different type of mothers and families that were introduced? Yes. Did I enjoy the random and blatant stats stuck within the stories? No!! While I understand the thought and purpose behind creating this collection, adding these random statistics within the otherwise seamless narratives was frustrating and led this to being a book that took me much longer to read than it normally would have.

In reality, I liked the second half of the book better than the first due to the little to no awkward input of statistics and I really enjoyed the types of women telling their story. I would have loved, and this is going to get me some kind of comments but... if a gay couple's experience with adoption and/or surrogacy would have been documented. I understand the point and purpose of sticking with only stories from women, but that is something that I would have enjoyed to read about as well in this collection of arrival stories.
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I enjoyed hearing about delivery through various, different perspectives. It was a mix of famous and not famous names which was nice. We may be different but we all go through the same thing when pregnant.
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I really enjoyed this! I am not a mother myself, but I liked reading all of the perspectives. I. Thought there could’ve been a wider reach of scenarios. I wanted more! I would gift this to a new mom :)
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This anthology is a collection of personal essays about childbirth and motherhood written by women from a variety of backgrounds..  Some essays were more compelling than others - some were simplistic, some were political, some were joyous and others sorrowful.  While I did not get from it what I was expecting, a more intimate conversation about childbirth and motherhood, it was a compelling read.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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*I received a copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for this opportunity*

ARRIVAL STORIES is an impactful anthology of birth stories written by a wide variety of women. As a maternity nurse myself, reading how women feel and the experiences they all had was particularly moving since I'm usually on the other side in the scrubs. It's a diverse collection that attempts to cover all the different ways women can become mothers-- through adoption, IVF, post-abortion or post-miscarriage, accidentally, on purpose, naturally, medicated, single, or with a wide support group (just to name a few). I especially appreciated the representation of women of color, the  disparity of treatment they face was (rightfully) discussed several times and serves as an amazing way to start an important conversation. 

My only criticism is that it felt like most of the writers came from a place of privilege. Which, of course, is a population of people that still face difficulties and complications during birth, but at times, the book felt out of touch with the challenges most women face. It felt like the book wanted to dig deep and dirty into the mess of motherhood in today's society, but only hit the first few layers. 

Overall, I think this book is a wonderful place to start. It provides a great variety in birth stories, and the resounding message is that though there are several different ways to become a mother-- the end is the same, love.
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Arrival Stories is a wonderful collection of stories about child birth. I loved the breadth of stories. Although billions have given birth, there are so many unique stories. There's something about pregnancy and childbirth that becomes so fascinating when you're pregnant or after you've had your own children. I love that there is finally a collection like this. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC. All thoughts are my own.
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Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

Heartwarming and heartbreaking essays all in one book. It was not an easy read at times but I’m glad I read it.
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As a mother myself, this book was emotional and spoke to my heart.  It is a beautiful thing when women share their stories of motherhood.  It is worth reading the stories.  Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book.
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What a wonderful collection of essays about childbirth!  I really like the term “arrival stories” as it seems much more inclusive of every type of arrival than more traditional terms. I personally had three very different arrival stories for each of my children and it is such a broad spectrum for everyone.  

Amy Schumer and Christy Turlington Burns came together to share the stories of how their children arrived but also to highlight other women’s stories.  From Serena Williams and Sienna Miller to many other celebrity and non-celeb mothers - many powerful stories are recounted.  This book is a celebration of the experience one has in bringing life to this world.  However, this book also illuminates the challenges that mothers’ face including the much more dire circumstances women of colour face when they interact with the healthcare system.  Specifically the fact that black women suffer from many more complications and experience poorer outcomes in maternal healthcare due to racial bias in the medical system.

This book was wonderful - enlightening, celebratory and powerful.  It would be a fantastic gift for any mother in your life.
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I enjoyed this collection of personal essays from mothers. The women in this book represent diverse cultures, backgrounds, and professions. All types of relationship statuses are also covered. Miscarriages and abortion appear, as do fertility treatments and a variety of labor situations. There is an adoption story, a same sex couple, twins, and stillbirth.
Some of the stories cover reasons for wanting children and planning, others have surprise pregnancies. I feel like the overall message is that women are amazing and becoming a mother is a deeply personal, powerful event that alters you in many ways.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really loved reading these stories of other women as they become mothers and how it shaped them. As a mother myself it is always nice to see that celebrities, who we might think have it easy, are human also. I really loved reading these stories and being able to relate as a mother. A compilation that every mother should read. 

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC!
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I would have loved a book like this before and/or after my first child was born. One thing that struck me at the time (call me one with too much ego)was how all of the attention focused on my daughter. She was lovely/amazing but I was also thinking about myself and the complications of my delivery. At the time I thought, if it had been my appendix, people might have asked about what I’d been through. So, as I began in this paragraph, I would have liked to share my story and know those of others. Therefore I truly thank the authors of this book for the collection.

Here readers will find essays by some they have heard of (Serena Williams, Amber Tamblyn, Christy Turlington Burns and others) and those they don’t already know but will come to know in these pages. There are many experiences and points of view.

Each story is unique and an engaging read. I especially enjoyed the entry by Jill Scott. I remembered watching her in the adaptation of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Who knew that she was pregnant then? Also, loved the one by Serena Williams. She shares what was a difficult experience and that for someone who was an athlete in peak shape.

This book is the perfect gift for the right recipient. I very much enjoyed and recommend it.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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When I received the ARC of this book and saw the authors, I couldn’t wait to get started. I’m the mother of a beautiful, smart 7-year-old girl and her birth story was not full of rainbows and roses.  I’ve always said that if I had known more about potential complications during childbirth, maybe I would have prepared for that day differently.  I would have asked more questions.  I would have known more about what the day had in store for me. 

This collection of essays/stories covered the full spectrum of outcomes – stillbirth, NICU stays, emergency c-sections, long laboring, and easy births.  It was refreshing to hear so many ways that women began motherhood, and they all ended the same way – amazed with the little baby in their arms.  I have often found groups of women friends telling their birth stories and reading these stories felt very familiar, like a room of women talking to one another and telling their stories. 

My only negative thought while reading was that I would have to stop to google someone to put a face with a name.  I would have loved more photos of the women who shared these intimate moments with us.  Not having that face made it less intimate.  (I completely understand not wanting to share photos of the kids.) 

I will recommend this book to all my friends who become pregnant in the future, and all of my friends who enjoy hearing about the paths to motherhood. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the ARC of Arrival Stories by Amy Schumer and Christy Turlington Burns.
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I pushed all aside when I was given an advance copy of Amy Schumer’s & Christy Turlington’s book Arrival Stories which is a compilation of women’s birth stories.  I have four grown children and have had three miscarriages, and each has their own story which taught me to never take motherhood for granted. Our oldest has twins so her story is unique from mine.   Reading the experiences of each of these women who become mothers is a uniting experience.  Turlington’s advocacy for better health care during pregnancy and in childbirth on behalf of  women globally with her non-profit and documentary is to be admired. To confirm how compelling this book was, I read it in one sitting until late at night.  Thank you Amy and Christy!!
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I'm a sucker for birth stories and anthologies about motherhood. I loved the intention behind this collection and the focus on addressing maternal health outcomes, particularly for women of color. That being said, I struggled a little with some of the stories. Nearly all of the women featured have significant wealth and/or celebrity status. The financial ramifications of birthing a child were barely discussed, which I find to be a crucial missed opportunity. For someone to lament about the trials of motherhood (legitimate as they may be) in the same sentence they share that they had a night nurse and nanny was pretty unrelatable and not reflective of the "typical" parenting experience.

All of that said, I did like that the multitude of ways in which a person can arrive at motherhood were spotlighted and no two stories were alike.
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Thanks NetGalley for the preview! 

As someone who is roughly a month away from giving birth this book was wonderful! Hearing so many different perspectives and paths through birth was eye opening.  I enjoyed learning about options that I had never heard of before.  It was nice to see how each woman wrote about their experience in such a honest and open way.  I also appreciated seeing what partners did to help support the birth of their children.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of Arrival Stories, a compilation of deeply honest essays about pregnancy, miscarriage, motherhood and more.

There are so many things that I wish I'd known before heading into the delivery room, and this collection covers all of those hard to talk about feelings and experiences with raw honesty and surprising humor. Serena Williams tells us about her unexpected C-section and the multiple surgeries that followed; her strength off of the court saved her life when she insisted that the doctors take her symptoms seriously. LaLa Anthony explains how she is able to raise her son as both a mother and a friend because it is possible to achieve that balance,

Reading about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of pregnancy and motherhood according to some of our most loved celebrities make this a must-read for women everywhere.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Random House Publishing Group-Random House  and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Quite relatable for many. It does a fantastic job shining a light on injustices women of color face giving birth. The disconnect in maternal healthcare between race, economy is gobsmacking. Doctors don’t listen, it doesn’t matter what gender the doctor is either. They assume to know best. Listen to your patient. This book highlights the battle women fight with the healthcare system during pregnancy and childbirth to be heard. Wealth, class, religion, culture, aren’t the issue it’s the healthcare system. Women of color suffer even more unfortunately.
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