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Anthony Riches the thriller writer has become a modern Lee Childs. Only two books in and Mickey Bale is a character I want to follow for a long time. 

Target Zero is a high octane international thriller, that incredible seems to forshadow current world events involving Russian oligarchs and dodgy British characters.

The book is a real page turner, one to keep you up long into the night. Riches’ writing feels authentic and natural, not forced as some thriller writers are. An enjoyable read, and definitely a series ill keep coming back to.
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Target Zero is an action-packed international thriller with contemporary themes, intelligence organisations and an enigmatic main protagonist. The second in the Michael Bale series, it's an intense, page-turning read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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Follow up to the rather entertaining “Nemesis” where a Met close protection officer goes rogue to find those responsible for his sister’s death.
The authorities have decided to overlook Mickey Bale’s transgressions and he has quietly left the Met and spent time upskilling his close combat talents.
MI5 think he might be the right person to go undercover as close protection for a Russian Oligarch who they suspect might be supporting a deadly terrorist plan. The trouble is, Mickey has burned a lot of bridges and has very few friends left and there are still gangsters out there who think he is there to be used.
It’s entertaining action all the way and a lot of fun. A writer of fantastic Roman thrillers, Anthony Riches has managed to transfer here talents rather well, he excels in writing good characters and the relationship between Mickey and his MI5 handler is excellent.
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Target Zero by Anthony Riches was an action packed phenomenal read. This book is the second in the Michael Bale series. I highly recommend that you purchase this book come April 14th. Thank you to NetGalley and Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book for this advanced copy.
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Spies and Russians, the perfect combination, really great thriller with lots going on. I thoroughly enjoyed this book
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Wow, what a book that was to read!  Perhaps a bit too close to the bone given what is currently going on in the world but it kept me glued to the book wanting to know what happened next!
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Mickey Bale, ex SAS and ex met, has blotted his book completely.  After killing the gang who sold a lethal narcotic to his sister, he is only prevented from prison by the dirt he holds on a senior police officer.

So when he lands a job at a security firm, which puts him in the household of a Russian oligarch, he is annoyed, but not surprised, to find that MI5 use the skeletons from his past to coerce him to spy on the Russian.  This leads him into more danger than enough, and he has to use all his skills and ingenuity to survive.

An exciting thriller with enough of a punch to keep action fans satisfied.  Good stuff.
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