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I loved this book so much! Her writing is always spot on and this was no different! Such a great story and strong characters
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This one was fun, cute and fresh, Jean is quickly becoming a go to author for me. I enjoyed this one very much.
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Jean Meltzer is one of my go-to authors. The way she incorporates Jewish identity and disability representation is nothing less than a delight. Mr. Perfect on Paper is no different. I look forward to what is next for these characters, and what is next from Meltzer as an author.
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I enjoyed Mr. Perfect on Paper and devoured it quickly. Chris and Dara were a lot of fun to get to know and the blind dates premise gave the novel good structure. I loved how Dara talked about and engaged with both the Jewish faith and culture. That being said, if not for the Jewishness of this book I don't know that it would stand out as anything special. It was fun but not particularly memorable except for that. I would definitely recommend it to any rom-com reader!
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This was such a wonderful read! It was cute, funny, and relatable. I loved how Jean Meltzer addressed anxiety and went into Dara's experience with it to such an extent. After reading The Matzah Ball, I will definitely read anything Jean Meltzer writes!
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Love seeing more Jewish rep in rom coms and we are so lucky we have someone like Jean Meltzer.  Thank you to Harper for the gifted ARC my honest review.
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Yes, yes, yes!!

A romance for true and honest romance LOVERS!

This was brilliant and such an incredible love story. I was enthralled by Dara and Chris' relationship from the very beginning!
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I have never been a Rom Com fan but once again if you are looking for a light entertaining book to take you on a romantic journey you can not go wrong with the delightful new book by Jean Meltzer, Mr Perfect on Paper.  

Meltzer reached success last year with her debut novel, The Matzah Ball, a Jewish Rom Com about finding true love against the odds.  This time she follows a similar path with a new young woman, with a chronic anxiety disorder who is looking for Mr Right.  All her anxiety seems to be getting in the way of finding her perfect match and  falling in love.  

Ironically she has developed a dating website that scientifically matches you to the mate of your dreams. It is all in the algorithm ... That becomes the premise for the book.  Matchmaker Dara Rabinowitz comes from a long line of matchmakers and has modernized the art as the creator and CEO of the app J-Mate.  She has created the online formula for lasting love.  Her mother before her was a matchmaker along with her grandmother who may have one last match to make, Dara herself.

Chris Steadfast, the national television and charming news anchor of Good News proposes they turn Dara’s search into must-see TV.  He is trying to save his show from cancelation when he realizes that following Dara as she dates to find her perfect mate brings in big ratings.

Of course this is romance at its finest and the best laid plans go awry.  There is cute comedy and romance which just leads to great escape reading.  So fill the bath with bubbles and get the incense and candles ready and slip under the water for a quiet read.
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As a Jewish reviewer with GAD, I knew this was a must-have book the minute I read the description.

Dara, as the creator of a Jewish dating app, is a character I loved to read about. And the story itself had a mix of all the things I love the most-- TV personalities, Judaism, Cross-Cultural Romances, and lots of Yiddish and laughter. It certainly didn't hurt that this book takes place over the course of the High Holy Days, and it was lovely to read about Jewish Joy and Jewish holidays!

This book is absolutely delightful, with a perfect balance of mental health (GAD) rep and humor and love and family.  Another absolute win by Jean Meltzer!
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Once again, Jean has written something that I love with all of my heart!! It’s not just that this romance story is *perfect* in every way (if you’ve seen any other reviews, you already know that’s true)! Jean writes stories that are close to my heart.

One of my favorite things about this book is that Jean handles the portrayal of Generalized Anxiety Disorder with such authenticity and care. Throughout this book, I thought a lot about my very first conversation with my therapist when she explained my GAD. She said, “It seems like you’re able to manage every-day life pretty well, but I bet your quality of life INSIDE your head doesn’t feel so great.” (My mind was blown. She’s v good at her job.)

I loved that even though Dara had GAD, it wasn’t *who she was*. Sure, we both have to navigate it (daily… hourly?), but we’re also both privileged to have people who help us trudge through muddiness and live the lives we’re grateful to have.

And we, as readers, have people like Jean who know that her books are more than their stories. They’re safe places to feel seen, to learn, and find connection.

Congrats on your second book, Jean!!! I’m forever grateful to be your fangirl.
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This is a sweet rom-com, but the over-explanation of GAD made this feel a bit too clinical and stood in the way of allowing the main character and her actions speak for themselves. I'd also love to have seen more of what makes the romantic couple work rather than being told how they feel about each other.
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A feel-good romance that came into my life at a time nothing could keep my attention. I enjoyed the start, and learning about the lead character's faith, and their family's history of matchmaking.  I found the com-part of this rom-com, not exactly as comedic as I had hoped for. All in all, I did enjoy this story and will recommend it to the romance readers in my life.
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this novel reminded me of “by any other name” by lauren kate but with a twist that incorporated a bachelorette-style series of dates. right off the bat, i knew i’d love the duo that dara and her grandmother make! i thought of her grandmother as a third main character … i mean, without her, we wouldn’t have this story! just like in “by any other name” i was skeptical at the idea of dara finding “the one” who checks off every. single. one. of her requirements. i admired how invested chris was in helping dara find love but i felt that the two of them didn’t get as much one-on-one time together. most of the novel focuses on dara going on the different events coordinated by chris and i just wished they got to do more activities! i thought it was really fun how each of the dates were centered around the holidays because being jewish is extremely important to dara. i also was really proud to see how much growth dara accomplished over a few months! and - as a romantic and sucker for grand gestures - i was extremely satisfied with the ending and how comfortable dara became in compromising her life, passions, and identity
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For Dara Rabinowitz, love isn't about a feeling. It is about compatibility. As the founder of the wildly popular dating app, J-Mate, Dara is modernizing her family legacy of matchmaking. She seems to have it all figured out, if she could only figure out her own love life. When she is featured on the news, she crosses paths with Christ Steadfast, a man whom she has seen on TV and watched with interest. Chris is all wrong for her though, he is a single father and not of the Jewish faith. Will Dara follow her heart? Or will her head keep her from being happy? 
While I think we all know the answer to that question, the back and forth chemistry building with these characters was done to perfection. I could relate to Dara's focus on her family's expectations and her personal expectations and how she rectifies that with what she desires. Smartly written and insightful, this was a really fun read and enjoyable to the last page. I really enjoyed all of the characters and was sad to see it end. 
For some romance lovers, this will lack the steam factor. But the fun (albeit chaste) interactions between the characters definitely compensates for this. Highly recommend for when you need something that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling.
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Thank you @_mira_books_ for my #gifted copy!

💕 genre: romance
🖊️ author: @jeanmeltzer
📖 format: physical
📚 read if you like: Rachel Lynn Solomon, want to learn about Jewish holidays, reality TV, the bachelor


YES!!! What a fun Jewish rom-com!

Dara is the creator of a popular Jewish dating app (yes, think JSwipe), but she has yet to find her match. When she does on national tv with her Bubbe, her “The Perfect Jewish Husband” list is revealed. Chris, the host of the tv show, realizes that maybe he could help her find her perfect match.

Set over the course of the Jewish High Holidays this delightfully Jewish read is filled with fun, joy, and Yiddish.

I have so much love for this book, and I loved chatting with Jean about it. This book is such a great addition to books with Jewish rep.

Jean also does a fantastic job with the mental health rep in this book. Dara has GAD, and I loved how Dara was so open about her anxiety and the conversations that resulted.

There’s a lot to love about this rom-com, and I really hope you add it to your tbr!
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Dara Rabinowitz is a creator and CEO of a Jewish dating app which is pretty much an extension of her family matchmaking gig. While on an interview on a morning how her grandma outs Dara's perfect Jewish husband list and now the news anchor Chris wants to help her find the one to help get his ratings up.

I really enjoyed this book. So for Dara being Jewish was a big part of who she was and finding the perfect mate was a goal but with her anxiety and issues that's made things complicated. Then with her meddling's grandma outing her it was interesting seeing her be put on dates that would fall into her perfect Jewish husband list and the mishaps ensue. But then again theres the other side with Chris who has his own thing going he's still dealing with a big of grief of loosing his wife and having to be a single father to a failing morning show so its not looking great and Dara and her perfect husband thing could be just what he needs to bump up his situation. I just loved seeing the two together, the sweet moments and moments of getting to know one another. The only thing was being Jewish was everything to Dara and the different religion and lifestyles was an issue and I just couldn't wait to see how everything would turn out in the end. Overall great book I really enjoyed it.
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This one had a lot of potential. I loved learning about the Jewish religion, all the  intricate details of celebrating and worshipping. I learned so much and am very interested in learning more.

However, that’s the only part of the book I liked. Dara was a very surface character. Her anxiety and wealth were her whole personality. It felt very forced to provide representation and lumped every stereotype of anxiety into one flat character.

Chris was also very flat. He had no personality outside of his show. 

I think I would try more from this author because I want to read and recommend more Jewish authors.

I received an advance copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Such a cute and fun read! Rom-com at its finest. I loved learning more about the Jewish faith and the holidays. Highly recommend Mr. Perfect on Paper!
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The heart wants what the heart wants…

Dara Rabinowitz runs her family-owned matchmaking business. And in the new era of technology she has modernized the process with an app, J-Mate. Between Dara and her family they’ve successfully brought together thousands of Jewish singles who went on to marry and start families of their own.

Ironically, love has never been in the cards for Dara, who now in her late thirties, feels maybe that ship has sailed.

But after Dara and her grandmother are featured on a local New York morning show, Dara’s wish-list for her personal Mr. Perfect goes viral!

What if Mr. Right is right in front of her? Can Dara accept her perfect match even if he doesn’t tick all her boxes?

“I’ve been waiting for you”

I listened to this book with the biggest smile on my face. Dara was hilarious in all her “blind dates.” I adored the wonder relationship between Dara and her grandmother.
And… Grandmas’ squad of friends who stole the show!🤣

Though I had both the digital and audio versions, I much preferred audio. The narrator Dara Rosenberg did a superb job!

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing - MIRA for my digital ARC as well as my local library for supplying me with the audio version🎧
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I have come to love books that introduce other religions or lifestyles without it being over whelming. The main character is on a search for "mr prefect" and he must be Jewish too might to list. But does he really have to be?
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