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I received this Arc from Netgalley. Thank you for the chance to read this book early. My review is honest and 100% my own thoughts about the book.

I really enjoyed this really cute second chance romance. It was well written. I loved how a once child star, Shelby, is reunited with Camron, the childhood sweet heart, to make a remodeling show together. There is a slight love triangle going on.

I love the chemistry that Shelby and Camron have. I would say that is I slightly a slob urn and would love a little more back story. However I really did enjoy the book in a whole. Definitely a really cute second chance romcom! This book has Spice, interesting family dynamics, fun banter and growth through help from a therapist
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Back in the day, Lyle, Cameron, and Shelby were the child stars of a Boy Meets World style sitcom. Lyle was the lead, and Shelby and Cam were... totally crushing on each other from the start. 5 years after the end of the show, Shelby gets dumped by Lyle in a fiery demise of their relationship, and Cameron comes running to help her pick up the pieces, only to leave her in the lurch again. 5 years after THAT, Shelby and Cameron get conned into a conversation about starting a house renovation reality show... And Cameron's still-there/never-left affection for Shelby gets him signing on despite having no experience whatsoever. And so we begin...

This book is WONDERFUL. It's so sweet, and I could not put it down. I finished it in 36 hours. 

Full disclosure, I was given access to this book through NetGalley a year ago. But I missed the download date, so couldn't read it through their system. I've been busy with so many other books lately, I didn't go hunting for it right away. 

GUYS. I HAVE REGRETS!!! I could have been talking this book up FOR A YEAR, and getting it into people's hands for ages, and I haven't been, because I was a lazy slob that requested more than I could handle. 

Shelby is a tough chick now that she's grown into herself and she's so fun to cheer on. Cameron is the bearded book-boyfriend hottie everyone needs in their lives. Lyle is a big fat asshole and watching his smackdowns from the MCs and everyone else around him, is a damn delight. The romance is sweet and also steamy. The chat about woodwork and building are decently accurate and not boring as they're discussed. The background characters are wonderful and interesting and I want more. And I'm so excited to know THERE IS MORE! There's a sequel with one of Shelby's besties and I'm absolutely going to get that book as well. 

I am such a dummy for sleeping on this book and I'm absolutely RUNNING to tell our library buyer that he NEEDS to get these books ASAP because i need to start getting this book in more people's hands. I love it. So. So. Much. 

I received an Advanced Reader Copy via NetGalley in return for sharing my thoughts on this book. Thanks to the author and publisher for this opportunity! I'm sorry for my delay in finally getting this book reviewed!
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What sets "Built to Last" apart is the richly drawn backdrop of the home renovation show, which adds an interesting layer to the narrative. The supporting cast of characters adds depth to the story, with their own unique struggles and triumphs.

Overall, "Built to Last" is a delightful blend of romance and self-discovery, filled with genuine emotions that will tug at your heartstrings. Erin Hahn's engaging storytelling and well-crafted characters make this novel a joy to read
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A swoon worthy romance with a sprinkle of spice, highly recommended for lovers of second chances. With alternating POVs, this story gives you everything you want in an easy read.
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Shelby has spent 10 years reinventing herself. As a former child star who left Hollywood, she traded in her party clothes for overalls. But when she is approached with an opportunity to reconnect with the one who got away on a home renovation show, she agrees to step back into the limelight on her own terms.

I absolutely adored this book. The second chance romance is so well done, and I really love that we got to see flashback scenes of Shelby and Cameron a decade ago. It helped solidify their connection and why they were so deeply affected by their breakup and the end of their friendship.

Erin has such a beautiful way with words, and I laughed out loud multiple times reading this! I loved the balance of romance and character growth, and this was full of gorgeous descriptions of vintage furniture.

The setting, side characters, and pacing were so well done. I highly recommend this book to romance lovers! Erin's YA was so tender, but this adult novel brought the heat!

Thank you to St. Martin's Griffin for an eARC. All thoughts are my own.
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She is a former child star, he's her former co-star and the one who got away... the childhood sweetheart.

Shelby wants to prove she isn't a mess, and has her life together, and Cameron can't resist her. So when the idea of a home renovation show is brought to their attention, they both opt in! If you love second chance romance, and/or HGTV - you, like me, will loooooove this one!

It's so cute, so fun, and I gave it 5 stars.

*Gifted by Netgalley & St. Martin's Griffin - thank you! All opinions are my own.
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DNF @ 25%

My opinions set me in the minority group on this one. I personally didn't care for the characters and found them kind of whiny. I loved the premise and the set up was going well! However, I think for a romance to work, the reader needs to be rooting for the characters and I just couldn't. I'm not adding a star rating because I really think this is more of a "me" issue than an issue with the book.
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Second chance romance is one of my favorite tropes and this one was a great addition to what I've already read by Erin Hahn! Such a great quick and easy read.
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As my first book by Erin Hahn, I really looking forward to reading this book. I loved the premise and the first half of the book. But the third act breakup really ruined the story for me. The first half of the book was enjoyable. But the second half of the book was just disappointing and I quickly lost interest.
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This wasn't a book for me. I did enjoy parts of it, but overall I just don't think I was the right target audience for it. I did really love the setting and the town! Also, I always love a good second chance romance!
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Such a sweet second chance love story! I really enjoyed this one, even if it's not going to be a forever favorite. A great beach read or something to get you out of a slump. Fun characters and backstory! 3.5 stars
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I loved this book, it gave me vibes from Lucy Score's The Christmas Fix and also How To Love Ypur Neighbor vibes by Sophie Sullivan. This super adorable, childhood sweethearts, second chance book caught my heart and never let go! Shelby and Cameron had great chemistry, and I enjoyed their individual character arcs! 

A couple things I didn't like- I hate the miscommunication. It bothers me when grown adults aren't able to open their mouths and express their needs! 

Next, I didn't particularly like how passive Cameron was. He wasn't passionate about anything, and I had a hard time connecting with him as a person. He was so blah that at times I wanted to just skip the things he was saying and move onto the next scene. He needed to grow a backbone and say what he wanted and ask Shelby out!! 

Overall though it was delightful,and I would recommend it to my friends!
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I tried to both read and listen to this book but found the characters unappealing and not interesting.
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Second chance romance with childhood friends to lovers was made for me. And a slow burn to boot?! I’m in heaven. 

I ate this up so quick and it was delicious! I’m really hoping she writes more adult book cause I need them!
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3/5 Stars 

I'm starting to think Erin Hahn just isn't the author for me. I feel like I just don't jive with her writing. I found my self a little annoyed with the  jumping back and forth to past and present. I thought the romance itself was cute. I always enjoy a second chance romance. I also enjoyed the banter and the HGTV aspect. Overall it was a cute second romance, not my favorite but still enjoyable.
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Predictible, cliche, and cute - if that is what you like in a RomCom, this book is for you! Especially if you like super quick reads. I'm giving it four stars because I think that it is fitting of the (cheesy) RomCom genre, even though it wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you to Netgalley & Publishers for access to an arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A cute, quick read. Not my favorite, as I felt the characters weren’t very well developed. They fell a bit flat for me, and I just would have loved to see more from them. Otherwise a cute read if you need a quick pick-me-up.
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Reality TV meets HGTV in this second chance rom com. Right off the bat this story just goes full force. We meet Shelby who is trying to overcome her past trauma and Cameron who is a sap when it comes to Shelby but just can't stop running away to chase new stories. What happens when they get another chance? Fireworks!

This is very NA, sweet but spicy and touches base on a few traumas. I thought it was very cute and an easy read. One of those reads that takes you mind off things and you don't have to think about it to much, I felt like the characters where relatable in their thoughts, feelings and emotions, Its not just surface level issues but things people can really relate to and understand.

I enjoyed all the characters, not just the main ones but the side characters too! Im definitely interested to see what future books she has for these side characters. 

I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a fast pace, easy, sweet second chance romcom!
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If you love stories about childhood friends getting another chance at love, you’ll enjoy this story and will enjoy this sweet take on a fun trope.
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Thank you, NetGalley, and Griffin, for the ARC of Built to Last. This was a cute rom com, perfect for people who enjoy HGTV!
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