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I feel like the author has dropped into a fantastic romantic movie. She did a great job a world building right from the first page. Two great main characters with well defined backgrounds for you to understand their connection and what kept them separated. Loads of friends and family for each of them, also well defined.
Cameron and Shelby’s history was well built and explained for us including Lyle, their ex co-star and her ex boyfriend. And yes, co-star. The three were former child stars. 
Lyle is the perfect conniving, manipulative and jealous ex co-star. Cameron and Shelby are two former co-stars who have always been meant to be.

A new fixer upper tv show is pitched to them by, of all people, Lyle.  Add in a gossip news smear campaign you have a great story. 
Can these two get past their own issues to be a couple and make it through all of it? Will the shows pilot make it to television and be picked up for a full season? Will Cameron settle in and not go back on the road doing NatGeo Documentaries? Will Shelby stop hiding from Hollywood and her past there? Will Lyle and his lies win over it all? 
Such a great read!!
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I've been a fan of this author for a while and this is an adorable story of two characters who were once popular child actors. Life has taken them on different paths and now they are going to star in a home renovation show together. Neither is willing to openly admit they have serious feelings for each other. Their complicated relationship and and relationships with those around them make this a delightful book to read.  When the 3rd co-star of their childhood series is manipulating the production of their new television show, things get more complicated. I enjoyed the characters and their connection, as well as some of the side characters and I'm hoping that one will be featured in her next novel! Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinon.
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Oh wow! I loved this book! Erin Hahn did a wonderful job showing how the character had evolved over their years apart. I loved the connection Shelby and Cameron shared. I couldn’t get enough of their relationship. It was a beautiful story of true love and how you really do have that someone special. I sure hope Lorelia and Maren get their own books. What fun group they are.
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"I've been floating a long time. Trying this, chasing that, never quite finding anything to tie me down.

Maybe I wasn't looking for something to tie me down. Maybe I've been looking for someone, an anchor...

As if that first day when I knocked on Shelby's door and helped her finish those shelves, her soul entwined itself with mine, holding me down and passing me a brush loaded with varnish and said, 'Stay with me and we can build something together.'"

Shelby and Cameron are childhood stars that worked together on the same tv show. They fell in love while working together until Cameron abruptly left his Hollywood life behind, leaving Shelby with questions unanswered. After an awkward, messy encounter in their early twenties and years following that with no contact, the pair find themselves piloting a home renovation show together. 

This was adorable! Such a fun, low-angst, second chance romance. I love a second-chance romance, but throw in some home renovations and I'm IN. I loved reading Shelby and Cameron reacquaint themselves with one another and find the love they lost in the years between.

Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and Erin Hahn for the early copy! 🏡🛠
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The book was a good read, although it was a little predictable and the characters weren’t really fleshed out. Too be frank, it wasn’t very realistic but who says it needs to be. All in all, it was an enjoyable book.
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I received an ARC of, Built to Last, by Erin Hahn. I found this book to only be ok.  I wanted more from the characters, and less swearing.
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I think my favorite part of this book was the premise. I fell in love with the descriptions of Shelby's furniture, and the Caroline Street house. However, while the characters were fun, they were a little two-dimensional and the story was predictable. I really enjoyed reading, but I think the plot could've been deepened and made a little bit more realistic.
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This adult rom-com is all about second chance love and learning not to run away with things get complicated or difficult. While a bit messy with some miscommunication and a terrible side character that will irritate you and couldn't stop adding drama (looking at you, Lyle), it's an enjoyable book where childhood costars Cameron and Shelby reconnect on a home improvement reality show.

I really liked the side characters in Lorelei (who I could totally see having her own book and I'm crossing my fingers she does get one!) and Kevin and how supportive they were when Cameron and Shelby needed it. It had lots of small-town vibes and I loved the home improvement aspect of it and how Shelby turned to furniture restoration once she exited Hollywood. I love seeing characters in books have unconventional or trade-related jobs as it adds some variety and makes them more unique! And Cameron being a bearded hunk of a National Geographic filmmaker (another cool profession!) who was on board to learning home improvement to be closer to Shelby? So swoon-worthy!

I loved the dual-POVs (getting to see characters fall for each other from both perspectives is the way to my heart!), although the chapters named after popular pop songs left me a little confused as to why that was even a detail as they didn't really seem to connect and felt very random. I also felt like while we got to know the characters in terms of their relationship with each other and how they interacted in regards to the reality show, they could've used more development and depth outside those two perspectives.

The writing was great and there was a good balance between spice and plot, so kudos to the author! Any avid rom-com fan will enjoy this book and will be left feeling cozy and romantic by the end. This is a book I could see myself rereading, even if the miscommunication and Lyle made me cringe a little at times!
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Shelby and Cameron were once teen stars on a hit show along with their friend Lyle, but miscommunication took them apart and Shelby rebounded with Lyle who cheated on her. Cue a lot of hurt feelings. Now, ten years later, they are all 3 working together on a pilot for a home renovation show as Shelby and Cam start finding their way back to each other. 

I enjoyed this book; the author is new to me but she helped the characters pop from the page. I felt like Lyle was a bit of a one dimensional “villain” but he worked for the story. I liked that there really wasn’t a big 11th hour problem and it was more them working together.
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I could not put this book down! Love triangles make me nervous but wow, I ended up loving this one! Friends to lovers is one of my favorites tropes
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This book was SO addicting. The chemistry between the two leads have incredible chemistry and the banter and dialogue is beyond cute. I love the extended timeline of the story and the tension of on screen personas versus off screen tension. Amazing!
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This rom-com has a cute premise: former child stars who came of age on TV (and had a first kiss on camera that went down in television history) are persuaded to star in a reality TV show in a house makeover show. Shelby is a real restoration artist, her former co-star Cameron is not. He is a documentary artist who has been traveling the world nonstop since their hit teen show ended.

Rom-com is not my genre usually, but "Built to Last" is a must for library collections and bookstores to satisfy the romance demand. The novel is a quick read with realistic, winsome characters; snappy dialogue; and steamy love scenes. 

I was fully expecting a twist based on the setup–there was every indication that the producer of the show was not trustworthy, and I expected the main characters to uncover some shocking revelation about hidden cameras that would both boost ratings and add a bit of thriller/suspense frisson with a genuine villain. This factor, in my opinion, would make the novel a real standout, even if it would have to be like a soap opera. I felt a bit let down when I didn't get a twist of any kind, but recommend this for frothy light reading nevertheless.
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I received an advanced reader copy of Built to Last from Netgalley

This second chance romance about two former child stars reuniting for a home improvement reality TV show was really cute and there's just the right about of spice.

Shelby and Cameron were in love when they co-starred on a television show as teens (think Boy Meets World), but when Cameron runs off the college, leaving Shelby without a goodbye (RUDE), she turns to a familiar face and falls for her other co-star, Lyle. Years later, after a highly publicized breakup with Lyle (think Britney and Justin-level paparazzi breakup), Shelby calls Cam. He flies on a pedal hopper from Alaska (even though he hates flying... ok, maybe a little redemption moment here) and encourages her to leave her Hollywood life behind, but he runs off again just like that, returning to his work with National Geographic.

Shelby runs home to Michigan and works in her shop restoring furniture alongside her dad who restores old homes. Years have passed, and she's happy, sober (love that for you, Shelb), and ready to prove herself with an HGTV/Fixer Upper-style television show. Lyle takes on the role of showrunner for Shelby's pilot episode (!!!), and the catch is he wants Cameron to be her co-host. Of course, Cam agrees because he'll do anything for Shelby. Except stick around. But maybe, just maybe, this time he will.

"I fell hard for the Old Shelby, but this new version will absolutely destroy me."

The flirty co-host dynamic was akin to the fake dating trope (which I love) to a certain extent because they get to act and play a role and be bolder with each other than they probably would be otherwise. Because it's just for the cameras... right? RIGHT? 

I enjoyed the split POV between Shelby and Cameron because I got to see into their heads and understand their motives. But I think I would have loved a split timeline even more. We got a few glimpses into their past - the book opens up at the Shelby/Lyle breakup, jumps to the present day, and then at some point we do get a teenage years glimpse, but it felt choppy. I found myself doing mental math once or twice to figure out their ages. They were teens on the show, early 20s for the big breakup, and late 20s present day. I liked the teenage years scene because it showed how much Shelby and Cameron have matured. Their awkward puppy love was new and exciting but now they've been through a lot and they're more sure of themselves.

"Child stars have this weird quirk where they're never really kids to begin with, but they never grow up either."

I get nervous about the love triangle trope but luckily this story didn't really entertain that. Every character is in agreement that there is no redemption arc for Lyle "That Fucker" Jessup. I wish there had been more to Lyle's story to explain his bad behavior, but he was kind of a flat character. I thought maybe Lyle brought them together on purpose for the greater good or something, but that was never really explored.

There was a cute line at the end that I really liked about couples being "costars in life" and I really vibed with that.

Read this if you're in the mood for:
-second chance romance
-dual POV
-celebrity romance
-a little spice
-small-town romance (it has the vibes)

Note to the author: I'll keep my eyes peeled for Lorelai's story next.
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I’m not going to lie, for a second there, I was worried. Chapter 1 Shelby was not a character I was interested in getting to know. Thankfully, that was just a drunken disaster and her real personality came to play  in Chapter 2 and beyond. This book is a second chance friends-to-lovers romance packed full with miscommunication but with a cute Chip & Joanna Gaines premise (did they get divorced? Maybe I won’t use them as my example).

This book was super cutesy and I loved the premise but I felt the added obstacle of Shelby’s ex as the show runner was just a little too random and over the top. Cameron and Shelby had enough going on with their miscommunication and working to reconnect that Lyle coming in periodically to stoke the flames kind of took away from the storyline and was more of a distraction than anything.

Overall, this is a super sweet story that I believe a lot of people are going to enjoy. Perhaps I’m just bitter and overly critical. 3.5 Stars.
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This book was such a cute and romantic story. I'm a big fan of Erin Hahn and I cannot wait for more of her adult romances. I really love the Erin Hahn Universe and that all the characters are slightly connected.
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Shelby Springfield is a former child star and a home renovation maven with a talent for woodworking. Cameron Riggs is Shelby’s former costar and a travel photographer for NatGeo. The two are cast together as a home renovation duo for a new HGTV-style show. 

This book was actually just meh for me. I didn’t feel a ton of chemistry between Shelby and Cameron, even though they had a long history together. Lyle and Shelby’s mom were unredeemable jerks and I felt like there was too much external conflict that took away from their relationship. In my opinion this almost read more chick-lit instead of romance, but it did have a dual POV.
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Erin Hahn's adult debut Built to Last is written to last for sure! The characters are adorable, and I enjoyed the set up for the next novel in the series
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This was such a great read, and a great adult debut. Definitely going to read whatever else Erin Hahn writes, and I need to go back and check out her YA stuff too! I really liked that there was no third act break up in this book. It was refreshing to read a contemporary romance about two people finding their way to each other after not being ready to be together when they were younger. I love friends to lovers, and this one was perfect! Also I am so here for the HGTV vibes.
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I don’t know if friends to lovers or a second chance at love is my favorite troupe, but this novel combined both. Cameron and Shelby knew each other as children, had a falling out, and then were given the opportunity to fall in love again. 

It was refreshing to read a rom com where issues were handled through communication, rather than running away and fighting. This meant that there was no big reunion scene, but there was no lack of “awww” factor.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and St Martin's Press for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  I enjoyed this book.  I mean it has its odd moments, but mostly for me it was just a feel good book.  I loved the main characters and their friends.  Shelby's mom was ridiculous, and Lyle was just mean (but don't we all have someone like this in our lives?).  Overall, an interesting, worthwhile read...from child stars who fell in love to adults who came back together and did it all over.  4 stars
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