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A slow-burn second chance romance with engaging characters, Built to Last touches on a lot of issues, such as unhealthy family relationships, trial by social media, revenge, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
I loved main characters Shelby and Cameron, and the way they cope with the duplicitous Lyle, Shelby’s nightmare stage-mother mom Ada Mae, and Cameron’s estranged father and brother makes for an entertaining read. The action moves along quickly and the story flows well. Subtle humor and colorful secondary characters add to the fun and readers will cheer Shelby and Cam as they turn the tables on Lyle and the novel builds to its climax and resolution. Lovers of “clean” romance and women’s fiction will appreciate this charming light read.

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I loved 'Built to Last' by Erin Hahn. I read A LOT and a lot of romcoms and this one had it all.

Erin Hahn wrote two fantastic main protagonists in her love story about Cameron and Shelby. It's a troupe but her writing makes it fresh because her character development starts out strong from the first paragraph. Cameron has wanted Shelby from the first moment they met which is love at first sight but the bond they have always shared and waited until they both matured enough from child stars to reconnecting as adults had a lot of nuances

Shelby always knew she had a great friend in Cameron but when they met at twelve as child stars they formed a bond that forShelby she knew she had a lifelong friend. For Cameron, it was more but he knew he had to leave LA to go to college and he became a world-traveling documentary filmmaker for National Geographic. At the same time, Shelby stayed in LA and went into a relationship with her other child co-star Lyle. who five years later has betrayed her by cheating on her with her best friend. She calls Cameron who leaves on the first flight out and is at her side. Erin Hahn's writing of the plane flight is spot on showing the lengths Cameron will go to for Shelby, He takes care of her, leaves a note encouraging her to put herself first, and leave what messes her up and flys back to shooting for National Geographic. Fast forward five years later and through manipulation to get them together to film a reality series the sparks fly as the journey to seeing this relationship get a strong foundation in making a reality series about home renovation together. Shelby has become found her passion in the last five years as a furniture restoration craftswoman. She is happy, doing well, and living her best life when Cameron reenters. Cameron and Shelby are so good together and with Erin Hahn's writing of behind the scenes, in the scenes, and watching the scenes it's all a perfect combination of building a relationship that you are rooting for. There are plenty of sexy times with the off-the-charts chemistry of these two and you can't help cheering for this time is their time and no further obstacles are going to prevent these two soulmates to have their time to shine.
I loved every minute of reading it and has made me an Erin Hahn fan and will be reading her other books and watching for her future published books.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, St. Martin's Griffin, and Erin Hahn for the opportunity to read a fantastic, heartwarming story.

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2.5 stars
This book was cute but it did take a while to get into it. I struggled with the first half but it picked up toward the end. The characters seemed younger than their ages and some of the banter didn't seem natural to me. I ended up enjoying some of the side characters more like Lorelai and Kevin and Beth.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Shelby Springfield and Cameron Riggs are literally the cutest couple. I absolutely loved their story and the slow burn to finally admitting and acting on their true feelings for one another.

Built to Last by Erin Hahn was a 5 star read IMO. I loved her character development and the premise of the story having Cameron and Shelby work together on a home renovation show; super cute!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc of this book.

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What if you had to work with the one that got away AND the jackass who cheated on you? Meet Shelby Springfield. It never seems to be the right time for her and Cameron. And it doesn’t help that they are both working with her awful ex, while trying to put together a home renovation show and convincing audiences that Cameron might know what he’s doing around a job site. (He doesn’t.). This is a slow burn friends to lovers romance as Cameron and Shelby navigate creating a show. While they tear down the house, they also need to tear down the barriers between them and sort out what it is they have. I did like the dual POV, as both characters are almost never on the same page, and my favourite character is Lorelai, retired country music star and Shelby’s sassy best friend. This is perfect for readers who love a slow burn and the tension it creates.

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This one wasn’t my favorite, truth be told. A little more open door than I was expecting and I never quite warmed to the characters - I’m sorry!

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Built to Last is a friends to lovers contemporary romance. Shelby and Cameron are child actors from a very well known family program; as well as two parts of a love triangle, the third being their co-star Lyle.

As fate, and Lyle would have it, Cameron and Shelby get a second chance in their mid twenties. In the form of a reality tv show offer in which they would get their hands dirty doing home make overs. It’s been five years since they’ve seen each other and almost ten since they’ve worked together. Both are wondering if what they feel is unrequited; while smarmy Lyle wonders how much drama he can stir up to milk this reunion for all it’s worth.

I liked the characters even though I wanted more from the character development. I’m not a big fan of how the story is presented to the reader. I think it could’ve been crafted in a more appealing way. It fell flat in a few areas. I wanted to know more about Shelby’s transformation that happened when she moved back to Michigan. That was glossed over. I wanted some kind of conflict or something to happen between the two main characters but they just sort of drift back to each other. Which was a bit boring. I loved it every time they shoved it to Lyle. But I also wanted to know more about him and his reasoning for being how he was; his inner workings.

I would recommend this book to readers that want a quick contemporary romance read. It’s not the best book of the year but it certainly won’t be the worst. I can see people enjoying reading this at the airport or while waiting for a bus. Definitely for quick readers as it’s not terribly interesting enough to keep coming back to.

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Two former costars and childhood sweethearts are brought together again by their other costar and enemy. They decide to star in a house flipping show while battling unrequited love.

This was a pretty decent book for me - 3.5 stars but I round up. I did like Shelby and Cameron and I like that the author didn’t throw in too many dramatic interludes to keep the main couple apart. What I didn’t like were the oddly contrived scenarios Lyle used to upset them during production. I’m not sure how he had so much power and control and why they couldn’t go above his head to say he needed to not be involved in the project. Why did Shelby have to pretend to be okay with her mom for the cameras when the woman wrote a book stating she did porn? I am obviously not in Hollywood but it was clear Lyle needed Shelby more than she needed him and it was never clear to me why she put up with everything she did. It also wasn’t clear to me why a grown married man was obsessed with an ex from his teen years enough to track her down and then obsess whether or not she dated someone else… many years ago when they were all teens? Okay, maybe I should round down my stars as I type this I realize how nonsensical a lot of the plot points were.

In the end, great main characters, some great side characters (though they weren’t fleshed out much), love the idea behind the plot but the execution was frustrating.

Special thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press/St. Martin’s Griffin for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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This was a cute book. I love Erin Hahn’s writing. This isn’t my favorite book of hers, but it’s one of the better books I’ve read this year. I usually have trouble with the movie/tv star as a starting point and this book was no different. Overall, though an enjoyable read. I’d recommend it to friends.

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This was cute and fine. I wasn't blown away by anything and really didn't think Cam and Shelby had any chemistry. There was supposed to be former flame, second chance romance vibe happening, but it wasn't working for me at all.

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2.5 ⭐️ This seemed like it was trying a bit too hard. I felt a little awkward inside Cameron’s head, the way he would describe things. He was too soft (for me) and I don’t mean to say men can’t be, but this just wasn’t believable. Some of the descriptions were weird to read and the characters felt extremely young (Shelby is supposed to be 27?). Their banter had me rolling my eyes a few times.

Lyle was Shelby’s asshole ex and kept trying to push Cam and her together for a tv pilot. It just felt so forced and Lyle as a character just pissed me off lol. Also, this took miscommunication to a whole new level. I don’t think I’ll ever read another from this author, and I am now thinking friends to lovers isn’t my thing either. There was no reason for these two not to be together for over half the book. Lol. Half of it was them basically reminiscing on having their first time with each other at 18, and then finally doing it as adults but it was…eh. What grown adult talks about that constantly? Even Kevin/Beth would chime in with innuendos. And what is Shelby’s obsession with Cam’s “tree trunk thighs”. The ending felt a bit rushed too.

I do believe this book will work for people getting into the romance genre, but I don’t really mesh with rom-coms that reference so much modern culture, and the fixer-upper part honestly didn’t even interest me 😭

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Thank you Netgally for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Lyle Jessup, Shelby Springfield & Cameron Riggs grew up co-starring on "Life according to Jackson" (a popular tween sitcom). When they were 18 the show ended, Cameron left for collage, and Lyle and Shelby became a pop star couple.

5 years later after a nasty public break up with Lyle Shelby leaves the Hollywood limelight and moves to rual Michigan with her father who helps her find her passion restoring antique furniture. Cameron is a year into his career as a reporter for National Geographic. While Lyle soaks up the fame with his new pop song written at Shelby's expense.

Another 5 years go by as the three live their own independent lives and it all suddenly comes back together when Lyle picks up the contract to make a piolet episode of "Homemade" (a home renovation show featuring Shelby and her father restoring old houses). Lyle's first surprise is bringing Cameron in to guest star with Shelby without telling either of them. As they work through the pilot and Kyle throws wrench after wrench in their plan, Shelby and Cameron (who both already know they have loved each other for a long time) finally realize the feeling is mutual and their love story unfolds.

This story is told in first person alternating between Shelby and Cameron's point of view. The characters are well developed and because of the alternating first person you'll find yourself rooting for them because you know they love each other even when they don't. I enjoyed the home renovation spin on the story and even though it has elements of a love triangle story it's not, it's a second chance romance and is extremely adorable.

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I’ve read every book by this author, I enjoyed all of them and the last one I just loved it. However, my feelings about this particular story aren’t going in that direction.
I still like the author’s writing but I had trouble separating the voice of her young adult characters from the character of this book who were supposed to be adults.
Also, from the first page, I didn’t connect with any part of the book, not the character, not the plot, not the story. It was just weird, and totally unrealistic the way both MCs got together again.
Another thing is the too many miscommunications, I mean we are talking about adults here, and again they just behaved like teenagers.
So maybe I just have to stick to the author's YA stories, or maybe I give her another chance in case she decides to write another adult book. We’ll see.
Note: I received an ARC from St. Martin Press through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. And I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I am such a fan of Erin Hahn’s young adult books, so when I saw she was coming out with an adult contemporary romance I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this!

I loved Shelby and Cameron and was rooting for them right from the start. In so many ways this story felt easy to read - everything just flowed together so well that I ended up finishing it in a couple of hours! It was short, sweet, and fun!

Sometimes love is being there for someone whatever that may look like - as a team, supporting each other through life, encouraging each other, believing in each other even when it’s hard to have that faith in yourself. It was lovely to see these characters grow through not only their love for each other but those around them as well.

3.5 - 4 stars for a super sweet second chance romance!

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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Well, hello, hot tv star who drops everything whenever Shelby needs him. Cameron Riggs is such a sweetheart, I would be shocked if a reader *doesn't* fall in love with him. He's loyal, caring, and determined to do his best, even when faced with something completely new.

Lyle sucks. Period. He doesn't deserve to be in this review, but I want to bash him. How could he try to mess up Shelby and Cameron??? (This is a no spoiler review, but let's just say that if the line is the new house Shelby and Cameron are building, Lyle is all the way in Alaska.)

Shelby and Cameron's relationship grew so nicely. I especially loved all the scenes where they were away from the cameras, and how they were there for each other as Lyle tried to mess them up. It really showed how they grew up from teenagers, and matured into the adults that they are in the book.

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Took me a bit to get into this one, but once it picked up, I read through it quickly and ended up really liking it. Cute story and fun characters.

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This is one of my favorite stand-alone romances of the year (although based on the ending, I'm wondering if we will get a Lorelai - bestfriend - based sequel). This book was a dual-POV romance that focused on two lovers - to strangers - to lovers again. I really enjoyed reading this couple fall back together again. Definitely a slow-burn that was worth the wait! I recommend. I really loved the values of the characters. I could just picture them loving each other, and it warmed my heart!

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Home reno show? Say no more! I. Am. In. This book is flippin' adorable.

Here we follow Shelby and Cameron, former child actors, co-stars, friends, and each others first loves. Unfortunate life circumstances and decisions pulled these two apart from each other and from Hollywood. Cameron takes off for college, and ends up working for NatGeo and travelling the world. Shelby finds herself going back to her small-town home, where she finds her new beginning in restoring old furniture, and flipping houses alongside her father. After years apart, Shelby is approached to star in a home renovation show with her co-star being none other than Cameron.

Built to Last is a heartwarming second-chance romance that left a huge smile on my face. I enjoyed the story line, and thought that the character arcs of both MCs were great, especially Shelby's! The dual POV was also a plus for me. I love being able to get inside both MCs heads.

I adored this book. It was my first one by Hahn but it definitely will not be the last!

BTL comes out on October 18. Be sure to add it to your TBR! 🏡

Thank you NetGally and St. Martin's Press for this ARC.

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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the arc of this book!
Built to Last follows two young sitcom stars that fall in love in their teens but part ways, both leaving the spotlight soon after. They find their way back to each other 10 years later, ending up in another TV show together.
I could not put this book down, I loved the characters! Shelby was strong and completely self-sufficient. It was so refreshing how open and honest she was with her boundaries, especially with what she was willing to put at risk after coming so far in rebuilding herself. Cameron is the book boyfriend who has it all. he was all in from the very beginning and honestly, I loved their story. They were solid to me all throughout, especially with their communication. Second chance romance and friends to lovers have never been my favorite tropes, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this. All of the supporting characters were great as well, can’t wait for this to be a series.The writing was funny and didn’t lose steam at any point in the book. One of my favorite rom-coms this year, absolutely.

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A cute rom-com read. A beach read with a bit of Hollywood drama thrown in. It is a feel good book but I felt it dragged out a lot in places. It could have been 100 pages less and more impactful. The characters at times felt stereotypical and fell flat for me. But then it could be because I couldn't connect with them. I also wish the author had given the secondary characters stories a little bit more time.. It would have helped the protagonists story move faster and tie in loose ends. It starts with Daniel's need for money but then there is no mention of it anywhere else. It just felt disjointed.

First lovers reunite to produce a pilot show and realize they have always been love with each other.

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