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Former child stars Shelby, Cameron, and Lyle come together to film a the pilot for a new home renovation show. The only problem is, the there was somewhat of a love triangle on the set of the show they filmed together in their teen years. Shelby and Lyle had a messy breakup, and Cameron was the one who got away. The chemistry between Shelby and Cameron is super steamy, but Lyle has a lot of tricks up his sleeves to try to derail their second chance at love. This book is funny, and the small-town charm is a character of its own!

Thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the copy to review. Built to Last is out now.
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Shelby was a child star who earned quite the reputation however it wasn’t the way that anyone would want and a large part of it was through no fault of her own but the actions of Lyle, her co-star who was also her boyfriend.   She has created a new life for herself and is renovating houses with her father until she is offered a new opportunity not only with her ex but with Cameron, the man who has always owned her heart.

Cameron has always had feelings for Shelby, but it never seemed to be their time between his career as a photographer and her relationship with Lyle and the aftermath.   Although he would rather not work with Lyle working with Shelby might just   allow them to make amends for the mistakes of the past.

It soon becomes apparent that the chemistry and connection between Shelby and Cameron hasn’t waned over time.   Despite the obstacles that they created as well as those from outside forces there is no denying that the only place they belong is with each other.
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I really wanted to love this book but it fell a little short for me. It was cute enough but I found the start really hard to get into, and hard to care enough to continue it all. There’s nothing wrong with the writing I think the actual plot just wasn’t for me. It could very much be a good read for you though!
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This second chance childhood sweetheart trope will have you swooning, it will have you laughing out loud, and it will remind you just how wonderful love is. With you know the inevitable drama, miscommunication, attitude, and stubbornness. 
I couldn’t stop reading, Shelby and Cam’s connection is so apparent, and so transparent, they are the only ones who don’t see it LOL
This humorous, and touching story will have you flipping pages like there’s no tomorrow, but also sad when you get to the end because it’s over. 
This is the first book I’ve read from Erin Hahn, but it won’t be my last.. running to get my hands on the others!!
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This was my first book by Erin Hahn and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was drawn in by Shelby and Cameron's chemistry. They bantered back and forth and truly cared for each other. There wasn't a huge angsty conflict which I really liked. 
I also enjoyed the side characters. Shelby and Cameron's friends were great, adding heart warming and funny moments to the the book. 

Highly recommend if you love second chance romance and HGTV!
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3.75 stars. This was cute and I love the idea of redemption for child actors who may have diverged from the “normal” path. Lots of tropes here, first love revisited, plenty of miscommunication between FMC and MMC, small town, all of that. Kept my attention, and was invested in the drama though much of it was over the top as well as Shelby and Cameron as a couple. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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So this book was not the book for me but it is a good book. Cameron and Shelby are definitely great characters and grew on me the more the book progress. For me this issue was that this is not really an emeries to lover but more of a former friends to lovers or maybe a work place romance.
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For ten long years, Shelby Springfield has worked alongside her father restoring vintage furniture for homes he restores while trying to stay under the media's radar. Shelby was a child star whose life imploded after a public breakup with one of her costars - even though she secretly loved the other. And now, the three find themselves together again, working on the pilot of a home improvement show named Homemade. The meeting is awkward as Lyle reveals his plans to produce this show starring Shelby and Cameron . . . the one who got away. The story that unfolds is about learning to accept who you are when everything else is stripped away and earning the trust of the one true love who got away.

Hahn's become a fantastic voice in the world of young adult stories, capturing the essence of the age group and all the awkwardness that comes with growing up. Built To Last develops slowly as the characters get reacquainted, let go of the past and move into the future. While this story isn't in my normal wheelhouse, I found it believable and entertaining. The character growth and relationship development is great adding a depth to the characters and story line. As chapters alternate points of view, readers get an intimate view of what both Shelby and Cameron are thinking while they're still afraid to own it. Low level conflict, a touch of humor and some sweet romantic scenes make Built To Last another winner for Hahn. Highly recommended to fans of young adult.
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This book has a really cute plot and a lot of spice to it. Jodi Picoult recommended it so I assumed it would be good. I was correct with my assumption!
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I absolutely loved Erin Hahn's YA and was so excited to read this. Plus, I love home improvement shows (and romances).

Shelby, Lyle and Cameron were child stars together. Shelby and Cameron always had feelings for each other but the world shipped Shelby and Lyle, so they had a relationship and spectacular public breakup.

A decade later, Shelby is renovating houses, Cameron is a documentary filmmaker and Lyle is a show runner who wants Shelby and Cam to do a home reno show together. 

I didn't love the whole triangle thing and I kind of wished that Shelby and Cam HADN'T had these feelings for each other way back, as that kind of made no sense to me. I wished they had just been friends because these weird triangle-y relationships just never work for me. 

So sad that I didn't love this more.. Because I'm a fan of the author, I'm rounding my 3.5 stars up to 4.
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Thank you so much to net galley for sending me a copy of this book! I fell in love with the characters. I love Erin Hahn!!
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This was a sweet romance. I’ve read a few home renovation themed romcoms, but I liked that this one also included another layer with the child star backstory. I will gladly read another book from this author in the future. A big thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the chance to read and review this book.
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This was so cute!! 

Child stars on the same tv show that fell in love, broke up, and fell out of each others lives just to be reunited years later for a second chance romance! 

This book was sweet, funny at times, and just the right amount of steam! 

My biggest complaint was that there wasn’t enough emotional depth. I felt like even though the MCs were adults their actions and lives felt rather immature at times and it made it hard to really view them as their proper ages.. 

All in all it was cute and on par with what I’ve come to expect from an Erin Hahn book! I’ve read them all and enjoyed them all, this was no exception!
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An interesting New Adult RomCom. It's not my usual trope of choice, but I was intrigued enough by the description to be excited when an ARC was offered to me. 

I thought this book was funny, charming, steamy, and honest, with fun characters who have danced around each other years, and are looking for a second life, a career, and happiness. I enjoyed it very much.

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor or expectation.
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Two former-child stars who never admitted they were in love with each other reconnect to front a home improvement show in this fun rom com. 

I loved Shelby and Cameron's backstory and that as adults, there's no miscommunication or break-up-to-make-up drama - they're able to admit what they want and work through the other issues in their lives as a couple. Their relationship is believable, the dialogue is sharp and the secondary characters are fantastic (please please please tell me we're getting a book with Lorelai and Drake's story!). I'm a sucker for a second-chance romance and this one was super sweet with a nice dose of steam.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the copy to review.
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I just... this was so good and I loved it so much. I was intrigued from the beginning because I love a celebrity romance and I love a good HGTV/home reno plot and both of them together? *chef's kiss*

This was sweet and angsty and adorable and there was pining and tension and secondary characters that I would very much like to hear from again and honestly the only thing I was missing was Lyle getting his ass handed to him in a very public and embarrassing way but everything else was so good I don't even mind that much. Also, bless Hahn for forgoing a third act breakup! I was so nervous because things were going so well and then they just continued to go well!
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Have you ever watch HGTV and wanted to redo your own home?  Well, instead of tearing your house apart, maybe you should read this book instead.  It is a fun look at home remodeling and find the love that you thought got away from you.
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Built to Last has the second chance romance trope between two former child stars who are doing everything to shed their former personas. When a project comes up for a home renovation pilot, they team up together again after years apart and cannot deny the chemistry and feelings they still have for one another. 

Overall, I enjoyed this one. It was pretty predictable but I still rooted for the characters and liked the growth they both showed. 

It does have a few steamy scenes, so if that's not your thing, you've been warned. 

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This is a lot like the chocolate chip cookies referenced a few times in the story:  maybe not revolutionary, but certainly enjoyable!  It's a pleasant second chance romance about former child actors who could never quite get their timing or communication right as they grew up in a tough environment, with tough family situations.  I liked that it was relatively low-angst and nicely spicy.  There was a lot of heart between the MCs and their fun, supportive friends.   Pick this up for a warm, sweet romance full of good feelings!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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I'm not always a fan of second chance romance, but this was a good one! I love a book with good banter and loved how their relationship developed over time. I love home renovation shows, so this book was extra fun for me to read. Thank you to the author and the publisher for an early copy in exchange for my honest review.
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