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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Wow, I really loved this book!! It was so cute and I couldn’t put it down this weekend! This book centers around Shelby and Cameron, two ex-child stars and exes in general. They both ran from the spotlight to find themselves, and an entire decade later they found themselves together again working towards a house flipping/Reno show. I especially loved Shelby’s character, I’m such a sucker for a strong woman, even more so when that woman can clearly communicate what she wants. This story was adorable, heart warming, well written, and overall just perfect. I am so appreciative to netgalley for allowing me to read this book in advance in exchange for an open and honest review. I will definitely be checking out more books from this author asap!

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Let me preface this with there were parts of this story I loved - the concept, the HGTV-ness of it all, Cameron. It was set up to be a great book, however, some of the more important parts were lacking. The reality show aspect overshadowed the second-chance romance instead of being something that propelled it forward. The pacing felt very staccato, in that it didn't flow smoothly, but more - this happens and we deal with it, then this happens and we deal with it, then this, then this. Too many side plots competing for attention.

Then the chemistry with the leads was... fine. When there were glimpses of it at the beginning I could believe it, but probably from 10-50 or 60% of the way through I just didn't believe it. This got cleaned up at the end, but then there had to be a way-too-fast engagement thrown in, so it made me suspend my belief a bit too far.

Despite all of the above, this book wasn't BAD, so much as it was just fine and, fairly forgettable.

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Loved this book about tv stars who end up on a reality show and find love again. I loved her friends and his family. I loved her dad and that things were thrown at them during the taping of the build but they ended up surviving it and love.

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Built To Last by Erin Hahn
Tags: Second Chance Romance; Friends To Lovers; Reno Romance

Built To Last is the second chance romance story of child stars and friends Shelby Springfield and Camron Riggs, as they are brought back together ten years after the end of the show that made them famous. Cameron has been on the move – he went on to get a degree and travel the world working for National Geographic, never staying in one place for long. Shelby spent the last several years rebuilding her life in MI working as a antique furniture restorer. The two are brought back together for the chance to host an HGTV style reality home renovation show called HomeMade.

I knew I had to read this one – between the description, the cover art and the fact that this was Erin Hahn’s first romance book (I’ve read and enjoyed her YA romances). This book held the same heart and sweetness and compelling characters as her YA ventures, but definitely had some steam to it as well. I was swept up in the story and really felt for Shelby and Cameron – it was as if they were child stars I grew up watching and just wanted a happy ending for.

The story was heartwarming and had some of the angst that made it feel like they really were child stars trying to overcome their past and start anew. I loved the side characters as well – Shelby’s Dad and her two besties, Lorelai and Maren. I loved to hate Lyle (and Marcella) – I really disliked both of them but the author wrote them both really well.

Fun and charming, I hope there is more to come – especially for Lorelai. I’d be remise to not point out the fact that I really liked the dual POV and I loved that the book had chapter titles – that were songs! I love a playlist for my read and enjoyed finding the samples to listen to and set the mood before each chapter. So while I wait in hopeful anticipation for Lorelai’s story, I’ll satisfy myself with a quick reread of Hahn’s YA You’d Be Mine.

Thank you to Netgalley and St Martins Press for an early look at this story. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and freely offered.

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First, I absolutely love books that have accompanying playlist. I also really liked the whole HGTV spin/former Disney star-ish thing going on in the book. The character dynamic and dual POV worked really well for me.

I would definitely read more from this author especially a spin off book from the other characters.

One of the main things I can’t get on board with is the whole lack of communication as a plot device. But overall was a nice fun read.

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press / St. Martin’s Griffin for sharing this ARC with me in exchange my honest opinions.

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I'm not sure what made me request this particular ARC, but I'm glad I did. This book was pretty great from the start to the end, and I would absolutely check out others by this author.

I was hooked right away, probably within the first few pages. I didn't even know the MMC Cameron, but I knew I was already going to like him a lot. The dual POV for this story was done really well; each character had their own distinct voice and perspective that enhanced the storytelling. I always love a second chance romance, and this one did not disappoint.

The book wasn't particularly funny, but it was sweet and wholesome and had me smiling the whole time. I think there needed to be a bit more tension, especially towards the end of the story, but I really loved the "epilogue" – if you read it, you'll understand why that's in quotes.

Also, I could definitely be into a sequel with her secondary characters, but it needed to have been built into this story more authentically (born out of an investment in Lorelei, not just because I really liked Cam and Shelby). It sort of felt like added in at the end at the last minute for funsies. I'm going to have to round down from a 4.5 for this one (come on, Goodreads, give me a half-star option already!).

Many thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Griffin for sharing a digital reviewer copy with me in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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I used to watch HGTV religiously, and my husband restores antique furniture that we find at flea markets. So after seeing the cover and reading book blurb, I immediately wanted to read this novel.

This was my first time reading a book by Erin Hahn, and it was the first novel I read with second chance romance. I enjoyed the voice of this author and I look forward to reading her next adult romance.

What I loved about this book: the setting (from home renovations show to antiques restorations to distillery), excellent supporting characters, fun dialog, and steamy love scenes.

Where it fell a little flat for me: they could have fixed issue with a simple conversation, so the lack of communication between the two main characters, or a better word is miscommunication between them was a bit meh for me. I was very much confused most of the first ⅓ of the plot why Shelby and Cameron can’t be together, and I didn’t understand why Cameron kept running away from Shelby in the beginning of the book. I think the reason why they couldn’t be together should have been explained better from the start or should have been made into a bigger issue than it was.

BUT aside from that, I enjoyed this book very much. I finished it in two days because I wanted to know how these two sweethearts work it out. It’s a fun read and a perfect companion to spend time with.

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for this advanced reader copy.

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Built to Last: A Novel is a heart-warming romance story that will leave you smiling! It's a true love story with a happy ending!! This book tells the story of Shelby and Cameron, former child stars who left Hollywood. They are brought back for a reality show by their former costar who has never been anything but trouble for them. Not only does this novel tell their love story but they each get the redemption they both deserve. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the characters. The two main have some great friends that make excellent supporting characters. Additionally, I loved the setting of this one, it is like being in a HGTV show. There is little spice but lots of love. Overall, this a quick read romance you'll enjoy! It comes out in October so add it to your TBR!

Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for my advanced reader copy!!

*Review is posted to Goodreads and will be posted to my Bookstagram account this week.

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When I found out about an adult second chance romance from Erin Hahn I was overjoyed. Built to Last was sweet and I found myself cheering on Shelby and Cameron. Now I’m patiently waiting for Lorelei’s story.

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This is Erin Han's first adult romance, and I really enjoyed it! In this second chance romance, The two main characters have a messy, intriguing past. I love the premise, of them being put into close proximity to work together on a home improvement reality TV show--very unique! The only reason it's not 5 stars is because I thought the resolution of one of the character's external conflict was too easily solved. But it was steamy and fun and I highly recommend it!

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Oh, how I loved this book. I'm such a sucker for reality show romance (obviously), and this was really well written. I loved that Shelby was more than just a thin, pretty face. I really didn't understand why Cam left her to go to college without, IDK, mentioning that he wasn't dumping her--but teens aren't always the best communicators. I really liked watching them get to know each other again.

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Such an entertaining read. The title totally fits the context of the book. I love reading about the history of Shelby and Cameron. The story puts the lives of child stars in perspective and how they actually don’t really have one. It’s hard to find balance in the entertainment world and amongst social media. This is a great read for the poolside.

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I think anyone who has ever watched a home renovation show has dreamed of having their own business or t the very least doing their own full-scale home reno. This book brings that to life - maybe in a more positive way than I've seen it in some other books that take on this scenario (like The Honey Don't List).

Shelby and Cameron were both child stars on a Disney or Nickelodeon show where the kids dance and sing their way into your heart. They had a secret relationship in the later years of the show - but when Cameron left the show to go to college Shelby lost her way and got lost in the LA drinking and club scene. Cameron came back briefly and helped Shelby break free of the life she was trapped in - but didn't stay with her. Now five years later Shelby has broken free of her old life and built a new one in Michigan. She's restoring furniture and working with her dad on a house flipping business. Shelby filmed a pilot for a show called HomeMade with her dad. Audiences loved her - but didn't embrace her dad the same way. Shelby's ex (and the lead of their old show) Lyle is brought on as a potential show runner sees the potential to bring in Cameron as the contractor to Shelby's designer in the show. Cam has no experience - but he wants to help Shelby and sees her potential. As they start on the show together - Cam has to face going home again and Shelby has to face her past and whether she can show the world she really has moved beyond her partygirl image.

This book definitely packs an emotional punch. Both Shelby and Cameron have a lot to work through. Both of them have challenging relationships with their families. Shelby has worked through hers - but Cameron not so much. They also have to work through their own relationship. I think it is clear to everyone around them that they've loved each other for a very long time. But what do you do when you meet your soulmate at 11? For some people - in some environments - they can just love each other and continue with their lives together. For Cam and Shelby - they needed to grow and love themselves too before they can start a relationship.

But like the very last song referenced in this book -

"Call it dumb luck, but baby, you and I
Can't even mess it up although we both try
No, it don't always go the way we planned it
But the wolves came and went and we're still standing
When the bones are good, the rest don't matter" (The Bones - Maren Morris)

The main characters really do the work on themselves in this book - and Ioved that. There were no magic fixes or easy changes. Cam is very much a beta hero - and I was so here for that. Shelby is a force of nature - but has soft edges that really endeared her to me. I also seriously appreciated the emphasis on communication between the characters - in all facets of their lives.

Overall - I highly recommend.

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, but these opinions are all my own.

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cute friends-to-lovers! i really liked how their friends and families supported them as people and a couple. a wonderful foray into adult romance from erin hahn! her YA is great and this is on-par.


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I was so excited about this book but I couldn't get over the MC, Cameron's, internal monologue. We follow him as he leaves Alaska to help his friend, based on a single text. Immediately you get the feeling that there is more to their relationship than just a friendship. However, we go on to learn that they haven't seen each other in a while although they had a very close relationship in the past due to working together on a television show. The internal thoughts of Cameron as he was supposed to be consoling his friend through a heartbreak felt really gross to me. He continued to focus on her appearance in an overtly sexual way and unfortunately, I couldn't get past it. This is a DNF for me, but perhaps others will like it more.

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this story was so sweet and refreshing. following cameron & shelby’s relationship throughout the years just reinforced the fact that they are soulmates. i’m also partial to books about show business, so I loved the plot of this book! I appreciated that the formula to this book was different from others in the genre; no third act miscommunication, because they had worked through their communication issues earlier in. overall, a sweet, heartwarming read❣️
*thank you netgalley and st. martin’s press for the eARC!

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I was alternately gritting my teeth and sighing at this well written story! Angst at the antics of Lyle, joy at the ability of Shelby (love the name) and Cameron to finally have a relationship after years of unrequited love. All were child stars in a hit series and had since moved on in so many directions. Lyle always wanted what Cam had so when he left for a career making documentaries, Lyle made sure to snag Shelby. And she was naïve enough for a while to think he was the ‘one’. Eventually that failed and years later, Lyle brought them all back together with a home improvement reality show. The chemistry was off the wall for Cam and Shelby even when Lyle tried to crush it. Great HEA for a couple who went through so much.

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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Cameron travels to California to visit Shelby. They are asked to do a home renovation show. I enjoyed the chemistry between Cameron and Shelby. This book was a quick read.

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Rating: 4/5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Warnings: Difficult Family Dynamics, Cheating (in past)
Read if you liked: A Lot Like Adios
Steam: 3/5
Tropes: Second Chance, Childhood Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Workplace

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Built to Last by Erin Hahn will be released on October 18th, 2022.

Things I loved: Shelby and Cameron's second chance, the chemistry! I loved that they were childhood sweethearts who finally got a second chance to be with each other. You could really show how these two grew up overtime by removing themselves from the limelight. The lack of irrational conflict..thank you! Their relationships with their best friends. All the home building themes, the flee markets, the antiquing...I love an HGTV moments.

Things I didn't care for: a character, I know he's there for a reason but he totally rubs me the wrong way. I think there was opportunity to provide some resolution with the troubled parental relationships.

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I enjoyed this book and felt like the whole premise worked. The characters had known each other for many years, and so their romance was believable. The premise of a home renovation / flipping show with former celebrities is also very on point for the current HGTV craze, with folks like Vanilla Ice and others getting into home renovation and reality TV in general. I liked the secondary characters and am looking forward to future spin off books. But I have to admit that I did find a few things harder for me when I was reading this. First, there was no need to vilify Lyle to the degree that he was; it just didn't do a lot to push the plot forward. And then when they brought in Marcella and Shelby's mom .... I just didn't need these nasty people in the book and I felt like they served no real purpose because the story was doing fine without them there. The antiquing expedition was awesome and would have done enough to bring Shelby and Cameron closer together than all the other negative people in their lives. The other piece that I didn't like was the fact that there was so much pushing away because it just didn't work for me and it seemed to just drag out the plot. Again, not necessary. I would have preferred more time spent on the show and the characters around them than on the internal monologue that was pretty much the same for each character.

Despite the things that I didn't like, I did still enjoy the book and thought that it was a fun read especially for a beach read in the summer.

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