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I'm so excited that we now have another series set in the Cursebreaker world. I love that this novel can be a stand-alone but can also delight readers who fell in love with the world that Kemmerer created. This is exciting, full of intrigue, and has just the perfect amount of romance.

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The story is told from three characters' perspectives–Jax, Callyn, and Tycho. The story progresses slowly. Halfway into the book, I was still unsure what the purpose of the story was. The worldbuilding was done in the previous Cursebreaker series, so it is best to have read that trilogy prior to this book. Many of the characters from the previous trilogy appear in this story and refer to past events. Readers who are unfamiliar with the setting can piece things together enough to understand the story but not enough to become immersed in it. By the time I was three-quarters of the way through, the action had finally picked up but did not redeem the book for me. Sadly, I was sorely disappointed in this story that felt like Callyn’s drama, Jax’s drama that seemed to mirror Callyn’s, and a few breaks from the repetitive theme during Tycho’s drama. I found myself not caring about any of the romances and just wanted Callyn and Jax to mend their broken friendship.

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I absolutely loved this book. I haven't even read a curse so dark and lonely yet but you should do that before reading this! Kemmerer is an amazing author and really grips you into her story telling. I am so excited to read more by this author.
The characters were deep, make reasonable mistakes, and all have secrets. There is also disability rep that she does a fantastic job with.
Thank you both to Kemmerer and Netgalley for this arc! I really loved it!

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Overall this wasn’t for me but I think others might enjoy it more. For readers who liked the authors previous books would probably like this one too. Might try again later DNF for now

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Forging Silver Into Stars … thank you @netgalley @bloomsburyya and @brigidkemmerer for the ARC

I don’t know if I have ever been so excited and also terrified to read something. I was so worried that it wouldn’t live up to what I had built it up to be in my head. Luckily it far exceeded my expectations! It’s been a year since I read #cursebreakers and I was able to seamlessly fall back into the world!

It was the same but different in all of the best possible ways! I love that this is Tycho’s story but I think my favourite part was the amount of Rhen and Grey that we get. While they are older they are still themselves! Nothing bugs me more than when the POV shifts and the characters that I’ve fallen in love with become stereotypes of themselves. That was not the case here at all!

I can’t wait to see where this series takes us!

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Let’s start this off, reading the Cursebreakers trilogy first is absolutely a prerequisite, you’ll be lost otherwise. Next, the pace is agonizingly slow, especially when you’re starting a new series and want to be sucked in and propelled forward, and in this case already have a ton of backstory to rely on. It’s not great.

There is a lot of emotional journey once you get into it, but the walled off communication between characters was odd at times and came across as too contrived in order to create any plot line at all. That being said, Tycho’s turmoil and conflicted feelings is great reading… I just wish there was more action going on around that.

Additionally, I can’t tell if the author’s intention was for the reader to start hating Grey, a character that’s previously established as the breakout protagonist, but like Rhen before him, the tides are turning and it’s all souring. I’m just not loving it. Sometimes it’s nice to explore the fallibility and flaws of a hero but here it just felt too subversive.

Moving on to the two new characters/narrators, Jax and Callyn, they’re decently established but once again bogged down in the slow pacing and lackluster storyline. Emotionally, it’s a great build for these two, as well as Tycho and how they all interact and come together and/or fracture. But it wasn’t balanced enough and I grew frustrated and then bored.

Still, if you’re a fan and you crave a look at Tycho then you’ll enjoy it. He gets to explore all his inner depths. I did like where it ends, but I just wish it had taken a different road to get there. And it’s the beginning of a series so there will be more, but there’s also enough of an ending that I honestly feel I could mentally wrap up the loose threads and just imagine a HEA by the end of this book. So I’ll have to wait and see if the sequel will entice me enough.

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Review will post on my blog on 6/3/22.

It felt so good to be back in Emberfall and Syhl Shallow! FORGING SILVER INTO STARS has some cameos by some of my favorite characters from the Cursebreakers series— Rhen and Harper, Grey and Lia Mara… and especially Tycho. Yay! Also, Nakiis, Iisak’s son! I love that he was part of this, and I’m super intrigued to see where the plot concerning him goes next.

So the story is told from three points of view: Jax, Callyn, and Tycho. I loved getting to see Tycho’s point of view after watching him as a minor character in the other series. He’s all grown up now and kind of caught between loyalties. I loved him immediately.

It was also really great to see different sides of Rhen and Grey. I loved the scenes with Rhen especially. (Still Team Rhen!) I liked the way that Tycho’s history with each of them impacted what he decided to do, and the way his relationship with each of them changed how he thought about the other. Hopefully that makes sense.

In terms of the story itself, I loved the intrigue and the pursuit of figuring out the plot against the crown. I’m intrigued by some of the minor characters. I feel like there’s lots of story for the rest of the series to explore. I hope the next book has a lot more of Callyn in it, because I feel like she kind of got overshadowed by Jax and Tycho a little bit, and I liked her a lot.

On the whole, I feel like this book lived up to all the expectations I have for the story world. I am definitely going to be reading the rest of the series. I already can’t wait to see what happens next.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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"When ancient magic tests a newfound love, a dark fate beckons . . ."

i love books that have fantasy, magic, romance elements. the author is the author from the curse breaker series so I am excited to be receiving this arc from NG in exchange for my voluntary review. the book has povs from Tycho, Jax & Callyn, this book as an enemies to lover and a slow burn romance. those who loved the cursebreaker series would love to be back in the world with this book. i wished i was able to receive a physical book arc, this book is amazing. you get action, adventure, magic, love.

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We’re back, Cursebreakers!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to fall back into the pages of Emberfall and Syhl Shallow. I’ve truly missed the magical world that Brigid Kemmerer created with A Curse So Dark and Lonely. The sounds of sheer excitement that came out of my mouth were pretty embarrassing, so I’m glad there were no witnesses. I fell in love with Kemmerer’s characters throughout the original series and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that A Vow So Bold and Deadly left us desperately wanting more.

Forging Silver into Stars picks up four years after the end of Vow. I wasn’t sure what was waiting for me when I started page one, because I don’t like change. I knew what to expect from the Grey, Lia Mara, Harper, and Rhen points of view. Would I like these new characters? Would their voices be much different from the three I’d come to love in the past? Would the storyline in this book be too similar to the original? What will happen to my original loves? Would I still recognize them through the lens of someone else’s eyes?

My worries were for nothing.
Kemmerer’s new characters breathe new life into the Cursebreaker universe. Their points of view work harmoniously together to not only enlarge the small town of Briarlock where most of this story takes places, but to expand the world of Emberfall and Syhl Shallow as a whole.

New Voices
Jax, the son of the town Blacksmith, and Callyn, the daughter of a baker, live in a small town hours away from the Crystal Palace in Syhl Shallow. Their view of the world is small; most of their biggest worries are how they’re going to pay the outstanding bill from the Tax Collector, something I think most people can identify with in the real world in 2022. Where will they find the money to pay their debts and to keep their businesses running? How will they be able to support their families?

Callyn has taken on the role of parent to her younger sister Nora, and her POV is threaded with strength and determination, and a fondness and devotion to her sister that anyone would be lucky to have.

Jax seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is hindered by circumstance, but rather than wallow in self pity, he is defiant and stubborn and a hard worker.

Then we have Tycho, who ties everything together.

Tycho is a character from the original series, but readers don’t know much about him except that the had a tough upbringing and Grey took him under his wing while they worked the tourney together. He was sweet and loyal and hardworking at the end of Vow. When we meet Tycho again FSiS in he’s all grown up. He’s been hardened from training as a soldier, and now has a place in the royal court as the King’s Courier.

Magic can only lead to danger…
“We can only play the cards that fate deals.”

The tales of the Royal Family are just that, tales. Rumors, stories, gossip – that’s all that Jax and Callyn know. They’ve been told that King Grey the magesmith is using his magic for evil gains, and potentially harming Queen Lia Mara. There is an undercurrent of dissent among the people of Syhl Shallow, and a group known as the Truthbringers are working tirelessly to show people the truth of who the king really is.

Jax and Callyn separately get dragged into the undertow of insurrection. How will they get out of this unscathed and unharmed? Kemmerer does a phenomenal job of weaving her characters’ voices together, page by page and chapter by chapter, until you’re sucked in and you can’t stop yourself. Just one more page. Just one more chapter. Whose POV will be next? Her words are addictive.

Can we skip to the good part?
“You’re not distracted. You’re not reckless. If your heart tells you someone deserves your attention, listen to it.”

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to also mention that there is a very swoon-worthy romance that blooms across the pages of this book. I won’t get into spoilers or ruin anything for anyone, but I want to scream about this pairing from the rooftops. I love these two people individually, and what they go through during the course of this book shows a real test of trusting someone else and also trusting one’s gut.

Brigid Kemmerer poured her heart and soul into the pages of Forging Silver into Stars. I can’t wait for you all to meet Jax and Callyn so we can all rave about together

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I am a first time reader of Brigid Kemmerer and this book has me hooked! What a wonderful world. This is the first book in a new series based on her world of the Cursebreaker series. While I can see that it would be very useful to know the backstory of some of the characters, this reads well as a stand alone novel.

While the novel is marketed for teens/YA, it will definitely appeal to any fantasy reader, as the examination of the motives that drive us all, and how good people can make bad decisions, is so nicely intertwined into the characters that it is so natural. What I love most about the characters are that they are so incredibly human (or if you don't like that term, try 'normal') - 'good' people do bad things or make bad decisions, and 'bad' people make good decisions and show empathy. Honestly, you could make the argument there is no 'good' or 'bad', only what happens. It is a world that I cannot wait to explore more - I will be going back to the Cursebreaker series right away!

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Brigid Kemmerer hooked me on the Cursebreakers series with the swoon-worthy romance in <em><a href="" data-type="post" data-id="19629">A Curse So Dark and Lonely</a></em>, but <em>Forging Silver into Stars</em> is the book that has convinced me she's finally come into her own as an expert fantasy writer. (Her contemporary YA has always been excellent, though not as popular.) With complex characterization, cleaner world building, and a plot focused on magic and assassinations and just pure survival, there's a lot to keep readers turning the pages.

I have always loved the action and adventure, as well as the romance, in Kemmerer's fantasy, but I had reservations about her attempts at nuanced characterizations. I always thought her attempts to paint characters (especially Rhen and Grey) in shades of, um, gray fell flat, as the book would try to excuse actions that seemed obviously cruel and wrong to me and suggest they were somehow necessary or sympathetic. This was much less of an issue for me in <em>Forging Silver into Stars</em>, and it really elevated the reading experience.

Kemmerer is still interested in what makes people tick, what choices they will make to survive or support their families or defend their questions. There are still characters who might be doing the right things for the wrong reasons or the wrong things for the right reasons, and the book still asks readers to consider whether the "villains" might have some valid points. It just . . . works a lot better in this book, and I love that Kemmerer continues to work through these questions and has landed on (for me) some more reasonable answers. There are still references to Rhen and Grey glossing over <em>their </em>past decisions, which I continue to find unconvincing, but I love all the newly introduced characters and all their complexities.

The politics, the disputes, and what exactly is at stake in the two kingdoms now that Syhl Shallow and Emberfall are allied through marriage are also smoother here, and I think Kemmerer has learned a lot about making the political issues logically click, as well.

With the characterization and world building ironed out, I was also able to focus more on the plot, which is engaging. While there were a few times I felt the book was a little long, in general I was extremely interested to find out what happened next, and I enjoyed the shifting of POVs among Jax, Callyn, and Tycho. There's also romance to spare in this book, as well as cute family relationships, and a lot of questions about magic that have yet to be unraveled throughout the series.

If you enjoyed the Cursebreakers trilogy, you will certainly love this continuation. If you were on the fence, I think it's worth picking this up and giving Kemmerer another shot, as her writing only continues to improve.

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I loved the Cursebreakers trilogy but honestly wasn’t too sure about this spin-off series. I liked Tycho enough but wasn’t overly thrilled about the idea of him having his own series. But since Brigid is one of my favorite authors, I decided to give it a shot.

WOOOOOOW am I glad I did! Brigid’s writing is just always SO FUN and I always love her characters. Being back in the Cursebreakers world was exciting, even more so seeing the characters I loved from the first series in their new roles. Harper wasn’t in this one much, but Grey, Rhen and Lia Mara were present throughout and I just had such a great time. Grey and Rhen WILDLY surprised me in this book with their actions but I was HERE FOR IT.

The new main POVs of Tycho, Jax and Callyn were great. The plot with all of its political scheming was SO entertaining and I really enjoyed the romantic storylines as well. The absolute highlight of this book was SOMEHOW the relationship between Tycho, Grey and RHEN (RHEN MY BOY HAS COME BACK TO MEEEE) and it was hard to keep a smile off of my face to see their relationships grow and crumble. I am so so looking forward to the rest of this series!

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Brigid Kemmerer is a brilliant writer. She does political intrigue so well, and manages a whole cast of characters so well.

I was so glad to re-enter the world of Emberfall and Shyl Shallow, and I cannot wait for more of the story.

Cal and Jax (as well as Tycho) and such root-able characters and I will definitely continue to hold to my heart. Love them <3

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A HUGE thank you to Bloomsbury and Netgalley
for providing me with an ARC of Forging Silver Into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer releasing on 06/07/2022


I want to preface this by saying that Brigid is one of my ALL TIME favorite authors, but that it in NO WAY affects my review of this book.

As most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the Cursebreakers trilogy and I wasn't sure how I would feel going back into this world, while following a new cast of characters because i am so attached to the og cast... I am so so happy to report that I LOVED it.

Forging Silver Into Stars takes place in the Cursebreakers world after the events of book three, A Vow So Bold and Deadly.

Forging Silver Into Stars is told through three different perspectives, and follows new characters Jax and Callyn who are best friends living in a small town near the border of Emberfall, until they find themselves on opposite sides of a brewing war.

Tycho, a fan favorite from the Cursebreakers trilogy, also returns as the King's courier and is tasked with discovering who is conspiring against the throne.

Brigid has once again showcased her talent at entwinining action and adventure with romance and political intrigue.. all while keeping the reader turning the page and wanting more.

Forging Silver Into Stars was almost 600 pages and I desperately wanted more which makes me SO excited that this will be its own trilogy.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy and support this incredibly talented human!

Overall rating 5/5


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A huge thank you to NetGalley and Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books/ Bloomsbury YA for granting me an ARC copy of this amazing book with me in exchange my honest opinions.

I will definitely be purchasing a hard cover edition for my collection. The book is fantastic. Full of action, intrigue and my favorite magic! The cover is stunning, the character the best developed ever and the story so, so great. A definite 5 stars!

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Thank you so much, Raincoast and Bloomsbury YA, for allowing me to read and review this e-arc. This review will be posted closer to the publication date on Goodreads, My Instagram, and Various Shops (Amazon Canada/Barnes & Noble/ Indigo Canada).

Brigid Kemmerer is an automatic auto-buy author for me. I've read most of her fantasy YA books (from the Cursebreaker Trilogy to Defy the Night). There was no doubt that the next Kemmerer book that I would pick up would be Forging Silver into Stars. Tycho was one of my favorite side characters from the original trilogy. I'm so happy that we get a new series that is told from Tycho's point of view.

The plot and setting of this book take place four years after the events of the Cursebreaker Trilogy. The author has stated on Goodreads that it's ok to skip the original series and start right here. However, I would recommend starting with the original trilogy. I feel readers will miss out on so much backstory if they skip the original three books. This book acts as if readers already know the backstory. Also, while this story showcases a new plot...the plot is connected to conflicts from the original series.

This novel is fast-paced for a 500+ page book. I felt glued to my seat for the first and last half of the book. I did find the middle half to drag a little bit. This book, I think, is building up for the second and third books. This book is getting readers introduced to the new characters, their alliances, and their romances. The plot surrounding the anti-magic faction fell short for me in this book.

I wasn't a big fan of book 2 of the Cursebreaker Trilogy. However, it was a necessary novel for book 3 to be written. I feel the same for Forging Silver into Stars. It probably isn't going to be my favorite in the new trilogy. However, it is necessary for the events of books two and three.

I like that this story is from multiple points of view. The story is told mainly from Jax's, Tycho's, and Callyn's points of view. My favorite chapters were told from Tycho's and Callyn's points of view. However, like in previous Kemmerer books, it is easy to fall in love with these characters. It is also impossible not to fall in love with the new side characters. Kemmerer also does a great job at bringing back/showcasing the original CurseBreaker characters (Rhen, Grey, Harper, Lia Mara, etc.). We got plenty of time with Rhen and Grey in this book. I'm hoping, we see more of Harper in the next book.

Readers will get to follow two new romances in this book. One is a slow burn and the other kind of plays on the enemies to lovers trope. I won't lie...I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers. I'm curious to see how that relationship will play out in book two. The slow-burn romance was okay...but I wanted more. Also, I love that Kemmerer included these three or four chapters that were strictly back-and-forth romance scenes between these two romance plotlines.

Overall, I'm curious to see how this series will further play out in future books. If you loved the original series, then you'll be happy to see the original characters in this novel. If you loved Tycho in the original series, then you'll be excited to follow his and his new friends' storyline in Forging Silver into Stars. Kemmerer does a great job building a fantasy world with loveable characters and swoon-worthy romance. If you're a fan of slow-burn or enemies to lovers, then check out this book.

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Every once in a while there's a book I simply do not want to finish. This was one of them. Kemmerer wrapped me up in her world, again, and it felt like coming home. FSiS centers around Tycho, the king's courier, Jax, a blacksmith, and Callyn, a baker. Their stations in life are so different that something as small as the buckles on Tycho's coat would have been achingly helpful for Callyn and Jax, friends from a small town Tycho often passes through. I want readers to go in blind, but I don't think it's a spoiler to say that Callyn and Jax do not have great options at the beginning of this book, which shows a different side of the Cursebreakers world than in the first trilogy. The hopelessness is bone-deep, which sounds bleak because it is, but then as the book progresses, it's nothing short of breathtaking to see, impossibly, hope take root. I'm calling it now, this new series is going to be a phenomenon. I haven't cried during a book since Sarah J. Maas's House of Earth and Blood, and this book caused both desolate and happy tears. I have so many questions, and I'm so excited for this series to continue that it's hardly fair to wait a year plus for the next installment to come out! Brigid Kemmerer just brought this series to a new level with her attention to detail, her tight, thrilling plot, and her heart-warming, sweeping romances. If you haven't read the first books, no problem-- start here. However you read them, you're going to want to. Trust me. Trigger warning: parental abuse. Thank you to Brigid and Bloomsbury for an arc of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. The only unfair bit here is I can't give it a sixth star...

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I feel like I am biased because I love this author and all her works. I love this new fresh take on the world we got to know so well in the original trilogy. The characters were so readable and enjoyable and I loved this book.

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I absolutely loved this book! It was full of action and adventure which I really love in a book. The author did a great job keeping the plot moving and creating unique and interesting characters. This was such a fun read that I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

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Forging Silver into Stars
By Brigid Kemmerer
*SPOILERS for the A Curse so Dark and Lonely series*
This book...was wonderful.
It is the sequel to Brigid Kemmerer’s A Curse so Dark and Lonely series. Now, I am a huge fun fan of this series. It is one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast retelling by far. Like right up there with ACOTAR for me. And this sequel just flowed so well with where it left off.
Forging Silver into Stars takes places four years after the ending to A Vow so Bold and Deadly. Grey has been made king after having married Lia Mara and Tycho is the King’s Courier.
There is a lot of discourse among the people because their new king is magesmith, a being capable of wielding magic. A tragedy, not of his own making, forces Grey to use magic that causes an even further greater rift between himself and the people he wants to protect.
In this novel, you meet new characters that are caught in the middle of an internal war that has them questioning...are they loyal to what they think they know...or to the Queen and King? This causes them cross paths with Tycho who is quickly learning that nothing is ever what it seems.
One thing I truly adored about this book is that everyone is so morally grey it’s hard to grasp who is good and who isn’t. It made for such a fun, thrilling read I couldn’t put it down. I got reconnected with characters I love and fell head over heels for new ones.
This books is phenomenal! If you want a armory that is centered on relationships with a plot that grips you by the throat and won’t let go...this is the one for you.

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