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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting

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What a lovely debut! I am a sucker for historical romance and this one was excellent! It reminded me of an Austen novel, so I would definitely recommend for her fans. This one was sweet but had lots of humor and snarky banter. 

Our main MC, Kitty, is young and vibrant but her large family has fallen on hard times (the Bennets anyone?). Desperate to save them, Kitty goes in search of an advantageous marriage and instead finds a broody gentleman set to get in the way of her goals. 

I loved the story and the character development in this book. The conversations as well as the silly shenanigans the characters got up to. The whole book had me smiling and I couldn't put it down. 

This romance is definitely for those that like a Pride ad Prejudice-type slow-burn! There is angst and frustrations and lots of feelings!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC!
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An excellent portrayal of a period piece romance. This was a slow burn, clean romance that was so refreshing to read.  Purchasing a physical copy to add to my at home collection.
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As the eldest of five sisters who are recently responsible for their deceased parent’s overwhelming debt, Kitty Talbot is determined to hunt down a fortune in the form of a rich husband. Kitty and her sister Cecily arrive in London for the season with their eyes on the prize, bearing in mind that in addition to searching out a rich husband, Kitty is on a time-constraint to get the job done quickly. Early on, Kitty meets the De Lacy family but must work under the shrewd eye of eldest De Lacy brother Lord Radcliffe, who is more than a little critical of potential fortune-hunters.

While a historical romance, this felt much more like a YA read, as each main character was coming of age and working through self-discovery. The book is filled with Jane Austen-like humor and characters with a delightful ending! The novel almost serves as an examination of the morality and logistics of the regency-era marriage market, also exploring the ramifications and survivor’s guilt of war. It was a fun, quick read, and would make for a perfect first delve into the historical romance genre! 

Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin Random House’s Viking Press, and the author for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting is exactly what the description says it is: Kitty Talbot needs a fortune. Or rather, she needs a husband who has a fortune. Left with her father’s massive debts, she has only twelve weeks to save her family from ruin. Set in post-Napolean War England, near the end of the Regency Era when the ton reigned supreme as the ultimate judge of social standing and etiquette, country girl Miss Talbot must break into this elite world to find a husband whose fortune can pay-off large family debts and secure the financial future of her sisters.

Irwin writes a book which is straight-forward and does not hide its agenda, nor does it get bogged down minutia of a typical historical romance. That probably makes it a good entry level book for those who aren’t ready for or have the patience for the wordiness of Austen. Of course, that wordiness, the descriptive approach is what Austen lovers appreciate about her style. Modern readers who aren’t accustomed to lengthy descriptions will appreciate how direct Kitty is in a world where she doesn’t make the rules.

Kitty is a quick study and not concerned about love. Her approach is utterly pragmatic. The late Mr. Talbot was a gentleman, but broke with his family to marry outside of his social circle. He married for love. As a result, his family cut him off. He and his wife settled in the country, beyond the judging eyes of the ton, and had a good marriage—except for the gambling thing, a holdover from his single days in London. When he passes unexpectedly, he leaves behind enough debt that the girls will lose their home and any remaining pitiful social standing. Worse than penniless, Kitty sets out for London to change their circumstances.

Kitty sets her sights on the younger brother of Lord Radcliffe, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars. Since returning home, he prefers a quiet life at his estate in the country to the hustle and bustle of life in town—especially during the social season. When Lord Radcliffe learns that his brother is in love and that the woman he intends to marry is decidedly beneath their family standing, he sets out for town to put the cabash on the whole affair.

What recommends this book most is the banter. Kitty can utterly hold her own against Lord Radcliffe. A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting is worth the read for the conversations, not the rapturous descriptions of people and places. No one is surprised when Radcliffe and Kitty fall for one another, the reader can figure that out from the get go. Even when Radcliffe is downright rude and offensive, Kitty remains undeterred from her goal. There is a bit of action at the end of the book which solidifies their attraction, but will they ultimately act on it? Kitty is still in need of a fortune and Radcliffe is still the protector of his family name.

The book reaches a satisfying ending, and I will read Irwin again for what I can only call historical romance-lite.

Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot
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While we're all wrapped up in the Bridgerton frenzy, I don't typically find myself drawn to period romance novels and prefer more grit with my historical fiction. Irwin's novel proved me wrong from start to finish. Her relatable and realistic characters kept the text interesting as the plot slowed down, and the slow burn was completely worth it!
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what a fun romp of a book!!!! i love anything involving london society - i eat it up! from the works of austen to more modern works like bridgerton. it was lovely seeing these characters make their way in a world of society set in its ways.
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Sophie Irwin's debut regency era novel centers around a young woman, Kitty, who has just lost both of her parents.  In order to provide for her younger sisters and get out from under debt collectors she heads into the city with the goal of quickly finding a wealthy husband.  With only twelve weeks to accomplish this she finds an unlikely ally in Lord James Radcliffe.  The two get to know each other all while trying to secretly find an eligible suitor.  The banter between the two characters was the biggest draw in this novel. I am not a big fan of regency romance but I did enjoy reading this especially since the Irwin did a great job making the early 1800's London come to life.
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Thank you, @netgalley, and @penguinrandomouse, for the eARC and in return, an honest review.

“You see me, in my entirety - the worst and the best of me…”

My Thoughts:
Kitty Talbot is very determined to find a rich husband during the London Season to save her home and sisters from destitute.  Although she had a few potential candidates, she aimed a tad higher than expected.  James, the Earl of Radcliffe, had no desire to go home after his father’s death.  His relationship with his father was toxic.  But a distressed letter from his mother changed his mind.

This book made me laugh.  I love the banter between Kitty and James. Kitty’s younger sister, Cecily, was a character.  Always getting Kitty caught in a lie.  This is the first regency book I’ve read without steamy scenes.  It’s more tamed and romantic.  Fast-paced, funny, and just sweetest.
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin is an absolute hit for her debut novel. I enjoyed the heroine and her single-mindedness to achieve her goal of finding a husband with a fortune to save her family. Kitty Talbot was left with a huge debt and has 12 weeks to acquire funds in order to save her family’s home. She heads to London and hopes to find a husband and attend the Season. She had high hopes for one prospect but unfortunately it met with resistance from Lord Radcliffe. He was going to do his best to prevent her from hooking herself on his family if he could help it.

What I liked about this story is Kitty’s pursuit of finding her fortune and made no apologies for it. The author carried this throughout the story interspersed with a side story that intertwined with the romance, that made the plot a very entertaining story. The combination of witty banter and set downs between Kitty and James, the tone and its characters, and an interesting plot, made this a fun read.

Sophie Irwin is a fresh new voice in Regency historical romance. It was a story that hard to put down and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this author.
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I adore this book! If you’re a fan of historical fiction and romance, you need to grab a copy of A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin. Full of witty banter, enemies-to-lovers (gives off a bit of Pride and Prejudice mixed with Bridgerton vibes), and a slow-burn romance, I devoured this book in 2 days. Kitty and Lord Radcliffe have great chemistry and the tension is palpable throughout the book. Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Group Viking for the advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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Back when a lady's only way to comfort or wealth was through her family or marriage, Kitty Talbot has no other option than to find a rich husband to pay off the debt left to her by her father and to take care of her four younger sisters. 

Kitty and her sister Cecily travel to London to stay with their aunt (who is actually an old friend of their mother's) for the season.  London's upper class sets up matches and marriages for the younger generation through a series of balls and courtships. And Kitty must navigate through a society that she should have been a part of if not for a family scandal. 

I love the banter between Kitty and Lord Radcliff.  It's entertaining to see who Kitty is when society is not dictating how she should act.  I enjoy the feminist points in this book when Kitty discusses the differences for men and women.  I also really enjoyed the plot lines for the side characters.

Reading about Kitty's possible suitors and how ridiculously cringe-worthy some of them were made me laugh out loud. The aren't too many surprises throughout the book but the formula used is one that works.  It was a light enjoyable book that speaks volumes about the way women have been and continue to be seen in polite society.
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We’ve been on vacation this week, and despite all the walks in the woods and swimming in lakes and keeping small children occupied, I flew through Sophie Irwin’s debut in less than two days. This was so enjoyable to read—Jane Austen meets Sabrina, with two sharp main characters battling it out against the backdrop of high society in London’s early 1800s.

A quick summary: Kitty Talbot needs to find a rich husband, fast. In 12 weeks, to be exact, before her father’s creditors come to call. With her parents gone and four sisters to take care of, Kitty can’t afford to marry for love—and she can’t afford to fail. She sets her sights on the perfect place to secure a match: London. Perfect timing, too: the Season is about to start.

It shouldn’t be too hard; Kitty’s always been the cunning one, and if anyone can win the high hand in this game, she can. But soon she meets her match in cunning: the shrewd Lord Radcliffe, who sees straight through her schemes and is determined to protect his younger brother, no matter the cost.

The problem? Neither of them can foresee what can happen when you let an enemy close…

I loved this. I wouldn’t say any writer can be compared to Jane Austen, but Sophie Irwin has done a pretty good job at imitating the style and plot so beloved by Austen’s readers. If you’re a Jane Austen fan or at least in the mood for a clean, entertaining and witty love story with clever dialogue, try this one. I’m really happy for Sophie Irwin’s success, and I’d definitely read more by her.
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A LADY'S GUIDE TO FORTUNE-HUNTING by Sophie Irwin is set in Regency-era England and is exactly what the title implies. Conjuring visions of Bridgerton or Jane Austen stories, Irwin acquaints readers with Kitty Talbot, the eldest of five sisters who is determined to marry well so as to settle the family debt and support her siblings. Heading to London for the Season, she manages all kinds of manipulations to be included on guest lists and to mingle with high society. Lord Radcliffe, the brother of a potential suitor, calls her out for fortune-hunting and they end up forming an unlikely alliance to safeguard his family name and bolster her chances. Frivolity and satire abound in this wonderful debut, as when Radcliffe's younger brother remarks: "'You displayed so little anxiety about my being murdered,' he said to her hotly, pride very much injured, 'that I have a great mind not to tell you whether I was or not.'" A LADY'S GUIDE TO FORTUNE-HUNTING is a diverting, fun read and is a LibraryReads Selection for July.
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A witty, banter-filled enemies-to-lovers, slow burn romance with the two leads bound together by mutual blackmail! This was a charming read, suited for fans of Jane Austen and Regency romance. 

Kitty Talbot is in want of a good fortune (so she can repay her family’s debts and ensure her four sisters are provided for so they don’t have to worry and can marry for love and so on). Enter Lord (James) Radcliffe, the stern older brother of the man Kitty has set her sights on. He suspects that Kitty is more enamored with his brother’s money than with him and is determined to keep them apart. Cue the tension and great chemistry!

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting is funny and lighthearted though the stakes are high for Kitty in her pursuit of a rich husband. I loved it though I wish we had more time with Kitty and James.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Viking for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting was a fun historical romance. It hit most of the usual marks of a regency romance with some twists. The plot was a bit more of the focus than the romance which is not necessarily bad but is not my preference. I also did not love the side characters very much. They felt a little bland or annoying in my opinion, and I did not feel as if I connected with the main leads very much. 

I did, however, like the writing style, and I loved the journey of enemies to reluctant allies working toward their own goals to lovers.
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Absolutely LOVED this book! I’ve been in a very Jane-Austen-reading mood, but was hoping for something new. When I saw that Illumicrate had selected this book for a special edition, I added it to my list. I was not in the least bit disappointed! The story may be full of the usual characters and even usual scenes, but it was truly enjoyable in how it was carried out. There were of course some delicious twists to make it all more enjoyable and a bit modern. 
The romance was subtle and grew with each page, which I quite appreciated since instalove is not my favorite trope. I love how willing Kitty and James were to embrace, accept, and even appreciate each other’s full personalities (not just the “good” qualities). And of course I adored the nods to Jane Austen! I will say, I definitely yelled out, “She’s got too many sisters,” one point early on in the story because I was having such a hard time keeping them straight— I could have used one more nod to Jane Austen here since I at least know very well the names and birth order of the Bennet sisters. It was a very enjoyable book full of nostalgia for some of my favorite literature while still being fresh and bringing in a slightly more modern feel to the story. 
Things I admired the most:
- slow burn romance
- Kitty’s tenacious confidence and courage
- James’ appreciation of Kitty’s more mercenary qualities
- how adorably naive Archie is
- Cecily’s ability to basically lure in a titled, wealthy man with no effort behind the scenes (talented family!)
- Aunt Dorothy (she was just a good time, all the time)
- the way this book made me feel: happy, intrigued, not wanting to put the book down
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I love how so many things happened in the book. I could not keep myself from the book because it was so good
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Sophie Irwin's A Lady's Guide is a wonderful book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I read the majority of it under the desk at work. While it is heavily influenced by Jane Austen, it is wonderfully self-conscious in that regard. Her characters are modern in sentiment, yet not in behavior. The whole thing feels credible. Though I immediately knew how the marriage game would work out, it was still incredibly enjoyable to watch it. Five stars and I will recommend it to everyone who is in the mood for a fun read.
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting pleasantly surprised me.  I had a fun time reading and didn't guess the true love interest until more than halfway through the story.  The female lead was unapologetic in her quest to marry for money as she had a family counting on her. Her will and determination made her a true heroine.  Then there is Radcliffe, he's secretly charming and sexy.  His constant lurking behind her with wise words in her ear at the balls was smooth and flirty.  

This book was filled with humor, flirtiness and heart. It was fun to watch the blossoming romance between the main characters. I throughly enjoyed an opportunity to read and review.   

Thank you PENGUIN GROUP Viking, Pamela Dorman Books for the advance reader copy.
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What an absolute blast from beginning to end. From our first introduction to Kitty, I couldn't help but root for her. A fortune-hunter who is clear cut about what she wants and how she gets it? Be still my heart. I LOOOOVE that her character was true till the very end. Do you know how rare that is these days? I enjoyed her thoroughly and admired her loyalty to her family through it all.

This book was filled with great characters, witty banter, and shenanigans galore. I laughed out loud in so many places, and had a really great time. I didn't even mind lack of sexy times!!!! LOL. I can't wait to read more books by the author.

P.S. I had to read the author's bio and when I saw she wrote a dissertation on Heyer, a light bulb went off. Truly this was Heyer-sqe in the best possible ways.

A huge thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley for the ARC.
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