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Kitty, our clever and unconventional heroine, is thrust into London’s high society on a mission – to marry into a wealthy family to satisfy her inherited debt. Being the leader of the family, she feels a weighty responsibility to accomplish this goal with little regard to the unwitting fellow she entraps. With her sights set on a family member of Lord Radcliffe, he sniffs out the ruse and threatens to unearth some devastating revelations about Kitty’s family. But neither of them could have anticipated an unexpected partnership as Kitty moves forward with her valiant efforts.

  It felt very much like a twist of a Jane Austen classic. I absolutely devoured it! Fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable, I could not put it down. I especially loved the spit-fire Kitty, she was bold and brash, an unapologetic woman who was resolved to accomplish her goal. The relationship between Radcliffe and Kitty was complex and layered and tense – I really enjoyed that the novel was not overtly sexual either because that did not especially fit within the time period that the novel was written.

  Well done Sophie Irwin, I hope to read many more of your books in the future!
Many thanks to Pamela Dorman Books and Netgalley for this title in exchange for my honest review.
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This was an entertaining read!  The characters were likeable and you were really rooting for the heroine.  I like that their families were such an important part of their stories as it made their actions more understandable.  It could perhaps have been a bit shorter, since some sections seemed too long, but overall it was a great read!
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This was a great book! It’s about a woman named Kitty who has four younger sisters and after their parents die they find out they owe a lot of debt and are going to lose their cottage.  So Kitty realizes the only way out of this situation is to marry someone rich and fast.  She goes to London and finds Archie - rich young and naive, easy manipulate, but then his older brother James steps between and realizes what she’s up to.  Kitty and James strike a bargain- she’ll stay away from Archie as long as he helps her find a rich husband.  Kitty is a great character and very relatable she’s sacrificing her happiness and chance at love for her sisters future!  Great banter between Kitty and James. A must read!!
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This is great and perfect for all fans of Bridgerton! I love historical romance, scheming, and enemies-to-lovers, so this book was tailor-made for me. I especially admired Kitty because I love a #girlboss, but I was rooting for a lot of other characters, too, particularly Cecily. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Sophie Irwin after such a fantastic debut!
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting was the clever and brilliantly written Regency romance I was looking for! Joining Kitty for her adventure in London as she does what she needs to in order to save her family left me laughing and rooting for her. I loved her approach to Lord Radcliffe, and how she quickly convinces her to be on his side, even though he's very correctly identified her as a fortune hunter. This was a fantastic ride from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it.
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First let me say the cover of this book is beautiful, and  it’s refreshing to see someone admit they’re marrying for money. But the rest of the book reads no different from so many other books of the same genre in the same time period.
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A charming enemies to lovers Regency romance with plenty of wit, fun and intrigue.  As the oldest of 5 orphaned daughters, Kitty feels she must marry a wealthy man and quickly, before the creditors left by her father’s many debts foreclose on their meager house.  She a very resourceful and determined young woman, so she contrives to have a London season, become accepted by the ton and snag a husband to pay off the family debts….regardless if she loves the man of not.  She set her sights on the younger brother of a Duke but the Duke had other ideas.
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Let me start by saying this book was a delight! I would definitely put this in the same veins as classic romance novels like Pride and Prejudice. However, if you're expecting something a little more sexy or scandalous like Bridgerton you may be disappointed. Don't get me wrong the tension between some of the characters is very swoon worthy and there are moments where you'll gasp, but there aren't any like sex scenes.

I really enjoyed Kitty and how she fought for her family. She was willing to give up so much of herself in order to save her sisters from total ruin. I did like the additional twist of her family's scandalous background, I thought that added a nice added layer to Kitty navigating the season. I do feel that her younger sister that attends with her (Cecily) could have been fleshed out a little better. Her storyline seems rushed compared to how well developed other secondary characters storylines are.  

For any fan of classic or regency based romances this story is a little predictable, but still very delightful and a fun read. I hope that Sophie Irwin continues writing about the Talbot family, I am excited to follow this author.
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It's 1818 and Kitty Talbot finds herself as the head of a family of 4 girls and inherited debt that will lead them split up and without a home, so Kitty decides she needs a husband--a rich one. After being jilted by the man she has been engaged to for some time, she goes to London with her sister Cecily (who absolutely rather be reading a book) to prepare for the upcoming season. With the help of their "Aunt," Kitty plans to go fortune-hunting and sets her sights on some of the London elite, but she has no idea what she's doing or how to get her foot in the door.

Full transparency: I binged season 2 of Bridgerton in the last week and needed more historical romance in my life when I stumbled upon this absolute gem of a book. Let me just say, if you liked the Feathering subplot included in the show this season, then you will love this book. I would compare Kitty to a Lady Featherington in her prime, but with a bit more of a heart. She will do literally anything for her family and to get the money that she needs and she will absolutely not apologize for it, which I appreciate. She did not even "learn a lesson" or "change her ways" in the end--she accepted a proposal and was transparent about her needs.

The story itself reminded me of reading a modern Jane Austen novel. The settings were mentioned but the descriptions were loose and short; we would seamlessly jump from one persons thoughts to another as the action was happening; and it was mostly dialogue with quick cuts of action. I am starting to realize I really enjoy these types of books and want to see more of them.

It was a fun, light read with no spice involved. Saying that, this book was not at all boring. The chemistry between to love interests were there from the beginning and very palpable. Very Darcy and Elizabeth with all of the hand grazing and looking in to one's eyes.

Sophie Irwin drops you in to the "action" quickly and you're immediately sucked in to Kitty's world. I essentially read this in one sitting; once I started I could not put it down.

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Books for providing me with an eARC of this book! I will not be suggesting it to everyone!
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting is a clean, story-driven regency romance. From the first page, Irwin deftly crafts a three-dimensional heroine. The book begins with Kitty Talbot being jilted by her long time suitor. Left with five sisters, mountains of debt from her dead parents, and no prospects, Kitty heads to London to find a wealthy husband. She proves a talented social climber, as she put her emotional intelligence to good use with a wide variety of characters from High Society. Along the way she meets Radcliffe, and their enemies to lovers story feels authentic and earned. Irwin manages to make these two characters equals in a situation with no semblance of true equity.
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I. LOVED. This book! This is such a cliché, but I really am very stingy with my five star reviews and I had no hesitation whatsoever in slapping one on this lovely narrative. Sophie Irwin will be an auto-buy author for me from now on!

This is also likely not a hot take on romantic fiction set in Victorian England, but it very much gave me modernized Jane Austen vibes. The wit! The sass! The inevitability of enemies-to-lovers! Just glorious. I stayed up far past by bedtime on a weekday to finish it the same day I started it. 

The characters really make this story, and some are them are hilarious. I laughed aloud several times. I truly don’t want to give away any details in this review, so if you have ever had even a passing interest in Pride and Prejudice, the Bridgerton series, or fiction in general, I highly recommend this book. 

Thank you to Pamela Dorman Books, Sophie Irwin, and NetGalley for this ARC!
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Thank you to Penguin Books and Netgalley for providing an advanced copy of this book in return for an honest opinion. 

Kitty Talbot needs to marry for money and has only twelve weeks to do it. What is a girl to do but go to London and find a rich man? Her quest hits a slight snag when she encounters Lord Radcliffe, brother to one of her suitors. 

This book was one of the most enjoyable romance novels I have read in years. There was banter, a smart heroine, and a swoony male love interest. I could not have asked for a more likable pairing. From start to end, I was 100% Team Kitty. Watching her bowl over society with her single-mindedness was absolute perfection.
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I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for making this available for review. Any time I see an author who normally writes contemp. romance try their hand at historical I get nervous. Especially when they relate it to Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer. I absolutely love Georgette Heyer's characters and situations and to me, its high praise. 

So, diving into A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting and finishing it in one sitting? I have to say, bravo to Sophie. This book was absolutely a blast! 

I enjoyed the main character and it was fun reading a story about a female who was a fortune hunter - it's normally the gentleman. And, the gentleman is usually a brute of a person. I rather liked Kitty. She was determined to marry for convenience / fortune to save her family. But being that their family history causes a bit of a dismay to the ton if discovered makes it a little difficult to actually gain any sort of marriage. So what's with a few unspoken truths and a skirt of a lie or two? 

Enter our very interesting and very determined James. He is downright against his younger brother Archie marrying Kitty for he is certain she is after their money. Which leads to some fun moments of him trying to circumvent their love. While he is successful, the real fun happens when he agrees (after a blackmail of one another) to assist her in winning the hearts of the ton and securing herself a man of fortune. ... Which leads to their slow burn into a friendship and more.

The only reason I rate this down a star is how modern the dialogue was at times and the writing, but otherwise, it was so good! I really hope others who enjoy clean historical romances give this book a try!
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. This was an easy ready with likeable characters. I predicted the ending quite fast but enjoyed the character development and escapades getting there. I would recommend it for fans of pride and prejudice and bridgerton.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. This was an easy ready with likeable characters. I predicted the ending quite fast but enjoyed the character development and escapades getting there. I would recommend it for fans of pride and prejudice and bridgerton. <br /><br />from netgalley for an honest review. 
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting allows us to follow the exploits of Kitty Talbot, a young woman who ventures into London high society. Kitty is determined to land herself a wealthy husband before the end of the social season - and she will do whatever she has to do. If she is unsuccessful, she will lose her family's home and be unable to care for her younger sisters following the death of her parents. Kitty crosses paths with Lord Radcliffe, who is determined to foil her plans. He sees her gold digging aspirations exactly for what they are. Who will be successful?

I feel like this book was full of missed opportunities. The story flew by at a breakneck pace and I often felt like I was missing parts of the story, but on second look, they were just not there. I also felt that there was a real lack of descriptions and scene building. I often found myself picturing faceless mannequins wearing regency clothing conversing in white boxes for spaces. Or picturing characters from other stories, The story was quite enjoyable, though, and I do feel that the book can be recovered with more editing and more vivid descriptions and world-building. 

Thank you to Penguin/Viking Publishing and NetGalley for providing me a free copy of the book to review, The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of the author or publisher,
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting was a delightful historical romance with an enemies to lovers troupe.  This book had wonderful descriptions of the London season with all of its balls, events and courting rules.  I didn’t like Kitty much a first, but really grew to understand her as the book progressed.  Thanks so much for sharing with me.
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I liked this one … definitely not a favorite as I felt it dragged a bit but will definitely check out books in the future!
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Ok, this book had me reading way too late past my bedtime but I absolutely couldn't put it down. I'm a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope because I love the wittiness of conversation that it entails and this book did not disappoint!
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Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for access to the eARC of A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting. I was looking for a light, fun read, and this certainly filled that need.

A fun, well-written Regency romance. Kitty Talbot finds herself and her sisters on the brink of disaster when her father's death reveals they have a mountain of debt. Kitty's supposed fiance abandons her for another young woman, and she determines that her only hope is to go to London and find herself a rich husband during the Season.

Although fortune hunting is far from rare, Kitty is an outlier...she's not part of the "ton," the in-group, so she's at a disadvantage. She needs an introduction to the "right" people. She parlays her sister's acquaintance with a school friend into a chance of a suitor with the acquaintance's brother... Of course, this being a romance, Kitty's life won't be that simple!
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting was a lighthearted and entertaining read. The dialogue was great and was overall pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this. I think it's a great recommendation for anyone looking for a straightforward regency romance.
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