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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting

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For fans of Bridgerton and Evie Dunmore, this regency romance features a frank, upfront, and smart protagonist seeking a fortune, even if it has to come with a husband. Supporting four sisters and harboring a huge debt, Kitty Talbot sets her sights on finding anyone that will fit (and pay) her bill. She seeks the help of Lord Radcliffe who reluctantly guides her through the London season and the do's and don't of navigating the ton. These characters and their repartee were a delight to read!
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okay color me obsessed. i loved kitty , i loved the banter between her and radcliff. a good regency romance always captures me.
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This book was an absolute delight! Fans of Bridgerton will love this take on the Regency Romance. 
The reader will fall in love with every one of the characters. However, my favorite was by far Kitty Talbot. She is not your traditional heroine/love interest. She has no time for love and only has her eyes set on the prize. She is ambitious, daring, cunning, and fearless. She is extremely protective of her family and will go any distance for them. She is a flawed character that I couldn't help but root for!
The banter between Kitty and Lord Radcliffe is top-tier and I lived for every one of their interactions. Lord Radcliffe is also a fascinating character, struggling with the weight of responsibility and desperately still trying to obtain his father's approval. However, through his interactions with Kitty, his grows into the leader that his family needs him to be. 

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin. Pub Date: July 12, 2022. Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟. If you’re a Bridgerton fan, then you need to pick this book up. Set in Regency era during the London scene, this is a hilarious story of a woman’s quest to find love and money to save her family from debt. It’s witty, laugh out loud scenes and character development are spot on and the reader is left being swept away in a time period long past with a swoon worthy ending. I really enjoyed this book! Thanks to #netgalley and #pameladormanbooks for this e-arc in exchange for my honest review. #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookworm #igreads #penguingroupviking #aladysguidetofortunehunting
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Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for an ARC for an honest review.

First I loved loved LOVED this book! If you are looking for a YA regency romance / Bridgerton baby this book is for you. Sassy female lead with lots of fun banter. This book knows its genre and does a great job at it.
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A Lady’s Guide To Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin was a fun, swoony escapist romance.   Kitty needs a rich husband to save her family from debt & will do everything in her power to land one.  Unfortunately for her. Lord Radcliffe sees right through her plan and will do anything in his power to keep the fortune hunter out of his family.   A fun, clever romp!  

Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free copy for an honest review.
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An intelligent, funny novel. We follow Kitty as she has 12 weeks to find a husband during the London Season, and he must have a fortune. Kitty’s father died and left the family with a mountain of debt. A fun read!

** I received an electronic ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review of this book.
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What a delight - from the main characters to their siblings, I want more of these families. In particular, the resolution at the end and the way both characters were able to take charge/save the other in their own ways. I loved the plot development and hope there are more books to come in this series.
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After the loss of her parents, Kitty decides she must marry a rich gentleman to save her home and her four sisters. She travels to London and will stop at nothing to obtain her goal. This book took a while to get going. There was basically zero chemistry until about half way through the book, and the same with the main character having any sort of guilt about what she was doing. It was a little backwards in that Radcliffe censures her for trying to marry for money when that was basically every marriage in society at the time. Plus, she really wasn't hiding the fact that she was poor and needed money to any of her suitors. 

But, once feelings were being had, and adventures were happening, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.
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Thank you to the publisher! I was so excited to read this book and after seeing the cover in people’s videos I couldn’t wait. It definitely feels a little bit of my Bridgerton esque  which is something I love for a change, but wish it had a little more romance. I liked Kitty’s character and it felt very cozy.
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2 stars. Very frustrating with a lot of wasted potential.

An amazing historical romance book is hiding somewhere inside this novel… It just wasn’t let out to play!

This book has a very slow start, which I didn’t mind, as it was doing a great job at setting up the story. Similarly, the writing style could be seen as pretentious and trying too hard. But to me it read more like over-the-top, sarcastic, almost witty humour. And as such, it worked very well! It was very funny.  . . .  For the first 30%.

After that the book just stalled, it kept going around in circles - replaying the same moments over and over again - without ever moving forwards and just throwing in meaningless side stories along the way. I was incredibly bored. And the writing style started to become very tedious to read.

The romance was less slow burn, than no burn at all! Everything was very surface level. It had so much potential, it could have been so swoonworthy, all the pieces were there! But it just didn’t work and I didn't really care in the end. The romantic plot was barely moving and neither cute nor sexy. Not even funny!

They are both very intelligent, which makes for great banter because they are so equally matched! The writing has this great bite to it when they interact. Sadly, all their moments are cut short and summarised in a few sentences! We don't get to spend any quality time with them! 

I also think it's such an odd choice to make this a closed door romance. It feels off structurally and makes no sense, given how openly and non-judgemental the book discusses the female protagonist’s mother's life as a courtesan! (Not a spoiler. The reader finds out about that right at the start.)

Every now and then the book tries to delve into a discussion about money and women's place in society. But it never goes anywhere meaningful.

Overall, it was just so bitty! There are too many little snippets and none get enough room to fully develop. We just moved on to the next bit. And the romance was practically non-existent. It just felt so directionless! 

I wonder who the audience for this book is supposed to be? There isn't enough romance for the historical romance readers and not enough plot or social commentary for the historical fiction readers. I enjoy both genres and still felt very unsatisfied and let down by it. This book just doesn't know what it wants to be. There are too many different things happening and none of them are truly successful.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a digital arc for a review.

Reading about a woman trying to marry a rich man to help save her family was vastly entertaining (and inspiring, just kidding, but idk maybe). I enjoyed the setting and pretty much all of the characters. Of course, the main winner is Kitty, the fortune hunter herself. She was clever, funny and determined to land a rich gentlemen. Seeing her learn about all of the tricks of how to elevate herself in high society was fun to read. This book was easy to get lost in and I found myself continuing to read more pages (even when I had plans to stop reading for the night).

I really liked James as well. He was determined to stop his younger brother from marrying Kitty but somehow found himself involved in her schemes to help her out with other gentlemen. Their little moments together were very cute but the reason why it's only getting a 4 from me was because I simply craved more. I went in this knowing it was a clean romance so it wasn't a surprise but I just wish we had some more interactions from them. Perhaps I'm greedy.
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Penniless and jilted, with four younger sisters to support,  Kitty Talbot charms her way into the London season in pursuit of a man with a fortune. What she doesn’t expect is Lord Radcliffe, who recently returned to London and is intent on foiling Kitty’s plans. When she realizes she has been caught, Kitty makes a deal with Radcliffe, blackmailing him into becoming her ally. As the season progresses and their families become more intertwined, Kitty is forced to ask herself how far she will go to secure a fortune and is she willing to compromise her heart for it?

I absolutely adored this book! It was funny, smart, romantic, and had the perfect dash of satire. Irwin’s prose was gorgeous, truly Austen-esque, and the character development and sub-plots were great. I especially enjoyed the dynamic with the younger siblings, both of whom made me laugh out loud more than once. This is regency romance at its best–I need a movie adaptation. 

If you are a fan of Bridgerton, but also like things slightly more literary, I think you will love this book. I cannot wait for Sophie Irwin’s next one! Thank you Netgalley and Viking for the gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thankyou so much to the publisher for the e-ARC <3 

This was such a unique take on regency romances! I absolutely loved Kitty and her adventures to save her family from financial ruin. Kitty's attitude towards life completely won my heart. The plot was so entertaining - I loved the twists and turns the story took. I lived for the humor! Kitty and Lord Radcliffe connected in a really heartfelt manner due to their endless love for each other's families. It was so wholesome to read their conversations and see them fall in love along the way. 

I felt the ending was a bit rushed. That's my only complaint about the story. I cannot wait to read more from this author!
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This was a great Historical Romance. I liked the concept and loved the FMC. She was written very well. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC.
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After her (wealthy) fiancé jilts her, Kitty Talbot doesn't need a hero, just a deep-pocketed husband to save her family. But when Kitty heads to London to catch her man, a disapproving Lord Radcliffe interferes with her fortuning-hunting ways. Bridgerton fans will swoon over this sharply entertaining romp through London’s ballrooms.
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Kitty is stubborn, loyal, and knows exactly what she is after. She joins the London season in search of a rich husband and just when she thinks she has found one, everything starts to go sideways. Endearing and entertaining, A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting is the perfect period read for those looking for something different.
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Kitty Talbot is the oldest of 5 sisters, and since her parents died from typhoid, she has discovered that her primary inheritance has been a formidable debt. The only way in which to keep a roof over their heads is to marry well—and quickly. So she heads to London, to stay with a friend of her mothers, and to snare a wealthy husband. But there are rules in high society, and it's not easy being accepted by the ton. Against all odds, Kitty finds herself ready to accept the hand of a very wealthy but frightfully boring man—only to discover that her heart has been lost to someone quite beyond her reach.
A delightful tale!
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Thank you to @netgalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. I loved this debut novel by Sophie Irwin. I thought it was an interesting modern take on the traditional regency Austen stories. In Austen the women are expected to marry the richest of men, however, they prefer to marry for love. Here we have Kitty Talbot, the oldest of five sisters, who has the responsibility to marry a rich man or her four younger sisters are left destitute.

What I liked: 
-The characters, I really enjoyed the strong, practical, and cunning Kitty. I loved how protective she was, yet she was flawed in her protectiveness. 
-I loved the underlying plots within the plot it was very well done 
-I loved Lord Radcliffe as the protective older brother and how he was able to slowly fall for the main character due to mutual understanding and admiration 
- The banter and the going from one suitor to another was just a delight 
-Dual POV is always a plus

What I did not like: 
-Honestly my only complaint is that I felt the ending a bit rushed and romantically anticlimactic. I would have liked to have seen more feelings on the part of the two main characters. 

But it wasn't enough to knock down a star this was a 5 star read for me. I look forward to more from this author.
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A LADY’S GUIDE TO FORTUNE-HUNTING is a fabulously clever read. It takes everything you love about a historical novel and twists it a bit to bring to life the characters and world the author eloquently creates.

This debut novel has everything you would want in a Regency-era read and then some. Of course, there is the pomp and circumstance as well as a charmingly gruff bachelor, Radcliffe, matched only by the witty and bitingly smart woman, Kitty. There is even a slew of side characters that bring heart, humor, and at times duplicity into the mix. But what makes this story so good is the concept of having the leading lady be so honest about her pursuits and unabashedly hunting a man of means to save her family.

So many times in historical novels, the authors create characters that are looking for a match and yes, maybe have ulterior motives, but they are hidden under the guise of finding love. In this book, Kitty is not shy about what she needs. This candid look at her quest to grab herself a man of means is both refreshing and downright entertaining. Then you add in the chemistry between Radcliffe and Kitty. It is palpable, but neither wants to admit it. This push and pull will force Kitty to really look into herself and decide what she is truly willing to do for her family obligations.
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