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This Place of Wonder

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Beautiful! Loved every second of it! The cover is stunning and I would absolutely purchase a paper copy to have on my shelf.
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ARC from NetGalley - O'Neal's writing is descriptive and detailed, and I enjoyed the multiple point of views from the which the story unfolds.. I thought the plot moved along faster in some sections of the novel than in others, but strong storytelling prevailed. I would recommend for people who have enjoyed her other books and those who enjoy complicated family relationships.
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This was kind of a letdown for me. I expected it to touch on deeper themes since this story was about grief and loss. But I felt unsatisfied with how the story went. But I can still see how other people would enjoy this book. It just didn't click with me.
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I love previous books by Barbara O'Neal and this was just as good! I was sucked in from the very beginning and felt that this book read at a very nice pace. I liked the four main characters and was interested in each of their stories and how they tied together.
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This Place of Wonder deserves literally everything! Can't get over this one! 
Barbara O'Neal is an excellent storyteller and this book draws you in immediately. 
The characters are flawed, but likeable and very believable. 
Meadow, Maya, Norah, and Rory I couldn't help but feel for these four amazingly strong ladies.
As intriguing as this novel is and as much as I freaking loved it there is also amazing details here, very descriptive.... the way this author writes is something special and everyone should read at lest one of her books. 
A fabulous setting, really interesting characters, and a really intriguing story about loss, anger, pain and forgiveness.
O'Neal is a masterful storyteller, and it truly shows here within these pages, she was able to pull this together the way she did is amazing.
A beautiful story that will keep you gripped along the way as you uncover all the secrets and drama this is one not to be missed!

Lake Union Publishing,
Thank you for this eARC!
I will post to my blog and platforms close to pub date!
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I have read, and loved, every book written by Ms. O'Neal under all the names she has written under.  Each has been more magical than the last.  I loved meeting and spending time with the characters of This Place of Wonder.
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