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Cool cover but the story was not to my taste. Expected alot more witches than what we got and I expected a fantasy instead of the mystery horror. I do feel like its wrongly marketed
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DNF @ 52%

This book started out so strong, but it was so hard to like any of the characters and I just could not read any more.
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Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for my E-ARC copy

Witch 13 definitely gave me the creeps. I think my first thought about the with was that she had some similarities to the one in Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, she was also silent and creepy AF. I liked the mysterious vibe and ominous presence of the witch, especially when the town's people started losing their marbles. I did feel a bit disappointed though that with everything happening, no real action was taken until the end and then everything kinda happened way too fast. 
I will read more from this author, just to see what other horrors he can cook up.
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Witchy and creepy.  It was everything I could have hoped for.  This review is late coming, because I had this sitting for quite some time. The writing, however, was too wordy and descriptive and I felt like this was longer than it needed to be.
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Well, this is officially my first 1 star review. This book had an amazing plot, but it droned on and on and on and on. 
The beginning of the book held sooooo much promise and it could have been turned into a novel of its own but then we go left field and it starts to go downhill. 

If the story had been more condensed, less descriptive in some areas and more descriptive in others it would work. The biggest plus if you do get a feel for the characters but the way ot drags on it just too much. I ended up skimming more than reading several times because it felt like there was absolutely no end. 

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC to review.
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If you want a dark witchy read then Witch13 is the book for you. The writing was atmospheric and I was here for it. Fab book.
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I am sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t have the time to read this anymore and have lost interest in the concept. I believe that it would benefit your book more if I did not skim your book and write a rushed review. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'll start off by saying that I LOVE witchy books and this one did not disappoint. It was creepy and full of twists and turns. It was a crazy tale and I can't wait to read more from this author.
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It's been a while since I've picked up a horror read and anything with witches will certainly pull me in.

Sheriff Sterling Marsh is about to retire from the local police force in Drybell, Connecticut.  She needs a fresh start and to try and turn her life around.

On the eve of her retirement there is a huge truck crash on the bridge into town effectively cutting them off, plus a frightening storm is rolling in.

As if she didn't have enough to worry about a strange figure mysteriously appears.  Silent and eerie it's clear she is some kind of witch and coinciding with her appearance is the sudden unexplained deaths and frightening occurrences that the Sheriff can't make sense of.
I was hooked in from the very beginning. The opening few chapters were so strong, full of atmosphere and creepy vibes I couldn't wait to curl up and ignore the world around me.

Unfortunately it then kind of lost me for a while.  The middle of the book was a little too drawn out and I really lost interest for a while.  The creepiness of the storyline lost its shine and I found myself getting frustrated more than anything.

Thankfully things picked  up towards the last third of the book although I can't say I was a massive fan of the ending.  

Maybe I haven't read enough horror/spooky books to compare, I just didn't find myself feeling all that spooked through this one. Overall this was a solid 3 star read for me and I'm still thankful for the chance to have read it.
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I went into this book completely blind. I liked the cover art and the title piqued my interest, so I requested a copy here on NetGalley. While I didn't get access to this title as an ARC, I got it after the publication date. I'm so glad I finally had a chance to read it. What a wild ride that was!
The gist is that a small-town sheriff, Sterling Marsh, having recently resigned from her position, is working her last night on the job. Her co-workers have a little party for her with cookies and eggnog as it's near Christmas time. She thinks she's just going to finish her paperwork, pack up her things, and go. However, that isn't in the cards. There's a crazy storm outside and some odd happenings around town. Not to mention some personal drama with Sterling and her co-worker Chase. Then things get dark as Sterling finds herself face to face with an eerie stranger that has come to town.
This was an atmospheric, dark fairy tale/horror story. It had a feverish, dreamlike quality at times. It's a slow build but maintains a feeling of dread just oozing off the pages (or Kindle in my case). These gorgeous illustrations that add so much life to the story are inter-dispersed throughout. It makes me want a hard copy of the book for just that reason. 
This was a fun read and one that I highly recommend checking out.
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The idea for the book was good and I liked the witch but the book had too many cliche descriptions, a lot of repetition and spent way way too much time on descriptions and clumsy jargon that did nothing to add to the story. I am not a fan.
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Received this for honest review.  

I read this in 2 days and omg it was amazing. It was just perfect for the spooky season. 
Love the Witches! 

This novel will keep you up at night! 
I highly recommend everybody get this book and read it.

#witch13 #NetGalley
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Sheriff Sterling Marsh is about to leave her job in Drybell, Connecticut, but of course, her last night can’t be easy. In fact, it’s going to be downright terrifying. When a silent, menacing (and motionless) witch shows up, an eerie feeling overtakes the station. All over town, strange things start happening, and Sterling tries her best to hold her station and her town together before the witch destroys it all.

Overall, this one was okay. To me, the most interesting character was a random dude who showed up mysteriously, chilled in a prison cell for most of the novel, then pulled these wild theories about alternate worlds and monsters
crossing over into our world out of his ass. I think the book would have been better if it’d had
been his story, but the illustrations throughout were cool and the witch was very creepy, so points for those. If it sounds like something you’d be into, check it out now at your local indie bookseller or library
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If you like extreme horror, then this is a book for you. The story was well done, the characters quite believable and the action scenes were incredible. I do not understand why I had not heard of this book. I picked the book because of the title and was very surprised at the following tale. I have only recently begun to foray into the extreme horror genre and this book is right up there with some other authors that write in this genre also. Not only was it incredibly descriptive, the end was not what you had been believing all throughout the story.
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A great story for the spooky season. Has the right amount of horror to keep you spooked, and a great diversity of characters.

( also who doesn’t love a good witchy tale? )
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An engaging read from the start, atmospheric and chilling, the prose hooks you in from the start. Engaging world building and the illustrations add a nice touch to spark the reader’s imagination. Well paced with an intriguing use of timing, overall a wonderful autumnal-feeling read!
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The story has a really promising premise and so much potential, but unfortunately it felt messy and that some threads were left loose and storylines ended a bit heavy-handed and abrupt. Don't get me wrong, this was nerve-wracking and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really liked the prolong and the sidestory when the children were taken by the witch, so I wanted to know more about the witch. How more of the witch's backstory, who the other twelve witches are and why she ended up in Drybell could have been incorporated in the book I don't know, but it was something that was missing for me. I found the creepy bits really interesting and uncanny and the action packed parts abit to much and a bit one dimensional.
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Huh.. I'm kind of at a loss for words with this one. I stuck between the "WTF did I just read" and "OMG!!" phases you get when you finish books. It's not a bad thing but it leaves you wondering just the same.

We get set up with an amazing prologue, and at the end of it, you know you're in for a good long creepy adventure. The book is fast-paced like a horror movie and I know my heart flew out of my mouth a couple of times. The witch in question reminds me of the witch from the Left for Dead video game series and she got me every time something would go down.

Overall not a bad book. The ending left some things to be desired but all in all, a pretty decent read.
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Creepy. So creeped out. But I found the witch not being that likable. Like do something already. Eerie vibes the whole book through but the witch. Ehhh she’s okay.
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OMG! This story is creepy! I have been jumping at nothing for days now, all because I read this book. My husband loves horror movies, and used to drag me to them regularly. It's been several years though, and apparently, I was missing it.


The Witch is definitely the scare factor in this story. She does a fine job all by herself. She doesn't even have a lot of dialogue. Maybe a few lines, and they come at the end of the story.

Sheriff Sterling Marsh is the protagonist in the story. She is Sheriff in a small town called Drybell. The Chief is away on vacation, and has left Sterling in charge. Sterling has decided to resign from the police department and move on. She's had some personal issues, and things have happened in life, and she's ready to move on.

Max, I would say is another key character. He is a child, and the son of two of the other characters. His role comes in to play more at the end though, maybe the last 25% of the story. Until then, he's just this kid stuck on the station with everyone and his Dad, who is another officer there, because of the storm outside.


The story takes place in Drybell, and mostly at the police station. This setting alone would not be scary, especially considering the only prisoner we learn about besides the witch is actually a seemingly nice gentleman.


The plot is assisted by the illustrations within the pages of the book. One in particular I found very creepy and the illustration itself gave me the creeps and freaked me out.

I was totally thrown all over the place. One minute I had one hypothesis as to what the witch was after, then something happened and I developed a different hypothesis in line with what the characters were thinking, only to be thrown backwards when the real reason she was in the town was revealed.

I would recommend this for any lover of horror, and for those wanting to dip their toes in. This is all the horror, without too much gore. (There were moments.)
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