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The Christmas Compromise

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Susan Hatler writes the best holiday romance! Morgan Reed has put everything on the line to pursue her dream of owning a beauty salon, what she didn't plan on, was a mix-up, resulting in sharing said space, with her brother's best friend. The best part is, the only person who can clear everything up, is out of town until Christmas Eve, so their forced to combine their two businesses for the time being. Their banter will have you laughing out loud, while the chemistry sparks off the page. A wonderful holiday story of overcoming the past and following your heart!

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Morgan Reed is excited to open her beauty salon, but her goal gets complicated when she discovers her rented space is already occupied by hot furniture maker, Dallas Parker.…..A fun, cute romantic novel, that I enjoyed without having the usual head scratching my thriller reading gives me.

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Morgan is coming home to Christmas Falls to open her beauty salon. Only problem is she didn't tell her parents she dropped out of her MBA and trained as a beautician instead.

Dallas is moving back to Christmas Falls to set up his furniture business.

One small problem Morgan and Dallas both have a lease for the same premises.

They decide to share the premises but there is only one problem Morgan has had a crush on him since she was a little girl.

This was another great book in the Christmas Falls series and it was lovely to meet everyone again.

Definitely worth a read

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Another great book by Susan Hatler. After the death of her sister Grace, Morgan tries to live the life her mother wants her to have and be the daughter Grace would have been, but this story shows how she stands up for herself with the help of Dallas her brothers best friend and now her boyfriend. Well written with believable characters.

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The Christmas Compromise BY Susan Hatler was perfect from start to end! I adore her books and this one was just as great as others I have read by her.
Morgan wants to open a beauty shop and Dallas wants to open a furniture store.
Morgan and Dallas have known each other for years. Dallas is Morgan’s brothers’ best friend, and she has had a crush on him for years, but he only thinks of her as a little sister of his friend.
Morgan is back in her hometown and has rented the perfect building for her beauty shop.
Dallas has rented the perfect building for his furniture store.
When they discover the landlord is out of town for an extended trip and they have no way to contact her to decide who she actually rented it to they decide to split the building and each take part of it.
So, the story begins- half beauty shop and half furniture shop.
Sparks fly and feeling bubble to the surface.
Grab a copy of this fun filled book and see how it ends. You will love it as much as I did.
Thank you NetGalley, Susan Hatler and Hatco Publishing for this book. This is my personal review.

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I really enjoyed this book by Susan Hatler. It was very well written and I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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