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Hoop Quilts for Beginners

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This is a great book for beginners! I had no idea how to do anything that's in this book and I look forward to trying out all of them.
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Everything you need to know to make hoop quilts. Step by step instructions and tons of patterns. Good reference Book.
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Great book for a beginner! Thought it was really well done and could follow along without any issues.
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Hoop Quilts for Beginners, will guide you in learning how to quilt with various quilting techniques, ideas and designs.

You are then armed with the knowledge  to adapt your own ideas into your designs to make things more personalised for your own enjoyment.
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Hoop Quilts for Beginners: 15 Designs from Easy Patchwork and Embroidery by AnneMarie Chany is currently scheduled for release on October 15 2022. The craft of hoop quilts combine simple quilting techniques with embroidery, patchwork, and other favorite fabric arts. This is a  guide for quilters and crafters, featuring 15 hoop-framed block designs of all different sizes with step-by-step instructions and guidance for adding hand embroidery and other embellishments, resulting in stunning wall hangings and handmade gifts. A great way to use up some scrap fabric and make something beautiful without committing to an entire quilt, transform single blocks into impressive projects and practice a variety of sewing and embroidery techniques with this exciting, must-have source of inspiration!

Hoop Quilts for Beginners offers readers exactly what the title and publisher description promises. I have tried my hand at all of the skill sets used in this craft, and enjoy some more than others and have been more precise and technically proficient in some compared to others as well. I think this book offers instruction, tips, and tricks from crafters of all skill sets, but definitely is best for some that have a basic knowledge of sewing and needlecraft. However, I learned a great deal about proper quilting and other techniques that I have tried but not mastered. I found the instructions to be well written and the pictures to be helpful.  I thought the techniques and results are very cool and I am glad I have read the book. I found the finished projects to be interesting and I was inspired by many to look at my thread and fabric in a new light. Once I finish my current to do list I might be giving some of these patterns a go.
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I am a quilter and I am excited to try this technique. I loved the illustrations.  
Many thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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(ETA :I feel absolutely horrible that I never noticed this review never went through., and I'm just now noticing it.)
NOTE: I received early access from NetGalley, for this manuscript, in exchange for writing an impartial review. Completed on 6/11/2022. Originally completed 09/2021

Although this is titled for beginners, I felt it could easily go beyond this subgroup, and even be of interest to any level of quilter. It would work well for those looking do a quick, simple project to give as a gift, or just to have something to work on hobby-wise, that wouldn't necessarily involved a huge investment of time or money. 

For those more experienced quilters, the details given in each project may seem a bit much, but given the fact it's geared toward the beginner, I found it necessary. 
Very well written and explanatory guidelines for all backgrounds, with each project requiring little effort to complete.
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As a former, and still sometimes, quilter, I was attracted to the lovely cover of Hoop Quilts for Beginners. I have made numerous quilts over the years, from lap size to king size, but I have never before created a hoop quilt. After reading this book, I can still say I have no desire to make a hoop quilt. If I want to hang a quilt on my wall, I will just make a regular size quilt. However, the book does have quite a bit of information for the quilting novice. With its full colour photos and easy to follow instructions, this would be a nice book for someone to wade into the world of quilting.

Disclaimer: An advance copy was provided by the publisher. Originally posted at Novel Obsession.
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Wow,  this book is great, the instructions are clear and easy to fo!!ow.  The patterns are beautiful and I cannot wait to get started on some of these, as soon as I make a trip to the fabric store.

Thank you Fox Chapel Publishing, and Netgalley for allowing me to review this book for a honest review.
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This is a cute quilting book that beginners and experts will enjoy. The book has detailed instructions for folding and sewing all the different patterns found within and also includes various ways to zhoosh up your hoops. I think this especially a good book for someone looking to combine their hobbies of embroidery and quilting or for someone who ended up giving up embroidery and has a lot of leftover materials to use up.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
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Hoop Quilts for Beginners is exactly that.

Hoop quilts are wall decorations that are hung with the hoop still in place. They definitely have an old-fashioned vibe. Not even grannycore more like rustic cabincore, if there is such a thing.

There are fifteen hoop projects and one additional pattern that can be used to turn leftover square blocks into hoop quilts. Sizes vary between 6” to 23”. The explanations of how to quilt are clear and great for beginners. Each project has a finished project full-color photograph, meticulous step-by-step instructions with colorful illustrations, and detailed cutting instructions.

If you want to create a hoop quilt, Hoop Quilts for Beginners is the perfect book for you. However, even if a hoop quilt doesn’t match your style, this book will teach you how to quilt very effectively and efficiently. 4 stars!

Thanks to Landauer Publishing and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.
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I loved the cover of the book – I know you should never judge a book by its cover – which was bright and colourful! Chapter 1 covers tools, hoops and materials. Chapter 2 cover techniques. Chapter 3 covers the hoop quilt projects: The Original, Add One, With Love, Pun’kin, Pine Wreath, Home Sweet Home, Bear’s Star, Monogram, Framed Star, Basket of Roses, Rolling Stone, Sunset Star, Dresden, Flower Child, Globe and bonus Orphan Blocks.

It’s a really fun book and I love the idea of trying different quilt blocks. Embroidery hoops are really versatile and they make the perfect frame for a quilt block. There are some really simple ways to display them within a hoop, embellished with ribbons, bows and all sorts or notions. All the templates and patters you need are included at the end of the book.
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What a great resource! the instructions are clear and I love all the material she's added since the hoop quilt was just a pattern.
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The topic of the title is a good idea as it takes intimidation out to an extent from the process of Quilt making. I really enjoyed the idea of a Hoop Quilt. The designs, templates are handy and easy to follow to create a beautiful piece. of art.
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Hoop Quilts For Beginners. Author - AnneMarie Chany 
     This author, AnneMarie Chany started quilting in 2006. AnneMari9e fell in love with the quilting hobby and 
was able to start her own quilt pattern company, "AnneMarie Chany Patterns." She also teaches quilting in her
local shops and also wrote the book, "Sister Sampler Quilts." Some of AnneMarie's designs are published in 
the "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Quilts.", from Quilt makers 100 blocks. If you enjoy Quilting, and want an easier
route for quilting, I recommend reading this easy illustrated book to learn about the Quilting and the patchwork
for Quilting. 
     There are many projects to choose from to create impressive art with just using this fine illustrated book. 
My favorite is Chaper three, Hoop Quilt Projects, and will also be a favorite for all hoop Quilt lovers. 
       Each of the patterns are well designed and shows different Hoop Quilt Projects for all to desingn like the Home Sweet Home Project. which is also one of my favorite hoop project that is the only project that uses
different piecing in each quadrant of the hoop to make the house shape inside the circular border. This book also shows each step on doing the projects like the cutting requirements, hoop sizes and also the embroideryand embellishment to finish this project.
     I suggest all crafters who enjoy the benefits of learning the craft of Hoop Quilts For Beginners to read and enjoy making these beautiful Hoop Quilts for display or for fantastic gifts!
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Lovely book with excellent instructions and photos to help guide a new to quilting or a seasoned quilter.

As with most instructional books, there are sections on:

Tools, Hoops, and Materials
Hoop Quilt Projects
Templates and Patterns

Basically, you chose your project, hoop size, fabric, and what type of embellishing you may or may not want to do.  There are 15 projects in the book, with an additional project for showing how to use orphan blocks (leftover blocks from a quilt).

I found it quite helpful that the author gave you instructions on how to make bias binding in a quick and easy way.  She also gives you fabric requirements for background, border fabric, and bias binding depending on the hoop size you choose.  I also appreciated the section on embroidery stitches with it’s excellent graphics.

My review is voluntary and all comments and opinions expressed are 
my own.
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There is so much in this book!. A lovely collection of ideas and techniques, each of which not only makes for a good piece on its own, but can be used as a springboard on to larger pieces of work. I love the idea of quilting within hoops as it brings each project down to a manageable size in which to practice And learn. 
The  exploration of colours and pattern in embroidery work combined with the manipulation of textiles means there is lots of scope within this book for playing.. 
Each project is accompanied by very clear instructions, and there is an overall guide to materials.
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I should have known better. I was hoping maybe this book, as it says, for beginners, would maybe show, step by step, how to make a quilted square using an embroidery hoop.  Nope. With this in mind, it you know how to sew, and really don't want to make an entire quilt, but want to add a bit of old fashioned charm to their home, this book was written for you. One or two quilt squares are short projects and the hoops make nice frames!  Photo's of finished projects were nice, but wish their were more of projects in progress, maybe in the finished book?
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I'm a librarian that quilts, and welcome a book on a new way of quilting. There are great explanations of techniques, the one on scant 1/4 seam is the best I've seen. A good book for beginners and also experienced quilters who may have lost their enthusiasm and will be tempted by a small project that is just a bit different.
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As a cross stitcher, I am always amazed at the different ways embroidery hoops are used. This book presents a unique way to get into quilting on a smaller scale, without committing to a massive project. I think this would also be a great way to use up fabric remnants.

This book is everything I look for in a crafting how-to book. Lots of beautiful, colourful photos to follow along with and very detailed step-by-step instructions. You do have to have a basic knowledge of sewing, and need some specific tools, but overall I think this a craft anyone who is interested in sewing or embroidery can get into without prior experience. The book includes 15 hoop quilt projects as well as some bonuses and general instructions that can be adapted to your own imaginative ideas.

I particularly like the Pine Wreath project and think this would make a nice, modern Christmasy decoration.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my advanced reader's copy.
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