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A World Full of Nature Stories

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This was a beautiful book of stories. 
My 9 year old daughter loved reading one each night before bed aloud. The illustrations are magical.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this collection of folklore tales from all over the world, I loved reading and discovering about how some  different aspects of culture depending on where you live, precisely, can impact and influence the way of thinking or believes which are represented in each one of these tales. Nature, of course, can be a big factor of influence when it comes to inspire the literature of a country and as in here folktales.

I took my time reading two or one at a time and I can't say that I will be able to remember each one but it was the kind of books that made me love foreign cultures and their literary worlds and works.
The beautiful illustrations made the experience of reading this book even more enjoyable.
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A fascinating collection of tales from across the globe, these have been amazing to read to our children (ages 2 & 4). We have been able to keep the conversation going by using some of the stories for some great themed play and it has been great to be able to highlight the stories that are culturally significant for our family as well as enjoying tales from other cultures. This is a fantastic read for families of all ages.

Thank you so much to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this collection.
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This book is a collection of popular short stories told to children around the world. This is a concept I have a lot of interest in and one I did enjoy. It's always hard to rate something like this because with many stories also comes wildly different levels of enjoyement. There's stories in here that I absolutely loved and there's also stories that made no sense to me. Most collections like this will end up with a 3 star rating for me, which is not bad, but I do believe there are stories in here way better than that and make it very worth reading.
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"A World Full of Nature Stories 50 Folktales and Legends"  by Angela McAllister with illustrations by Hannah Bess Ross is a lovely collection of folktales and legends from around the world that, as the title says, feature nature. They are often creation stories relating to some natural feature or event. Arguably they are not nature stories so much as they are stories trying to explain nature from the standpoint of people who had no understanding of natural science. 

What makes them attractive for American readers, in particular, is that many of them are unfamiliar to us. They are new and novel. At the same time, though, it appears that foolish kings and jealous, nasty siblings are common all over the world, as are the rewards of good character.

As a child, I was a fan of a couple of books of short pieces to be read over a long period of time. For that reason, I can see A World Full of Nature Stories getting a lot of use in a home library. Elementary and middle school librarians in schools with units on folk tales and legends or foreign countries should really consider this, too. 

I read an e-arc but what I saw suggests that, in addition to its fine content, this is a beautiful looking book.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review.  Nature stories are told in graphic novel form. Cool, and great for Earth Day.
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What an Incredible collection of myths, legends and fairy tales all featuring different aspects of nature, including the wonderful gifts we receive from the earth and the plants and creatures that we encounter daily. This collection is  beautifully written by Angela McAllister featuring beautiful illustrations by Hannah Bess Ross. What a dynamic duo! I had incredibly high expectations for this book and every last one of them has been met or exceeded by both individual tales and the collection as a whole.

Along with being beautifully written and illustrated this book was well thought out and designed, with the stories separated by natures various characteristics including: 
 Flower, Fruit & Seed
• Wind & Weather
• Creatures Great & Small
• Sun, Moon & the Stars
• Lead and Tree
• Lake, River, Ocean
• Desert, Mountain, Stone

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy on April 12 2022 for yourself, as well as a few extra copies to gift to those you love; In my opinion there is no better gift idea than this beautiful, inspirational and educational masterpiece. 

Thank you to netgalley and publishers with gifting me an e-copy in advance. All opinions stated are my own honest thoughts and feelings.
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My love for nature and nature related stories brought me to request for this delightful book!. I owe a big thanks to my dearest friend, Atul for informing me about this book. 

As the title suggested, this book contains a collection of 50 short stories based on folktales and legends from around the world that centre on nature related themes. The book is categorized into various themes, such as flowers,fruits and seed, wind and weather, creatures great and small, sun, moon and stars,etc. 

Most of the folktales and legends listed here i have never heard of before except for Jack And The Beanstalk, which i am quite surprised with this version as it came with a little twist and slightly different from the version that i am used to. However, there is this one story from the South Pacific title The Iron Tree,that reminds me of a local folktale from my own country, Malaysia known as Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih (can literally be translated as Red Shallot and White Garlic, a Malaysian version of Cinderella). 

In The Iron Tree, the story tells about seven orphan sisters where the youngest sister was made to do the hardest chores of all by cutting firewoods in the forest every day, same as Bawang Putih who was forced to do all the housework by her step mother and step sister. Later on, the youngest sister befriended a fish and keep feeding the fish at the river, same as Bawang Putih who befriended a fish and fed it. But one day, the evil step sister and step mother caught and cooked the fish, same as the seventh's sister's sisters who caught and cooked the fish which later on its bone was dug into the earth and in it,grew a huge tree!. Later came a king who saved her from the ill-treatments. 

All of the stories gave me a mixed of emotions. Some were tragic and very sad endings and some were warm and fuzzy but all of them came with their own valuable life lessons and wisdoms, covering many aspects of life;honesty,greed,love,conservation towards nature, sacrifice, etc .I can only say that i fell in love with almost all of the stories in this book and had a hard time in choosing my favourites as they all are very interesting indeed!. If i had to choose, some of my favourites are The Twelve Months (Czech Republic), The Magic Fruit (Peru), The Big Dipper Brothers (Korea), The Little Fir Tree (Germany),etc. 

In short, this book makes a fantastic collection to our bookshelves or a perfect gift to someone,regardless young or old as all of the stories is timeless and priceless. I'd highly recommend this book if you are looking for a really nice ,short and very beautifully illustrated tales to read to rid of your slumps or if you're simply looking for something enjoyable to read.

Thank you to the publisher  for giving me the opportunity to read this heartwarming tales.
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Spectacular Book!

I had so much fun reading and looking at the illustrations. Kudos to the author, publisher, and editor for creating this wonderful book. I can't get enough of the short stories that deal with nature and life. 

Thanks NetGalley for giving me an opportunity to read this book.
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This collection was a great selection of stories from around the world featuring beautiful illustrations. Very fun for bedtime! Great for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary school aged children.
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A world full of Nature Stories is beautifully illustrated with stories from all around the world. The book is divided into various sections, which cover stories about plants, creatures, water, celestial bodies, and various landforms. The stories are also short so they can be read as bedtime stories. Read this book to be kind to yourself, others, and all other beings on Planet Earth.
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This book was really special. My children absolutely loved all of the stories and we looked forward to reading them every night. This book was a really lovely introduction to stories from all over the world, most of which we weren’t already familiar with. I’m so glad I got to share these unique stories with my children.  The artwork on the cover and throughout the book was really beautiful and fun to look at. I also loved that each story was divided into categories based on how they relate to different aspects of nature. I will have to buy a hard copy of this book because it’s something we definitely need on our shelves at home. Thank you to the publisher for this advanced digital copy!
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The illustrations and stories are amazing. My six year old daughter loves the stories, we read them outside while having snacks. I have already pre ordered a hard copy of this book, it is too magical not to have it in person. Thank you for this advanced digital copy.
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This book is an absolutely beautiful collection of short stories and fables from around the world. Each story is nature themed and the book is split up into different sections, making it easier to find something specific. Every story tells you the country and continent it originated from. Some of these were familiar stories which I've heard before, while many were completely new to me. The illustrations in the book are gorgeous, bright and friendly but not too much, perfect for grabbing children's attention.
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4.5 Stars 
Quarto is back with another lovely collection of 50 tales from around the world, and this time it is Nature stories! The stories are categorized into different aspects of Nature: 
•	Flower, Fruit & Seed
•	Wind & Weather
•	Creatures Great & Small 
•	Sun, Moon & the Stars
•	Lead and Tree
•	Lake, River, Ocean 
•	Desert, Mountain, Stone 
There are stories from many countries, and two from my own (India). How Lightning Began and The Tree God are Indian nature stories, though it makes me sad to admit that I haven’t read them before. 
As with other folktales, most nature stories impart a moral lesson about vice and virtues. Themes like greed, jealousy, selfishness, acceptance, sharing, love, kindness, selfless sacrifice, etc., are common across the stories. 
The Stone Soup (Portugal) and the Jack and Beanstalk were a part of my childhood. The last story, The Fire on the Mountain (Ethiopia), has been retold among the Akbar & Birbal Tales and Tenali Ramakrishna Tales and is a popular one in my country. The Six Brothers (New Zealand) has teeny similarities to an Indian folklore about the rainbow (though the sky and earth never get to marry or have kids in our version). 
The illustrations are typical Quarto style, the kind I’ve come to appreciate in these collections. They complement the stories without taking the focus away from the theme or the moral of each story. Kids will enjoy reading the stories and using the illustrations to imagine the rest. 
Listing a few of my favorites below: 
•	The Acorn and the Pumpkin (France), 
•	The Twelve Months (Czech), 
•	How Freshwater Mussel Brought Rain (Africa), 
•	Light Daughter of Snow (Russia), 
•	The Girl Who Helped Thunder (NA, Muskogee), 
•	The Honest Penny (Norway), 
•	Green Dragon Pond (China),
•	A Garment for the Moon (East Europe), 
To sum up, A World Full of Nature Stories is a great book for kids and adults who love folktales. The collection is assorted to keep every reader interested. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley, Frances Lincoln Children's Books, and Quarto Publishing Group and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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This is a cute book that would be perfect for the homeschooler's Morning Time Basket.  Each story features nature and folklore, and the vast majority of them are little-known tales.  A gentle way to introduce nature, geography, and culture through literature.
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Both my children and I really enjoyed this book! The illustrations are fantastic! There are many nature tales from around the world and each story indicates which continent and country (when applicable) it is derived from. They are short and sweet, but also fun to read. We really loved the diversity in this storybook!
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Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Children's Books, for the advance reading copy.

This book is the best collection when it comes to folktales from around the world dedicated to nature and legends. My expectations were rather high when I got the book and I am not at all disappointed!

The highlights of this collection would be the cover (yes!), the easy to read folktales (short, accessible, diverse), the illustrations and the sections divided according to seasons/weather, the products of nature, the natural environment and its unique features.

I am thoroughly impressed with the book. It's beautiful inside out. Gift yourself this book; gift this book to anyone you know and gift this book to an educational place. You will feel blessed as much as I am now.
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Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley, and the author/designer for a copy of this book to read in exchange for honest feedback. I was immediately drawn to this book due to its beautiful & appealing cover and the promise of nature stories. I am not familiar with natural stories from across the world, so I am approaching this book with an open mind hoping to learn more about cultural tales with a nature twist.

Like I said, the cover is gorgeous. I really like the thematic images. They're modern & have a cute color scheme. The inside contents are just the same. Very cute and the colors/images are enjoyable. The contents are separated into themes such as: Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds, Wind & Weather, Creatures Great and Small, Sun Moon & Stars, Leaf and Trees, etc. The tales under the categories show the country origin in parenthesis, so you can see that there is a good variety of origins. For example, the first category is Flowers, Fruits & Seeds and has stories from Spain, China, North America, France, Czech Republic, Peru, and Scandanavia. The stories range in length but most aren't very long. Each include images that I liked. 

All in all, I think this would be a cool book to give to someone who 1) likes short stories, 2) likes cultural examples of stories from around the world.
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