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The Lost and Found Girl is the dark, compelling, twisted story of Ruby McKee and her family. Found as a newborn on Christmas Eve, ruby has never really questioned her identity. She's 100% McKee. Ruby's sisters each seem to be holding back secrets of their own, and the whole family is in trauma when Ruby returns from England to take a job with the historical society in Pear Blossom. As the mystery unravels and communication starts to flow, there are surprises and romance. I did not expect the answers that her sisters and family helped her discover.
I have read some past Cowboy Romances by Maisey Yates and was delighted with this woman's fiction/mystery story.
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The McKee sisters are known for finding baby Ruby on the bridge twenty-two years ago, in Pear Blossom, Oregon. Ruby is the "miracle baby", who brought the town together and gave them hope. She became the unofficial symbol for the town, a reminder that there is good, hope and new beginnings, as a teenage girl had gone missing one year prior to the discovery. Ruby is raised by the McKees and becomes the fourth sister. Ruby is back in town, after going to school in Europe and is ready to start her dream job as an archivist with the historical society in her small hometown. Her return is the catalyst to uncover secrets, mysteries, and troubles faced by her sisters. Marianne is the oldest sister with the perfect family, home and business, or is it all as perfect as it seems. Lydia, the next in line has recently lost her husband to ALS, and nobody knows why she hasn't grieved for him. His best friend, Chase, has been around helping out, but does he have an ulterior motive? Finally, there's Dahlia, the third sister and the closest in age to Ruby, She is single and happy that way. She is a journalist and writing for the local paper, looking for secrets that might just blow up what everyone in town believes. Will they find out where Ruby came from? Will her sisters solve their problems and move forward happily in life?

This story is very different from the cowboy romances that I have come to associate with Maisey Yates. The Lost and Found Girl focused on all of the McKee sisters. Their loves, losses, and troubles, that made them real, and relatable. I liked them all and wanted them to sort out what they really wanted in life and grab it. There are also mysteries to be solved, first and foremost, what is true about Ruby's abandonment and discovery. I enjoy books that deal with siblings, reconciliation, secrets and relationships and this book had all of that. Although the sisters were not estranged, they did keep secrets from each other. This was an interesting look at family relationships, especially as adults who live separate lives and don't really know what goes on in each other's homes and lives. I wasn't sure where this story was going, besides solving how Ruby came to be on that bridge so many years ago, but Maisey Yates took me to a spot that I had not expected. There was such a great twist and I loved how everything came together. I recommend this book if you enjoy women’s fiction, some mystery and a little romance.
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I’m here today as part of the Summer Reads tour for Maisey Yates’ The Lost and Found Girl. The was a compelling and intriguing read; part mystery, part family story, even part feeling like romance. I enjoyed it!

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Author: Maisey Yates

ISBN: 9781335503206

Publication Date: July 26, 2022

Publisher: HQN Books

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The small Oregon town of Pear Blossom welcomes the return of its prodigal daughter Ruby McKee. Found abandoned as a baby by the McKee family, Ruby is the unofficial town mascot, but when she and her adoptive sisters start investigating the true circumstances around her discovery, it soon becomes clear that this small town is hiding the biggest, and darkest, of secrets. A raw, powerful exploration of the lengths people go to protect their loved ones, for fans of Lori Wilde and Carolyn Brown.

Ruby McKee is a miracle.

It’s a miracle she survived, abandoned as a newborn baby. A miracle that she was found by the McKee sisters. Her discovery allowed the community of Pear Blossom, Oregon, broken by a devastating crime, to heal. Since then, Ruby has lived a charmed life. But she can’t let go of the need to know why she was abandoned, and she’s tired of not having answers.

Dahlia McKee knows it’s not right to resent Ruby for being special. But uncovering the truth about sister Ruby’s origins could allow Dahlia to carve her own place in Pear Blossom history… if she’s brave enough to follow her heart.

Widowed sister Lydia McKee doesn’t have time for Ruby’s what if’s – when Lydia’s right now is so, so hard. Her husband’s best friend Chase might be offering to share some of the load, but can Lydia ever trust her instincts around him?

Marianne Martin is glad that her youngest sister is back in town, but balancing Ruby’s crusade with the way her own life is imploding is turning into a bigger chore than she imagined. Especially when Ruby starts overturning secrets about the past that Marianne has spent a lifetime trying to pretend don’t exist.

And when the truth about Ruby’s miraculous origins, and the crime from long ago, turn out to be connected in ways no one could have expected, will the McKee sisters band together, or fall apart?

Author Bio: 

Maisey Yates is a New York Times bestselling author of over one hundred romance novels. Whether she’s writing strong, hard working cowboys, dissolute princes or multigenerational family stories, she loves getting lost in fictional worlds. An avid knitter with a dangerous yarn addiction and an aversion to housework, Maisey lives with her husband and three kids in rural Oregon. Check out her website, or find her on Facebook.

Thank you for my copy and for making me part of the tour!
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The Lost and Found Girl by Maisey Yates was charming and poignant; it made me feel all the feels. Highly recommend!
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Ruby McKee is a miracle. Found abandoned on a bridge as a newborn baby by the McKee sisters, she’s become the unofficial mascot of Pear Blossom, Oregon, a symbol of hope in the wake of a devastating loss. Ruby has lived a charmed life, and when she returns home after traveling abroad, she’s expecting to settle into that charm. But an encounter with the town’s black sheep makes her question the truth about her mysterious past.
This is a really interesting premise for a book and Ms. Yates wrings every emotion out of the reader. She also adds some twist and turns to keep you turning the pages.  I'm a fan of Maisey Yates and she has never disappointed me.
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I found this full of 2 mysteries that I just could not help wondering who, what and why?
Ruby McKee is found abandoned on a bridge, as a baby. No one knew who she was but was deemed a miracle.
She’s become the unofficial mascot of Pear Blossom, Oregon, a symbol of hope in the wake of a devastating loss. Ruby has lived a charmed life, and when she returns home after traveling abroad, she’s expecting to settle into that charm.
Dahlia McKee knows it’s not right to resent Ruby for being special.
Recently widowed Lydia McKee has enough on her plate without taking on Ruby’s quest for answers.
Marianne Martin is glad her youngest sister is back in town, but it’s hard to support Ruby’s crusade when her own life is imploding.
They are 4 sister's, one by adoption and each one is very different from the other.
Some hide their feelings and some don't.
Another mystery in town is of a missing girl from 20 years ago and her boyfriend was always to blame no matter how much he denies it. He is the black sheep of the town and is back.
The end will have you saying I did not see that coming.
Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley for the kindle to review.
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I've read a few of Maisey Yates's cowboy romances recently and had forgotten just how good she is with women's fiction. The Lost and Found Girl is an emotional story about sisters, and we get an intriguing mystery and even some romance along the way. The romance isn't prominent in the story, but it is there and I liked the way this storyline progressed in all aspects. There are a couple of really good twists, and given everything, I'd say a solid ending. I already mentioned that this one is emotional, so you might want to have a tissue or two handy, and once you get to know the characters and the gist of what's going on, be prepared to stick with it till the end. Yates may not put out as much women's fiction as she does cowboy romance, but she's certainly not to be discounted in the genre.
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A dazzling display of small town angst filled with heartwarming characters, quaint charm and a twist you'll never expect! I was quickly hooked and captivated throughout.

Ruby sparkles the moment she steps onto the pages. She's beloved and knows it, but she has such a sweet soul that you can't help but like her.

Dahlia is the best and worst of us all. She adores her little sister with one breath, but with the next she resents the attention she gets.

Lydia is overcome with the grief that everyone in town wants to pile on top of her, but once she starts to open up about her feelings she becomes an interesting character to unravel.

Marianne comes across as the easiest of the bunch to understand at first, but as her life begins to come apart at the seams, we see a side to her we never would have known was beneath the surface.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a women's fiction story with romance sharing the stage with a bit of mystery and whole lot of heart.
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This was a really good book! I felt really into it the entire time, I had my own theories about Ruby but was not prepared for that ending!! I love that we follow along each of the sisters stories and see how everything is woven together. The dynamics between siblings, and parents, and grief. The only thing I would say is that I hope the final copy comes with trigger warnings as I feel like that will put stars down for people.
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Ruby has come home to her small town to take a new job.  She also hopes to help her sister, Lydia a recent widow.  Marianne and Dahlia also have life issues and as these four sisters reunite there are two twenty year old mysteries that play a big part in their stories.  As they move toward the secrets being revealed the stories of their lives unfold that brings healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.  An emotional, fast moving story.
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I'm a pretty big fan of Maisey Yates work so I was sure to hope onto this book wondering what's in store for these characters. I have to say this book was pretty unexpected and very unlike her other books in a good way. Now normally I stray away from book that contain more then just the two main characters because after a bit things just get straight up confusing and I was having a hard time at first separating the characters but I got the hang of this book and eventually really started enjoying and appreciating this book. I really  liked the characters seeing how different they were and the family dynamics that were going on. Then there was the whole mystery surrounding the miracle baby Ruby and wondering who abandoned her. Also there was a whole thing with a guy who was a convicted criminal without really much proof other then others speculation that pretty much ruined his life and there was plenty to unpack with that one as well. There was so much going on with this book that I couldn't put it down cause I really enjoying the characters and seeing how everything was playing out. Overall this was a pretty great book. Highly Recommend!
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The Lost and Found Girl by Maisey Yates is a wonderfully written emotional story that explores a painful past but also shows the strong bond that exists between the McGee sisters, Dahlia, Lydia and Marianne. This book explores their current situations while growing the bond between all the sisters, including Ruby. Keeping the past in the past was difficult, as answers about the past are needed before the four sisters can move forward. We are able to learn more about the women; their hopes, dreams, heartaches, fears, and relationships. Each of them wears a brave face to prevent the others from looking too deep; from revealing their secrets. 

Ruby was left on the covered bridge on a cold December night shortly after her birth. She would like to know the identity of her birth mother and why she abandoned her. Ruby’s quest for the truth will bring some dark secrets to light. However, the story is not just about Ruby. Her three sisters all have their own stories, stories that play a role in Ruby’s search for answers while the sisters all try to keep their feet on solid ground. In fact, some of their problems are deeply intense, that looking into Ruby’s history is the last thing they want to do.

This isn’t just a story about finding answers; it’s is about self-discovery, family, friendships, mistakes made, growth, a touch of romance, forgiveness, and planting hope. It’s about having the strength to uncover the darkness, so the light can come in. About unpacking the lies, so truth can begin to heal. Sometimes what’s right isn’t what’s easy; and although the truth might not protect us, it will set us free. 

Ms. Yates wrote a story that reaches the soul; the soul of her characters as well the soul of her readers. This is weaves a story that is rich with emotion and intricacies. Subtle nuances in the details have you trying to read between the lines. You think you know what is going to happen but she manages to surprise you every time. Utilizing alternating POVs in order to tell this wonderful and amazing story; a tale that was emotional, moving, tear inducing, filled with wonderful dialogue, and endearing characters. The Lost and Found Girl is a must read that I highly recommend to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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I've enjoyed the books I've read previously from Maisey Yates, so I was excited to pick this one up.  I loved the setting, especially since it's very similar to my neck of the woods. I did really like the individual personalities and situations of the three sisters, and the look at their past relationships as well as how their current relationships are being shaped through their experiences with each other. I also really enjoyed the mystery element that kept the story going and made it a read that flew by.  Maisey Yates' writing is easy to read and flows wonderfully, which also keeps the story moving at a great pace.  All in all this was a read I really enjoyed.
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Four sisters and one devastating secret.

Ruby Mckee is the town mascot and miracle baby after being abandoned on a bridge in the small town of Pear Blossom. Now that Ruby is back home years later, the town still calls her a miracle. Ruby has that affect on people though with her sunny disposition and her ability to always see the good in people. She has never questioned why she was abandoned, but when she takes a job as an archivist at the local museum, secrets start unfolding. Ruby’s sisters Dahlia, Lydia and Marianne all have their own lives and their own struggles, but when Ruby’s past starts coming to light, how will that affect the rest of her family?

What started as a simple coming home story quickly turned into a mystery of a close-knit family. I enjoyed how diverse each sisters character was and how the characters all interacted with each other. Each character had a side story along with the story of Ruby coming home and as the story evolved, so did the mystery. It was fun to read something a little different from author Maisey Yates and I thought she did an excellent job of bringing us this story. Thank you to Harlequin Publishing for my advanced readers copy which I enjoyed and voluntarily reviewed. A great book to curl up with this summer.
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Ruby McKee plays a huge role in history that took over two decades to develop clarity. As a newborn, she was found on a bridge and taken into a home and now has parents and three sisters. This bride will be a lot of fame because her beginnings or so foggy. In fact, there was a disappearance of a teenager back in 1999 and now that Ruby is back home after some years of traveling, she wants to know what connection she has to that mysterious situation and how she got her start in life.  

However, the story is not just about Ruby. Her three sisters all have their own stories, stories that play into Ruby’s search for answers while the sisters all try to keep their feet on solid ground. In fact, some of their problems are so heavy, that delving into her history is the last thing that they might want to do. 

The sisters are Dahlia, Lydia and Marianne, and this book explores their current situations all while cementing the natural bond between all of the sisters, including Ruby. 

What a change of pace for Maisey Yates! I am so used to reading her cowboy romances, so when I sat down to read this women’s fiction book I was truly bowled over. There is a nice measure of romance in this story but also there is mystery, mystery that begs answers to questions long ago hidden. 

What a wonderfully written emotional story that explores a painful past but also shows the strong bond that exists between sisters. Keeping the past in the past was definitely  difficult, especially when answers about the past are needed in order for the four sisters to find their futures.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one character who truly touched my heart. A perfectly imperfect man came into the picture and changed the life of one of the sisters. I loved that although he was broken, his reasons for his actions brought this story full circle. I love that this story was one of hope, strength, and strong family ties. This marvelous story kept me tapping the screen of my Kindle late into the night and ended with a wonderful conclusion. 

Many thanks to HQN and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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So many secrets in what residents want to think is the idyllic town of Pear Blossom and among the Mckee sisters, all of which some out when Ruby returns home.  She's the adopted sister who was fond as an infant, whose parentage is a mystery. This is very much about sisters and secrets, although each of the women does have a romantic interest.  There's also the cold case of Caitlin, who went missing 10 months before Ruby was found.  Marianne, the oldest sister, knows more about things - in general- than she's willing to share.  Lydia, a recent widow, has her secret and Dahlia has her own reasons for helping , indeed urging, Ruby to find her bio-parents.  There's a lot going on with multiple POVS and plot lines but it works.  Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.  You'll feel for these women.
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I was expecting just a normal mystery but this book had so much more! I loved the family aspect and the way the story was told. Loved this one!
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I have been holding onto this story for months until I read it. I’ve seen Yates’ videos where she discusses the inspiration behind the story, including a real crime that occurred in her home town.
The Lost and Found Girl is a deep read that sneaks into dark recesses. A major theme is Ruby’s story, she was found abandoned on a bridge and adopted by the McKees. The book is also about all four sisters. Ruby seemed  a bit irritating, being on an elevated platform. Dahlia has her own issues. Marianne had hidden depths even she didn’t know. Lydia, closed off for a long time, is tired of all the walls.
I didn’t see the villain until the very end as Yates deftly hid him right out in the open. Huge revelations are made that left me reeling.
Excellent writing and compelling story!
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The Lost and Found Girl
Maisey Yates
July 26, 2022

This heartfelt story of a baby left on a covered bridge gives us a new look at Yates writing. It gives us the tale of three sisters walking home from church practice. Always sticking together as it is dark and following the same route as per their parents rules. Yes, they could have been given a ride home but it became a special treat to be able to travel the road home from pre-Christmas choir session.  As they approached the bridge they pulled together to avoid a possible car on the road. What they found on the bridge was a shock. This blanket bundle could have been left undiscovered but the girls clung to the edge of the narrow lane. The eldest, Lydia picked up the child while Marianne and Dahlia McKee looked into the blanket to find the infant. Years past with Ruby becoming a Christmas miracle. If no one had found her, she would have frozen. After days of questions and paperwork, the girl's parents adopted Ruby to be a part of their family. This story gives us the journey of the girls as they become adults, marry and live in the town of Pear Blossom, Oregon.  
The Lost and Found Girl will be published by Harlequin of Canada on July 26, 2022. I am so appreciative that I was allowed to read and review Maisey Yates latest novel via NetGalley. Many of her novels have been romantic reads while The Lost and Found Girl is a tremendous literary read, an impressive selection that is one not to be missed. I encourage her fans as well as readers who enjoy an uplifting narrative.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Slow Start That All Comes Together For A Dramatic Finish. This is a story of how four sisters - three biological + one adopted - interact as adults when the adopted sister comes back to the town that saw her as their "miracle" from the moment she was found 22 yrs ago. It features romance angles for each of the sisters, though some of the guys are more well fleshed out than others - but each has at least a moment or two to shine. In particular there is the town pariah, accused of a murder a year before the adopted sister was found but for which he has maintained his innocence all along. Can an angel and a devil coexist? What if they may be more linked than anyone - except the two people in town harboring a deep, dark secret that *no one* is aware of - may realize? And what if the town *needs* that secret to be unearthed, whether they realize it or not? Truly an utterly fascinating book, one that no matter how slow you feel the start is you absolutely need to hang in there through the finish. Very much recommended.
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