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Four sisters and one devastating secret.

Ruby Mckee is the town mascot and miracle baby after being abandoned on a bridge in the small town of Pear Blossom. Now that Ruby is back home years later, the town still calls her a miracle. Ruby has that affect on people though with her sunny disposition and her ability to always see the good in people. She has never questioned why she was abandoned, but when she takes a job as an archivist at the local museum, secrets start unfolding. Ruby’s sisters Dahlia, Lydia and Marianne all have their own lives and their own struggles, but when Ruby’s past starts coming to light, how will that affect the rest of her family?

What started as a simple coming home story quickly turned into a mystery of a close-knit family. I enjoyed how diverse each sisters character was and how the characters all interacted with each other. Each character had a side story along with the story of Ruby coming home and as the story evolved, so did the mystery. It was fun to read something a little different from author Maisey Yates and I thought she did an excellent job of bringing us this story. Thank you to Harlequin Publishing for my advanced readers copy which I enjoyed and voluntarily reviewed. A great book to curl up with this summer.

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Ruby McKee plays a huge role in history that took over two decades to develop clarity. As a newborn, she was found on a bridge and taken into a home and now has parents and three sisters. This bride will be a lot of fame because her beginnings or so foggy. In fact, there was a disappearance of a teenager back in 1999 and now that Ruby is back home after some years of traveling, she wants to know what connection she has to that mysterious situation and how she got her start in life.

However, the story is not just about Ruby. Her three sisters all have their own stories, stories that play into Ruby’s search for answers while the sisters all try to keep their feet on solid ground. In fact, some of their problems are so heavy, that delving into her history is the last thing that they might want to do.

The sisters are Dahlia, Lydia and Marianne, and this book explores their current situations all while cementing the natural bond between all of the sisters, including Ruby.

What a change of pace for Maisey Yates! I am so used to reading her cowboy romances, so when I sat down to read this women’s fiction book I was truly bowled over. There is a nice measure of romance in this story but also there is mystery, mystery that begs answers to questions long ago hidden.

What a wonderfully written emotional story that explores a painful past but also shows the strong bond that exists between sisters. Keeping the past in the past was definitely difficult, especially when answers about the past are needed in order for the four sisters to find their futures.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one character who truly touched my heart. A perfectly imperfect man came into the picture and changed the life of one of the sisters. I loved that although he was broken, his reasons for his actions brought this story full circle. I love that this story was one of hope, strength, and strong family ties. This marvelous story kept me tapping the screen of my Kindle late into the night and ended with a wonderful conclusion.

Many thanks to HQN and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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So many secrets in what residents want to think is the idyllic town of Pear Blossom and among the Mckee sisters, all of which some out when Ruby returns home. She's the adopted sister who was fond as an infant, whose parentage is a mystery. This is very much about sisters and secrets, although each of the women does have a romantic interest. There's also the cold case of Caitlin, who went missing 10 months before Ruby was found. Marianne, the oldest sister, knows more about things - in general- than she's willing to share. Lydia, a recent widow, has her secret and Dahlia has her own reasons for helping , indeed urging, Ruby to find her bio-parents. There's a lot going on with multiple POVS and plot lines but it works. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC. You'll feel for these women.

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I was expecting just a normal mystery but this book had so much more! I loved the family aspect and the way the story was told. Loved this one!

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I have been holding onto this story for months until I read it. I’ve seen Yates’ videos where she discusses the inspiration behind the story, including a real crime that occurred in her home town.
The Lost and Found Girl is a deep read that sneaks into dark recesses. A major theme is Ruby’s story, she was found abandoned on a bridge and adopted by the McKees. The book is also about all four sisters. Ruby seemed a bit irritating, being on an elevated platform. Dahlia has her own issues. Marianne had hidden depths even she didn’t know. Lydia, closed off for a long time, is tired of all the walls.
I didn’t see the villain until the very end as Yates deftly hid him right out in the open. Huge revelations are made that left me reeling.
Excellent writing and compelling story!

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The Lost and Found Girl
Maisey Yates
July 26, 2022

This heartfelt story of a baby left on a covered bridge gives us a new look at Yates writing. It gives us the tale of three sisters walking home from church practice. Always sticking together as it is dark and following the same route as per their parents rules. Yes, they could have been given a ride home but it became a special treat to be able to travel the road home from pre-Christmas choir session. As they approached the bridge they pulled together to avoid a possible car on the road. What they found on the bridge was a shock. This blanket bundle could have been left undiscovered but the girls clung to the edge of the narrow lane. The eldest, Lydia picked up the child while Marianne and Dahlia McKee looked into the blanket to find the infant. Years past with Ruby becoming a Christmas miracle. If no one had found her, she would have frozen. After days of questions and paperwork, the girl's parents adopted Ruby to be a part of their family. This story gives us the journey of the girls as they become adults, marry and live in the town of Pear Blossom, Oregon.
The Lost and Found Girl will be published by Harlequin of Canada on July 26, 2022. I am so appreciative that I was allowed to read and review Maisey Yates latest novel via NetGalley. Many of her novels have been romantic reads while The Lost and Found Girl is a tremendous literary read, an impressive selection that is one not to be missed. I encourage her fans as well as readers who enjoy an uplifting narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Slow Start That All Comes Together For A Dramatic Finish. This is a story of how four sisters - three biological + one adopted - interact as adults when the adopted sister comes back to the town that saw her as their "miracle" from the moment she was found 22 yrs ago. It features romance angles for each of the sisters, though some of the guys are more well fleshed out than others - but each has at least a moment or two to shine. In particular there is the town pariah, accused of a murder a year before the adopted sister was found but for which he has maintained his innocence all along. Can an angel and a devil coexist? What if they may be more linked than anyone - except the two people in town harboring a deep, dark secret that *no one* is aware of - may realize? And what if the town *needs* that secret to be unearthed, whether they realize it or not? Truly an utterly fascinating book, one that no matter how slow you feel the start is you absolutely need to hang in there through the finish. Very much recommended.

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The Lost and Found Girl by Maisey Yates is a tale about four sisters living in Pear Blossom, Oregon. I thought the characters were developed as well as realistic and relatable. The author’s vivid descriptions allowed me to envision the characters and the quaint town. As with any family especially when there are sisters, there is drama and secrets. There is also love and strong bonds. As the story unfolds, we get to learn about the women. Their hopes, dreams, heartaches, fears, and relationships. Each one of them puts on a brave face to prevent the others from looking too deep. The sisters reconnect and begin to share more of their lives. The Lost and Found Girl is an emotional novel. There is a mystery as well. Ruby was left on the covered bridge on a cold December night shortly after her birth. She would like to know the identity of her birth mother and why she abandoned her. Ruby’s quest for the truth will bring some dark secrets to light. There is a missing girl as well. She was walking home from her boyfriend’s house, but she never made it to her destination. The teenager disappeared shortly before Ruby’s birth. I believe the reveal will shock some readers. The Lost and Found Girl is about self-discovery, family, friendships, mistakes made, growth, a touch of romance, and forgiveness. The main theme of the story is that a person should not be defined by their circumstances (such as being left on a bridge as an infant and surviving the bitterly cold weather). We can each author our own story. I thought this was a good life lesson and one I wish I had learned when I was younger. The point-of-view switched between the sisters which allows the reader to understand each sister (what they are feeling and thinking). There is romance in the story as well. Each sister gets a chance at love. Those who love women’s fiction will enjoy this poignant tale. The Lost and Found Girl has family drama, romance, mystery, four sisters, caring parents, and a charming small town.

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A poignant and well written story that moved me to tears and kept me turning pages.
I loved this women, i loved the plot and love Robin.
Maisey Yates can surely write story that will keep you hooked and well rounded characters.
A compelling, heart wrenching and heartwarming story.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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ISBN: 978-1-335-50320-6
July 26, 2022
Contemporary Fiction

Pear Blossom, Oregon – Present Day

Twenty-two years ago, a newborn baby was found on Sentinel Bridge late one night just before Christmas by the three McKee girls, Marianne, Lydia, and Dahlia. The little baby girl had been abandoned and the story was one of the biggest to hit the tiny town of Pear Blossom. An investigation could not locate the mother, and eventually, it was the McKee family, headed by parents Jed and Andrea McKee, who adopted and gave love and nourishment to the little girl that they named Ruby. A happily-ever-after for one family at least. Unfortunately for Dana Groves, her teenage daughter, Caitlin, is still missing and presumed dead, with the alleged killer, Nathan, in custody.

As THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL opens, we learn that the now grownup Ruby has spent the past couple of years in England and has returned to Pear Blossom. She will be starting a new job at the historical society, which leads her to revisit the two old mysterious tales: how did she end up on the bridge, and what happened to Caitlin Groves? Her oldest sister, Marianne, is happily married to Jackson and they have two children, of which the oldest daughter is starting to act out. Marianne worries about her. Lydia has two children also but lost her husband to cancer a year ago. His best friend, Chase, helps her in running the farm. She feels some anger toward him that she can’t decipher. Could it be because she has feelings toward Chase?

Then there is Dahlia. She has a nice job working for the local newspaper and agrees to assist Ruby in digging up old newspaper articles about the two investigations. This leads Dahlia to contact the local sheriff, who happens to be a guy she went to school with. Carter was once married to another schoolmate, but that marriage has ended. Connecting with Carter leads to unexpected sparks flying between them. But it is Ruby that Dahlia is now concerned with. One day, Ruby spotted Nathan, who is back in town. The charges had been dropped years ago due to no evidence, namely because there hasn’t been a body found. Nathan is hardened by what he’s been put through. He still insists he is innocent—and Ruby believes him.

THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL is an emotional tale that will no doubt tug at the heartstrings of readers. The four McKee sisters are close, yet they don’t reveal all their feelings to each other. Ruby is probably the one who is more open. Everyone loves Ruby. She was the miracle baby whose rescue is still the talk of the town. She could have decided to not delve into the past, but it still haunts her. So many unanswered questions about her birth and what happened to Caitlin, who had disappeared a year before Ruby’s birth. Ruby is drawn to Nathan because she senses he is an innocent victim, especially when she learns how much he loved Caitlin, who was his girlfriend.

In THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL, each sister has a point of view, which reveals what they’re thinking. Lydia feels some guilt about her relationship with her late husband. Marianne wonders why she is suddenly feeling unsettled. Ruby and Dahlia end up sharing the “shed”, which has been converted into a two-bedroom apartment. The closeness reveals some tension between the two. This tale reads like a cleverly crafted whodunit, with a question of whether Caitlin’s disappearance and Ruby’s birth are somehow related. A compelling tale that readers won’t want to put down, don’t miss THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL.

Patti Fischer

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The Lost and Found Girl by the incredibly prolific Maisey Yates may just be her best novel ever. It's a combination of women's fiction, dual mysteries and romance, and I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

The setting is the town of Pear Blossom, Oregon, where, on a cold December evening, walking home after choir practice, the three McKee sisters, Marianne, Lydia and Dahlia, find a newborn baby abandoned on the Sentinel covered bridge leading to their home. Dubbed the "miracle baby," she was adopted by the McKee family and named Ruby, her story going national and Ruby becoming the spark that invigorated her small town, which was still left reeling one year earlier when another town native, 15-year-old Caitlin Groves, disappeared, no trace of her ever found. The local bad boy, Nathan, who had been dating her, was blamed for her murder, jailed for over a year, although there was no evidence other than his admitting to being the last person to see her alive, and eventually released, but reviled ever after by the townspeople, and especially by Caitlin's single mother, Dana Groves.

When Ruby McKee returns home to Pear Blossom after studying and touring abroad, her curiosity about who she really is and how she came to be found on that bridge, sets off a voyage of self-discovery, not only for herself, but for her sisters as well--one still single and recently hired as a reporter for the town newspaper, one still grieving the death of her husband 6 months earlier, and one who seemingly has the perfect marriage to her childhood sweetheart, but as the novel progresses, all of these women, their hopes, their dreams, their secrets and the veneer of their lives and relationships start to show cracks, as each of these women reveal more and more about the reality of their lives, the people in them, and begin to uncover some long hidden truths.

Being a fan of Ms. Yates' romance novels for years, I was absolutely floored by the depth and breadth of her first foray into women's fiction, and how seamlessly she was able to weave the fabric of these women's lives into a tale of dreams, disappointments, hopes, heartaches, and fears into a broad tapestry of each woman's journey self-discovery, self-awareness, growth as individuals, and closeness as sisters. This is indeed a brilliantly realized novel of women's fiction--a novel I highly recommend, and will not soon forget.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.

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This book was a total surprise. A very pleasant surprise! 

The story of a baby, Ruby, found on a bridge by three sisters--and that baby is now grown up and was adopted by the parents of the very sisters who found her. 

This story was a great story of sisters and the complicated relationships between them all. And Ruby, even though she's one of them, is a bit different. 

But, really, the story is so much more complicated than that. 

Each of the sisters has their own heartbreak, their own stories that draw them together. I did not see the curveball at the end. Because what I thought this book was--and what it turned out to be--are completely different. 

Maisey Yates is a fantastic author who can definitely pull on the heartstrings.

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This is a 5+++ Star read.
Ruby McKee was found a newborn who was found on a bridge by three sisters on the day before Christmas Eve. She was dubbed The Miracle Baby and was adopted by the McKee family and the whole town of Pearl Blossom, Oregan. Some say she lived a charmed life. Everything came easy to Ruby, but as she grows older and returns home from travelling abroad, she starts to question who she really is and where she came from. Who left her on that bridge, she could have perished had those three McKee sisters, who were coming home from choir practice, not found her? What caused the women who gave birth to her to abandon her, who was her father. These questions start a domino factor that could unravel the McKee family as answers come to light and secrets are exposed. Can the McKee sisters and their parents withstand the truth of who Ruby McKee really is? Can the town accept the truth of their “Miracle Baby”.

I loved this book. It kept me turning the page from the start. For her first Women’s Fiction Maisey Yates has hit it out of the park. Her characters are well written and you want to love and cheer for them, especially Ruby, but also her sisters Marianne, Dahlia and Lydia as they have their own issues with Ruby and their own personal lives. And their relationship with their mother. This book is about family, friendships, relationships, forgiveness and how mistakes of the past can heal a family and a town and even a little bit of romance. This book has an ending that will both shock and surprise the reader. Bravo Maisey for a wonderful well-written book. Can’t wait for more of this genre from you.

I was given a copy of this book by the author, publisher and Netgalley for my honest opinion.

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Thank you Harlequin and NetGalley for the eARC of the Lost and Found Girl. All views expressed within this interview are my own.

Summary: After a tragedy befalls one of the four McKee sisters' family, the youngest McKee (Ruby) comes home from England in order to reconnect with their hometown and support her sisters. The story follows the four sisters as they consider their love life, reconnect with old loves, and meet new ones while also combatting the demons from their past.

I found the premise of this book fascinating and was shocked by the twist in the book. I am typically very good at guessing the twists, but this one truly shocked me. Another big part of the book is reconnecting with Pear Blossom's history and each chapter included an excerpt from a diary, a newspaper clipping, or police report, which was such a fun addition. I did feel that the end when everything came together was a little rushed. I was excited to read the mystery aspect of the book, but the book more heavily focused on the romance of the four sisters, in my opinion. Definitely worth reading if the premise interests you as well!

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars herein.

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The recurring theme of The Lost and Found Girl by Maisey Yates is to not be defined by your circumstances but to write your own story – a powerful idea. The book adds drama by entwining the story of sisterhood with a mystery and with messy, complicated relationships. The ending ties all the loose ends and neatly packages them. I wish it had not, but an enjoyable summer read nevertheless.

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Reviewed for NetGalley and the HTP Summer 2022 summer reads blog tour.

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I dont read a lot of mysteries and this one kept me coming back to my kindle every chance I got! I needed to know the end! I really loved the relationship between the sisters and the small town charm. It was both comforting and creepy in a way, with the potential murder mystery hanging over the town. Loved it!

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A wonderfully written, family centric novel with some wonderful twists and thought provoking moments. Maisey Yates' fans will love it- if you haven't read anything by her this book will get you hooked!

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THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL by Maisey Yates is a women’s fiction story with romantic elements featuring four sisters in small town Pear Blossom, Oregon, and the emotional upheaval in all their lives a quest for truth sets in motion. This standalone story is not the usual contemporary cowboy romance I have read from this author previously.

Ruby McKee, the miracle baby, has returned from her travels all over Europe to accept the job offer from the historical society in her small hometown. While Ruby has always been interested in history, her sister, Dahlia is determined to revitalize their town’s print paper. Marianne has the perfect marriage and her own small business, but she is having difficulty connecting to her moody teenage daughter. Lydia is the sister they are all worried about. She has two young children and has lost her husband to ALS and her sisters have not seen her grieve.

As they are all reunited, they must navigate their past sibling relationships and secrets which could rip them apart or bring them closer together to survive any truth no matter how difficult.

This is an intriguing look into adult sibling relationships and the men they love, intertwined with two cold case mysteries. I was not sure where the story was going at first, but once I had the people and storylines sorted, it became a story I found difficult to put down. The climax was a complete surprise that I did not see coming, but it was realistic and sad. Even with all the revelations, Ms. Yates was able to bring the sisters to a believable ending.

This is both a thought provoking and entertaining women’s fiction story.

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This story was so different and interesting. I am used to reading Yates’ cowboy romances so this one was a definite twist for me.

Yates weaves a story that is rich with emotion and intricacies. Subtle nuances in the details have you trying to read between the lines. You think you know what is going to happen but she manages to surprise you every time.

This is a sister story so we have the four main characters all fabulously different in their own right. Plus the family life, secrets to unfold, and futures to build. Yates manages to effortlessly blend it all together into a story that you will remember long after the cover is closed.

The Lost and Found Girl is a mixture of different genres to bring a lovely balance, high interests, and a definite un-putdownable story you have to read! Keep the tissues nearby. That ending was perfect!!

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I loved this story of three sisters finding love against the odds.

Ruby carries the hope and expectation of an entire town on her shoulders. She was the miracle baby—rescued from the elements at Christmas. Her fame brought tourists to her hometown. It rejuvenated a dying economy. When she returns, she tells herself it’s because she was just offered her dream job. As an archivist in the town museum she used to spend every spare moment in.

But her new job also gives Ruby the chance to finally discover her origins. She’s convinced they’re tied to the enigmatic man that was railroaded out of town shortly before she was born. A man who just happens to own the property adjacent to that of her adoptive parents. But he’s not what she expected. He’s broken and mended, beautiful and resilient. And she can’t stay away.

Ruby’s return is like a catalyst for her sisters. Dahlia finally succumbs to her desire for the handsome sheriff. Lydia realizes that her guilt is misplaced, and that as a widow she’s entitled to find happiness again with her husband’s foster brother.

This isn’t just a story about finding love. It’s also about healing rifts, forgiving yourself and sowing hope. The twist at the end will surprise you, but it just reinforces these themes.

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