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I loved this one! It's very different from the books I've read from Maisey Yates in the past but that doesn't mean it wasn't good- because it WAS! I enjoyed the emotional moments and the tender storytelling that only an amazing author like Yates can do! Highly recommended!
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Pear Blossom, Oregon is a small-town in southern Oregon with some dark secrets. As Ruby McKee returns to town after college and traveling Europe, she decides to learn more about her past in hopes of finding out where she came from. She was abandoned on the town bridge as a baby, taken in and adopted by the McKee family. Everyone loves her, but she's always yearned to know her story. Ruby also hopes to help her sister Lydia, who recently lost her husband. She also hopes to get closer to her other sisters (Marianna and Dahlia) and her parents.

One year before Ruby was discovered, the town faced a tragedy when a young woman, Caitlin Groves, disappeared. She was never found, but her boyfriend Nathan was blamed for her death. As Ruby begins researching her past, she soon finds that her story is somehow connected. With the help of her sister Dahlia, a local writer, they uncover the town's darkest secret which brings them closer together.

I absolutely loved this book! It had everything I needed: good character development, a bit of mystery and romance. Each chapter focused on one of the major characters and you really got to know them. I highly recommend The Lost and Found Girl to anyone who needs a little mystery with a dash of romance.
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The lost and found girl by Maisey Yates.
Ruby McKee is a miracle. Found abandoned on a bridge as a newborn baby by the McKee sisters, she’s become the unofficial mascot of Pear Blossom, Oregon, a symbol of hope in the wake of a devastating loss. Ruby has lived a charmed life, and when she returns home after traveling abroad, she’s expecting to settle into that charm. But an encounter with the town’s black sheep makes her question the truth about her mysterious past.
I did enjoy this book.  Loved the sisters.  4*.
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I loved this book! Different from the Maisey Yates books I typically read. I enjoyed reading about the sisters. A wonderful, fast paced read that has me interested until the end. I didn't want the book to end! Hopefully there will be another book! Thank you so much for the book! I highly recommend!
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This is a good book. This book is about four sisters. It is about challenges they face in their lives. They are Lydia, Marianne, Dahia and Ruby. In their town there were two mysteries that haven’t been solved. One was a 15 year old girl, Caitlin Groves, who just disappeared one night. The other mystery was a baby appearance on a bridge, with just a blanket and a necklace.  She was found by Lydia, Marianne and Dahia. Theses mysteries had been going on for 22 years. This books explains each mystery and how they are connected.
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Ruby McGee found in front of the windows of the local town bridge. The town considered it and her a miracle. What if the three McGee sisters hadn’t walked through that bridge coming home from choral practice. What if the weather had been harsher? Ruby was found wrapped in a blanket, no real protection from the weather. Who left this a baby undefended against the elements and whatever roamed that bridge during the night? The town gave Ruby discounts all her life. Miracle discounts. Sound almost humorous. But Ruby has questions about her good luck. And now back home perhaps she will have the means and opportunity to ferret out the info she has wanted. 

Maisey Yates is an amazing, creative, inventive writer. Her characters are extremely well developed, even the supporting cast. In THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL we constantly question the title of this story. In truth there is a found girl presumably Ruby. There is also a lost girl Caitlyn Groves, Dana’s missing daughter. When Ruby thinks about it, she is happy that she was found and somewhat equally disturbed that someone threw her away. 

Dana lives in Pear Blossom with the events of Caitlyn almost forgotten. What remains is the way the town people react to Dana. Not with sadness or pity but with meanness. 

When Ruby comes home to work on the town history, she comes face to face with things that are joyous and others that are not. You know the expression, better left unsaid. Well I kept thinking of that while reading THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL.

Dahlia, one of Ruby’s sisters, is disturbed by the simple fact that no one else seems to think about how Ruby was found. Her discovery is treated like a miracle, but her being discarded could have been a tragedy. There is a strange parallel of how the community treats the finding of Ruby and the loss of Caitlyn. Maisie Yates reminds us throughout the book using Dahlia as the voice of her concern, seems like she is the only one.
The three siblings, Marianne, Dahlia and Lydia grew up with Ruby as a welcome addition to their family. The four girls are close even as they are so unique. Ruby’s life turned out rather well. Educated and traveled all over, Ruby experienced a different life than her three sisters who stayed close to home. Was this wanderlust due to her unusual beginning in life. Ruby is an interesting story still to be told. In her mind she envisioned herself as a lost or kidnapped child of royalty. Perhaps she was a princess. But the sensible side argued that people would have been looking for her. To her knowledge no one had. 
Someone had been blamed for Caitlyn’s disappearance. He had left town. 

All these events brought a whole new dimension to Pear Blossom. Now with the four sisters united they face how their lives have changed and how this reunion will play out. 

Seeing life as half empty or half full. Dahlia is an amazing character with some of the best lines in this book. Half full is when someone stops filling the glass halfway. Half empty is when they drank half. Her way of describing the way things happen matter. Dahlia is on a mission, with the help of Ruby doing a retrospective about Pear Blossom. It’s history and its people. Bound to open a can of worms as they say. The family will hold a central place, as will Dana and her missing daughter Caitlyn. 

THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL by Maisey Yates is about a missing teenage girl and a found infant girl. Maisey Yates creates Ruby with emotion, sass and genius. The missing girl’s story is told in bits and pieces. Not much is known about her. Maisey Yates teaches us by random discussion and some eye-opening facts, all created in her mind and then transposed to the page. THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL is a mystery that develops and grows page by page, disclosure by disclosure. Well done crime novel by Maisey Yates with just the right amount of down-home care.
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This is a must read.  I have always been a fan of Maiden Yates but this book is not you average light hearted romance.  This book is so full of surprises.  It will keep you on the edge of your chair the whole time.  I highly recommend reading this book.  Take the time to read this book you will not regret it.  

Thank you Harlequin and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.  .
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I enjoyed this book.  I liked how it talked about each of the sisters.    I am grateful that netgalley let me read this in exchange for an honest review
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