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This is a beautifully written novel about a second chance romance between the town's pastor Micah St. Pierre and widow Ashely Harlowe. It also intertwines the relationships of a handful of others- Ashley's son and father, Micah and Ashley's son, Ashley and her father, Micah and his parishioners, Ashley and the townsfolk and so on. It delves into the dynamics of the towns racial history and racial dynamics,  mythical history and the town's history, children's ability to see things adults cannot and much more. 

The characters were well developed, so much so the they were realistic and believable and I just fell in love with most of them (those that we are supposed to anyway). 

This isn't my typical romance genre but I found that I couldn't put it down and the religion and mythical bits made it even better than I expected!
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This is the fifth book of the Moonlight Bay series, but it is the first one I've read.  The book can be read as a standalone, so anyone could pick this up without having read the others.  

Ashley Scott is a widow who owns Howland House, a bed and breakfast in the small town of Magnolia Harbor.  She inherited the house and the cottage adjacent when her grandmother died.  Asheley and her young son live there, and currently her father is living there as well.  The new minister, Micah St. Pierre, has just had his marriage proposal rejected publicly and his congregation is trying to matchmake.  Micah has feelings for Ashley, but can't follow that path because she is a member of his congregation and the church frowns on a minister dating anyone in their congregation.  

This is a romance novel, and there's a little controversy involved. It's a light read and an interesting story.  I enjoyed reading about the town busybodies trying to get a wife for Micah, and I liked the author's writing style.  The subplots in the story added some interest - Colton and Danny especially.

Thanks to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for an advance copy.  This book will be published on August 23, 2022.
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This book is part of a series, I've read the other books and enjoyed them.  Sad to say that this one just missed the mark for me.  It was well-written grammatically, but the plotline did wander a bit.  

Ashley's a single parent, widowed.  Her Dad has recently come to live with her after her Mom passed away.  Micah is the minister of a local church, and is forbidden from dating his parishioners.  After Micah quite openly proposes to a woman he "liked' and she refuses, the town's women take it on themselves to find him a wife.

I realize this series is set in the South, but it seems like there are way too many stereotypes.  Women are quiet, waiting for the man to speak up.  An Episcopalian minister, who is permitted to marry still has to pick a wife outside his congregation.  I felt bad for both of them, being pigeonholed into their roles.

I'd read other books from this author, and enjoyed them.  I will continue to look for her books.  This just didn't gel for me.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book, but my opinions are my own.
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This book had the full range of emotions. It made me laugh & cry. The pull between Micah & Ashley was strong. Their relationship was sweet.  I especially loved the relationship Micah had with Ashley's son, Jackie. I liked the secondary story in the book as well. The story was sweet & the ending was heartwarming. I received an advance copy from NetGalley & am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Overcoming the past and going forward is the theme of The Beachside Bed and Breakfast.  I was looking forward to learning more about the main characters, Micah and Ashley.
I feel that there were just too many different storylines going on within the story with so many characters.  I was getting invested in Micah and Ashleys story which was what I wanted to know more about.  But, I felt let down with all the other storylines going on,.
Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and do enjoy the authors writing style.  I think I will reread this in a few months and see if I like it better.
Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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I thought this was a cute, easy read! I did think that some parts were a little slow and some parts lasted too long. Here’s the review I posted on my Instagram (I’m not sure how to get a link from there) :

✨The Beachside Bed and Breakfast✨ 

Thanks for my early copy, Forever (Grand Central Publishing)! This releases on Monday! 

I mean just look at that cover! 😍 it makes me wish I was at the beach! 

👉🏻 swipe for synopsis 

I thought this was a cute, easy read. I did think it was a little slow at times and some parts lasted too long. 

💬 have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? 
I haven’t, but would love to!  I love reading about them! They sound so warm and cozy!! 

Have a great weekend, book besties! 📚

Thank you for letting me review this book!!
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Small towns - you either love them or hate them.  This small town is all up in the Rev Micah''s business after he proposes to someone he really doesn't love and gets turned down.  He is very attracted to someone in his parish, but the rules of their church says he can''t date anyone there.  So he is left with going outside his own religion.
I liked most of the characters in this story.  Ashley is finally getting over her late husband, her son believes in ghosts, her dad is driving her crazy and then there is Rev Micah's family.  He is considered the caretaker and is very responsible.  It was a good story that I enjoyed

I got this story from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review
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At last, the Reverend Micah St. Pierre and widowed B&B owner, Ashley Scott, are getting their story, and I was all for it after seeing the little sparks of more than friendship coming off this pair since the first book. It was never going to be easy so I was excited to see what long-time enjoyable author Hope Ramsay did with their story.

The Beachside Bed and Breakfast is the fifth standalone contemporary romance story in the Moonlight Bay series. Though, standalone in the strict sense, the series is full of small connections that work best when read in order.

The Beachside Bed and Breakfast is brimming with family heritage, past connections, and other relationship ties in a small town setting surrounding the spotlighted romance. Micah’s St. Pierre roots in the Gullah culture and his issues with his parents play a strong role in his background and choices just as Ashley’s maternal Howland roots are what brought her to Magnolia Harbor to take over Howland House which she inherited from her grandmother after her husband died overseas fighting in the war. The Howlands and St. Pierres have a connection long in their pasts and now in the present.

But, it’s complicated.

Ashley has been grieving her husband’s loss still and has no intention of marrying let alone opening her heart again. Micah is an Episcopalian priest and the church bylaws don’t allow for a priest dating one of his parishioners. He has tried moving on and she has shunted away any pesky feelings and attractions.  But, his attempt to choose another woman were a flat fail that caught the attention of his Altar Guild and the ladies get busy matchmaking and her attempt leaves her feeling hollow and irksome particularly now her dad is meddling at the inn and with her imaginative son who believes the ghost of pirate Captain Teal is in the big tree in their yard.

Something’s gotta give.

And, it does, but does it lead to a loving pair or parting for good?

Meanwhile, the St. Pierre’s second brother, Colton, who has made a big deal about remaining untethered and fancy free of relationship ties outside his brothers has taken on a wayward kid with deep issues from his parents’ deaths and his grandmother’s indifference and he has returned his interest to a woman he had a past encounter with. Will the wild brother be able to settle down at last?

Like many small town romances, this one is gently paced and packed full of more going on than the romance- or romances, in this case. The author layered the story with social struggles to anchor it in reality, with character flaws and weaknesses paired with strengths and endearing qualities to make the cast engaging and complex, and brought the series full circle as the old Howland-St. Pierre past and current saga is brought to a close. Parts lagged, and I got frustrated with Ashley and Micah a few times, but overall this book brought the feels and had me cheering for all the main players to get their happy resolve right down to Ashley’s son who faced bullies, his dad’s death, and his ghost. I am unsure if this is the final book in the series, though it sure felt like it and Micah and Ashely finding resolution and healing does seem to cap things off nicely. I wouldn’t say no to more Moonlight Bay, but I am well-satisfied if this was it. Those looking for small town romance with a hint of spice and well-layered backdrop should definitely consider this book and series.
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The Beachside Bed and Breakfast
Hope Ramsay
August 23, 2022

In Magnolia Harbor, the Reverend Micah St. Pierre is pastor of the local church. He is a single gentleman who is kind and considerate of all, especially his parishioners. He is at the age where he would like to find someone to date and perhaps someday marry. Goodlooking, many women have thought him to be quite a catch but the idea of marrying a pastor welcomes the suggestion that the congregants would be well advised as to their daily life.  We also find Ashley Howland Scott, widow.  Her husband was killed in the war leaving her with a young son, Jackie, now eleven. With the passing of her Grandmother, she became owner of the Beachside Bed and Breakfast. When her father found retired and alone when his wife died of cancer, he became the cook for the inn. The three of them did their best to run the guest house. Although it had been 6 years since her husband’s death Ashley had not been able to say goodbye to him and all the memories. 
This romantic comedy gives us the full series of Moonlight Bay cast of characters most of whom give their opinions regardless of the occasion. It is a humorous tale that is a bit predictable in its plot. The reader becomes aware shortly after the entry chapters who will end with whom just not the how. It is a casual, comfy book that makes for good reading at the beach or quietly sitting on the porch. 
The Beachside Bed and Breakfast by Hope Ramsy will be published on August 23rd or 2022 by Hachette Book Group. I appreciate their allowing me to read and review this latest Moonlight Bay story. Fans of this series will welcome another chapter in the characters humorous lives. Those who have not read her work might find it takes a chapter or two to catch on but the lightness of this novel is worth investing the time. Do Enjoy!
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This is another lovely double romance in the Moonlight Bay series. The main romance is a forbidden love trope. Ashley is finally "waking up" after having lost her husband. Unfortunately, the man she's having feelings for is the pastor at her church. Her life is also pretty complicated. Besides running the Bed and Breakfast, she has a son who appears to be acting out and her grieving father who has moved in and thinks he has ALL the answers.

Micah is a man who lives strictly by the rules and laws and it's forbidden for him to date someone from his church. He's very attracted to Ashley and also has feeling for her son, but there's no way he can even kiss Ashley. It's forbidden. He's used to taking care of others and his parish relies on him.

I always love it when there is a secondary romance! The one in this book is also messy and complicated, but double the love! Ramsay always writes delicious books of love and family.

Thanks to Forever Publishing for the gifted copy. All thoughts are my own.
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always love a Hope Ramsay book, this book is about a woman who lost her husband and is busy running a bed and breakfast and raising her son, until love sneaks up on her.
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A sweet clean small town romance,  Ashley and her son Jackie have struggled since the death of her husband in Afghanistan but she's building a good life for them in Magnolia Harbor.  Micah St. Pierre is her pastor and while he feels a stir for her, he doesn't think he should.  Everyone in town, however, has ideas about his love life, as well as hers.  Told from both their points of view, it's a slow burn for the two of them.  And to make things better for Jackie.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A pleasant read.
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We are back in Moonlight Bay and this time the story belongs to the owner of the local Bed and Breakfast, Ashley Howland Scott, and the new minister, Micah St Pierre. 
We’ve met Micah before.  He left his home, brothers and father years and became a Navy chaplain. His guilt has him back.
He is enchanted by widow Ashley and her son.
But there is much doubts on both their sides, the townspeople expressing their opinions and social expectations. 
Will they be able to overcome their past and the town and find their HEA?
For me, it was just ok. More of a 3.5 stars story.
I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley and Forever.
The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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This book has been a long time coming, and it did not disappoint.  Ashley is a widow, mom, and owner of a beautiful bed and breakfast.  Reverend Micah has had a thing for Ashley for a long time, but so much has stood in the way of his expressing his feelings for her.  In this book we finally get to explore what has been building between them. I have been rooting for both of these characters for a while. As I read the book, I was really curious to see if there was any way these two could be together.  And without giving anything away, I was pleased with how it all ended. I also enjoyed the Colton’s love story in this book with Colton, and Danny’s storyline.  I’m not sure if this was the last book in the series, but if it was I think fans would be happy with how things ended in this book. Another great book by Hope Ramsay. I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
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Ashley Howland Scott runs the B&B in Magnolia Harbor across the street lives the Rev. Micah St. Pierre.  Ashley is a widow with a young son.  She found letting go of grief for husband has been hard for her.  Micah is her church's pastor and is single.  Micah is not allowed by the church to date his church members.  Micah has been dating another local woman who doesn't attend his church and decides to pop the question; she says no.  Ashley is slowing starting to realize that she is interested in Micah, but he tells her they can't date.
There is a lot of interaction with Micah's brothers who live in town and the rest of his family.  Ashley's son Jackie is being bulled at school and feels his mother is neglecting him. Overall, this is a heartfelt story with learning what is important in life and what God wants for you.
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Ashley’s a widow who owns a bed & breakfast in the town of Magnolia Harbor where she lives with her son & her widowed father. Michah’s a reverend at Heaven’s Rest church in Magnolia Harbor who was forced to grow up too quickly to take care of his younger brothers after his mom left. Ashley & Micah have been both neighbors and friends for the past five years (I think it was five years at least) but they are both slowly realizing that there’s much more to their relationship than friendship. 

I really really wanted to like this book & had it not been for the other storylines thrown into it, I might have enjoyed it a lot more and given it more than 3 stars (2.5 if I’m being honest). I enjoy when an author switches viewpoints from chapter to chapter, so one chapter you get the female protagonist point of view and the next you get her male counterpart’s point of view - I do not enjoy when the point of view switches mid chapter along with which storyline I’m now supposed to be following. 

Don’t get me wrong, each storyline had it’s own positive qualities but I went into this book thinking I’m about to read all about what happens with Ashley & Micah and yet here I am reading about Colton having business issues, Polly playing matchmaker, Kerri wanting a fairytale, Jayden’s dad (whose name I cannot recall) being a douche, and Ben having some serious issues. None of these storylines had any real effect on who the main characters were supposed to be, and the storylines that did tie in (such as Micah’s mom) weren’t given nearly the explanations they should have been. I would have loved nothing more to read more about Micah & Ashley, especially since they were who the story was supposed to be based on. 

While I definitely didn’t love this book, I did enjoy the author’s writing style and her clear desire to keep her readers engaged. I would be more than willing to read another book by her in hopes that the character focus is clearly laid out & given the attention it truly deserves. 

Thank you #NetGalley and Forever Grand Publishing for providing me with an ARC of #TheBeachsideBedBreakfast for my honest review.
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Ashley Scott has no time for romance. She is grieving the loss of her husband, caring for her son and running her bed and breakfast. Her friendship with Rev. Micah St. Pierre is beginning to fell like more. Micah has the local quilting club matchmaking for him but only has romantic feeling for Ashley. Micah is not allowed to date anyone in his congregation so his feeling cannot share his feelings with Ashley. Can love prevail!

Thanks to Hope Ramsey and Forever(Grand Central Publishing) for the book!
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This is a good book. This is about a family called the St. Pierres. There are three sons Micah, Colton and Jude. It is their story about what is expected of you as a family. Being a family is standing by for each other, watching out for everyone, and being there for everyone. They each have some issues but together they work them out and fall in love.
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Hope Ramsay is a wonderful author.  I enjoyed reading about the small town life.   Characters came to life and you can picture the scenery throughout the whole novel.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever publishing for allowing me to read this advanced copy via eReader.
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Wonderful storyline that includes romance, drama & a little mystery. Interesting reading how a small southern town works, where everyone knows your business and has an opinion on it all. I felt bad for poor Micah & Ashley and all they go through for love. My favorite character was Jackie, who had a little mystery going on & no one would listen to him. I enjoyed these characters & this town so much, that I will go back and read more of the series!
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