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The story is set in a small town on coastal North Carolina.  Gossip is the hobby of the people in the small town.  The characters are interesting and the story flows nicely.  This is a feel good book. It is part of a series but it could be read as a stand alone. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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Another chapter in the lives of the family's in Magno Harbor.  The characters keep you on your toes.  you'll enjoy how they interact and grow.
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In a small coastal town in North Carolina a lot is going on.  Micah is a biracial Episcopalian priest and almost forty.  He’d wants to get married.  Ashley, the person he is interested in, is a member of his congregation dating her could cost him his job.  Ashley is an army widow with an eleven year old son Jackie who is being bullied and thinks a ghost lives in their bed and breakfast.  She is finally ready to start dating again and is attracted to Micah but the ladies of the church are creating a list of who to set up with their priest.  There is a lot of other stuff happening and lots and lots of gossip.

This is a light read and reminded me a bit of the Mitford series because a main character is a priest.  I liked the characters and the pacing.  There is gossip, family drama on many fronts and good neighbors trying to lend a hand.  It’s a feel good novel.  If that is what you’re looking for I think you will enjoy this story.  It is the first in the new Moonlight Bay series by Hope Ramsay.  The book is clean for language with some has kissing and one scene of intimacy off the page (not the priest).  Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for an eARC in exchange for a review.   (3.5 stars)
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Hope Ramsay writes such heartwarming stories.  In my opinion she has another success with The Beachside Bed and Breakfast. The characters are so well developed and have real life issues and emotions.  I always look forward to reading any book by Hope Ramsay.
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The Moonlight Bay series is one I’ve really enjoyed. I love the quaint, small town, complete with quirky characters and nosey neighbors. The southern, beachside setting is particular compelling because it reminds me of a place that is near and dear to my heart.

Single mother Ashley Scott runs the bed and breakfast in Moonlight Bay, having taken it over from her aunt after Ashley's husband died serving the country. She really doesn’t have time for romance, yet a friendship is developing between her and the single minister.

Reverend Micah St. Pierre needs a wife. But as the priest of the Episcopal church in a small town, that’s not an easy task. Especially once the church ladies get wind of it. Plus, the church has rules, and a potential wife needs to come from outside his flock. 

Something new from Ramsay in this book is the proverbial waving of the SJW flag. Whether or not I agree with her points is irrelevant, but leave the social justice (and political) agendas out of fiction unless it's pivotal to the story. Things are so controversial these days and an author runs the risk of alienating a lot of readers by highlighting a specific viewpoint. Many of us read to escape the mess the real world is in, so please, for the love of all things romance, give us an escape we can all enjoy.

While I’m not comfortable recommending this particular book to all readers, I’ve read many other stories from this author and loved them all. The Last Chance series is particularly heartwarming and charming, so you might want to start there.
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Book 5 in the Moonlight Bay Series finally tells the story of Ashley, a young widow who runs a Bed and Breakfast in Magnolia Harbor. She is working to move on with her life and start dating, while battling familial responsibilities. Micah, a friend and the priest of the Episcopal church is also been dealing with some struggles of his own, and also fighting his feelings for Ashley, who is a member of his congregation.  This is a part of a series, and I do feel there will be elements you are missing if you don’t read some of the earlier books. 

This was a sweet book, a quick read, and a nice escape if you are looking for a fairly lighthearted romance. The ending seemed a bit rushed, and I felt like it could have been improved by spending a little more time wrapping the stories up. Overall, a good book, and a pleasant read.
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What a lovely book! Enjoyed the story and the characters. After reading this book, you will want to open up a Bed and Breakfast! Great beach read!
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I enjoyed this book. Micah is an episcopal minister who cares for one of the members of his congregation. The h is a widow with a young son. She is concerned about caring for Micah because she feels she is not ready for a relationship. Micah is torn between keeping his ministry and moving to a new church. Ashley’s son thinks he is able to talk to the ghost is one of his relatives, a seafaring captain. This is an interracial relationship.
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An interesting and sweet book. Small beachtown coziness and characters that you enjoy getting to know.
Micah is attracted to Ashley, one of his parishoners but knows that nothing can become of it since it's again the church's rules .  She runs a bed and breakfast and is still healing from the loss of her husband and has a young son to care for.
She is thankful for his friendship but realizes eventually it might be more than that if she can risk loving again.
Family , friendships, small town fun, beautifully described scenery, some surprises and heartwarming moments made this a good story. A few slow moments in the beginning but I'm glad I kept reading.
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I enjoyed this book. Interesting characters and story line. I am looking forward to the next book. Great ending.
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This is an enjoyable read with romance, family dynamics/drama upon several levels, and a few pirates and ghosts thrown in for good measure. It’s rare to find a beachy romance where one of the main characters is a minister/preacher, so I truly enjoyed this aspect as well. Lots of emotional depth. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I really, really enjoyed this book! It was captivating and it hooked me from the very first chapter! I was glued to my seat!
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THE BEACHSIDE BED AND BREAKFAST is a rather unique story. It centers on a small town that has existed for quite a long time. Long enough to have a rather interesting history filled with pirates, slaves and even a ghost or two. Micah St. Pierre is one of the town religious leaders, preacher at his church. Micah is forty years old and would really like his life in Jonquil to include more than just church business. He is clearly fond of his parishioners but finds himself at sort of a crossroad - no pun intended. He has his eye on a local widow who along with her father and her eleven-year-old son runs the bed and breakfast. 

For most this should appear to be perfect since both Micah and Ashley have had their respective eyes on each other. Ashley would never act on this attraction - she is still adjusting to life without her beloved husband. Micah can’t act on his attraction because Ashley is a member of his church. It seems that romance between the preacher and one of his flock is verboten. 

There also seems to be a ghost in Jonquil that hangs out near one of the trees. So far only Jackie, Ashley’s son has spoken with said ghost. And there’s one of the things that are making it impossible for Ashley to move on. She is fairly certain that Jackie’s discussions with the ghost is a sign that he is having emotional issues. 

The towns folk have decided it is their mission to find a suitable wife for Micah. They aren’t that aware of the restrictions that Micah faces. 

This matchmaking scheme has a lot of loopholes, and the growing candidates list is slated to come with some very interesting challenges. Micah and his brothers have a long history with the town and its people. In particular it looks like there just may be some competition in this event. The town guild isn’t aware of any of this. Right now they are working on appearances which we all know can be deceiving. 

Hope Ramsay creates a wonderful cadre of friends and neighbors that truly illustrate the diversity of our world. Her characters ooze with personality and charisma. Dialog is quick minded and smart with definite elements of sass. THE BEACHSIDE BED AND BREAKFAST starts out as a simple romance but as in life nothing is really simple. Prepare for a joyful tale of possibilities.
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review.  The characters are quirky and charming...the bed and breakfast a fun place to visit and stay awhile...the story moves slowly at times, but it comes to a satisfying ending.  This book, written by a talented and gifted author, is a story that is enjoyable to read...spend an afternoon with the characters...get to know them...wonder what they will do next...enjoy...
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The Beachside Bed and Breakfast is a heartwarming, engaging story about family, slowly healing from a loss and finding love.
Ramsay has a unique quality to bring a well rounded, yet complex story to life. 
It's always filled with fun side-characters and main characters.
Both Ashley and Micah were great lead characters. Who I just fell in love with instantly.
You’ll fall in love with not only the characters, but the vivid, quaint, charming backdrop of a truly special place. 
This was a compelling and beautiful written story.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
I will post my review to my platforms, blog, B&N and Waterstone closer to pub date.
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