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Do you love books that have foodie main characters? A Table for Two by Sheryl Lister follows Serenity, a nurse who hosts a supper club with her friends. Serenity describes her meals so I felt like I might be able to recreate some!

This story is a foodie’s delight with romance intertwined. Man next door, small town mischief and a healthy sprinkle of romance from two people who were both hurt by love.
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The story of Serenity and Gabriel. They clash when they first meet, but will she give him a chance when she knows he is not in town to stay.
A great read. I liked how it is told from both points of view.
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Good characters, good food, and good conversation made this book so much fun to read.  I liked how Gabrael and Serenity first met.  They were now neighbors since Gabriel moved temporarily to Firefly Lake so he could watch over his Nana.
I liked how they agreed to be neighbors, friends, and nothing more since Gabe would be moving back to Atlanta as soon as he convinced his Nana to come with him.  I also liked how both characters had some really nice, strong friends who were always there for them and who made this story interesting.I will warn you this book might make you hungry as Serenity is a really great cook  and Gabe is not so bad himself.  
I liked that the author provided recipes at the end of the book.  I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review.
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This is a sweet story of two people who have been hurt before, taking a chance on a new love.

This book is a small town romance featuring the guy next door, a friend's brother, female friendships and lots of delicious food descriptions plus some steam. While the two initially get off on the wrong foot, most of the story centers on them getting to know each other, often through cooking together, and deciding to take a leap of faith on love. I liked seeing the close friendships they both had and the focus on self care and learning to trust again.

Thank you to the publisher for my e-copy of this book.
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This is a winner, I am so loving “A Table For Two”.  I’m a big fan of Sheryl Lister and her writing skills.  She writes awesome books with lovable characters and awesome plots.  Not sure if this can be considered a comedy romance but it is some great reading.  Serenity and Gabriel are both from the big city.  After an incident in the big city Serenity who is a nurse heads to a small town located in Firefly California.  Everybody knows everybody, neighbors are close knit and some are downright nosy like Ms. Adela.  Gabriel who is a computer tech whiz finds himself relocating from Atlanta to Firefly California to care for his grandmother after his sister Andrea relocates after receiving a promotion.  Gabriel is trying to get his nana to relocate to Atlanta but nana wants no parts of the relocation.  She is happy in Firefly California.  Gabriel moves into his sister’s home and is now temporary neighbors with Serenity who is a nurse.  I so loved the “Super Club” with friends that Serenity prepares for her friends Dana who is an auto mechanic, Lisa who is a nurse and married and Natasha who is into real estate and dabbles in interior decorating.  They really do eat well with Serenity’s awesome cooking skills.  She should hang up her nursing hat and open up her own restaurant business; but that would probably interfere with Mrs. Ida’s restaurant.  I also love the camaraderie between Serenity and Gabriel they kept me laughing so hard it was fantastic.  Lets not forget about those brownies Serenity made for Gabriel and how he got his first taste of the treats.  You will have to read the book to find out about what I’m talking about.  Gabriel’s computer tech buddies Brent, Darius and Glenn who is married are awesome guys looking for romance; perhaps Brent and Darius will find romance with Dana and Natasha.

Great plot and awesome characters as usual Sheryl Lister.  Keep these awesome books coming to your awesome readers.
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Set in a small-town setting, the heroine and the hero had a bad first impression during the dinner that the heroine invited the hero to. But consecutive interactions between the heroine and the hero let to a tentative friendship that turned into a casual romantic relationship. But when said relationship becomes complicated after the two became closer than they expected, how will past hurts and distances be resolved if they want their own happy ending?

This is an enjoyable book to read when one wants not a lot of angst in their romances. The food club aspect is not something I read a lot of, but I wholeheartedly enjoyed reading all about the food that were introduced in the book. I found the whole cast of characters entertaining, especially when they interacted during the Supper Club events. The main couple complimented each other, even when their own obstacles were detrimental to their happy ending. Though it would have been nice if more details were added in certain areas of the story for my own preference. Overall, I enjoyed this Sheryl Lister book and look forward to reading more books from the author in the future.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**
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Serenity Wheeler loves to cook so much that she invented a Supper Club for her friends. They share their hopes and dreams, and even a few laughs as they gather at Serenity’s for dinner. When one of her friends moves for a job, her brother Gabriel moves into her house. When she suggests that Serenity be his welcoming committee, she knows that with Serenity’s kind heart he will be well taken care of.

Gabriel has moved to Firefly Lake temporarily until he can convince his grandmother to move back to the city with him. His life is not suited to a small town and he has no intention of staying. That is until he meets the irresistible neighbor Serenity who leaves him tongue tied at every encounter.

If you love a fun, heartwarming, small town romance with a lot of amazing food thrown in, then this is just the book you have been looking for. All of the characters and supporting characters are so loveable you will be begging for an invitation to the Supper Club. Sheryl Listers writing draws you right into the story and just keeps you wanting more. I really hope this becomes a series as the friends of both Serenity and Gabriel hint at having their own stories to tell. My thanks to Forever Publishing for my advanced readers copy. All opinions are mine and totally unbiased.
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Serenity is a nurse and a great cook on the side. Gabriel is a computer programmer that moves to the small town of Flyfly Lake from Atlanta to be near his grandmother. Their first meeting doesn't go well but they end up becoming friends. The more time that they spend together, the more the passion heats up between them. I really enjoyed Serenity's and Gabriel's story. They both had been in bad relationships in the past but Ms. Lister slowly built their connection from friends to undying love. The dynamics between the friends was a great addition to the story. The cooking during the Serenity's Supper Club and throughout the book were also an enjoyable part of the story. I hope that all of friends will get their own book. 

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thanks so much Forever (Grand Central Publishing).
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A Table for Two is perfect for fans of Sweet Mongolias. This has an adorable friends to lovers trope. It's so cute and fluffy.
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I got a copy of this book from Net Galley and I'm really glad that I did. I have never read this author before but I will definitely be reading her again.

From the beginning, I loved Serenity and Gabriel's relationship. They didn't get off to a good start. Things happened and they eventually agreed to be friends. Then things slipped to more than friends. Both had their heart broken before and weren't looking for a relationship. 

I really enjoyed all the side characters in the book. The small town was perfect, full of cute little shops and nosey neighbors. Serenity's Supper Club was awesome. 

I enjoyed everything about this book from beginning to end. Definitely a five-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read and earns my Sexual Chocolate award!
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Thank you Forever and Netgalley for the opportunity to read an early copy of A Table for Two. I loved this book. This was my first book I have ever read from Sheryl Lister. I hope this is the first book in a series featuring Serenity's friends!
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A Table for Two invites the reader in with the cover’s idyllic table setting. Readers will wonder who that table is set for and how the relationships of those characters will develop.

Serenity and Gabriel are the couple in the story. One is a nurse, the other an app developer. Readers will watch as they get to know each other over meals at Serenity’s supper club. Will they get their happy ending? Read this food filled, small town romance novel to find out. It is an enjoyable quick read with likeable characters.

Many thanks to Forever-Grand Central Publishing for this title. All opinions are my own.
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This was an enjoyable read for a Sunday morning. Open door, low angst romance about a couple who begin as enemies, but can't deny the attraction between them, even though a relationship makes little sense because one of them isn't staying in town. 
I adore a small town story with older characters, lots of food, great friendships and strong family bonds. The writing isn't stiff, and the intimacy is believable, and though I agree with other reviewers that the pacing is a bit slow, the anticipation was worth the satisfying ending.
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Release date: August 16, 2022

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of A Table For Two ebook from NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Serenity lives in a small town after escaping the Ex boyfriend who broke her heart and had her permanently avoiding relationships. Loving small town life, Serenity hosts a supper club where she cooks and entertains her friends as often as she can. 

Gabriel moves in next door to Serenity, having come for the next few months to keep an eye on his grandmother who recently suffered a stroke. Gabriel loves big city living but after having his heart broken by his Ex, he takes the opportunity to take a break and spend some time with his grandmother. 

Serenity and Gabriel decide to “casually” date while he’s in town. No strings attached, just enjoy each other’s company. Casual becomes increasingly difficult as Serenity and Gabriel start to fall for each other. 

This was a cute story and a quick read!  A typical, fairly predictable romance with main characters you can really connect with. The supporting cast is great too and really helped bring the story together. I’m rating this one 4 stars and recommend for any romance readers out there!

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With tropes like foodie romance, great friendships, hate to love trope, and best friend's brother I was immediately sold! Much of this book revolved around food so I was in a constant state of craving the mouth-watering masterpieces. I wished to be friends with Serenity so I could be a permanent invite to her supper club. Serenity was one of those people got a long with everyone except for the newbie she met at the grocery store. Immediate dislike. He just rubbed her the wrong way. Wouldn't you know it, he's her new next door neighbor and her friend Andrea's brother Grayson. Before hate turned love, she beaned him in the head with a container of brownies. Grays tries to right his wrongs and before long they're sharing meals and so much more. I was hooked into this story because of food but the author's talent for writing kept me rooted to the end. I'm so glad I took a chance on this new to me author!

I received an advance copy of this book at my request and voluntarily left this review.
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Wow, far exceeded my expectations. This is a perfect example of why I fell in love with this genre so many years ago, lots of things were left to the imagination back then but in this case this story opens up the characters and fits me right into the story, my experience doesn't matched theirs but, as the reader I could feel them fall in love and rode right along with them. They made me laugh, blush and tear-up with the warm of their happiness. Totally captivated me, couldn't stop reading. One of the best I've ever read! I received a free copy and voluntarily chose to leave this review.
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Thank you to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the advanced reading copy of this book. Review contains my own thoughts and opinions.

A Table for You features the story of Serenity and Gabriel, a big city turned small town pediatric nurse and big city app developer who is in town to help his grandmother. Serenity is good friends with Gabriel’s sister and they are neighbors. Both have been left reeling from past toxic relationships and are not looking to get involved.

There are lots of amazing food descriptions throughout the book and recipes in the back! Hooray!

A Table for Two me smile, swoon, and tear up a bit. Gabriel is a top-tier book boyfriend and Serenity is the heroine you want to be best friends with immediately. I see potential for more books about this friend group and would love stories about them. While this is my first Sheryl Lister book, it certainly won’t be the last.
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Serenity Wheeler is an exceptional nurse and a wonderful cook and lives in a small town. Her group of friends started Serenity's Supper Club. Every few weeks she cooks a fantastic big dinner. Her nextdoor neighbor and friend Andrea gets a big promotion and is moving to Seattle. Her big brother Gabriel is coming from Atlanta to take care of their Grandma. 

Serenity used to be in a bad relationship and she's not ready for love of any kind. Gabriel is a big city boy and not looking to settle down in a small town. He thinks he can get grandma to leave her house and friends to his 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta. *Insert eye roll here.

This was a very good romance. I loved that this was a black romance and we definitely need more. I enjoyed the enemies to lovers trope.
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Thank you NetGalley, Sheryl Lister and Forever (Grand Central Publishing)  for the ARC of A Table for Two. This is my personal review.
I love a good romance, and this was exactly what I enjoy when reading one. The enemy to lover’s story line in this book touched my heart. The author did a wonderful job with writing characters that I really liked.
Serenity and Gabriel fit so perfectly together. The words just flowed off the pages and right into my heart. Oh, and the food in the story made my mouth water as I was reading.
This is a story I would love to see made into a Hallmark movie.
I have found a new author and will be reading more form her.
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A Table For Two is the most adorable romance for any foodie out there. If you’re looking for a book that will make your stomach growl after every chapter this book is for you. I would do anything to be part of Serenity’s supper club! The friendships, the romance, the heartache… it was all perfect. I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I’ll just leave it at that. 5 stars hands down.
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