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A Field Guide to Mermaids

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In this beautifully illustrated gem of a book, Emily B. Martin has written her story in a new genre in this fantasy book disguised as a non fiction field guide to different types of merfolk. The illustrations are breathtaking and the descriptions are dazzling and make ecological sense, while still appealing to the imaginative brain and filling your mind with the "what if" of it all.
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Absolutely perfect, adorable, beautiful book!
Written as a scientific guide in a world where mermaids exist. Beautifully illustrated. The myths, and 'science' are beautifully tied together and absolutely magical.
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A Field Guide to Mermaids is an imaginative yet educational children's book detailing the fascinating ecosystems of our world's mermaids. 

Though mermaids were the subject of this book, I learned a lot about the world's waterways. This book was beautifully illustrated, unique, and informative. I would recommend this to any child who is interested in mermaids, folklore, and science/conservation. 

I don't have anything by way of constructive criticism. This was an excellent read, and it is something that would've gotten me interested in science and the environment when I was a child. I'm looking forward to gifting this to my niece in the future.
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I liked the book sections that focused on the mermaids, but I felt like the moments when it deviated from that made the book lose a bit of its magic. I wished there was more description of the mermaids and possible special abilities they could have. I think there were a lot of opportunities to make this book very magical, and it wasn't taken.
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A Field Guide to Mermaids by Emily B. Martin is an incredibly insightful and magical read. Using gorgeous illustrations and her knowledge of our different aquatic  ecosystems, Martin created a book that is an exciting learning tool. It is important to not that this is not a traditional "story." It is descriptions of different aquatic environments on our Earth, and what mermaids look like there (as if they were real).
Any young reader who is interested in either the environment or mermaids will be interested in this. It would be such a beautiful physical book to own. The illustrations were so eyecatching and detailed. You can learn a significant amount about our world's different aquatic environments, the creatures that live there, and interesting facts about lesser known creatures (like bioluminescent fish).
I think this would be a super fun addition to any young reader's library, as well as in schools.
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I enjoyed this book and I liked the mix of actual science and fantasy elements to make this book both educational and entertaining!
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This book is very beautiful illustrated. The text reads as if it’s a real scientific field guide about mermaids.

The mermaids are given such a real and detailed account of where they live, why they live there, how they survive, and other details such as food.

This book also focuses a lot on conservation and other environmental issues.

If you’re looking for a more whimsical book on mermaids that has some magic in it this isn’t the book for you. I was hoping for more whimsy and magic. 

Overall, if you know what this book is about and that it’s more like a science book and that excites you then pick it up! The art alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.
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My six year old daughter enjoyed the pictures in this a lot but the content was definitely too methodical for her attention span. We read this over a week together but it was a struggle to keep her listening once she was done studying the illustrations. This will be a bit hit once she pre-teen/teenage!

Thank you for the arc Netgalley and Macmillan Children's Publishing Group.
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This was a beautifully done encyclopedia of mermaids, done as if you're doing a field guide to real mermaids. The drawings were beautiful and I was excited to read each page going through this. The fact that there were different types of mermaids works because there are different types of fish. It was what I wanted from this type of book.
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A cutely illustrated "field guide" to many types of mermaids, including rarely seen freshwater merfolk. Colorful illustrations and descriptions lend a whimsical feel to this anthology.
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A Field Guide to Mermaids by Emily B. Martin is super cute! Great for all ages and love the illustrations. Great to spark the imagination, especially for young readers!
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I received an advance copy of this book via Netgalley.

<i>A Field Guide to Mermaids</i> is an intelligent, gorgeous book, one that will be beloved by the intended middle grade audience but also dazzle adults. It sure dazzled me. Martin has worked for years as a park ranger, and her breadth of knowledge on ecology and biology added insight to her previous novels for adults; here, in this fantasy book written as a nonfiction field guide to mermaids as found on contemporary Earth, her expertise and incredible artistic skill are in the forefront. 

The subject is regarded with absolute seriousness. Mermaids are discussed in terms of the types of tails they have and why these features would matter in their environment, what nearby creatures they resemble and work with in symbiosis, and how they have changed due to industrialization and pollution. The book is divided by the types of water bodies in which mermaids may be found. Every page is lavishly illustrated. The variety of perspectives and the rainbow of colors are a delight to the eyes. In all truth, most every page here would be a joy to have framed on a wall.

The book also delights the mind. Martin whips out advanced terminology in ecology and trusts that kids will get it--and they will. Martin's mermaids are based on the sound science of existing creatures. I learned some handy new words for defining different characteristics, and I imagine most people will finish this book feeling the same.
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I think it is very cool and smart how this book takes a fantasy topic that will draw kids in (mermaids) and uses it to share information about ecosystems and conservation! The art was beautiful as well.
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You can tell the author is a park ranger, because this reads just like a guide you might get when going to a national park or hiking trails. Part guide, part fantasy-inspired wildlife encyclopedia, this book takes a look at mermaids as if writing a nonfiction guide book. There's information about the environments you can find them in (basically anywhere with water) as well as what wildlife is seen around them, and how to seeking out these locations in an environmentally conscious way. The focus is on areas of the United States where mermaids live, and each area comes with its own brief description of the location and type of mermaid, as well as an illustration of the mermaid in that setting. The drawings are beautiful, and so fun to look at. There's a lot of creativity that went into this book (there's pages for a hot springs mermaid and one that lives in puddles in the desert, among others) and it's obvious the author took a factual approach when creating her mermaids, since all of the designs are perfectly suited for the area discussed. I loved this, it's a short book, but packed with info and fantastic illustrations.
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This is almost exactly what it says on the tin with just a bit more thrown in. It is a field guide to mermaids, but also a guide to what animals and plants live in different water (ponds, lakes, marshes, rivers, oceans, deep sea, etc.) and how pollution, global warming, and general human interference are changing the world we live in. 

A good introduction for kids to nature and conservation while adding in mermaids to make it even more fun and exciting. Having questions for kids to ask and think about as they read each section, as a way for them to think about the actual environments that exist was also something I liked in making it scientific + fantasy. The way it brings together fiction and nonfiction is fascinating. This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved as a kid (and loved now as an adult) and I wish we had it now for our Summer Reading Program since the theme is Oceans of Possibilities. 

The added table at the back so you could discover what kind of mermaid you would be (I got a Flatwater River mermaid) was an added fun activity as well. 

I also thought the way that mermaids that could inhabit the area near the Mariana's Trench were very cool, having just read Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant (not a book I would recommend to children, but do recommend for adults who like a horror take on mermaids), they were very close to how I would have pictured the "mermaids" in that book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Children's Publishing Group for making this available in exchange for an honest review!
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I aboslutely loved this book! It was really impressed with the way the author combined the magic of mermaids with knowledge of the natural world. The art was quite beautiful. I'd definitely recommend it to mermaid loving kids!
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*I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley*

As a former science teacher and lover of science fiction and fantasy books, this book would’ve been one of the best for child me to have been able to read.

I absolutely loved the cover and art work throughout the book, and the world of mermaids Ms. Martin was able to build. I appreciate the amount of imagination that went into giving these mermaids life and how the books reads like a nonfiction book, making you feel like these mermaids are real, and I can go to the closest body of water to find one or two.

I love that there are vocabulary words as well, and that it mentions protecting our ecosystems and our waterways. Overall I thought this book was a great read, and I am sure many children will enjoy reading and “learning” about these mermaids.
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