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I'm happy to know about this title. It's great for readers of the The Sister's Grimm and Whatever After series. But I didn't think there was enough character development to be on list.

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I thought this was a really cute story. I really enjoyed reading it even though it is a middle grade title. It was a quick easy read. I really think middle schoolers will really enjoy this one! Thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy of the arc in return for an honest review!

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The book is not for young readers alone. As an adult, I enjoy the book. It tells a fantastic story about Mihi who wants to be a princess. She and her friends have been to a magical place where her dream can become a reality. Later, it was a total mistake and she and her friends need to find a way home.

To me reading this book can also be a way to learn about being careful about what your dreams are. Also find a way to do what's right for yourself and others like Mihi and her friends.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for a review.

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Mihi is a fourth grader who lives with her family, including her grandparents, above the pet store they own. She loves princesses and is just sure that she's meant to be one someday. Sadly, her best friend, Genevieve, has decided that princesses are too babyish to like and told Mihi that Mihi that she'll never be a princess because she's "just not the princess type." Determined to prove Genevieve wrong, Mihi takes on a challenge, breaks a school rule, and gets stuck in detention, which turns out to be indoor recess in the library. Luckily for Mihi, there she meets Savannah and Reece and together they discover a portal into fairy tale land.

At first it's exciting and new, but the longer they're in fairy tale land, the more dangerous it becomes and the more tempted Mihi is to stay. Should they stay and become princesses, or should they find a way back home?

Written with the same expertise and ingenuity as her other middle grade books, Keller captures what it's like to be a kid with a dream. Readers will relate to Mihi's passion and desire to achieve her dream, as well as her longing for true friends. They will understand her choices, good and bad, and with Mihi, learn what true friendship really is. All of this with a dash of adventure thrown in! i devoured this book in just a couple hours and I'm excited to share it with all my patrons at the library who enjoy middle grade fiction. If you like adventure, princesses, fairy tales, and family in your MG books, definitely give this one a try! 4.5 stars

Disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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A disappointing effort from Newbery Award winner Keller. Korean-American Mihi doesn't seem to fit in at school or at home. She fantasizes about being a princess like the ones in the fairy tales she loves, but doesn't see herself fitting into the standard princess mold. Losing bestie Genevieve, who has outgrown the princess faze, hurts Mihi deeply. Finding two new friends who are also Princess lovers and embarking on an adventure through a refrigerator into a land of magical creatures who promise to turn them all into real life fairy tale princesses seems too good to be true. And it is. With a whiny and frankly unsympathetic main character and little secondary character development, a borrowed entry into the magic world (refrigerator door/wardrobe from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Lewis) and a touch of "The Wizard of Oz" (There's no place like home), The addition of zombies at the end just sent this totally off the rails. This effort was predictable from the first chapter. skip it.

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Have you always wanted to be in a fairy tale? You can join Mihi on her journey to become a princess, but you just might learn you don’t want to be in one of those stories after all!

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This book was adorable! Definitely more for younger readers, I can see my 8 year old enjoying this fairytale retelling as it's wonderful for her age.

I enjoyed visiting the fairytale world with Mihi and her friends. I think there were some valuable lessons in this book as well, especially related to friendship, courage, acceptance, and being true to oneself. Mihi was a fun character to root for. Wanting to be a princess, and finally getting the opportunity!

My own 10 year old daughter still loves playing make believe with her friends, and I want her to hold onto that as long as possible, even if it might not be cool. I think that there's so much peer pressure these days, and it's nice for kids to be kids as long as possible.

I would recommend this book for younger middle grade readers who love adventure and fairytale retellings!

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A cute and sweet story about a girl who just wants to be a princess.

Mihi's always been told that she's just not "the princess type" - but will a magical journey to a new land with her new friends prove them wrong?

This was a really sweet story. Mihi and her friends were adorable characters that just wanted to fit in, but learn that maybe they don't have to. Whether it be due to their skin tone or behaviors, all three girls are a bit of outcasts, and have always been told that they just aren't the 'type' to be a princess, despite sharing a dream to be. I think that the clear lesson about not *needing* to be a princess was important, rather than just making all the girls princesses in the end. Being yourself is more than enough.

I would have loved to see more than just the abrupt character development the girls faced, as well as seeing more backstory for each of them, but thoroughly enjoyed it all the same!

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MIhi Ever After by Tae Keller addresses the issue of not feeling as if you fit in. Mihi, is a Korean-American girl who more than anything wants to be a princess. Several people tell her that she doesn't fit the princess mold. One day, when she is with 2 new friends who also don't quite fit the princess mold and are also interested in fairy tales, they come upon a magic portal to the fairy tale world where they encounter all sorts of fairy tale characters and have a plethora of dangerous adventures.

I like that this book isn't too long. I hope that it will reach those readers that are past beginning chapter books, but don't yet have the endurance to read the longer novels. I do worry that boys will be turned off by the princess aspect of it, thinking it is a "girl" book even though there is a lot of action in it. I hope there will be more books to make it a series!

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I love a retelling and Tae Keller is one of my favorite middle grade authors writing right now, so obviously I thought Keller's fairytale inspired story was charming and fun!

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Thank you to the publisher and author for and advanced copy in exchange for a honest and fair review. All opinions are my own… I think the premise of this book was good but it was confusing with plot and characters… I was trying to figure out if it was a fairytale an adventure or a coming of age. I’m not sure if anyone is ever to old for playing a princess but that is how the book starts :(.

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