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Tommy Greenwald needs to keep writing sports fiction. There are so many kids in sports today who flat out don't like to read. They come into the library complaining about a book assignment and when I tell them I have a book they're going to love, they don't believe me. They always take it begrudgingly. When they return it, all they can say is, "You were right." There's never been a better time to be a sports fan when it comes to books. Between Mike Lupica, John Feinstien, and now Tommy Greenwald, these kids are covered.

Dinged is another book about the health hazards of football. It's a miracle if a guy makes it past his thirties with all his bones, muscles, joints, and brains, intact. Caleb Springer is a freshman football sensation. He's so good that he's earned the coveted first string quarterback position as a freshman. Pretty much unheard of. His dad a former NFL quarterback, couldn't be prouder. His girlfriend, however, isn't as enthusiastic. Everybody knows it's a rough sport. As the book progresses, Caleb and his mom begin to see a change in his dad. He's becoming more and more forgetful. Caleb must take a hard look at the potential harm to his body and decide if he should keep playing. 

Love everything about the book except all the dating stuff. The characters are realistically more like juniors. Not that freshmen don't date, they just aren't this mature about it. No questionable content, but it still knocks it out of contention for my middle grade library (4-6 grades). Perfect for grades 7 and up.
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Another great story by author Tommy Greenwald. Fans of his book “Game Changer” will enjoy this newest book. His theme of football and football safety in regards to concussions is evident. This will appeal to any students are interested in sports fiction and specifically football. The father/son element was really genuine and you could feel the emotions within the family dealing with long-term effects of continual sports injuries.
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